Iceman (2nd series) #3

Issue Date: 
February 2002
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Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning (writers), Skott Young (penciller), Greg Titus (inker), Color Dojo (colors), Chris Eliopoulos (letters), Mike Marts and Mike Raicht (editors), Joe Quesada (editor in chief), Bill Jemas (president)

Brief Description: 

Alain Weiss uses the Augmen to bring Hong Kong to its knees while they hunt for Iceman. Iceman and Foe Dog elude their pursuers as the city becomes a breeding ground for chaos. Weiss has a telephone call with John Sublime. The two are in collusion to create an advanced augmentation process that involves stealing mutant body parts and surgically grafting them onto human hosts. Iceman and Foe Dog locate Opal, who tells them the details about Weiss’s plans. Iceman, with his incredible ice-making abilities, is to be used to create superconductors for Winterbrand Technologies’ augmentation process. Thinking enough is enough, Iceman brings himself out into the open so he can end this. Once he exposes himself, the Augmen swarm about Iceman and capture him.

Full Summary: 

Under Alain Weiss’s orders, the Augmen bring the city of Hong Kong to a standstill when they cut the traffic and power systems. Amidst the chaos, cars crash into each and people begin looting. Alain Weiss orders his henchmen to find and bring him Iceman. Incognito, Iceman and Foe Dog make their way through the city via Foe Dog’s shadow doors. Iceman is grateful for Foe Dog’s help in lying low. Otherwise, the Augmen would have found him by now. Iceman and Foe Dog worry how the Hong Kong people will fare in the catastrophe, so they decide to stop running and fight.
Meanwhile, in his Winterbrand Technologies facility, Alain Weiss has a telephone call with John Sublime. Despite the risky situation, Weiss assures Sublime that everything will be fine because they have much to gain. As Weiss plots, a technician makes augmentations to the man’s body.
Through Foe Dog’s shadow doors, Iceman and Foe Dog continue making their way through Hong Kong. Foe Dog mentions that he can only use his shadow doors in places where he has previously left his mark. Iceman takes a brief stop in their journey to stop a band of looters. Afterward, the two heroes forge ahead to a section of Hong Kong called Lantau Island, just one shadow door from their destination, when they’re spotted by a group of Augmen. Iceman quickly dispatches the thugs before he and Foe Dog leave.
In a high rise suite, Opal protests when two bodyguards tell her Weiss has ordered them to protect her. Foe Dog, disguised as a maintenance worker, knocks and the door, claiming he has new lamps for the room. While he replaces a lamp, Foe Dog scribbles his symbol on a table surface while no one notices. He’s just created a new shadow door on the table. Then a bodyguard forces Foe Dog to leave.
Later, while Opal’s alone in her suite typing, Iceman enters through the shadow door on the table’s surface. Opal seems glad to see him and he asks her to tell him what’s going on. Opal says that Weiss forced her to play her part in his scheme to keep Robert hostage. Weiss is using Robert as bait so he can lure Iceman into his trap. Opal shows Iceman a holographic computer program that gives information about Winterbrand Technologies. The company has been developing procedures to give ordinary human beings superpowers. They created an augmentation process where they surgically graft mutant body parts onto human beings. However, the grafts only works on children and the procedure kills the mutant donor. When technicians start the augmentation, they use superconductors, which “play a vital role in governing the interface between mutant graft and human recipient.” Weiss wants to use Iceman and his ice powers to produce new and extremely powerful superconductors. Iceman’s abilities could make a great impact on Winterbrand’s augmentations and the computing industry. After hearing this news, Iceman becomes enraged and breaks the table in anger. Foe Dog enters the room and wonders if there’s any trouble. Iceman assures him that everything’s fine and introduces Foe Dog to Opal. When Opal asks Foe Dog about the bodyguards, Foe Dog tells her that she needn’t worry about them. Foe Dog has them tied up, hanging from a statue in Lantau Island.
Afterwards, at the Hong Kong International Airport, a plane has trouble landing because Augmen are wreaking havoc on the runway. Iceman saves the plane from crashing by creating a snowdrift for it to land on. He rides and ice sled into the open and calls Alain Weiss out. In his building, Alain Weiss watches several monitors covering the recent events in Hong Kong. He talks to himself, mentioning that Iceman has proven quite elusive and difficult to capture. However, Weiss never loses confidence that he’ll acquire his prize. He’s suddenly alerted that Iceman has exposed himself at the airport. Weiss orders his Augmen to capture him. At the airport, the Augmen mobilize and chase after Iceman, who evades them and rides away on an ice slide. One of his pursuers fires an eye beam that strikes Iceman and knocks him into a bus. While Iceman reels from the attack, the Augmen take advantage and grab him.

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Chin Hsi, a.k.a. Foe-Dog

Opal Tanaka

Robert Tanaka

Alain Weiss

The Augmen

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