Hellions #12

Issue Date: 
August 2021
Story Title: 

Zeb Wells (writer), Stephen Segovia (artist), David Curiel (colorist), Virtual Calligraphy's Ariana Maher (letterer), Tom Muller (designer), Stephen Segovia & Rain Beredo (cover artists), Steven Segovia (Hellions Design Variant Cover Artist), Russell Dauterman (Angel Design Variant Cover Artist), Russell Dauterman & Matthew Wilson (Connecting Variant Cover Artists), Jonathan Hickman (Head of X), Jay Bowen (production), Lauren Amaro (assistant editor), Mark Basso (editor), Jordan D White (senior editor), CB Cebulski (editor-in-chief)

Brief Description: 

Sinister, Havok and Kwannon are all dressed up for the Hellfire Gala, leaving Greycrow, Wild Child, Empath, Nanny and Orphan Maker dejected that they are not invited to attend. Greycrow compliments Kwannon on her outfit before she leaves him in charge of the team and suggests they do some training. But Greycrow starts drinking, and then decides that the Hellions should gatecrash the Hellfire Gala. At the Gala, Havok starts to talk to Charles Xavier, wanting to know why Madelyne Pryor can't be resurrected, but the discussion is interrupted by the arrival of the Hellions, who Havok pretends he doesn't know. Sinister talks himself up to the likes of senior Avengers, but as he boasts about himself to Thor and the Black Panther, Nanny interrupts him and informs the Avengers that Sinister is also an abductor abuser and murderer of children. Greycrow finds Kwannon at the bar and joins her, but Quentin Quire, who is part of the security team, knows that the Hellions were not invited. Kwannon manages to convince him to let Greycrow stay, while Wild Child sees his ex-girlfriend, Aurora, and asks her to dance. Aurora tells him that she is sorry, and rushes off. Havok tries to talk to Magneto about resurrecting Madelyne, before Polaris appears, and ushers Havok away. Greycrow and Kwannon talk about how Kwannon's relationship with Betsy Braddock is good now, before an angry Wild Child joins them at the bar, demanding a drink. Sinister follows Franklin Richards around, offering to help him with his problem, before Exodus suggests to Sinister that he has other things he needs to attend to, and points his attention to Nanny, who drinking heavily. Greycrow offers Wild Child some romantic advice, while Empath uses his powers on Orphan Maker to make him think that he is intoxicated, having previously been denied any alcohol. Polaris tries to tell Havok that he needs to trust the Council's decision regarding Madelyne, before Orphan Maker begins making a fool of himself, and Havok, but shouting loudly through the Gala. A drunk Nightcrawler begins talking with Nanny, while Wild Child finds Aurora – and is furious when he discovers she is now with Daken. Wild Child challenges Daken, but Greycrow tries to keep him at bay. Things go from bad to worse when Orphan Maker lunges at Greycrow and Wild Child, thinking they are fighting, and then Nanny shatters a wine glass and attacks Sinister with it. Empath is pleased with how the night is going, until Roulette and Catseye, his former teammates, start to punch and kick him. Eventually, Magneto ends the trouble that the Hellions are causing and Magik teleports them all away, except for Havok. Nanny urgently needs to be let out of her armor as she is going to vomit – Empath and Orphan Maker try to help her but are too late. Kwannon then joins the Hellions up to Emma Frost's psychic fireworks display, unaware that a Sinister clone is watching them, and wondering what those idiots are looking at.

Full Summary: 

7:29 PM, Bar Sinister. “Look away, lest you be blinded by glory!” Mr Sinister quotes as he steps out of a room wearing his extravagant Hellfire Gala outfit. 'Haha! From the Bible. Speaking of, I know you all think of me as a god, but did anyone dare dream I'd look this good?' Sinister asks, grinning. Kyle Gibney a.k.a. Wild Child, Orphan Maker, Nanny and John Greycrow don't look very impressed as they turn to Sinister. He tells them not to look so sad. 'You all would have been invited to the Hellfire Gala had you been less...you...okay, this is getting sad'. Sinister then looks annoyed and shouts 'HAVOK! PSYLOCKE! LET'S MOVE!' 'I'm here. I'm here!' Alex Summers a.k.a. Havok responds as he arrives in the foyer, wearing his stunning Gala costume. 'How do I look?' the handsome Havok asks. 'Don't know where to start' Greycrow replies. 'Like a boy who needs attention?' Nanny suggests. 'Or is angry at his dad, maybe' Greycrow adds. Havok tells his teammates that he knows they are mad they didn't get invited, but points out that at least they don't have to get dressed up.

Orphan Maker remarks that a party sounds fun to him. 'I know, Pete. It's just that most of the mutants there won't have, you know...murdered so many parents' Havok frowns as he looks at his teammates, when suddenly: 'Why are you sitting around? You should be training' Kwannon declares as she enters. 'If we have to work tonight, so do you' she frowns, wearing an elegant dark purple layered dress with flowing sleeves and pink flowers running down her front. 'That's enough talking to the fashion DON'Ts, my fashion DOs. Let's move' Sinister tells Havok and Kwannon. Kwannon frowns as she tells her teammates that they won't be late, and that Greycrow is in charge. 'Oh. Yeah, okay' a wide-eyed Greycrow responds. 'That's a... nice dress. By the way' he adds, enthralled by Kwannon. He can't take his eyes off of her, and asks 'Anyone else need a drink?'

At 10:33 PM, Greycrow walks down a corridor holding a bottle of alcohol. Behind him, Wild Child and Orphan Maker appear to be fighting. 'You okay with this?' Manuel de la Rocha a.k.a. Empath asks Nanny. 'It's the only way he'll learn' Nanny replies. 'GET OFF OF ME, PSYCHO!' Orphan Maker calls out as he struggles with Wild Child on his back. 'You'll never best me, pup!' Wild Child responds. Greycrow knocks back some more of the alcohol. Nanny then tells Empath that the two of them are next. 'Not funny' Empath frowns, hands on hips. Greycrow continues to drink more of the alcohol, then throws the bottle against a wall. It shatters, and Greycrow calls out '$#%& this. Let's go'. The other Hellions all look up to him, and Nanny asks 'Let's go where?'

10:45, the Hellfire Gala is in full-swing. Exodus can be seen talking to men in suits – 'Long time no see' one of them remarks as he shakes Exodus' hand. Sinister grins as he speaks with Captain America and Iron Man. Thor is nearby, talking to a man in a suit, near to another man who remarks 'Sorry, Dani. I didn't recognize you without your powers. Ha ha ha'. This doesn't seem to impress Dani Moonstar who tells him that she should probably keep mingling. Nearby, 'Kwannon' Captain Britain remarks as she passes her associate. 'Betsy' Kwannon acknowledges Captain Britain.  Havok is talking to Charles Xavier, telling him 'So if I knew the thinking behind the decision on Maddie, it would help me -' he begins, but Charles interrupts him, frowning, he tells Havok that he thinks his team has arrived. 'Oh I don't think so. They weren't – crap' Havok utters, wide-eyed.


'Those are not for you!' Nanny scolds Orphan Maker as he reaches for a large basin filled with ice and bottles of alcohol. 'Hey!' someone calls outb as Empath snatches some food off of a tray they are carrying. Greycrow and Wild Child walk onwards, while several partygoers, including Meggan, Manifold, Loa and the Fantastic Four's Thing look on at them. 'I shouldn't keep you from your friends' Xavier smiles. 'Yeah, right. I should say hi' Havok replies, glancing sideways. 'Yo, Alex!' Greycrow calls out. 'Hey, anyone seen the bar? I'm very thirsty' Havok calls out, covering his face as he walks past Greycrow and Nanny, pretending not to see them. 'Huh' Greycrow utters, confused, before a very drunk Nightcrawler stumbles towards him. 'Whoa! The Hellionsh! You made it! Got a sec? I  acshually think about you guysh a lot...' Nightcrawler calls out.

'Geneticist is a good catch-all, but I'm really more of an artist. Or what are you guys? Kings? Gods? I'm pretty much those things too' Sinister tells Thor and the Black Panther. 'Very...impressive' the Black Panther responds. 'You're a doll' Sinister replies, while Dr Strange can be seen nearby. Jubilee walks past them, carrying a glass of wine as Nanny suddenly appears behind Sinister and tells him not to be modest. ' - OH DEAR GOD!' Sinister cries out, lifting one leg up in surprise. Glass of champagne in hand, Nanny tells the Black Panther and Thor that Nathaniel is also an abductor, abuser and murderer of children. 'Oh, that's just one of our little jokes' Sinister tries to tell Thor and the Black Panther. 'Methinks I see someone I know' Thor replies, turning and walking away from Sinister. 'Over there' Thor adds. The Black Panther follows him, while Sinister tells Nanny that was another Mr Sinister who did all that. 'I'M ONE OF THE GOOD ONES!' he shouts, before scowling as he leans down to Nanny and looks her in the eyes as he asks her 'And do we plan on being talkative all night?' 'We do' Nanny tells him matter-of-factly. 'Fantastic' Sinister snarls with icy frustration.

'One more, James' Kwannon calls out to one of the Madrox dupes tending bar. Quentin Quire can be seen standing nearby, as the Madrox dupe replies 'Oh, you must have ordered from another me' and asks Kwannon what she is drinking. Kwannon asks for a Shōchū highball. 'I'll take one of those too' Greycrow instructs the duper as he joins Kwannon at the bar. 'John' Kwannon asks, surprised to see him. Quentin Quire walks past Iceman as he approaches Greycrow and tells him 'Come on, Greycrow. You thought Empath could do his thing and sneak you past my people? You know he's just “Diet Quentin Quire” right?' Kwannon narrows her eyes at Quentin and informs him that the Hellions are her plus-one. 'That's not how it works' Quentin replies. 'It does tonight. Or do I have to tell Phoebe what you really think of her dress?' Kwannon remarks. Quentin pauses, before telling Kwannon and Greycrow to carry on. 'Just think it's a little too Nurse Ratched...' Quentin mutters as he walks away, while Kwannon and Greycrow raise their drinks. 'Bottoms up' Kwannon tells John.

Nearby, Empath asks Wild Child if he is okay. 'Looks like you saw a squirrel...' he smirks. 'Just a taste?' Orphan Maker asks, looking at Empath's drink. 'No' Empath snaps. The wide-eyed Wild Child looks over as Aurora sees him. 'Kyle?' she utters. 'Aurora' Wild Child calls back. Aurora moves closer to Wild Child: 'Oh, I didn't think you'd...I mean, this is a surprise'. Wild Child calmly tells Aurora that he knows it has been a long time, but that it is good to see her. Nervously, he asks her if she would like to dance. Aurora glances away, 'Oh, I – look, when we were together...I was in a really confusing place in my life, Kyle. I can't – this isn't a good time' she responds, before telling Kyle that she is sorry, and rushing away. A forlorn Wild Child raises a hand as if to reach out to Aurora, while Orphan Maker assures Empath. 'Oh yeah? You gonna sew my face back on if she finds out?' Empath replies.

At that moment, Havok is talking to Magneto, telling him that he is trying to get clarification on the decision. 'Calling her a clone seems like an oversimplification, you know?' Havok points out. Polaris watches the conversation, as does Mystique, when Magneto tells Havok that these things are often complicated by politics and emotion in equal measure, before excusing himself. 'Lorna' Magneto remarks as he hugs Polaris, his daughter. 'Father' Lorna responds, before she looks over to Alex and asks 'What are the gentlemen talking about?' Magneto explains that Havok lacked the courage to come out and say it, but he was arguing for the resurrection of Madelyne Pryor. 'His ex, I believe?' Magneto adds. Somewhat nervously, Havok responds 'Oh, that's not really the point. It's more about, you know...clarity. On the situation'. Lorna takes Alex by his hand and leads him away from her father. 'He's just trying to make you squirm, Alex. Bad habit of his' Lorna explains, suggesting that Alex get a drink with her. 'Oh. Okay. Sure' Alex replies. 'Hmmm...' Magneto mutters as he watches them leave.

Back at the bar, Greycrow asks Kwannon if she is good with Braddock now. Kwannon reports that they came to an understanding, and that with understanding, compassion may heal the wounds. She reveals that she also had a vivid dream where she killed Betsy every day for thirty years – so that got a lot out of her system, too. 'Ha' Greycrow replies. Wild Child walks up to the bar and steps between Greycrow and Kwannon, slamming his fists on the bar he shouts 'MOVE!' Kwannon is taken aback, 'Kyle?' she asks. Through gritted teeth, Kyle utters that he should not be here, as his den will never know warmth, and his pack will never grow. 'DRINK! NOW! EVERY DRINK!' Wild Child barks at the Madrox dupe.

Striding past Prodigy, Sinister sees Franklin Richards, and calls out to him 'Franklin! You know I can fix that little problem of yours...' but Franklin's father, Mr Fantastic, ushers his son away before Sinister can get to him. 'Le'ts keep moving' Mr Fantastic remarks, when suddenly, 'There you are, Essex. I've been looking for you' Exodus announces as he steps in front of Sinister, who frowns and asks Exodus why he would want to stand next to him. 'The comparison is absolutely brutal! If you think you've managed to keep pace with my couture, you need to wake up before you wet the bed Sinister tells Exodus. Exodus frowns back at Sinister and explains that he isn't here to spar with him, and claims that he was only concerned that he had lost his friend. Exodus motions to a scene behind him, where Nanny is pouring glasses of champagne into the hole in the top of her egg-shaped armor. 'SINISTER! Where you go?' Nanny shrieks. 'Thank you so much, Bennet' Sinister responds, before pushing past Exodus, he approaches Nanny and tells her 'We're consuming a ton of alcohol tonight, aren't we, hon?' Nanny belches in response. 'Sweet God' Sinister gasps.

At the bar, Greycrow puts a hand on Wild Child's shoulder and tells him that Aurora is overcome with emotion, that she couldn't handle it – but that now he has to show her that he can. 'Yes. This makes sense' Wild Child agrees, before turning and walking away from the bar. 'Go get her. Roar!' Greycrow calls out after him. 'Roar!' Wild Child replies. Kwannon smiles and tells John that he is good to his friends. 'Have to be. Don't have many' Greycrow responds, before he and Kwannon look over to where Empath and Orphan Maker are causing a scene. 'Wooohooo! This feels great!' Orphan Maker shouts. Empath smiles as he tells Orphan Maker to shush. 'You're gonna get me in trouble!' Empath laughs. 'You didn't' Kwannon calls out. 'Nah. Just used my power to make him a little happier and less afraid. Which is guess is the same thing, but whatever' Empath responds.

Nearby, Polaris is telling Havok that it is not weird, but sweet that he still cares about Maddie. 'But I'm sure the Council didn't make their decision lightly. You have to trust them' she adds. Havok folds his arms and frowns, when suddenly, Orphan Maker grabs him: 'WOOOOOO! You're funny, Alex. Say something funny!' Orphan Maker calls out. 'You're making me deeply uncomfortable' Havok responds. 'HA HA HA HA HA HA' Orphan Maker laughs hysterically. “Deeply uncomfortable” he quotes. 'Awesome!' he then raises his arms into the air and announces to the onlookers that he loves bananas. 'The Council put me on a team with him. And you want me to trust them?' Havok asks, covering his face as Orphan Maker calls out 'Oops! Look out!' followed by a loud crashing noise. 'Everyone needs a home, Alex. Even him' Lorna remarks.

Prestige, Pyro, Sunfire and several others gather around as Nanny has fallen to the ground and Nightcrawler leans on her egg-shaped armor. 'The three laws – that's the key! They equalize us! If we can make them honored – revered! They become the unifying center of a new culture!' Nightcrawler calls out. 'Yesh. Yesh. Totally' the drunken Nanny agrees. Sinister looks around to those gathered and asks 'Can someone bring Moses a cup of coffee?'

'Roar roar. I can handle this' Wild Child utters to himself as he makes his way through the crowd, towards where Aurora is walking. 'Where'd you scurry off to, babe?' someone calls out to Aurora. 'Daken!' Aurora exclaims as she throws her arms around her teammate. 'You look good enough to eat' Daken remarks. 'Who's stopping you?' Aurora replies. They then begin to kiss passionately – which ignites a fire in Wild Child, who narrows his rage-filled eyes and rushes over to them, growling. 'Can I help you? I know my suit's not that pretty' Daken tells Wild Child. Aurora looks over at Wild Child, 'Oh, Kyle. I'm sorry. This is -' she begins, as Wild Child snarls 'Daken'. At the bar, Kwannon and Greycrow see the situation unfold. 'John' Kwannon utters. 'I got him' John replies. 'YOU CHALLENGE ME?' Wild Child roars as he gets up in Daken's space. 'Didn't think so. But whatever' Daken replies, smirking. 'Nope' Greycrow tells Wild Child as he grabs him and pulls him away from Daken, as Wild Child starts lashing out at Daken. 'Wrestle time!' Orphan Maker exclaims as he rushes over and shouts 'BANANAS' while leaping towards Greycrow and Wild Child. 'YOU'LL BE SMILING OUT YOUR THROAT!' Wild Child threatens Daken, while Greycrow tries tob get him to calm down.

'Guessh it'sh going down...' Nanny slurs as she smashes a champagne flute against a table and looks up at Sinister. 'What?' Sinister utters. 'Judgment day, mother#$%&*!#%!' Nanny shouts as she rushes towards Sinister, waving the broken glass in his direction, she slashes it against part of his costume.

Empath watches in glee, raising his hands overhead he exclaims 'Haha! Ian't this great?' he glances behind him and sees two of his former temmates, original Hellions Catseye and Roulette, both wearing pink and purple gowns. He tells them that he hasn't seen them since he made them try to kill each other. 'Yeah' Roulette replies as she tenses her fists. 'Ha ha' Catseye replies. 'See how strong I am, Greycrow?' Orphan Maker asks as he holds Greycrow to the ground. 'GET THE $#%& OFF OF ME!' Greycrow calls out as he struggles to break free. Suddenly, Roulette and Catseye both lash out at Empath, kicking and punching him 'Help! Hellions assemble!' Empath cries out. Kwannon goes over to Orphan Maker and tries to pull him off of Greycrow, while another voice booms 'ENOUGH!'

It's Magneto, who levitates Orphan Maker and Greycrow into the air. 'WEEEEEEEE!' Orphan Maker cries out, enjoying being lifted into the air. 'SHUT THE $#%& UP!' Greycrow tells his teammate, while Magik looks up at them smugly as she sips her champagne. 'Magik?' Magneto asks. 'Yep. One sec' Magik replies as she drinks more of her drink. Polaris watches and asks Havok if he should give his teammates a hand. 'Err...They've got it handled' Havok responds as he drinks his drink while Orphan Maker and Greycrow are sucked through one of Magik's stepping discs, and Kwannon, Wild Child, Nanny and Empath are sucked through the other. 'Ah, no fair!' Orphan Maker protests as he vanishes.

The other Hellions re-emerge through a Krakoan portal, where Kwannon is communicating with Northstar, telling him that she trusts him to take care of David as he needs help, but not the Hellions' kind. 'Walk it off, brother' Greycrow tells Wild Child, while Orphan Maker carries Nanny by her wrists, as she thrashes about, telling Orphan Maker to let her go, as she wants to kill Sinister. 'Nanny, stop! You're scaring me!' Orphan Maker protests. Angry, Empath rubs the back of his neck and muttersthat he can't believe Roulette and Catseye went after him like that. Greycrow tells him that he should probably assume in any given crowd of mutants that one or two of them want to kick his ass. 'Please, no more arguing tonight. We're done fighting' Greycrow tells his teammates.

'Not me! I'm fired up! I'M GONNA CUT SINISTER'S HEAD OFF I'M...' Nanny calls out as she breaks free of Orphan Maker's hold and tries to run away. 'I'm gonna throw up...' she suddenly utters. 'Get this thing off of me!' she calls out as Orphan Maker and Empath start to remove her armor. 'Stay still!' Empath exclaims. '$#%& you! Hurry!' Nanny declares urgently – but too late, as she vomits inside her armor.

'You guys are about to miss the fireworks!' a young mutant exclaims, running up to the Hellions. 'Get lost, kid' Greycrow tells the child. He looks up to the dark sky, and tells Kwannon that he doesn't see any fireworks. 'Unless...' Kwannon begins, before she telepathically reaches out, 'Ah...clever, Emma' she utters, before connecting the minds of the other Hellions to Emma's fireworks display. 'Whooaaaa...' Orphan Maker utters. 'You gotta be $#%&ing me' Greycrow mutters as he continues to look up at the dark sky, where nothing appears to be happening. 'It's enough to make you feel anything is possible' Kwannon tells her companions. 'It does at that' Greycrow agrees.

At that moment, no one sees the bushes behind them, where a shadowy figure emerges. 'My... my... my... it's so good to be home' an apparent clone of Sinister utters as he steps into view. An incision mark can be seen running along his forehead where surgery has been performed. He grins, before asking 'Also, what are those idiots looking at?'

Characters Involved: 

Havok, Kwannon, Mr Sinister, Empath, Greycrow, Nanny, Orphan Maker, Wild Child (all Hellions)

Sinister clone

Aurora, Captain Britain II, Catseye, Daken, Exodus, Iceman, Jubilee, Loa, Magik, Magneto, Manifold, Mirage, Multiple Man, Mystique, Nightcrawler, Polaris, Prestige, Prodigy IV, Pyro, Roulette, Sunfire, Quentin Quire, Professor X


Black Panther, Captain America, Dr Strange, Iron Man, Mister Fantastic, Thing, Thor

Franklin Richards

Story Notes: 

Part of the “Hellfire Gala” event. Issues in this event can be read individually, as several of them take place over the same period of time. The recommended reading order places this issue as part 3, following X-Force (6th series) #20 and followed by Excalibur (4th series) #21.

Wild Child and Aurora dated during Alpha Flight's later years as seen in X-Factor(1st series) #115. They haven't seen each other in some time, however.

This issue includes a one-page of dialogue between the Stepford Cuckoos as part of the Hellfire Gala Security and Best Practices, which dictates the “Cuckoo Agreement” whereby they agree to consent to psi-transcription to gather pre-evidence if an incident occurs. This is later followed by a further page of psi-dialogue between the Cuckoos

Kwannon and Betsy Braddock came to an understanding in Excalibur (4th series) #18-20. Kwannon's dream about killing Betsy every day for thirty years was seen in Hellions #10.

Empath attempted to get Catseye and Roulette to kill each other in Hellions #1.

Kwannon communicating with Northstar is referenced in X-Factor (4th series) #10.


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