Iceman (3rd series) #5

Issue Date: 
November 2017
Story Title: 

Sina Grace (writer), Alessandro Vitti (artist) Rachelle Rosenberg (colorist), Virtual Calligraphy's Joe Sabino (letterer), Marco D'Alfonso (cover artist), Jay Bowen & Anthony Gambino (graphic designers), Chris Robinson (assistant editor), Darren Shan (editor), Mark Panicca (X-Men group editor), Axel Alonso (editor-in-chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)

X-Men created by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby

Brief Description: 

Bobby has just announced to his parents, who are visiting him at the Xavier Institute, that he is gay. This leads to yet another lengthy argument with his parents. Kitty tries to help Bobby, but he asks her to leave. Madeline is trying to process this news, and blames William, as there are no gays on her side of the family. Bobby tells his parents that they are making this out to be something big, bigger than any war he has ever fought in, to which William tells his son that this time he is actually dead. William tells Bobby that he is never going to give them grandkids or leave this stupid school and have his own life, so Bobby is dead. Madeline tries to ask Bobby why he has had so many girlfriends, and he awkwardly tries to explain this, and Madeline even asks Bobby if he has been with a man, thanking God when he tells her that he hasn't. Outside, Kitty is helping the student Michaela with her powers, when she discovers that Juggernaut has arrived in Central Park. Kitty has a plan to deal with the Juggernaut, but Bobby wants to stop him, and leaves his parents as he ices up and heads outside, where the police are trying to hold the Juggernaut back in Central Park. Bobby sets his ice-golems to help rescue some stranded civilians, Iceman encases the Juggernaut in ice, but the Juggernaut explains that he is searching for the X-brats he recently fought. Iceman tells Juggernaut that they aren't here. At that time, the Drakes are attempting to leave the Institute. Kitty finds them and tells them that they should find out how Bobby is feeling, and gives them the letter that Bobby was going to send to them. As they read the heartfelt letter, Iceman leads the Juggernaut out of Central Park, an extensive battle follows. As the letter concludes with Bobby asking his parents to still love him, Juggernaut seemingly squeezes the life out of Bobby, but he reforms as an ice-angel, then proceeds to encase the Juggernaut in ice and sends him careening into the nearby harbor, defeating him. Bobby returns to the Institute, where his father is waiting for him. William tells his son that he broke his mother's heart, to which Bobby tells him that they both broke his. William reveals that he has read the letter, and they have a heart to heart, where Bobby gets very emotional. William stands up and tells Bobby that he loves him, that nothing changes that, and leaves.


Full Summary: 

Manhattan, Upper West Side, in the morning. Two young women are sitting on a park bench. 'I can't believe Jesse has a new girl now' the blonde woman exclaims. 'Whatever, I made out with, like, two guys last night. I don't even know why I was crushing so hard on him' the other woman replies. Suddenly, they look up as a large shadow looms over them. 'What the -' the second woman gasps, as a voice calls out 'Scuse me, ladies... which way to turtle pond?' asks the Juggernaut.

At the Xavier Institute:  'Yer kidding me' William Drake utters as he and Madeline Drake stare at their son, Bobby “Iceman” Drake. 'I'm gay. Dude for dude. I want to go on dates with men' Bobby declares as Kitty Pryde stands at his side. 'Oh, goodness...' Madeline gasps. 'Are you sure?' William asks sternly. 'What kind of stupid question is that? Because I thought “hey, genius idea” let's make life more interesting” and turned it on with a switch?' Bobby retorts. 'Don't talk to your father like that!' Madeline snaps, shaking her finger at Bobby. 'If what you're saying is true, then -' Madeline begins. Bobby interrupts her: 'There is no “if,” Mom!'

Kitty Pryde intervenes, telling the Drakes that it is a lot to absorb, and that it took her a while to adjust. 'Kitty knows? Does everyone at this circus know? Are the people who raised you the last to know, Robert?' Madeline exclaims.

Bobby ignores his mother, and puts his hands on Kitty's shoulders, telling her that he loves her so so so much, and he knows her heart is in the right place, and on the one hand, he wants her here because X-Man Bobby wants team members by his side all the time, but that this fight is just going to get messier with more people involved. 'This is your fault, William' Madeline mutters. Breaking away from her husband, she goes and sits down at a table where papers and a laptop are set out. 'There aren't any gays on my side of the family. Muties and queers, they must come from you. This isn't on me' Madeline declares.

Bobby tells his parents that they are both acting like this is the end of the world. 'You've seen me risk my life time and time again, and this is sparking a bigger reaction than any war I've ever fought' Bobby points out. 'Cuz this time you're actually dead' William replies quietly. 'Aaaand I’m out' Kitty remarks as she prepares to leave the room. 'What was that?' Bobby asks. Frowning, William tells Bobby 'You heard me' and asks 'What are you to us now? You're not giving us grandkids, you wanna touch other men. You're never gonna leave this stupid school and grow up to have your own life. So where's the Bobby Drake we raised?' Kitty looks sadly at Bobby as she stands in the doorway.

Out in the corridor, Quentin Quire asks Oya if she is still on for sushi. 'No' Oya replies quickly, while Bobby can be heard telling his father 'Damn, Dad. You don't mean that'. Quentin and Oya come to a stop outside the room that Bobby and his parents are in, and stand by the door, listening in. 'Don't I? You get to say whatever the hell comes to your mind!' William replies, and tells Bobby that this is on his mind – his son is gone and there is some homosexual homo superior homoeverything except for fricken' simple sapien in his place. 'Oh, this is scrumptious' Quentin whispers. Oya tells him that they shouldn't be here, to which Quentin tells her that this is educational.

Madeline tells Bobby that this doesn't make sense. 'Why can't you just stay with women? You had so many girlfriends...' she reminds him. 'Don't you wonder why none of them stuck around, Mom?' Bobby replies. 'Oh, God, have you been with any of 'em – at least one?' Madeline asks. Bobby throws his hands to his head: 'Why am I answering this – yes. Of course' he replies, adding that it is not about this stuff, and asks 'Haven't you ever been with someone and known deep down that it's not right? That's how I felt with every girl – every time' he explains, adding that he doesn't think that is how you're supposed to feel when you love someone. 'Don't embarrass yourself by talking about loving boys' William frowns.

'Oh, snap!' Quentin declares, revealing his presence at the door. 'For the record, I'm in complete support of marriage equality' Quentin adds. Bobby responds by throwing up a large ice-wall in front of the door. 'How rude' Quentin mutters, before instructing Oya to blast the door down. 'I'm serious, Quentin – stop being an omega-level snoop... and let's respect the metaphor' Oya replies.

Outside, Kitty stands behind the student called Michaela and points to the distance, telling her keep her eyes on the target and focus, breathe and aim. Michaela smirks, before she fires a projectile from her mouth – like a narrow arrow of spit – which strikes an apple sitting on the head of Genesis, who is sitting under a tree reading a book 'Your aim is true!' Genesis exclaims. Suddenly, a carousel horse falls to the ground, landing near Genesis, who is taken by surprise. 'Ahh! You're getting a secondary mutation already?!' Genesis gasps. 'It wasn't me! Unless... it was me?' Michaela wonders, asking Kitty if she has new powers. 'No... get inside. Now' Kitty instructs Michaela and Genesis.

At that moment, Madeline asks Bobby 'Have you been with... one?' Bobby frowns and asks 'One what?' 'Y'know... a man' Madeline explains. 'Why do I keep answering these inappropriate questions...' Bobby wonders, before revealing that he has not. 'Oh, thank God' Madeline utters. 'C'mon, you two. Watch the news. Being gay shouldn't be a big deal anymore' Bobby exclaims, but Madeline tells him that he doesn't get the right to tell them how to react. 'But you have the right to tell me the right way and wrong way to life my life?' Bobby asks. 'We're your parents. Of course we do! Madeline exclaims.

Suddenly, Kitty phases through the ice-wall and calls out 'Uhhm, Bobby...' to which Bobby and his parents all turn to her: 'WHAT?' they shout in unison.

Kitty tells Bobby that she knows timing is nuclear at the moment, but informs him that there is a big problem – a Juggernaut-sized problem, here in Central Park. Kitty reports that she is going to put the school on lockdown and cancel classes for the day. 'You're all fine here – Kurt, Peter and Rachel are going to steer him away from -' Kitty begins, but Bobby interrupts her and announces that he will do it. 'That's a not a great idea' Kitty replies, informing Bobby that she will take care of his students – but Bobby replies that he doesn't want to be here. 'Please, Kitty. Let me be X-Man Bobby' Bobby asks. Kitty pauses, before instructing Bobby to get the Juggernaut to the Hudson, as far away from people as possible. Bobby switches to his ice-form, and exclaims 'Good. Unless you people think I need to embarrass myself some more... I've got someone's ass to kick'.

At the carousel: 'Here's a genius idea... combining tilt-a-whirls and carousels' Cain Marko the Juggernaut declares as he lifts the entire carousel overhead, with civilians still on it, clinging for their lives. Other civilians in the park run, while several police officers surround him. 'Hmmm, yeah, that's not as good as my fried doughnut delivery app, but I'll find the “there” there soon enough' Juggernaut remarks. He adds that he gets mischaracterized a lot, but that he sees himself as an idea guy – and a bleeding heart, at that. The police officers open fire, but the bullets do nothing against the Juggernaut's armor. 'I didn't hurt a single one of ya! And lookit, some of you are in a nice free-range cage! Ha ha ha' the Juggernaut laughs, while Iceman slides into the area of the park on an ice-slide.

'But y'know what the news is gonna say about me? That I'm a monster. The bad guy of the story. That's fake news for you, folks!' the Juggernaut exclaims, while Iceman gets closer, and creates an army of snow-men as he calls out 'The emotional complexity of a turnip, ladies and germs!' before he creates a large ice-spike, which forms under the Juggernaut, raising him into the air. Bobby's snow-men start to rescue the civilians. 'Don't get weird if any of my golems melt on you, folks. It makes them feel insecure. BRB' Bobby calls out. The Juggernaut is now trapped at the end of Bobby's ice-slide, trapped in a thick block of ice, Juggernaut calls out 'Lay off me, Popsicle! My fight ain't with you!'

Bobby lets the Juggernaut fall from the ice-slide, and he starts firing ice-darts at him as the Juggernaut exclaims that he just wanted a fair shot at the junior mints and then he will be out of here. 'Those little X-brats sent me a long ways from home and I'm ticked!' Juggernaut declares. 'Jugger-Not the brightest bulb, are you?' Bobby asks, announcing that the “X-brats” are expats now – they are in Madripoor. Bobby traps Juggernaut in a massive ice-block, but the Juggernaut mutters 'Oh... well...' and roars as he breaks through the ice.

Back at the school, Madeline and William are walking, arms around each other, down a path. Madeline tells William that she does not want to hear a single peep out of his mouth. 'Didn't say anything, Maddie' William responds. Suddenly, Kitty phases out of the school and calls out to the Drakes, asking them to wait. Madeline turns to Kitty and tells her that she is a very sweet girl, but that they have had as much as they can take of this – and Bobby can distract the Juggernaut so they can get a train. 'I agree, you've had an incredibly stressful morning. I won't stop you...but there's something I think you should have before you go' Kitty remarks, holding a piece of paper in her hand.

Kitty continues, informing the Drakes that Bobby has had to spend the last few months hearing from everyone else – listening to what everyone thinks about him, processing how they are all affected by something that must be incredibly challenging for him to deal with – no one has really been asking how Bobby is coping, and where his head is at. 'With all due respect... find out how your son feels' Kitty suggests to the Drakes, handing them a letter.

As Bobby continues to battle the Juggernaut, the letter reads:

Mom, Dead -

This isn't easy to say, so much so that I'm not saying it but writing it down on paper instead.

It's taken my whole life to be honest with myself, and atr the risk of 86'ing out relationship, it's time to be honest with the both of you, too.

I want to be with men.

Trust me, I'd change it in a heartbeat if it meant avoiding that “you let us down” face, but there isn't a single girl in the world who's been able to distract me long enough from the fact that they never fit in my life.

I blamed it on being a mutant, at first.

This is who I am. And for as much as I've tried... it can't be changed.

Bobby chases the Juggernaut through the park, sliding along an ice-slide behind the behemoth. Juggernaut suddenly turns around and slams his body through the ice-slide, causing Bobby to fall from the ice-slide. Bobby gathers himself, and creates another ice-slide, while sending several snow-golems against the Juggernaut. They don't do much, though, and the Juggernaut makes his way out of the park, past civilians, he runs through a wire fence, then turns around and slams his foot on the ground, the shock causing Bobby to fall from the ice-slide again.

The letter continues:

There are things I can change, however.

My friend Jean is getting a second chance at having the life she deserves – it's so inspiring. For reasons that'll give me carpal tunnel syndrome trying to write by hand, I saw a version of my life where living honestly made me happier. I want that.

Between the pressures of trying to make you both proud and working every day to live up to Professor Xavier's expectations, I've brushed aside any emotion that didn't quite fit and covered iit up with a joke.

I could've gone on forever keeping bits of myself tucked away, working overtime to make sure everyone around me is happy... but I know now that living a lie is keeping me from reaching my potential.

Iceman catches up to the Juggernaut, who turns and looks up at Iceman, who stands on the edge of his ice-slide. Civilians look around at the Juggernaut, and at Bobby. Some of them run in fear. 'This has been fun. But I got some kids in Madripoor I need to squash, so... time to die!' the Juggernaut shouts at Iceman. 'Not today' Bobby replies. 'Feh' the Juggernaut mutters as he runs towards Iceman, who stands his ground and starts to fire a very intense beam of ice towards his one-time teammate. The ice-beam pulses outwards and slams against the Juggernaut, knocking him skyward. 'If I can't stop the damned Juggernaut, may as well freeze the speed of light around him!' Bobby tells himself.

The letter continues:

You may think I'm a cruddy son, but I'm an excellent hero.

Fighting is a part of my life, and sometimes I think it's the only way I know how to resolve issues... but I'm so tired of fighting.

If we're going to have a real relationship, if I'm ever going to be happy, I need to stop worrying about whether my choices make you happy.

Let's not fight about what isn't necessary. Please accept this fact. Please still love me.

Your son, Bobby.

'Atta-boy. You finally dropped a pair' hte Juggernaut tells Bobby when he crashes back down to the ground. Bobby is taken by surprise when the Juggernaut lunges at him and exclaims 'I'll make sure they get a tiny little coffin next to yours. Better yet, how 'about a nice sleep with the fishies?' Juggernaut asks as he wraps his massive arms around Bobby and starts to crush him. 'Just gotta hear that popping noise!' the Juggernaut jokes. Bobby struggles to break free, and then looks up in horror, before he goes limp in Juggernaut's arms, and the Juggernaut roars as Bobby's form starts to dissipate in his arms.

'Did I do it?' Juggernaut asks, quietly. 'I did it! He's crushed ice now!' Juggernaut jokes. 'Bet yer turning in your grave, Chuck' the Juggernaut adds, referring to Professor X. Suddenly, 'I'm sorry, Cain' a voice calls out. 'Huh?' the Juggernaut look up to see Iceman hovering in front of him on large ice-wings. 'I'm so very sorry that the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak did as little for your brain as it did your looks' Bobby exclaims. Bobby encases the Juggernaut in another block of ice and tells him that he is done fighting today. The ice-block rises into an ice-tower, with the Juggernaut trapped at the top of it, and Iceman hovers alongside it, telling the Juggernaut that if he ever wants a rematch to send him an email and they will meet somewhere safe, away from others.

'But if that happens, I'm going to turn to vapor and reform like a porcupine inside your guts' Iceman warns the Juggernaut. The snow-golems suddenly surround the Juggernaut and Iceman tells him that his non-sentient friends are going to swim him as far as possible and right into SHIELD custody. 'I also want to say thank you. Today was a really bad day, and punching you helped. So, thanks. I owe you a soda or something' Bobby tells the Juggernaut, before he launches the ice-tower out to the river. 'Byeeeeeeeeeeee!' Bobby exclaims.

Shortly, Bobby returns to the school, and finds his father sitting on a park bench nearby. 'Did you make the snow?' William Drake asks. 'S'not quite how my power works' Bobby replies, before asking where his mother is. William tells Bobby that she had enough for the day. 'You really broke her heart with the stuff you said' he adds. 'You both broke mine' Bobby replies. William holds the letter up and remarks that he doesn't know what Bobby ewas expecting, adding that Kitty showed them the letter. 'Lots of feelings you kept inside' William points out. 'You get that from me...the “not wanting to talk about stuff” thing. A part of me wishes you hadn't said anything, but here we are. Talking about stuff' William tells Bobby.

Bobby sits down on the bench: 'Since we're sharing...' he begins. 'Oh, God. Please no more news' William remarks, but Bobby tells him to relax, and adds that it is something he has never told anyone. 'It shouldn't send you back to the hospital' Bobby assures his father, revealing that he can make himself turn to vapor – it has something to do with the way the ice funnels through his body when he uses his powers. Bobby adds that he never really explored the how, because he knows the why. 'That's the thing I have the hardest time teaching the students – the why of our powers' Bobby explains. Both men fall silent, before Bobby reveals that he wants to disappear sometimes, leave his skin, forget his problems in a big way and just be nothing – even if for a moment. 'I think about being nothing' Bobby reveals.

Bobby continues, explaining that the vapor move is tricky, because the why gets him there, but it is headspace that doesn't really allow him to sort out how he comes back. 'How do you come back from that? Anyways, it's a trick I don't wanna pull out anymore' Bobby adds. William gets to his feet and puts a hand on Bobby's shoulder. 'Bobby... I love you. Nothing changes that' William tells his son, before he turns and walks away. 'I love you...too' Bobby replies quietly.

Characters Involved: 

Iceman, Kitty Pryde (both X-Men)

Genesis II, Kid Omega, Michaela, Oya (all X-Men students)


Madeline & William Drake





Police officers


Story Notes: 

Bobby announced to his parents that he is gay at the end of last issue.

Over the years Iceman has been involved with several women. He's dated humans Zelda and Opal Tanaka for short periods of time, and has been in a serious relationship with Kitty, and a brief one with Mystique. Iceman has had short relationships with Annie Ghazikhanian and Lev, and has had crushes on Darkstar and Cloud, until he discovered Cloud was also a male. He's been the object of affection for Northstar, Warbird II and Firestar, and has had a brief relationship with Polaris, which stems from a complicated history between the two of them.

Juggernaut recently battled the young time-displaced X-Men in X-Men Blue #1.

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