Iceman (2nd series) #2

Issue Date: 
January 2002
Story Title: 
Cold Snap

Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning (writers), Karl Kerschl (artist), Color Dojo (colors), Chris Eliopoulos (letterer), Mike Marts and Mike Raicht (editors), Joe Quesada (editor in chief), Bill Jemas (president)

Brief Description: 

After recovering from a serious case of out-of-control powers, Iceman finds comfort in a Chinese shantytown with the help of its mysterious mystical guardian, Foe-Dog. Iceman tells Foe-Dog about his plight and Foe-Dog decides to help find Iceman see his son. Alain Weiss dispatches his thugs to find Iceman and capture him. When the Augmen locate Iceman, he and Foe-Dog defeat them and leave to find Iceman’s son. Despite this momentary setback, Alain Weiss is determined to catch Iceman so he can use him for his devious plans.

Full Summary: 

In a Chinese shantytown, the elderly Chin Hsi rides down the street on his bike, reminiscing about his younger days when he had more energy and strength. He remembers when the shantytown was a monastery instead, and how he will always look over this place no matter what it becomes. Suddenly, Chin Hsi sees that the edge of the town and the lake beyond is completely frozen over with ice. Despite the warnings of the townspeople, Chin Hsi heads into the frozen area to investigate. He finds a giant, glowing ball of ice in the street and wonders if the ice ball is a demon. Chin Hsi forms a sign with his fingers to ward off evil spirits and the ball of ice starts rocketing through the town, knocking him over. Chin Hsi focuses his power and transforms into the mystical guardian, Foe-Dog. Chin His is amazed that he still has the power to transform in his old age. He runs after the moving ice ball, phasing through walls and jumping over buildings. Foe Dog eventually breaks the ice ball open after striking it with his mystical, fireball spewing chain, and inside lays Iceman, naked and unconscious.
Later, Chin Hsi brings Iceman to his house and takes care of him. While he enjoys warm soup, Iceman tells Chin His how the Augmen sent his powers raging out of control. Chin Hsi finds Iceman fascinating, claiming he’s never met a famous American mutant before. He thanks Iceman for giving him a reason to awaken his alternate self, Foe-Dog, once again. According to Chin Hsi, the shantytown used to be a Chinese monastery that he protected with his mystical abilities. When the monastery disbanded in the 1930s, so did his mission. The Foe-Dog power seemed to leave his spirit and Chin Hsi remained an ordinary man for decades. Now, thanks to Iceman, he has regained the ability to change into Foe-Dog.
Elsewhere, in the Winterbrand Technologies building of Hong Kong, Opal stares sadly at Robert Tanaka in his containment unit. Alain Weiss expresses anger over losing Iceman after he came so close last issue. He has scouts looking for Iceman and traces of his mutant power, but none of them have found him yet. Opal tells Weiss that Iceman will eventually turn up so he can see Robert.
In the shantytown, Chin Hsi senses trouble and transforms into Foe-Dog so he can take care of things. Sure enough, a group of Augmen shows up gunning for Iceman. Iceman ices up his body and comes outside to meet them. He and Foe-Dog attack the Augmen. During the fight, the Augmen display a vast array of powers, each one seeming to possess a different ability. In the end, Iceman and Foe-Dog defeat the Augmen, but part of the shantytown is thrashed in the process. Together, the two heroes head off to find Iceman’s son.
Back at Winterbrand Technologies, Weiss learns of the Augmen’s defeat at the hands of Iceman and Foe-Dog. Weiss decides to send every Augman he has to apprehend Iceman this time, instead of just a small band. He vows to succeed in his mission, even if he has to “bring the city of Hong Kong to its knees” in the process.

Characters Involved: 


Chin Hsi, a.k.a. Foe-Dog

Opal Tanaka

Robert Tanaka

Alain Weiss

The Augmen

Story Notes: 

First appearance of Foe-Dog.
Oddly enough, when Opal speaks of Robert Tanaka, she calls him “the child” instead of “my child.”

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