Hunt for Wolverine #1

Issue Date: 
June 2018
Story Title: 
First story: Secrets and Lives - Second Story: Hunter's Pryde

First story: David Marquez (artist), Rachelle Rosenberg (colorist)
Second story: Paulo Siquiera (penciler), Walden Wong (inker), Ruth Redmond (colorist)
Charles Soule (writer), Virtual Calligraphy's Joe Sabino (letterer), Steve McNiven, Jay Leisten & Laura Martin (cover artists), Marco Checcetto, Elizabeth Torque & Nolan Woodard; Adam Kubert & Dan Brown; Mike Deodato & Morry Hollowell (variant cover artists), Annalise Bissa & Christina Harrington (assistant editors), Jordan D White & Mike Paniccia (editors), C B Cebulski (editor-in-chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (president), Alan Fine (executive producer)
Special thanks to Mike O'Sullivan

Brief Description: 

First story:
Shortly after the death of Wolverine, Cyclops, Storm, Beast and Colossus meet with Mr Fantastic at a small cabin where Wolverine's adamantium-encased body remains. Mr Fantastic regrets not offering Wolverine more help. The X-Men are about to leave, but Storm tells them it does not seem right to leave his body here. Soon after, Kitty Pryde is brought to the cabin, and she uses her powers to phase Wolverine's body from the adamantium. They bury him in the wilderness, with only a small number of X-Men present. Sometime later, the Reavers arrive in Alberta, Canada, where they find the adamantium-encased body of Wolverine inside a small shack. Their assignment is to retrieve their old foe and get a hefty payment for their work. But before they can make it out of the cabin, Storm, Kitty Pryde, Colossus, Nightcrawler and Firestar arrive. A battle ensues, with the Reavers keeping the X-Men busy while Cylla works on a way to split open Wolverine's adamantium casing. Unfortunately for the Reavers, when Cylla finally breaks through the adamantium – Wolverine's body is not inside. Alpha Flight arrive on scene to take the Reavers into custody, and the X-Men decide to leave the broken adamantium casing in the cabin. Today, Kitty sits at Wolverine's unmarked gravesite and relays this story to Wolverine as she drinks some beer – but then discovers that she has been talking to an empty grave – his body is missing! Elsewhere, Wolverine is in a barren warehouse where he shoves his claws into a man in a suit, killing him. The Beast, Colossus, Storm and Nightcrawler join Kitty at Wolverine's grave which has now been dug up, and they wonder what has happened to Wolverine's body, unaware that a mysterious woman is with him – meaning someone knows he is alive.

Second story:
Kitty Pryde breaks into Stark Labs to inform Iron Man that Wolverine's body has been taken. Tony Stark realizes the danger of someone having access to Wolverine's body. Kitty reminds Stark that Wolverine was also an Avenger, which is why she is asking him for his help. Tony is pleased Kitty came to him first, so Kitty informs him that she didn't, as Wolverine had a great reach, and that she has also enlisted Daredevil to help her. Tony asks her if anyone else apart from the Reavers know about Wolverine's body, and Kitty confesses to inviting Lady Deathstrike to help track down Wolverine's body as well. Tony decides to gather some other former Avengers who worked with Wolverine, and Kitty bids him farewell. She arrives in Canada, where she meets with several X-Women who had strong connections to Wolverine – Storm, Psylocke, Rogue, Jubilee and the time-displaced Marvel Girl. Kitty thinks Magneto might have taken Wolverine's body so wants the women to go to Madripoor – but does not invite Marvel Girl. Jean gives Kitty a warning – that she thinks Wolverine is alive.

Full Summary: 

First story:

'It was only a matter of time. We knew someone would come for you eventually. Turned out it was the Reavers. Don't know how they found the cabin – not many people knew about it. But they did' Kitty Pryde remarks.

Alberta, Canada, where a black ship shaped like a scorpion descends over a fog-covered, snowy terrain. Inside the ship are Donald Pierce, Cylla Markham, Bonebreaker and Pretty Boy – four of the most sadistic and savage Reavers. 'This better work, Pierce. This face - can't stand it. Gotta fix my damn face' Pretty Boy exclaims. Pierce looks out a window of the scorpion ship and tells Pretty Boy that they all have problems. 'It'll work. It has to' he adds.

Cylla turns to a strange face which is connected to the ship itself, and calling it Star, asks if it is getting any scans – if there is anyone down there waiting for them. 'Let me ask Shine' Star replies, and a holographic image of a woman appears, 'You see anything, love?' Star asks. Shine replies that there is nothing, just jackrabbits, mice, maybe a fox – everything else down there is dead. Pierce points out that doesn't mean this place has been left unprotected, and tells his team that he wants this done quick. 'Once we have boots on the ground, take off and go into active camo. Stay close in case we need a fast extraction' Pierce instructs Star. 'Roger that' Star replies.

Shortly: 'His teammates just left him out here?' Bonebreaker asks as he and the other Reavers trudge through the cold snow, towards a small cabin up ahead. Bonebreaker adds that he isn't shedding any tears, but he thinks that seems a little cold. 'They're mutants, Bonebreaker. They don't make decisions like we do. They aren't human' Cylla snarls. The Reavers arrive at the small cabin and, inside, find the adamantium-cased body of Wovlerine. 'Look at that. Bad way to go' Cylla remarks. Pretty Boy mutters that he can think of worse, and that at least Wolverine looks beautiful. 'All the trouble this bastard gave us over the years, and look at him now' Bonebreaker tells the others, before reaching out to Wolverine's claws. 'Whatcha gonna do now, Wolverine. Nothing. Nothing but sit in there and rot, you damn – agh!' Bonebreaker cries out as he pricks his finger against the tip of the claw, drawing blood. Bonebreaker sucks his bleeding finger, as Pierce tells him 'Enough. We aren't here to pay our respects. We are here to get paid'.

Bonebreaker asks the others how much they figure this is worth, as it has to be a ton. 'Do we have to sell all of it? I wouldn't mind some adamantium in my chassis' Pretty Boy remarks. Cylla points out that the metal is nothing compared to what's in it – Wolverine's corpse. They will make more from that than any job they have ever pulled. 'Not if we don't get it out of here' Pierce mutters. He frowns as he reminds the other Reavers that they screwed up their last three gigs, which means they took damage they can't afford to fix, because their clients wouldn't pay. Pierce adds that they are burned out, and tells the others that if they want replacement parts, and upgrades, this is their last best shot. 'So shut up and lift the damn thing' he declares. Pretty Boy mumbles that this might go faster if Pierce helped, as he Cylla and Bonebreaker each start to lift the adamantium casing. 'Okay, on three. One...two...' Pretty Boy begins, but the trio struggle with the incredible weight. 'Damn...Logan, never making things easy' Cylla mutters. 'That's good, though. It's worth its weight in...' Pretty Boy begins, before pausing, and asking the others if they just heard anything.

Cylla declares that her audio augments still work all right, the left one, anyway. 'Sounded like...' she begins. “Bamf” Bonebreaker suggests, to which Pretty Boy remarks that this is not good. Pierce radios Starshine for a report, and Star responds by telling him that he has company. 'Bad?' Pierce asks. 'Bad' Star confirms. Pierce tells the Reavers to drop it, and they let the adamantium-cased Wolverine klang back onto the podium where it had been placed. 'New plan' Pierce announces.

Kitty recalls that she was excited – the X-Men were excited – they were out in the wilderness, and no civilians were around to get hurt. After all, they always spend so much time thinking about how to minimize collateral damage in these fights – but this time, there was literally no one for miles, and they knew it – all they had to worry about was kicking some bad-guy ass. So yeah, excited. It was an A-list team of X-Men, defending their fallen friend's tomb from low-down cyborg grave-robbers – it does not get much better than that. But it was better than that – because they knew something the Reavers didn't – they had a secret.

'Reavers, eh, Colossus?' Nightcrawler asks as he, Colossus, Kitty Pryde, Storm and Firestar arrive. Colossus explains that that is how it looked on the alarm system. He adds that Forge built it, so all images were crystal clear. 'Even if they weren't, there is no mistaking Bonebreaker' Colossus points out. Kitty adds that they looked bad, though – even for a bunch of Cyborgs – banged up. Storm frowns and suggests to Kitty that might be why they are attempting something so foolish – they are desperate. She adds that desperate means dangerous, and suggests they take advantage of the fact that the Reavers don't know they are here yet.

Storm spoke too soon, though, as the scorpion ship opens fire on them. 'Incoming! Move!' Kitty calls out as missiles blast towards the X-Men. Storm blasts a missile with lightning, while Firestar destroys one with a surge of microwave energy. Kitty phases one of the missiles through her own body, as Nightcrawler teleports out of harm's way.

'We put the word out after you died, quietly, in case people wanted to pay their respects. Reed Richards asked to come. That surprised me a little. I didn't realize you and Mr Fantastic were close' Kitty remarks, adding that she figured out the reason pretty quickly, though – he had a secret, too – guilt.

Flashback – just after the death of Wolverine:
'Oh, Logan... I am so sorry' Reed Richards remarks, standing before the adamantium encased Wolverine's body. Reed turns and looks at the X-Men who are also in the cabin – Storm, Cyclops, Beast and Colossus – and informs them that Wolverine came to him, not long before his death – he wanted to know if he was able to help him reactivate his healing factor. Reed assures the X-Men that he did everything he could, but there was nothing. Reed assures the Beast that he did try. 'We know, Reed. I did as well' Beast replies. Reed informs the X-Men that he advised Logan to wait, to give him time to investigate further. Reed recalls telling Logan not to fight, and wishes he had been more emphatic about the dangers. Cyclops folds his arms and tells Reed that it is not his fault, as Logan was many things, but a good listener he was not. Storm tells Cyclops to go easy, pointing out that they are in the man's tomb.

'That's where it all started. With Cyclops, Colossus, Storm and Beast. Four X-Men who knew you as well as anyone could'. Kitty adds that they stayed for a bit after Reed left, just looking, thinking, remembering – down in Wolverine's tomb.

Flashback – just after the death of Wolverine:
'He died hating me. Maybe I hated him, too' Cyclops remarks, looking at Wolverine's adamantium tomb, and admitting that he wished he said something, tried to fix it while they had time. Colossus goes over to Cyclops and reminds him that in their line of work, there is danger in waiting on the important things. He adds that they can all die, any day, with no warning. 'Maybe next time me. Maybe next time you' Colossus remarks.

Storm frowns, before motioning to Wolverine's remains and asking if this seems right. Beast asks her what she means. Storm points out that Logan died in there, burned alive, they think, a horrible end, and now, he is here, encased in the metal that cursed his life, set to be gawked at by anyone they deem worthy. 'Does this feel right for Logan?' Storm asks.

'We put him on a pedestal. We literally put him on a pedestal' Cyclops points out, referring to the podium that Wolverine sits on. Beast tells Storm that he sees her point, but asks what she suggests, as this is adamantium, almost impossible to work under the best of circumstances. Beast adds that he doesn't mean to be indelicate, as he explains that the adamantium is fused to Logan – his flesh and the metal are one. 'We could bury the statue, perhaps, but...' the Beast suggests, but Colossus tells him no – and announces that he has another idea.

Storm, Kitty, Nightcrawler, Colossus and Firestar surround the small cabin, where the Reavers remain inside. 'Okay, Pierce... we got their attention. Now what?' Bonebreaker asks. Pierce is in another room, still with the remains of Wolverine, and radios back to Bonebreaker, telling him and Pretty Boy to keep the X-Men focussed on them, adding that if they canget a DNA sample out of the statue, they can still salvage this. 'Yeah, well, these are some heavy hitters. Storm's here. Colossus. Firestar, too, with those damn microwaves she can throw out. How long?' Pretty Boy calls back. 'How long, Cylla?' Cylla stands before the remains of Wolverine, a green energy appearing on the front of her armory, Cylla tells Pierce that she is trying. 'They call it adamantium for a reason. My molecular rearranger will get through, but it'll be a bit' Cylla explains. 'Long as it takes' Pierce radios back to Bonebreaker, who frowns. 'Okay, then' Pretty Boy mutters, before he and Bonebreaker emerge from the cabin.

Kitty remembers how Bonebreaker and Pretty Boy kicked things off, coming out of that cabin like they had nothing to lose – perhaps they didn't. Kitty recalls how they looked like old cars no one had kept up – cracked windshield, missing a side mirror, rusted out – desperate men with guns – a lot of guns. But, the problem with Reavers is that they are always changing things, adding new weapons, taking old ones away – you never know what they will throw at you. Kitty decides that, at first, all you can do is react, you have to get the lay of the land before you can fight back. But the Reavers knew how to fight the X-Men, though. However, whatever little surprises the Reavers cook up, they are still cyborgs – and cyborgs meant electronics – so if you can get close, and that is not always easy, a little phasing, and then boom – they are scrap.

Storm fires a blast of lightning at Pretty Boy, who grins: 'Mmm, nice' he remarks as he suddenly re-directs Storm's energy, straight at Colossus, knocking him out. 'Peter!' Kitty calls out, before she reaches out to Nightcrawler, 'Do it!' she tells him. Nightcrawler responds by teleporting himself and Kitty up into the air, above Pretty Boy, then Kitty drops down – straight onto, and then through, Pretty Boy, taking him out. 'Uh-huh' Kitty declares, while Bonebreaker opens fire, and radios Pierce, informing him that Pretty Boy is down. 'This is gonna turn bad in a second. You need to -' Bonebreaker begins, before a huge boulder is hurled straight at him, sending him careening backwards. 'No, Bonebreaker. For you... it is already bad' Colossus calls out.

Back inside, Green energy flares around the room thanks to Cylla's molecular rearranger. 'How much longer?' Pierce calls out, to which Cylla tells him that she almost has it. Pierce contacts Starshine and instructs the vessel to de-cloak and attack. 'You sure, boss? We're your ride out. If they know we're here, they might' Star replies over the intercom, but this causes Pierce to shout 'JUST DO IT!'

Kitty admits that when the scorpion helicopter showed it, that wasn't super fun – whatever the hell it was, it was tough. She thinks that is probably when the Reavers had their best chance, as the X-Men were distracted, fighting hard, and Pierce and Cylla were breaking into the statue – they could have gotten in, grabbed a chunk of Logan and fought their way clear – but that was the secret.

'I got blades... blades for all of you. Who's first!' Star calls out to the X-Men as the vessel descends among them. At the same time, inside, Cylla tells Pierce that she almost has it. The X-Men dodge the weapons fire that Star blasts at them, when, suddenly, back inside the cabin, there is an explosion.

'They never really had a chance at all' Kitty remarks.

Cylla's device has split Wolverine's adamantium casing open – but the only thing inside is dust that spills out into the cabin. 'Oh, no' Pierce utters. 'It's empty, Pierce. They played us. They played us' Cylla exclaims, when suddenly, she and Pierce collapse to the ground, as Kitty phases a hand through their bodies. Cylla and Pierce twinge on the ground, as Pierce scowls and asks 'But... then... where the hell is Wolverine?'

Flashback – just after the death of Wolverine:
Kitty stands before Wolverine's adamantium-encased body. 'Nngggggh' she calls out. Colossus, Storm, Cyclops and Beast stand nearby, as Colossus asks Kitty if she is sure. 'I can do it, Peter. It's just... adamantium in him, and all around him. Getting him out without tearing him apart... not easy' Kitty replies. She concentrates hard and remarks that this is the hardest phase she has done since the bullet and adds that she is trying to differentiate the metal in from the metal out, when suddenly, an arm appears – and then Logan's naked body is pulled from the adamantium.

Storm wraps a blanket around Wolverine's body, and Colossus carries him from the cabin. Storm looks over at a silent Cyclops as they leave the cabin.

Later, in the wilderness, Jubilee kneels at some earth that has been freshly dug out – then packed back in. 'Bye, Bub. Love you' Jubilee utters, tears streaming down her face. Behind her stand Colossus and Kitty, Rogue, Cyclops, Beast, Firestar and Storm, while Doop hovers alongside them. 'There's no chance, right?' Cyclops asks Beast, who assures him that he tested the body thoroughly before the interment – Logan is dead, by every method he can use to measure.

Firestar and Storm approach the unmarked grave, and Firestar asks what they will do with the statue. Storm tells her that they will leave it where it is, as it can serve as a memorial for those who need it.

Doop presses a hand against the grave and utters something in his native Doopspeak. Beast watches as Colossus and Kitty take their turn at the grave. 'Better' Kitty utters. 'Yes. Better' Colossus smiles, holding Kitty.

Kitty reveals that they called in Alpha Flight to help put the Reavers somewhere safe, after all, they were in Canada, which is their territory, and even though a bunch of the team was off-planet, Guardian, Shaman and Snowbird showed up. Kitty adds that it was nice to see them – like a family reunion.

Nightcrawler and Shaman stand watch over the Reavers who have been tied up, while Storm approaches Guardian and thanks him for taking the Reavers. Guardian thanks Storm and her team for capturing them, and assures her that they will hand them over to the appropriate authorities. He wonders if some sort of rehabilitation is possible, to which Storm agrees, remarking that even after everything they have done, and done to themselves, they are still people. Nightcrawler teleports onto the X-Men's jet, as Firestar informs Snowbird that there was another Reaver, a strange, big one that looked like a helicopter, but that it managed to escape. Snowbird thanks Firestar and tells her that Alpha Flight will keep an eye out.

Inside the cabin, Kitty stands with Colossus and looks at the split open adamantium casing, asking if they are really going to leave it here. Colossus tells her they should, and points out that it is still a memorial to Wolverine. 'It's just done what all mutants do' Colossus points out. Kitty asks him what he means, and he points at the statue, remarking that it has evolved. Kitty laughs and suggests that they get out of here. 'I can't wait to tell Logan about this' she smiles.

'That's how it happened' Kitty remarks as she sits in the wilderness, grass has grown over the site where Logan's body was laid to rest. 'I just wish you'd been there to see it' Kitty adds, bottle of Canadian beer in her hand. She adds 'The look on Pierce's face when he realized you weren't in that statue – it was the saddest, most hilarious thing I've ever seen in my life'. Kitty tells Logan that it was as if that was the moment, right then and there in that shack when Pierce figured out that turning himself into a stupid robot thing so he could dedicate his life to killing mutants – maybe that wasn't such a great idea after all.

Kitty tells Logan that she just wishes he has been there to see it. 'Here's to you, Logan. And to the bad guys. May they ever be idiots'. Kitty drinks the beer, before she stands up and pours the beer over Wolverine's grave. 'Cheers, Logan. I need to get home, but I'll come back as soon as I can.

'Still have to run that school you gave me. Some of these kids are just -' Kitty begins, when something catches her attention. She turns towards the trees that surround the clearing, and notices something flapping against the tree – the blanket that was wrapped around Wolverine's body! Kitty looks back down at the grave, 'Oh, Kitty...' she utters, before dropping to the ground and phasing her hand through the dirt and into the grave – where she goes wide-eyed. '... you #$%&$% idiot' Kitty gasps.

Elsewhere, Wolverine is wearing a skin-tight black one-piece, and in some stark, non-descript warehouse, he shoves an overweight man in a suit up against the wall. 'Enough. That's enough' a voice calls out, as someone puts a hand on Logan's shoulder. Logan withdraws his claws from the overweight man's body, causing him to slump to the ground, leaving a trail of blood down the wall.

Back at Wolverine's grave, Kitty has been joined by Storm, Beast, Colossus and Nightcrawler. 'He is... not there' Colossus remarks as they stare down into the now dug-out grave. 'I told you. I knew he was gone... but we needed to be sure' Kitty tells the others. Nightcrawler suggests they move past what they know and focus on what they do not – for example, how long has Wolverine been gone – was he just taken – or did he rise again?

Elsewhere, Wolverine sits in the shadows of the non-descript warehouse. He clenches his fists then suddenly, pops his claws, drawing blood around his knuckles, before sheathing his claws back into his body.

The Beast tells Kitty, Storm, Colossus and Nightcrawler that Logan was dead – he would stake his reputation on it, so he thinks someone did take him – as the body is as valuable an artefact as anything in this world. 'Cloning, research into his healing factor, anything. Even just as a relic for collectors. But if that is the case, the question is this – how did the thieves know where to look? Only a handful of X-Men knew Logan's actual burial site...and most of them are standing right here' Beast tells the others. Storm, Kitty and Colossus all fold their arms across their chests, to which Kitty declares that it has got out – secrets hate being secrets. She vows that they will find out how – find out all of it, but that there is something more important – the question they have to answer, before they answer anything else – 'Where is Wolverine?'

And at that moment, Logan once again pops his now blood-covered claws with a loud SNIKT.

Second story:
Level Four of Stark Labs, where Tony Stark is in a laboratory, working on one of his Iron Man armors. His computer system informs him that a security breach has been detected on level one. Stark asks if the automated systems are handling it, to which the computer tells him that perimeter defenses are active. 'Good' Stark replies, adding that he is trying to get some work done. 'Just... keep me posted' he tells the computer, who soon informs him that perimeter defences have been deactivated, and the intruder is now on level two. The computer states that secondary security systems have been activated. Stark doesn't respond, as he continues tinkering with his armor. But, as the computer announces that a nanobot wave was ineffective, and the intruder is on level three, he becomes more intrigued – especially when hard light drones are deployed, but become nonresponsive.

Annoyed, Stark announces that he is going to suit up, as the computer announces that the intruder is on level four. Indeed, before Stark can suit up, Kitty Pryde phases into his lab. 'Yeah, I noticed' Stark mutters, before greeting Kitty as “Ms Pryde” and asks her if she has any idea how much money she just cost him, fritzing out his security like that. 'I'm sure you'll have it fixed in no time' Kitty replies. 'Now that you mention it...' Tony smiles, before the computer reports that all security systems are repaired. 'Would you like me to eradicate the intruder?' the computer enquires. As Kitty takes a seat, Stark tells the computer that he is sure the intruder wouldn't have gone to so much trouble unless something extremely important was happening – especially when she could have just called him. Kitty tells Stark that she didn't want to take the time to get past his gatekeepers – and didn't want to take any chances on someone listening in.

'Don't tease me, Kitty. What is it?' Tony asks. 'Wolverine. He's gone' Kitty reveals. Stark asks Kitty to elaborate, to which Kitty informs him that Logan's body is missing from his grave, adding that they discovered it during a Reaver attack. 'Hm. Not ideal' Stark remarks, pointing out that even just Logan's body is incredibly potent raw material – meaning a halfway competent geneticist could do some real damage. Stark adds that mutant-land is full of genetic mad scientists. 'Who's that one guy... red eyes, ruby in the forehead...has that weird metal ribbon cape?' Stark enquires. 'Mr Sinister. Yeah, he's one of many' Kitty replies, adding that they are aware of the downsides here – and that is assuming Logan is still dead – because of he's alive and hasn't gotten in touch, it could be even worse.

Stark tells kitty that he is a little surprised she is here, pointing out that the X-Men usually keep their business to themselves – until it explodes and then the Avengers have to clean things up. 'Have things exploded, Kitty?' Stark asks. Kitty tells him that they haven't yet, but points out that Logan wasn't just an X-Man – he was an Avenger, a SHIELD operative and so much else – he touched every corner of their world – so they all need to be a part of trying to find him. Stark tells Kitty that he thinks she is right, and adds that he is glad she came to him first. 'Actually, were second' Kitty admits.

Earlier, in New York City, Daredevil rests on a rooftop, focussed over the city, as Kitty floats, intangible, behind him. Daredevil tells kitty that she really only has three options here – either someone took Logan's body, or he was never in that statue in the first place – or he got up and walked away. Kitty tells Daredevil that they pretty much figured that out themselves, and explains she was hoping he might be able to help her figure out which one it was, explaining that with Madrox gone, the X-Men's investigative roster is a little light. Daredevil tosses his rope across to another rooftop and informs Kitty that he is in. 'Logan needs to be found, one way or the other. But even more than that... man, I love a good mystery!' Daredevil exclaims as he swings off the rooftop and into the night.

'Daredevil? Before me?' Stark exclaims, adding that he thinks he is offended. 'Is he even qualified for something like this?' Stark mutters. Kitty tells him to take it easy, and admits that Daredevil is an outside-the-box choice, but has a history with Logan. Kitty asks Stark if he has ever fought alongside Daredevil, and explains that he just seems to know things. 'He'll bring a fresh perspective to all of this' Kitty suggests. Tony tells Kitty that, for his ego's sake, he is going to assume she bumped into him while she was desperately racing here to recruit him.

'So me, Daredevil, some X-Men – anyone else know? The Reavers must, right?' Stark asks. He tinkers with part of his armor as he tells Kitty that he can't imagine those adorable monster-borgs are too great at keeping secrets, especially information as potentially valuable as this. Kitty reports that they took almost all of them into custody, and now Alpha Flight has them in lockdown. 'Almost, huh? Hate to say it, Pryde... but you might have a problem there' Tony points out.

Meanwhile, in Japan, Lady Deathstrike has taken out several tattoed men, while using a communications device to speak with Starshine, the scorpion vessel. 'That is just a fascinating story' she remarks. 'I know, Deathstrike. The damn statue was empty. No Wolverine at all' Starshine explains, before informing Deathstrike that the mutants have Pierce and the others. 'You're a Reaver too, just like  us. Will you help us mount a rescue?' Starshine asks. Deathstrike frowns and replies 'I don't think so' before pulling her claws from one of the men and announcing that she is going after Logan.

Kitty tells Tony that she knows they won't be able to keep this a secret for long, so they need to move fast. Tony agrees, and tells Kitty that if it is all right with her, he wants to put together a little team to help with this, explaining that it might be nice to get some other perspectives. Kitty assures Stark that she trusts his judgment, and asks him who he is thinking of. 'Oh, you know...thought I'd get the band back together' Stark replies as he brings up images of Spider-Man, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones on a screen. Kitty tells Stark that she likes it and asks him to let her know what he finds. As Kitty gets up and starts to walk towards a wall, Tony asks her if she and the mutants will look too, adding that they probably have a better sense of where to search than anyone. 'Yeah, we'll be looking too. Of course. Wolverine was a lot of things, but mostly... he was one of the X-Men' Kitty replies as she phases through the wall.

Later, in Alberta, Canada, outside the cabin where the adamantium casing remains. Kitty Pryde stands with Storm, Psylocke, Rogue, Jubilee and the time-displaced Marvel Girl. 'Madripoor? Why do you want to start there?' Rogue enquires. Kitty reminds Rogue that Madripoor attracts criminals from all over the world, so if one had Logan's body and wanted to sell it, Madripoor would be a good place to start. She adds that Wolverine also spent a lot of time there himself – and Magneto is in Madripoor. The time-displaced Marvel Girl asks Kitty if she doesn't think Magneto took him. 'I know he's had his moments, but he's not really like that anymore' Marvel Girl adds. 'One thing we all know about Magneto, Jean – he is always a little bit like that' Storm declares. Storm suggests that they cannot rule Magneto, considering his long-standing hatred for Logan, Madripoor might be a good place to begin.

Jubilee tells the others that she actually loves Madripoor, it's so seamy, and the clubs are phenomenal. Psylocke tells Jubilee that she isn't sure they will have time for clubbing. 'I don't know, Psylocke. Maybe we'll find Logan. If I died horribly and came back to life, I'd go dancing the very first thing' Jubilee smiles. Marvel Girl asks Kitty when they are going to leave, to which Kitty announces that they will leave n ow, but informs Marvel Girl that, if she doesn't mind, she just wants to take the others, adding that she knows Marvel Girl has her own responsibilities with her own team. Marvel Girl hangs her head and tells Kitty that she guesses so. 'I know all of you knew him for real. You were close. I only met him a few times before he died' she adds. 'My older self... she was the one. Not me' Marvel Girl admits, before telling the others that she thinks they will find Logan, that she thinks he is alive. 'What makes you say that?' Jubilee asks. 'Oh, you know... just a feeling' Marvel Girl replies.

Storm, Kitty, Psylocke, Rogue and Jubilee leave in two Blackbird jets, while Marvel Girl goes into the cabin. 'I am psychic, after all. And if there's one thing I've learned... it's to trust my intuition' Marvel Girl thinks to herself, before standing front of the split adamantium casing and uttering 'Welcome back'.

Characters Involved: 

First story:
Beast, Colosuss, Firestar, Nightcrawler, Kitty Pryde, Storm (all X-Men)
Guardian, Shaman, Snowbird (all Alpha Flight)

Bonebreaker, Pretty Boy, Donald Pierce, Skullbuster II / Cylla Markham (all Reavers)
Starshine III

Persephone III (unseen, voice only)

in flashback:
Beast, Colossus, Cyclops, Firestar, Jubilee, Kitty Pryde, Rogue, Storm (all X-Men)
Mr. Fantastic

Second story:
Jubilee, Kitty Pryde, Psylocke, Rogue, Storm (all X-Men)
Marvel Girl (time-displaced)

Tony Stark

Lady Deathstrike
Starshine III

Story Notes: 

Wolverine died in Death of Wolverine #4.

Wolverine made a surprise return in Marvel Legacy #1.

Since then, Wolverine has made brief one-page cameo sightings in Captain America (1st series) #697, Mighty Thor #703, Amazing Spider-Man (1st series) #794, Marvel 2-In-One (2nd series) #3, Black Panther (1st series) #170, Avengers (1st series) #680, Incredible Hulk (2nd series) #714 and X-Men: Red #2.

Wolverine then went on to appear in Infinity Countdown #1.

Sasquatch, Puck and Aurora are all based in space at the time of Alpha Flight's appearance this issue.

Alpha Flight hand the Reavers over to the custody of Agent Callahan, as mentioned in Astonishing X-Men (4th series) #13.

Although she only appears in the shadows, this is the first appearance of Persephone III.

At this point, Madrox was deceased after succumbing to M-Pox in Death of X #1.

The quest for Wolverine continues in: Hunt for Wolverine: Weapon Lost #1-4, Hunt for Wolverine: Adamantium Agenda #1-4, Hunt for Wolverine: Claws of a Killer and Hunt for Wolverine: Mystery in Madripoor, which are bookended by Hunt for Wolverine: Dead Ends #1.

Wolverine's story then continues in Return of Wolverine #1-5.

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