Identity Disc #3

Issue Date: 
October 2004
Story Title: 
Identity Disc: part 3

Rob Rodi (writer), John Higgins (pencils), Sandu Florea (inks), Estudio Fenix & SotoColor’s A. Crossley (colors), Dave Sharpe (letters), Warren Simons (editor), Axel Alonso (executive editor), Joe Quesada (editor-in-chief), Dan Buckley (publisher)

Brief Description: 

Valeria shows the villains more information about A.I.M.’s headquarters in Manhattan, and how they best get inside. Later, the villains drive to the city, and Sabretotoh drives into an A.I.M. van, faking it was an accident. Suspicious agents step out, and the villains kill them all to use their suits to get into the building unnoticed. The Vulture leaves them to do his part of the job, and break into the building to cut of its power. Though the others easily get into the headquarters, the Vulture has a harder time. He soon gets spotted and, after a fight, manages to cut off the power, but the many A.I.M. agents overwhelm the Vulture and capture him. The power gets back on and, after going to the wrong direction, the villains are spotted by the entire A.I.M. base!

Full Summary: 

Valeria shows the villains a few holographic images concerning the A.I.M. building. She has some interesting revelations for them. She explains that the building appears to stand seven stories, but in fact, there are no stories at all! The whole building is a shell. Preliminary analysis of the technology at ground level suggests the place is designed to function as both a missile silo and launch pad. Valeria has marked those spots in the images, to make it clear to the villains, but they won’t be spending much time there. She adds that the administrative, data and storage facilities are located underground.

She thinks that if they go deep enough, at sub-basement 4 to be precise, they’ll find the base’s intelligent nexus. Lastly, she shows the villains the point where they have to make their move: at the lowest and most secure level of the complex, since that’s where they’ll find the Identity Disc. Valeria prints out this information, and hands it to the villains to memorize and later to destroy. She tells the Vulture to do it as well, even though he won’t be spending much time with the others.

Juggernaut’s confused and wants to know what the old man will be doing instead. Valeria just adds that Toomes has capabilities the others have not. Deadpool doesn’t see what: fly, perhaps? He jokes that many other guys have that ability, even those born after the Civil War! Valeria clears up that the Vulture is also an engineering wizard. His job is to breach the base’s generator and use the digital skeleton key to cut the power. However, she warns that it’ll take just twenty or thirty seconds for the backup generators to kick in.

Bullseye wants to know what interest Silver might have in this. Valeria explains that the power outage will enable them to enter the building by the most unexpected means possible: the front door!

Avatar 2: “Gotta give this Merrick girl credit. She’s a smooth one…”

Avatar 1: “’Course, there was the little problem of getting to the front door. That’s where the info Juggernaut gathered on his recon outside the base came in handy.”

Sabretooth drives the villains to Manhattan and picks up something to eat and drink. Deadpool jokes about Bullseye, who’s having trouble eating because his cheeks are still in a bad condition after the beat-up he took. Bullseye doesn’t respond, but throws a stick towards Deadpool’s neck, and makes it bleed. Deadpool laughs, as his mutant healing factor already heals the wounds. Sabretooth tells them to quit it. He notices a van passing by, and makes his move and drives into it, causing a crash.

He gets out and apologizes to the driver, claiming he’s got plenty of insurance. He gives the driver his agent’s card, and he wants to take it, but Creeds smiles and instead kills the driver! 8 A.I.M. agents immediately rush out of the van, with their guns ready. The unimpressed villains move over to action, and kill them all.

Avatar 2: “Engaging A.I.M. on a Manhattan street? … Taking some chances there.”

Avatar 1: “What chances? That the good citizens would rise up and put a stop to it? Right. And when it comes to pitched battle on civilian turf, you’re hardly one to criticize. Anyway, the whole mess was over in a matter of seconds…”

The villains are disappointed at how easy it was, but Sabretooth warns them to move to the next part of the plan, and get into the A.I.M. suits. They do, and the Vulture departs to do his end of the task. He flies towards the A.I.M. building, and passes the guards who don’t even notice him. He opens a window, and enters the office he needed to be in. Meanwhile, the others have suited up, and are ready to move.

Avatar 1: “From there, it was just blocks to the base. But there was trouble ahead.”

Once at the base, the guard notices the scratch on the van, and asks what happened. Creed lies that they had to avoid a dog and hit a post. He shows the guard a pass, and they are let through, but have to report to the garage for a fix. The villains drive further into the building, but more guards stop them, and the villains just have to wait for the Vulture to cut the power to be able to get through.

Meanwhile, the Vulture has made it to the power sublevel, and smiles. He notices the Kirby-O-Tron, which is almost certainly the generator. He wants to cut it, but gets spotted by A.I.M. agents, who point their guns at his head and ask him what he’s doing there.

The villains notice the guards getting suspicious, and aren’t really sure what to do. The Vulture tries to escape, but the agents grab him. Mentioning that he has fought Spider-Man in the past, he won’t let himself be defeated this way. However, the agents are stronger than he is, and punch the villain down the ground.

The others decide to just step out of their van, and the guards allow them to pass through the door behind them. However, once there, they notice that the power’s still on, which isn’t good. The Vulture uses his costume talons to smash the agents away from them, and heads towards the generator, wanting to shut it off. However, one of the agents is still standing, and points his gun to the Vulture’s head.

Some of the others want to go over to their backup plan, namely to kill all the agents, but realize that by doing this they’ll blow their one shot at getting the Disc. Sabretooth and Bullseye buy some time to fake that they’re arguing about Bullseye cutting the line, and the guards buy it. Suddenly, the power gets off, and they stop their bickering.

The Vulture swears that he has fought Daredevil in the past, and was even in the Sinister Six. He claims to be stronger and faster than a hundred men his age. He moved so fast that the agent with the gun didn’t even see his defeat coming. The Vulture took the time he had to cut off the power. However, more A.I.M. agents now enter.

A gathering of all the A.I.M. agents is held, and the villains are caught in between. Their leader orders his loyal acolytes that the power has already been restored, and the culprit has been apprehended. He warns that nothing must get through their schedule and must deliver the missiles at the appointed hour. The villains whisper and realize that A.I.M. must plan to use the missiles in some big game for power, and must have used to Identity Disc to get the heroes out of the way. They don’t see a problem in that, and just want to find the elevator to…

However, A.I.M.’s leader notices that they go into the wrong direction, and demands to know where they think they’re going.

Characters Involved: 

Bullseye, Deadpool, Juggernaut, Sabretooth, Vulture

Valeria Merrick

various A.I.M. agents (all unnamed)

Story Notes: 

The Kirby-O-Tron, A.I.M.’s power generator, is a friendly joke towards Jack Kirby, the legendary Marvel creator who penciled and co-created most of Marvel’s early ‘60’s issues, including some of the X-Men.

The Vulture fought Spider-Man many times, but the first time was in Amazing Spider-Man (1st series) #2. He joined the Sinister Six for the first time in Amazing Spider-Man (1st series) Annual #1, and fought Daredevil in Daredevil (1st series) #225.

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