Identity Disc #4

Issue Date: 
November 2004
Story Title: 
Identity Disc: part 4

Rob Rodi (writer), John Higgins (pencils), Sandu Florea (inks), Estudio Fenix & SotoColor’s A. Crossley (colors), Dave Sharpe (letters), Warren Simons (editor), Axel Alonso (executive editor), Joe Quesada (editor-in-chief), Dan Buckley (publisher)

Brief Description: 

The villains have been spotted by AIM, and they are quickly attacked. With the Vulture escaping, not wanting to get caught, and Deadpool sacrificing himself so that the others can escape, they decide to head towards the elevator shaft. However, that has been destroyed in the heat of the battle. Realizing that the Disc is in AIM’s intel bay and that the bay is below the shaft, Sabretooth wastes no time and jumps down. Juggernaut wants to stay behind and give some backup to Bullseye, but he won’t see that happen and pushes Juggernaut down. Bullseye stays upstairs and bravely fights the horde of AIM agents, but soon gets knocked out. Sabretooth lands safely, but is knocked out when the falling Juggernaut accidentally hits him. Upon exploring, Cain eventually finds the intel bay and also the Identity Disc! Realizing it’s best to check out if it’s the real Disc, Cain installs it in a computer, and surprisingly only finds information concerning AIM! This means that Cain has discovered something he wasn’t supposed to. A mysterious person appears behind Cain, and shoots a poisonous dart inside his mouth, making Cain faint. At the same time, the Vulture makes it outside the exploding base, but his wings are on fire and he falls. Upon landing, a team of soldiers quickly surround him, and point their guns at his head. Vulture asks them to wait, claiming he can explain.

Full Summary: 

Avatar 1: “So there they were… Juggernaut, Bullseye, Sabretooth and Deadpool… disguised in yellow A.I.M. suits, their cover somehow blown, surrounded on all sides by the hordes of A.I.M. The situation was critical, and deteriorating rapidly, to say the least.”

The AIM spokesman again asks the villains, dressed as AIM agents, where they think they are going. They fake to be going back to their posts, like the spokesman asked them, but he is aware that they are lying. He explains that he knows because he has a second-by-second diagram in his hands, which describes every single movement every agent of AIM has made, and that a simple blackout can’t fool him.

Suddenly, a gigantic explosion takes place! The villains get out of the Hydra agent suits and back in their costumes, with Sabretooth suspecting that the Vulture must be behind it. They all start attacking the AIM agents, until the Vulture flies in. He warns that some agents shot at him and he dodged the bullets, but in return they hit the generators, and now the whole base is going to blow up in a matter of seconds!

Another explosion takes place, which takes out the Vulture. Juggernaut and Deadpool realize that, from now on, things can only get worse. Sabretooth won’t leave without the Disc. Bullseye and Deadpool decide to give him some backup. The Vulture gets up, and won’t risk being taken and decides to fly away. He tries, but an agent shoots him.

Bullseye tries to fight, but gets outnumbered by a horde of agents. Juggernaut helps him out and slams all the agents out of the way, giving Bullseye room to move. He throws some throwing stars at the agents and takes them out, but more agents soon follow, and surround both him and Sabretooth. He has had enough, and wants to end this.

Bullseye shouts at Juggernaut and Deadpool to take the perimeter circle. They punch their way through the agents, and make it to their teammates. They want to know if they’ve got a plan. Sabretooth suggests the same plan they came in with: find the Disc, grab it and leave, but first they’ll need a distraction to get rid of the AIM agents.

Deadpool smirks, as a sacrifice play is his specialty. He asks Juggernaut to lift him up, and Wade gets tossed in the middle of all of the AIM agents!

Avatar 2: “Crazy son of a she-dog.”

Avatar 1: “Well… yes. But in this case, also a consummate professional. He knew he was the obvious choice to play decoy, ‘cause of his freak healing power. And it worked. He gave the others the few seconds they needed to break away.”

The villains fight their way through the agents, and Bullseye warns them to head towards the elevators, as it’s their only way to get to the Disc. Juggernaut hopes that Bullseye is right about that one. Though, once they get there, they discover that the shaft has been shafted! Sabretooth decides to show one of his specialties: while the others get cornered again, he jumps straight down into the deep elevator shaft!

Juggernaut and Bullseye bicker about who’s next to go. Juggernaut wants to stay and guard Bullseye’s back while he jumps, because facing impossible odds is his specialty. Bullseye smiles, and says he eats impossible odds for breakfast. Not wanting to waste any more time, Bullseye just pushes Juggernaut inside the shaft. Bullseye takes out a few more throwing stars, and is ready for it. He throws them against the arriving horde of AIM agents, and kills some of them, but the others soon overwhelm Bullseye and punch him unconscious.

Avatar 2: “Okay, so that’s Bullseye and Deadpool down… but what about the last two? What about Sabretooth and Juggernaut?”

Avatar 1: “Sorry, this is where I run dry. Whatever happened to them down that elevator shaft, is something I can’t even conjecture.”

Sabretooth lands after his jump, and takes a look around. Though, he notices too late that the Juggernaut is falling down, and Cain slams down right on Creed’s back! Cain gets up and apologizes to the now unconscious Creed, but finds it kind of ironic. He is now the only one of the original six who was trying to improve his life, and whom nobody else trusted. Now, he is the last man standing! Not that he’s complaining, mind you.

Cain wanders around the tunnels and soon gets lost. He tried reaching the intel bay, but can’t find it. He thinks he went in the wrong direction and plans to head back. Unfortunately, another explosion takes place, and hits him! Cain survives, and discovers that the explosion moved him a little further ahead. Turning his back, Cain finds the intel bay.

Upon entering it, he finds a big light, with in the middle the Identity Disc! Cain reaches into the light, which tickles. He laughs and thinks that if this is supposed to be a security mechanism, AIM never saw him coming. After grabbing it, Cain thinks it’s best he makes sure he checks out if it’s the real one. He puts the Disc inside a computer, which opening screen automatically gives the logo of AIM. Cain clicks further, and… only finds information concerning the locations of AIM’s plutonium bases and where their sleeper agents are stationed! That means…

A voice from behind explains to Juggernaut that this means that he discovered something he shouldn’t have. Cain turns around, and realizes that the person he is seeing is behind all this. The person shoots a dart inside Juggernaut’s mouth. He tries to fight back, but when swallowing the dart, he falls unconscious. Another explosion takes place.

Outside the building, firemen arrive to put out the enormous fire. They wonder if there are any survivors, and one of the firemen notices someone coming down. It’s the Vulture! His wings are on fire, and the Vulture falls down. Soldiers quickly surround him, and point their guns at him. The Vulture asks them to wait, claiming he can explain.

Characters Involved: 

Bullseye, Deadpool, Juggernaut, Sabretooth, Vulture

various A.I.M. agents (all unnamed)

various firemen, soldiers (all unnamed)

Story Notes: 

Deadpool’s “specialty” being sacrificing himself is a joke reference to his last issue of Deadpool (3rd series) #69, in which Wade dramatically sacrificed his life to stop the Black Swan. However, a few months later, Wade showed up alive and well, as seen in Agent X #13-15.

The reason why the Juggernaut’s armor has been corrected into his original brown color is to counteract his current appearances in X-Men (2nd series). In said series, he had returned to his original costume, and the correction was meant to avoid confusion among the fans. Though in this story, the Juggernaut still appears in his black armor.

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