Iceman (2nd series) #4

Issue Date: 
March 2002
Story Title: 
No More Mr. Ice Guy

Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning (writers), Karl Kerschl (artist), Color Dojo (colors), Chris Eliopoulos (letters), Mike Marts and Mike Raicht (editors), Joe Quesada (editor in chief), Bill Jemas (president)

Brief Description: 

After being captured by the Augmen, Bobby has no choice but to help Weiss. Weiss shows him the complex and tells him of his plan to use Bobbys powers as a superconductor to make the technology used on the Augmen suitable for adults. He lets him see his son and when Weiss is not looking Iceman creates an ice version Foe-Dog’s mark, before being taken for the operation. Meanwhile Opal is sending some files about the Winterbrand corporation by email to help safeguard her future. Foe-Dog teleports in and resues her and Bobby's son. Alarms go off , and Bobby knows that Opal and the kid are safe, so he can break free from his restraints. He then is attacked by the augmen, whilst Weiss runs away. With Foe-Dog’s help the Augmen are defeated, but Weiss has connected the Augmen technology to himself, and using a unstable prototype he transforms into a lava creature. He attacks the duo and but is defeated after going one on one with Bobby, when his cyberlink breaks apart. Later Chin tells Bobby, whilst they watch work being carried out to rebuild the shantytown, that he is glad he has a community to once again look after. Bobby decides to quit the X-Men and stay with Opal, but she leaves before he gets the chance to do so. She tells him in a video that the child isn't his, but Bobby already knew and would have stayed anyway.

Full Summary: 

Weiss taunts Iceman, who is suspended by one of the Augmen's tendrils. Weiss tells him that he should cooperate, Bobby agrees as he really has no choice. Weiss gives him a tour of the Winterbrand Corporation and starts to explain what he wants him for after letting him see his son. In the room with his son, Bobby creates Foe-Dog's mark out of ice, unseen by Weiss. Weiss explains that the Corporation are capable of removing mutant abilities and cybernetically bestow them onto a human subject. Bobby is shown the humans in the containers and told they are not in any pain. The quality of the grafts depend on computing speed and power, and they want to use Bobby to help push that past the limit that they have reached, as computing speed and data volume are governed by temperature. Currently the cyberlink can only cope with children, using Bobby's powers would mean that it could cope with adult physiologies, meaning anyone could have powers. As Weiss exlains this, he shows Bobby the jack points for the cyberlink that have already been attatched to his own body in preparation of when it is possible. Bobby is shocked but has to comply with the experiment as his son is in danger. He is then put into a chamber in preparation for the operation.
Meanwhile, Foe-Dog and Opal plan to save the child. Opal is encrypting some files before sending them to Bobby’s friend Hank McCoy, aka the Beast, whilst Foe-Dog uses his shadow door to grab the kid and returns him to Opal. Once Robert jr. is removed from his tank, however, alarms start going off. Foe-Dog tells Opal to stay, as they will expect her to flee and won’t come looking for them in the heart of their own building, whilst he will go rescue Bobby.
On hearing the alarms, Bobby transforms and breaks free of the equipment. Weiss sets the Augmen on Bobby and a fight ensues. While he is busy dealing with the Augmen, Weiss runs away. Bobby is attacked by a flying Augman, but luckily Foe-Dog arrives to help. Between them they manage to subdue the Augmen by disabling the cyberlinks on their backs. Weiss connects himself up to one of the adult prototype cyberlinks, even though without Bobby's ice, it isn't stable. He transforms into a creature made from lava. He attacks the duo and takes out Foe-Dog by blasting some gas canisters. Weiss and Bobby go head to head and eventually the cyberlink breaks down and Weiss is seemingly killed.
Later, Drake and Chin look over the reconstruction of the Shantytown. Foe-Dog is glad that he will once again have a community to protect and Winterbrand Industries are paying for the reconstruction as the do not want to get linked with the scandal around Weiss. Bobby says that he plans to quit the X-Men and move to Hong Kong to be with his son.
Back in his apartment, Bobby watches a video left by Opal. It turns out that the child never was his to begin with, but was that of a European co-worker. She was afraid Bobby wouldn't help if she hadn't lied to him, and now thinks that it is best if they never saw each other again. As Opal is seen leaving on a plane, Bobby talks to himself and says that he already knew and would've stayed no matter.

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Chin Hsi, a.k.a. Foe-Dog

Opal Tanaka

Robert Tanaka

Alain Weiss

The Augmen

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