Infinity: The Hunt #4

Issue Date: 
January 2014
Story Title: 

Matt Kindt (writer), Steven Sanders, Paco Diaz, Derec Donovan (artists), James Campbell, Israel Silva (colorists), Virtual Caligraphy's Clayton Cowles (letterer), Slava Panarin (cover artist), Xander Jarowey (assistant editor), Jordan D White (associate editor), Nick Lowe (editor), Axel Alonso (editor-in-chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)

Brief Description: 

The students from the Jean Grey School, Braddock Academy, Avengers Academy, Future Foundation, Pan-Asian School for the Unusually Gifted, Wakandan School of Alternative Studies and Latverian School of Science find themselves swallowed by an enormous sea creature that appears to be some sort of whale-squid hybrid. They pass through the creature's system, and learn that the mysterious blue-skinned woman with them is called Whalesong, and she was nearly drowning when this creature, whom she calls Leviathan, saved her. Now, she telepathically communicates with the creature, who can replay her thoughts onto various parts of itself. The students also learn that Wakanda is responsible for destroying Atlantis. The students debate what they should do given this new development, and after going out onto the top of Leviathan, Quentin Quire learns that the monsters are now headed to Wakanda. The students decide to go to Wakanda and help, and Demona teleports them all, including the massive Leviathan, to Wakanda, where Queen Shuri is under attack. The students engage the monsters, annd do good work against them, although they continue to disobey Shuri who orders them to safety. A huge monster arrives and seemingly kills the Leviathan, before it lumbers away. It stops, though, when it receives new orders, which Quentin learns are to hunt and kill any young super being. The students are forced to work together to stop this enormous monster and they put a plan in motion, eventually defeating the creature. Quentin contemplates their recent adventure, and notices all of the students who seem to be romantically interested in each other, while the Leviathan is returned to the sea where it heals. Quentin decides that this may not have been a Contest of Champions, but that there is always next year.

Full Summary: 

'Yeah. So that happened' Quentin Quire thinks to himself as a huge sea creature that appears to be a hybrid of a whale and a squid closes its enormous mouth around students from various schools for the super-powered across the globe. As the creature's jaws close, the students fall downwards like they are being sucked down a drain, while a female Atlantean drops into the mouth, between the teeth, just as the creature's mouth closes. Quentin recalls how they were in the middle of rescuing Atlantis, which was more like getting their butts kicked by Thanos's hooligans bent on something, wrecking all their schools, which Quentin isn't sure is a completely bad idea. 'And killing us along the way' Quentin adds. 'And now we've been swallowed by a giant whale-thing that seems to be controlled by a blue girl'.

As the students pass through the whale's system, Quentin realizes that its belly is awash with telepathic energy, desperately trying to tell them what's what. It tells them that the blue girl's name is Whalesong, and that she wasn't always blue, she was in a boating accident when she was little, and should have died, apparently. She was sinking, when this thing – she calls it “Leviathan”, picked her up, swallowed her, actually, it turns out she was half-Atlantean and he was guarding her. Whalesong developed a bond with it, and lives inside it now. She doesn't speak any known human language, but she can use the psychic walls of the giant whale to communicate, projecting her thoughts onto its insides. The students have all safely gathered on a large mound inside the whale's system, 'Look! She's trying to show us what happened!' one of them calls out. 'The Wakandans! They attacked Atlantis!' another declares, while someone mutters that this is so weird, like the grossest drive-in-movie ever. 'Isn't anyone else freaked out by a giant whale swallowing us?' someone asks. 'And saving us from getting killed' another poinrs out. 'Yeah...and that' the first agrees, as they all look at the images displayed on various inside parts of the creature, and it takes Quentin a minute to realize that Whalesong is projecting this to everyone, not just him, using this jacked-up whale to show them her memories. And history – recent history. They see images of Wakandan forces destroying Atlantis. 'Great. Just what we need. More complications' Quentin thinks to himself.

'What is this? You don't know the context! You can't listen to this chirping freak. And if it even is true, it's no worse than what Namor and his people did to Wakanda!' Asha of the Wakandan School for Alternative Studies shouts angrily as she strides down one “tunnel” inside the Leviathan. Whalesong hovers behind her, chirping, while the other students start to follow, beginning with Blocks of the Wakandan school, Loch of the Braddock Academy, who has survived his recent injuries, Quentin Quire of the Jean Grey School, Pom Pom and Gang of the Pan-Asian School for Unusually Gifted Students, Box of the Braddock Academy, carrying the three evolved Moloids on his shoulders, and Lightspeed of the Avengers Academy flies above them. Pom Pom scowls and exclaims 'Yeah? Well, I see a wrecked Atlantis and an Atlantean student not that different from us. So I'm thinking maybe she doesn't have much motiviation at this point to lie about Wakanda destroying her home. Genesis of the Jean Grey School listens to Pom Pom intently, while Blocks declares that whatever happened, it wasn't them who did it. He adds that they have been thrown together and they have to stay together. 'Wakandan or Atlantean... none of us did this'.

Gang reports that his scans and life-readings he is getting aggregate numbers on survivors, wound types and debris patterns, announcing that it is 99.89% that this attack was caused by Wakandan warriors. Quentin tells everybody to shut up and exclaims that he is not picking up any monster-minds on the surface, so the attack is over – all those freaks just left. The students climb out onto the back of the massive leviathan. There is one monster barely alive. 'Let's see what he's got to say' Quentin tells the others, while someone asks him if he can pick up the monster's thoughts. 'Yeah, yeah. I got it. But can you guys -' Quentin begins as he places his boot on the monster's head. Whalesong chirps in front of Asha, who declares 'I can't understand a word you're saying anyway. Why don't you just -', but before she can finish her sentence, Quentin tells everyone to shut up for a second. 'Oh yeah. You're gonna love this. They're heading to Wakanda' Quentin reveals. Demona of the Latverian School of Science suggests that they let the monsters go there, as payback for what Wakanda did here. 'You can't say that. We don't know...' Box begins, but Finesse of the Avengers Academy interrupts him and tells the others that they aren't doing any good just floating here, and that she thought the whole point was to do something instead of sitting on the sidelines. Quentin remarks that they have to go after them. 'We saw what they're capable of' he reminds the others, adding that they are set on tearng that place apart. With the Moloids still on his shoulders, Box exclaims that they have to stop arguing and get there. 'But how will we make it in time?' he enquires. Demona drops to her knees and tells everyone to be quiet, adding that she has never tried to teleport something this big, though.

Meanwhile, in Wakanda, Queen Shuri, supposedly headmistress of the Wakandan School of Alternative Studies – which, according to Quentin Quire, sounds cooler than it is – is desperate, for Wakanda's border has been breached. Their place has never been successfully invaded. Shuri – a.k.a. the Black Panther – is desperate, for no one in Wakandan history has ever lost a battle at this site, no enemy has ever breached the outer wall of Wakandan. For the first time in history, there is doubt in Wakanda – and a huge monster suddenly leaps down onto the rock, splitting it two. Shuri is knocked to the ground, 'Do your worst, beast' she threatens the gray-skinned creature wearing golden armor who holds a large weapon above Shuri, when suddenly, 'Wha-?' Shuri gasps, as gthe large Leviathan, and all of the students, suddenly materialize in the air above. The students instantly leap into action, with Genesis blasting energy at one of the monsters that the Leviathan has wrapped in its tentacles, and the three evolved Moloids drop down onto one of the monsters. 'Beat them back!' Box calls out s he punches one of the monsters, while Loch confronts another of them. 'It's always easier for me the second time, jerks!' Finesse exclaims as she kicks one of the monsters in the neck.

'We've got to work together!' Genesis calls out as he fires energy beams from his eyes towards the enemy. 'Are you a professor or something?' Demona asks as she releases a blast of energy in the other direction. 'No, but maybe someday' Genesis replies, while urging everyone to not let any monsters slip through the cracks. Shark Girl clamps her teeth down on one of the monsters, while Quentin Quire creates a telekinetic gun and fires it into the air, 'This is more like it!' he exclaims. Demona asks the others if anyone knows what these guys are even doing on Earth, to which Quentin reports that from what he can read, they are hunting for something. 'Anyone know what an Infinity Gem is?' he asks. Shuri slams her foot into one of the monsters and declares that it doesn't matter what they are looking for, as Wakanda will stop them and defend themselves as they have always done. 'You've got to get out of here!' she tells everyone. 'You sure about that?' Morg asks as his hand smacks into the face of one of the monsters. 'It sure looked like you need us. Also looks like we're winning' he adds. Gang remarks that he wouldn't be sure about that. 'We have something incoming from Earth's orbit' he announces.

'I ordered you kinds to leave. You've got to get out of here, now. Obey' Shuri tells the students as they all look upwards. 'Lady... we're all you've got left' Pom Pom points out as dust rises around the massive behemoth that lands before them. A similar gray-skinned creature with gold armor. 'And just like that...its not more like it. We were in trouble before. Now we're just toast' Quentin thinks to himself. Shuri tells the children to stay back where it is safe. 'My Wakandan brethren, we must keep this beast from the city!' Shuri exclaims, addressing her soldiers. 'That lady really doesn't like getting helped, huh?' someone remarks. 'Do not speak of my queen in such a way' Blocks replies, while Gang announces that their chances of defeating that beast are infintesimal. But Whalesong disagrees, and the Leviathan flies down towards the large monster and grabs it, wrapping its tentacles around it. The monster tries to bite Leviathan, but Whalesong is not going to let that thing kill them, and neither is her pet whale, Quentin decides. Quentin admits that he didn't realize the Leviathan could levitate, and he starts to pick up six different brain patterns inside it, so he shouldn't be. The monster smacks a fist into Leviathan's front, causing Leviathan to lose grip over the creature, who drops to the ground and starts to swing the Leviathan up above him, high in the air, by Leviathan's own tentacles. 'It should make short work of...' Quentin thinks, before the monster slams Leviathan against the ground, splattering blood across the ground. 'No. Not after all it's done' Quentin thinks.

Quentin decides that Whalesong didn't care – Wakanda. Atlantis. She saw somebody that needed help. A common enemy that needed putting down. The monster lumbers off towards Wakanda, while Leviathan lies motionless on the ground, Whalesong stands next to her friend, arms raised, she looks upwards as if she was screaming in anguish. 'She gave it all and lost it' Quentin tells himself. Blocks frowns, while Striker hangs his head 'And it just walks away? What can we do against that?' Striker asks, while Morg asks if he is the only one relieved that the monster isn't attacking them anymore. Suddenly, an alien voice can be heard through some sort of transmitter attached to the monster's head. The monster replies in the same language, and looks back at the students at the rock, before turning around, it starts to walk back towards them. 'Oh, no. It's turning back. Why is it turning back?' someone shouts. Quentin frowns as he informs the others that he is reading the creature and that it has just received new orders. 'Something happened and their orders are to hunt and kill...oh, man, you have to be kidding me. Their mission is now to hunt and kill any young super-being!' Quentin announces. 'WHAT?' Asha, Morg, Shri and Finesse exclaim in unison. 'Well that's it, then. We're all dead' Bentley mutters.

Gang hovers above the others and checks some monitors that his battlesuit projects, 'No no no! We can do this! I'm done scanning him. I've got -' he calls out, but Shuri tells the students that they aren't listening, that they must retreat to safety, and that her soldiers and she will defeat this beast or die trying. 'But I will not have your blood on my hands!' she exclaims. 'For Wakanda!' Shuri shouts as her soldiers rush towards the approaching monster, dust rising up around them thanks to the monster's heaviness. The students stand and watch, while Gang tells them that from all of the 10,000 simulations he has run, they are the only chance the queen has – without them, she and Wakanda have zero chance of survival. 'And with us? What chance is there then?' Finesse asks. '0.0012%, I think. With a .3 margin of error' Gang responds. 'That good, huh?' Quentin remarks. Bentley announces that his calculations give them a 0.00001%. 'But that's just splitting hairs' he mutters. 'Thanks a lot' Quentin tells him, while Finesse tells the others that is better than nothing. 'I don't know about anyone else, but I'm not going anywhere. Who's with me?' she asks the others. 'Can we stop talking and fight this thing already? We're here, aren't we?' Morg calls out as the students gather together.

The monster knocks back several warriors, while Finesse states that they need a plan. 'Any of your simulations yield anything of value?' she asks Gang. Gang reveals that the monster has about thirty different weak points that they can strike – they just have to do it in a coordinated attack and make it simultaneous. Gang agrees, but asks how they coordinate, as none of them have done any training together – they have no experience as a team. 'We're toast' he mutters. 'That's where the pink-haired American comes in' Finesse declares. 'Why? I haven't even decided to stay and help you buffoons' Quentin smiles. 'You'd have left if you weren't going help. You're going to link us all telepathically' Gang declares. 'Well, then let's get to it!' Finesse exclaims. Gang states that he has it all programmed out, and tells the others that they all neerd to attack, but that there are some key moves for some of them.

He instructs Genesis, Sprite and Box to to strike from the air, with Genesis hitting first with his eye-blasts. 'Go for the eyes' he instructs the mutant. 'That I can do' Genesis replies as he, Sprite and Box take to the air, along with Striker. Quentin is in telepathic contact with everyone as he, Blocks, Shri and Pom Pom run from the ground. 'You're in my mind?' Pom Pom asks. 'Yeah. So?' Quentin replies. 'You can see what I plan on us doing after this is all over?' Pom Pom enquires. Wide-eyed, Quentin looks at Pom Pom and tells her that she is insane. 'Yeah? You in?' Pom Pom asks. 'I'm taken and terrified' Quentin tells her. Shri looks at them and tells them to stop fooling around. 'We have jobs to do!' she exclaims as she leaps against the monster's foot, her extra arms materializing with weapons. 'You guys are no fun' Pom Pom mutters as she uses her power against the monster. Gang's telepathic instructions via Quentin instruct the Moloids to dig as big a hole as they can. Using a large drill, the Moloids begin to carry out that instruction. 'Be brave as Ben!' one of them declares. 'Think of the Ben!' another exclaims. High in the air, Striker is instructed to hit the monster in the neck with all he has. 'He's got nodes there susceptible to electricity' Gang explains. Striker does so, and as the monster prepares to swat Striker aside, Blocks leaps up and blocks the attack. 'For Wakanda!' Blocks shouts.

Suddenly, the large monster falls backwards, into a large hole that has been dug by the Moloids. 'Yes! It's working!' Gang smiles, before instructing someone to get everyone, including the queen and the Wakandans away. 'He can't protect himself from you now, Demona, are you in position?' Gang asks. 'Of course. I'm here' Demona announces as she stands on the edge of the hole. 'The Princess of Hell doesn't make mistakes' she boasts as she casts a spell, and an instant later, the monster vanishes. 'See?' she decalres. 'Man, you really do smell. It's like rotten eggs or...' Bull begins, 'It's brimstone, moron' Demon interrupts. Suddenly, a portal opens in the sky above – and the monster re-appears – before plummeting to the ground, causing dust to billow up around the hole. 'Yeah! We did it!' Blocks calls out. Two soldiers turn to Striker and Sprite, one of them tells Sprite that they are honored to fight alongside her. 'The honor is mine' Sprite replies. Black Panther goes over to Whalesong who is crouched over on the ground. 'Thank you. And I'm so sorry for your beast' the Black Panther tells her, assuring her that their scientists will do everything they can to save her Leviathan.

The students all regroup, and Quentin thinks that despite all their differences, they somehow managed to work together and overcome tremendous obstacles. He jokes that Contest of Champions 2013 was an absolute failure – they only beat one group of Thanos's army, the rest did all kinds of crazy stuff. 'Apparently we weren't the kids they were looking for. Go figure'. Quentin states that the Wakandans got Whalesong's pet back to the ocean, apparently it can heal quickly in the water, and it's life was saved. Quentin thinks that after everything they went through, one would be surprised by what these uptight kids are thinking. He looks around at the others after learning that Demona is hoping that Gang isn't bothered by the constant stench of brimstone that she gives off. He knows that Demona is crushing hard on Gang, and while she might be the most disgusting girl Quentin has ever smelled, she would probably be happy to know that Gang's other heightened senses have left him with no sense of smell. 'Star-crossed lovers. Ugh'.

Quentin turns to Asha, who he thinks is probably the hottest of this new crop of kids, and realizes that she has got her eyes on Striker. Quentin thinks it will be hilarious when Asha finds out that Striker has his eyes on bull. Quentin tells himself that it is like a lonely online dating service that he just can't turn off. 'The stench of pheromones, unrequited love, and testosterone is disgusting' Quentin thinks.

Now, they are cleaning up after a city fell on New York. 'Not exactly a Contest of Champions' Quentin thinks to himself, but as the Leviathan flies above him, he decides that they can always kicks each other's butts next year!

Characters Involved: 

Genesis II, Kid Omega, Shark Girl, Sprite III (all Jean Grey School students)

Box V, Loch (both Braddock Academy students)

Finesse, Lightspeed, Striker (all Avengers Academy students)

Bentley, Korr, Mik, Tong (all Future Foundation)

Gang, Pom Pom, Shri (all Pan-Asian School for the Unusually Gifted students)


Black Panther VIII


Asha, Blocks, Bull II (all Wakandan School for Alternative Studies students)

Demona, Morg, Pan (all Latverian School of Science students)


Whalesong (unnamed) (student at the University of Atlantis)

Leviathan (huge sea creature)




Written By: