Guardians of the Galaxy (4th series) #4

Issue Date: 
March 2016
Story Title: 

Brian Michael Bendis (writer), Valerio Schiti (artist), Richard Isanove (colorist), VC’s Cory Petit (letterer), Art Adams & Jason Keith (cover artists), Will Sliney & Rachelle Rosenberg, (variant cover), Kathleen Wisneski (assistant editor), Jake Thomas (associate editor), Nick Lowe (editor), Axel Alonso (editor-in-chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)

Brief Description: 

The Guardians argue whether or not to return to Spartax to save Gamora and confront Hala. Rocket is against acting without a plan but is overruled. On Spartax, Hala abuses Gamora, demanding where Star-lord is. Moments later, she is confronted by Star-Lord, who distracts Hala until Kitty partially phases her into the ground, enabling the others to decisively beat her. Unfortunately, only a little later they face a new threat in the form of Yotat, who blasts them away.

Full Summary: 

The Guardians’s ship:
Drax angrily demands they have to go back for Gamora. They have to do a lot of things, the Guardians’ current leader Rocket Raccoon replies. Drax wanted them to get Quill; he got him Quill.

Peter agrees, even as Kitty is trying to take care of his wounds. They have to go back right now, he insists. There is a crazy woman ripping his planet apart! They caught that, the Thing points out wryly. And they left Gamora to die! Drax shouts.

Where Gamora was left to die (depending on your point of view)
The injured Gamora drags herself up and is horrified at the destruction surrounding her. Hala lands nearby and demands where is he. Where is King Quill? Where are her Guardians?

Coughing, Gamora promises Hala will die for what she has done today. She sees it differently, the Accuser replies as they charge at each other.

The Guardians’ ship:
Drax tells Rocket that Gamora would never leave him behind. Rocket snarls, and he would never dive off a moving spaceship to fight a fight he knew he couldn’t win! Which is exactly what Gamora did!

Ben points out she took the hit so they could rescue prince pretty-boy over there. Peter calmly orders Rocket to turn the ship around. Not until they have a plan that doesn’t involve all of them dying for something they didn’t do, Rocket insists. Rocket, Peter repeats warningly. ‘Your glackin’ highness,’ Rocket mocks. ‘I am Groot,’ Groot interjects anxiously.

Ben asks, they didn’t actually blow up the lady’s homeplanet like she says they did, right? He is answered by three angry ‘Nos’ and an equally angry ‘I am Groot.’

Peter explains they couldn’t stop his father from destroying the Kree homeworld. That is what they are guilty of. They didn’t stop it. Kitty protests they didn’t know his dad was going to do that or that he was even capable of doing it. They didn’t stop it, he repeats stubbornly, and now he is in charge of this planet that is being punished. Spartax is burning and she is coming for Earth next. She flat-out told him.

Well, he didn’t need extra motivation for stopping her, Flash observes, but it’s nice she is going out of her way to give it. He orders Rocket to turn the ship around or he’s gonna take it from him. They need a plan! Rocket shouts. A real plan. They go back now, they die! And that don’t help no one. All the others glare at him. Peter quietly announces people are dying right now and orders him to turn the ship around.

On Spartax, Hala is getting the better of Gamora. She throws her into a building. Inside, the people are running in panic. Let’s do this again, Hala announces. Where is King Peter Quill? Gamora just groans. Hala hits her and repeats her question.

He is right here! Peter, flanked by Venom, Rocket, Drax and Groot announces. How can he help her? She commends his courage. She will honor his spurt of bravery with a quick death. The Guardians have been accused and now they will be punished.

Peter points out she has the wrong people. He didn’t destroy her world. It was his father, Drax adds. Hala points out J-son was one time king of this world and Quill’s father, so it appears her goals are unchanged.

Peter continues that, by punishing a world that rejected J-son, she is not punishing him or teaching him a lesson. He is probably watching from wherever he is and laughing his ass off. Powering up, Hala decides that is a chance she is willing to take. Peter swears then shouts: Kitty, now!

Kitty emerges from the rubble and grabs Hala’s lance phasing it out of her grip. Then she phases Hala’s legs into the ground and lets go. While she is stuck and in agony, Drax hits her. Next, the Thing is dropped on her, taking her out one and for all.

Moments later, they find the badly injured Gamora. They get her to awake. Peter announces he can’t believe she was willing to fight for him. He thought she hated him now. She does but not that much. He tells her she is a rock star. She doesn’t know what that means.

Venom breaks apart Hala’s lance. Kitty tells everyone to stick to the plan. Get Gamora to the ship and Peter back to the capitol. Peter continues that they need the royal guard back in shape, emergency relief for the citizens and rations… and tell the people the danger is over. He doesn’t know how to thank them. Kitty points out he’d have done the same for them. Let’s fix his planet and then they can—

Fix it? a new voice remarks. He was hoping to watch it burn. He is Yotat, the Destroyer of Destroyers. He’s been looking all over the galaxy for them and finally he is here and part of their—

They are kind of in the middle of something, Rocket interrupts and fires his weapon at him. ‘So… you’re dead!’ He turns to the others. Back to the plan. The others stare ahead and look worried. Rightly so, as Yotat and his henchmen are unharmed.

Yotat repeats what he said and adds finally his timing is perfect. He gets to contribute to their last day. Drax has had enough and tries to attack but Yotat blasts him and the others away.

Characters Involved: 

Drax, Groot, Kitty Pryde, Rocket Raccoon, Thing, Venom (Guardians of the Galaxy)
Gamora, Star-Lord (former Guardians)

Hala the Accuser
Yotat’s henchmen

Story Notes: 

Rocket’s dream refers to the limited series “Guardians of Knowhere,” which took place during Secret Wars.

The Kree homeworld was destroyed in Guardians of the Galaxy (3rd series) #25 by Peter’s father J-son

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