Inhumans vs X-Men #1

Issue Date: 
February 2017
Story Title: 

Charles Soule & Jeff Lemire (writers), Leinil Francis Yu (penciler), Gerry Alanguilan (inker), David Curiel (colorist), Virtual Calligraphy's Clayton Cowles (letterer), Leinil Francis Yu (cover artist), Kenneth Rocafort; Ardian Syaf; Dexter Vines & David Curiel; Terry Dodson & Rachel Dodson; Chip Zdarsky; John Tyler Christopher; Mike Del Mundo; Michael Cho; Wilfred Santiago (variant cover artists), Charles Beacham & Chris Robinson (assistant editors), Wil Moss & Daniel Ketchum (editors), Nick Lowe (executive editor), Axel Alonso (editor in chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)
X-Men & Inhumans created by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby

Brief Description: 

On Muir Isle, the Beast stands over Cyclops' gravestone, speaking to him, until the Beast calls himself an idiot for talking to the dead. He goes into the Research Center where Emma Frost, Storm, Magneto, Old Man Logan, Forge, Rogue and his time-displaced younger self are waiting for him. The Beast tells them that he has tried everything he can to find a way to solve the Terrigen Cloud's toxicity to mutants, but has failed, and now they are out of time. Emma suggests they finish what Cyclops started, and destroy the second Terrigen Cloud, to which Storm reminds her of the truce she bargained between the Inhumans and mutantkind. The Beast clarifies how bad this situation is for mutants – they only have two weeks left. Magneto is determined that his people will not be gassed to death, and the Beast suggests that they leave Earth and find somewhere to start over. Magneto wants to fight the Inhumans though, and Emma announces that she and Magneto have devised a plan to save mutant kind. The time-displaced Beast is worried when Magneto and Emma describe the plan that they intend to kill the Inhumans. The present day Beast asks Storm what she knows about this, and she is reluctant to answer, as Emma Frost tells him that, unlike his last eight months researching a way to stop the Terrigen Cloud problems, they will not fail. Emma doesn't believe that mutants – native to this planet should have to leave Earth – the Inhumans aren't even from Earth. The mutants take a vote as to whether they strike against the Inhumans, and most of them are in favor of doing so. The Beast wants no part in it and attempts to leave, but Storm stops him, and reveals that she made the plan with Emma and Magneto. The mutants set about putting the plan into action: At the Quiet Room, a new singer called Lady Shine performs, when Black Bolt gets word that someone very rich wants to speak with him. Black Bolt finds Emma Frost waiting for him. She talks to him about how he killed Cyclops, before Lady Shine joins them. Black Bolt is confused, as Lady Shine aims a weapon at him. He destroys it with a sonic surge but Lady Shine absorbs that energy – she is Dazzler – and releases that energy back at Black Bolt, taking him out. In Chechnya, Gorgon extracts an elderly mutant from the path of the approaching Terrigen Cloud and brings him aboard the RIV. The old man reveals himself as Magneto, and uses his power to tear apart the RIV, trapping Crystal, Gorgon and the crew. At the Tower of Wisdom, Karnak is visited by the time-displaced Marvel Girl, who traps him in a psychic time-loop. In Jersey City, Lockjaw disappears while the young Ms Marvel is taking him for a walk. Fantomex is responsible, and watches over the large dog down an alleyway. In New Attilan, Medusa meets three youngsters who are waiting to undergo Terrigenesis. They are scared, so she tells them a story about when she underwent the process. The Human Torch is on hand, and looking out the window, he tells Medusa that something is coming. Medusa fears the mutants are on their way, and calls them fools. She orders the youngsters taken to safety and for non-combat inhabitants to find emergency shelter. The Human Torch tells Medusa he will stay and fight, as Storm leads a large group of X-Men towards New Attilan.

Full Summary: 

Muir Isle, where Hank McCoy a.k.a. the Beast stands at the gravestone of his longtime friend and teammate, Scott “Cyclops” Summers. He reads the marking on the gravestone: “Teacher – Warrior – Hero – Mutant. He fought for us all”, and the Beast agrees that Scott fought harder than any of them – even Charles. 'And now, here we are at the end. I wonder...was it worth it?' the Beast asks. The Beast wonders if he has made the right decision here, admitting that some of the others can be a bit reactionary. 'I could see them deciding to go out in a blaze of glory. Take some Inhumans down with us' the Beast remarks, announcing that he doesn't want that. 'We didn't always see eye to eye, Scott, but I'm sure you'd agree, enough people have died. I think -' the Beast begins before asking himself what the hell he is doing. 'He's dead, you idiot' the Beast tells himself as he turns and walks away from Cyclops' grave, past the gravestone marked Jamie Madrox, and then past several other unmarked graves.

The Beast enters the Research Center, where he finds a small gathering waiting for him: Magneto, Forge, the time-displaced young Beast, Emma Frost, Rogue, Storm and Old Man Logan. 'Well. It would sedem I'm late. I apologize. I thought I'd take the opportunity to visit Cyclops' grave' the Beast informs the others. 'It's all right, Hank. At least one Beast was on time' the young Beast calls out. 'Oh yes, let's banter. I simply love sitting in frigid metal conference rooms. It's my very favorite thing' Emma mocks. Rogue points out that considering Emma has been absent in everything else they have been dealing with lately, she should just be glad to even be invited at this table. Storm suggests that, given they all have important things to discuss, they get on with, and Old Man Logan agrees.

The Beast tells Storm that he seriously doubts there is anything more important than what he is about to tell her. 'The Terrigen Mist is killing us, and we all have a half-dozen other crises on our plates. Out with it, furball' Old Man Logan exclaims, adding that whatever the Beast has got, things can't get much worse. 'I have learned to never, ever utter that phrase, Logan' the Beast replies. He closes his eyes as he tells the group that they all know he has spent the past eight months working to find a solution to the Terrigen Mist's toxicity to mutants, working closely with Medusa and the Inhumans on New Attilan, combining their science with the X-Men's. 'I have tried everything I can think of' the Beast tells the others, before announcing that he has failed. 'We're out of time'.

New York City, inside the venue called the Quiet Room, where patrons enjoy the food, drink and atmosphere, as a woman with dark hair, a pink dress and a mask over her eyes sings. 'Packed house tonight, Black Bolt' the Inhuman called Flagman remarks to the stoic former Inhuman king. Flagman adds that it is sort of a relief, actually, as he was a little worried about the act. 'Oh... because she's new. “Lady Shine,” she calls herself' Flagman explains to Black Bolt, revealing that she came out of nowhere a couple of months back, started playing all the hot downtown clubs. Flagman adds that he doesn't usually like to book anyone this green, but Lady Shine is doing just fine. Flagman starts to tell Black Bolt that, if he agreed, he would like to offer Lady Shine a regular gig, but a waiter approaches them and interrupts, informing Black Bolt that there is a VIP in one of the private rooms who has requested a word.

'How VIP we talking?' Flagman asks. 'Very. She tipped me a hundred bucks just for refilling her wine' the waiter replies. 'Right, well, I'm sure I can handle this' Flagman offers, suggesting Black Bolt stay and enjoy the music, but Black Bolt turns and walks away. 'Guess he's not a fan' Flagman remarks, as Lady Shine finishes her set and thanks the audience, telling them that she will see them next time.

Back in the Research Center on Muir, the time-displaced Beast asks his present-day counterpart 'What do you mean, “out of time”? If this is a time travel thing and that's some terrible pun, I swear, I don't care if you are me, I'll -' he begins, but the Beast interrupts him, announcing that it is not time travel, and that he almost wishes it was. The Beast reminds everyone that Cyclops destroyed the first Terrigen Cloud before he died, but that still leaves one, which they have all been monitoring, all doing their part to mitigate the damage to mutant kind. The Beast adds that Storm and her team have been active in rescuing mutants and bringing them back to safe haven at the school in Limbo, while Magneto and his team have helped as well. 'Although I can't say I've always agreed with your actions' the Beast admits.

'As if I need your approval, Henry. The Terrigen has put all mutants in danger. I have done what needed to be done to protect them' Magneto points out, turning to Emma Frost, he adds that he always will. 'All very nice, all very helpful, yes. But what I still fail to understand is why we don't just destroy that second cloud. Why we don't finish what Scott started!' Emma exclaims, her voice rising as she folds her arms. 'Because we agreed to a truce with the Inhumans, Emma, and we honor our word. And because the last time we went after the Terrigen, mutants died' Storm reminds Emma, adding that their current methods might not be as aggressive as she and Magneto might prefer, but that they keep their people safe.

Emma scowls: 'Oh, please, Storm. Do you actually think taking mutants to Limbo is any better? Have you been to Limbo? Demons under every rock, and you think it's a safe place to set up a school?' The Beast ends the discussion by asking everyone to listen to him, as he tells them that they have all dealt with the crisis in their own way, but that none of that matters anymore. 'Now we must work as one' he declares, adding that in recent days he has noticed an increase in Terrigen saturation levels all over the world, not just in the cloud's wake. 'Wait... linear or exponential?' Forge asks. 'The bad one' the Beast replies, pointing at an image of the Earth. 'Uh-oh' Forge mutters. 'Exactly. Very soon we will reach a tipping point' the Beast reports, explaining that the bonds holding the remaining cloud together will dissipate and it will disperse rapidly throughout the atmosphere like a snapped rubber band. 'When that happens... it's the end of us' the Beast reveals, explaining that the Earth will become completely uninhabitable for mutants.

Meanwhile, in New Attilan, the Inhuman stronghold just off the coast of Manhattan. 'Just look at all of you!' Medusa exclaims from where she sits on a throne, to three youngsters who are standing before her. Medusa's hair is spread out behind her, and several Inhumans, including Inferno, Irelle and Iso, can be seen in the throneroom, while Johnny Storm the Human Torch stands off to the side of Medusa's throne.

Medusa tells the children that they look wonderful, that they look ready. She tells the children that she is sorry for holding them up, and explains that she likes to see all the children before they go through Terrigenesis. One of the children tells Queen Medusa that they are honored. 'Honored... and very nervous, I think' Medusa remarks, before asking one of the children their name. 'My name is Valto, your majesty' the child replies. Medusa asks Valto if she is right – if they are all nervous about what is to come. Valto and the other children just look at each other.

'Mm. Listen to me' Medusa tells the children, before motioning to Inferno, Irelle and Iso, and telling the children that when they are finished here, Inferno, Irelle and Iso will take them to a transport which will head to the Terrigen Cloud, and there, they will breathe in its sacred mists and then they will all become something new – they will learn the true expression of their Inhuman self. Medusa tells the children that she remembers when it was her turn to enter the mists, and explains that she was terrified – she didn't want to change, as she liked who she was. She recalls her mother, Queen Ambur, asking if she was nervous, to which Medusa lied of course, and said that she had no fear. Medusa leans into the children as she tells them that her mother knew the truth, like any mother would, so she took her hand and asked Medusa what she wanted to be after the Terrigen.

Medusa continues her story, telling the children that she is sure she said something like she wanted to fly, or be able to turn invisible, but her mother said “No, you must want to be only one thing when your Terrigenesis is complete”. Medusa tells the children that she asked her mother what that was, to which her mother smiled and said one word: “Yoursel-” Medusa doesn't get to finish her story, as the Human Torch, who has been looking out a window, calls out to her. 'Yes, Johnny? What is it?' Medusa asks. 'Something's coming' Johnny Storm announces.

Back on Muir, Storm hangs her head as she asks 'How long, Henry?' to which the Beast announces that they only have two weeks left. 'Can that be right?' the time-displaced Beast asks. 'Have you double-checked your calculations? Maybe I should -' Forge begins, while Storm asks Henry if he has told the Inhumans about this. The Beast declares that his calculations are correct, and that he hasn't told the Inhumans yet, as he thought he owed it to everyone here to tell them first. 'Why are we just hearing about this now?' Rogue asks. 'You trying to tell me none of you geniuses saw this coming?' she adds, when suddenly, there is a loud BANG as Magneto commands the room, and declares that his people will not be gassed to death. Magneto asks the Beast to tell him his solution. 'You always have something. End the drama and tell us what we need to do' Magneto asks.

'You weren't listening, Erik – there are no solutions. There are choices, but no solutions' the Beast replies, before suggesting that they can leave – all of them can leave Earth and find somewhere else to start over – or they can die. 'I think you missed an option, Beast' Magneto points out. 'We can fight'.

In Chechnya, the Inhuman called Gorgon walks down an alley in a badly damaged part of the city. 'Hello? Is anyone here?' Gorgon calls out as he enters one of the badly damaged apartment buildings, while the RIV hovers over the city, and the Terrigen Cloud moves through the air nearby. 'You need to hurry, Gorgon' Crystal tells him via communicator from where she remains on the RIV.  'The cloud is coming' Crystal adds. Gorgon tells Crystal that he knows, but the x-gene detector that McCoy gave them said that there is a mutant in this building somewhere. Gorgon searches the apartments and tells Crystal that they can't leave until they get the mutants out of the cloud's path. 'Absolutely' Crystal agrees, telling Gorgon that if he wants to do that, then he needs to hurry.

Suddenly, Gorgon comes across an old man slumped against a wall. 'Wait. I think I've found him' Gorgon reports as he approaches the man, whose face is partially obscured by the hood of his cloak. Gorgon speaks Russian to the old man, introducing himself, he explains that something is coming here that could be very dangerous. Gorgon tells the old man that he is part of a group called the Inhumans, and that he has a vehicle nearby to take him to safety. ' are one of those magic people. I have heard of you. You will not hurt me?' the old man responds. 'Never. You have my word. I just want you to be safew' Gorgon assures him, so the old man agrees to leave. Gorgon helps the old man up and informs Crystal that he has him. 'Get ready for a quick extraction' Gorgon tells her, so Crystal announces that she is bringing the RIV around now.

Muir, where the Beast asks 'Fight, Magneto? You think we should attack the Inhumans?' to which Magneto boasts that he has beaten them before. 'You're insane' the Beast tells him. 'You said our other choices are abandoning Earth or lying down to die. Sounds like all we got is crazy' Old Man Logan remarks. The Beast reminds the others that Cyclops brought them to the brink of war with the Inhumans once, and he died. 'Yes, Henry. I was there. And he didn't just die – he died trying to save us. He died when he destroyed the first cloud' Emma exclaims, asking how much faster they would have reached the tipping point if Scott hadn't done what he did. 'We are all alive today because of Scott Summers' Emma declares.

'Barely' the Beast remarks, adding that they almost all died, too, and that is when they took the Inhumans by surprise. He informs the X-Men that Medusa and her people have not been sitting idle since that battle in Spain eight months ago – they have been helping him with the Terrigen problem, and they have always been aware that there might not be a solution. The Beast reveals that the Inhumans have battle plans – he has seen them. 'I'm sure they let me see them' he adds, suggesting that if the X-Men went after the cloud now, the Inhumans would be ready. 'Oh, you poor, furry, naive man... so are we' Emma announces. She turns to Magneto and asks if she should tell him now. 'Tell me what?' the Beast asks. Magneto looms over the Beast and tells Emma to go ahead. He adds that he is surprised she waited this long.

'You've been working on an answer with the Inhumans for eight months, Henry. But we've been working, too. Obviously' Emma announces. She tells the Beast that she thinks they wanted him to succeed, as a peaceful solution would have been preferable, but there was always a chance that he would fail, and so they came up with, well, she supposes one would call it a warlike solution. 'Who's this “we” you keep talking about? I don't know anything about this!' Rogue declares. Emma leers at Rogue and replies 'If you would stop interrupting me, “Sugah,” perhaps you would know something about it'. Emma adds that they didn't tell everyone, but that everyone has a role. Emma reveals that it all begins with Karnak. Emma points out that Karnak senses flaws, which means he has probably already seen that the current mutant-Inhuman truce is bound to fail, and he will probably see them coming a mile away – which is why he will be the first to go.

The Tower of Wisdom, where the Inhuman Karnak sits, meditating, when one of his assistants, a Friend of the Tower, approaches him, apologizing for disturbing his meditation. 'Someone is here to see me' Karnak remarks. 'A mutant' he adds. 'Yes, but how did you... ah... should I send her away?' the assistant asks. 'No. Bring her to me' Karnak replies.

On Muir, it's all eyes on Emma as she explains that once Karnak is dealt with, they will handle the other Inhuman power centers – Medusa in New Attilan, her sister Crystal and her team and that ugly ship they fly around in, and, of course, that monster Black Bolt. 'He killed Scott. He is mine' Emma declares. 'Wait... when you say handle... do you mean handle, or just, you know...handle?' young Beast asks. Magneto announces that no one will die – at least as they have things planned thus far. He points out that, of course, if some Inhumans refuse to accept the inevitable, then they will have to be handled.

Emma explains that once the Inhumans are subdued and leaderless, they won't be able to prevent the X-Men from destroying the remaining Terrigen Cloud. Emma turns to Forge and asks him to walk them through his part of the plan. 'Sure. I designed a machine that should -' Forge begins, before the Beast cuts him off, asking Emma, Magneto and Forge if they are really foolish enough to think it would be that simple to neutralize Medusa and the others.

'These are some of the most powerful people on the planet. Black Bolt alone -' the Beast begins, before turning to Storm and asking her 'Surely you can't be on board with this lunacy'. 'Henry, I -' Storm begins, before Emma snaps 'Enough!' and declares that they know how powerful Black Bolt is, as they saw it when he murdered the man she loved in cold blood. Emma tells Henry not to worry, as they spent a great deal of time thinking about how they would take care of each of them. 'And unlike you, we will not fail' Emma boasts.

'You're forgetting something' Old Man Logan calls out. Everyone turns to him, and he reminds them about the dog. 'The Inhumans have a teleporting dog, right? Big, huge thing. I remember. Let's them show up anywhere. It's a walking security breach. Could spoil a lot of plans. Don't care how good they are' Old Man Logan points out. 'Actually...I can't believe we overlooked that' Emma frowns at Magneto. 'I ain't just at this meeting for my good looks, darlin' Logan tells Emma. 'Well spotted, Logan. All right... we'll do something about the dog' Emma announces.

Jersey City, where Kamala Khan a.k.a. Ms Marvel is walking the large Inhuman dog, Lockjaw. 'What do you think, Kamala? I think we should go' Nakia can be heard saying over Kamala's phone. Kamala tells Nakia that she doesn't know. 'Let me get home and see what Abu and Ammi are doing tonight' Kamala replies. Suddenly, Lockjaw sniffs the air, while Nakia can be heard saying 'You're already out? Why don't you just come meet me now?' to which Kamala replies that she can't, as she is walking her dog. Suddenly, she feels the leash go slack. 'Oh. I was walking my dog but now he's gone' Kamala remarks. 'Gone? Like he ran away?' Nakia asks. Kamala smiles and tells her that this is no big deal, as he does this – it is kind of his thing.

'You can't do this!' the Beast exclaims. 'Why not, Henry? We have a solution that will enable mutantkind to survive on this planet. Our home planet. Why do the Inhumans have more of a right to it than we do?' Emma replies. The Beast tells her that isn't the point. 'We can survive the cloud. We just have to leave' the Beast announces, adding that if they attack the Inhumans, they will do everything they can to destroy mutantkind. 'You don't know what they're capable of. You haven't seen it' the Beast adds, revealing that he watched Black Bolt vaporize his own son when he thought he was a threat to his people. 'AND I WATCHED HIM KILL SCOTT!' Emma screams. Storm puts a hand on Emma's shoulder and tells the others that this is enough – they need to take emotions out of this. Storm adds that this gathering represents the major mutant groups left on the planet, and that they can make a decision here for their people. 'We've heard both sides. Now... we vote' she declares.

Old Man Logan remarks that if they don't destroy the cloud, then they all die. 'If we do, what's the worst that happens? A bunch of people stay the way they are and don't get super powers? This ain't up for debate anymore. Let's get rid of the damn thing' he tells the others. Rogue hesitates, before exclaiming that she doesn't want to live on Mars or whatever, but thinks an attack against people who never did them any harm is wrong, so she votes no. Forge tells the others that he wants to see how his machine works, but that if they go the other way, then that's cool, too. 'I've lived off-planet before. It's not so bad' Forge adds. The time-displaced Beast tells everyone that they have to take the cloud out, that it is the only logical move. He adds that he will make sure his team comes along, too, and that, unlike his older counterpart, they still trust him.

Storm points out that they know how Emma and Magneto will vote, so that is four towards their plan, one against and one abstention. 'That's it, then. The majority votes to destroy the cloud'. Magneto turns to the Beast and tells him that it is happening. 'You could help, you know. You have unique access to New Attilan. They trust you. You could -' Magneto begins, but the Beast tells him to shut up. He looks around at the others: 'You think you are saving us. But I am telling you – you are killing us. I don't care how prepared you are. If you attack the Inhumans, we are all doomed. You are destroying our species as surely as the Terrigen would' the Beast declares. He starts to walk away from the group, adding that they are right about one thing – he does have access to New Attilan, and that is exactly where he is going now. 'I will have no part of -' he begins, when suddenly, a crackle of lightning strikes him, slamming him to the ground.

'Ororo? Why?' the Beast utters as he struggles to get to his feet. Ororo goes over to him and tells him that she is so sorry, before revealing that the plan Emma and Magneto made – it was her plan, too. Storm announces that they need to get the Beast some medical attention. 'As for the rest of us... it's time'.

Black Bolt arrives at the private room, where he remains expressionless as he sets his sights on the woman waiting for him – Emma Frost. 'Hello, Black Bolt. Let's chat' Emma declares as she sits on a sofa wearing a revealing white dress. There is silence, and Emma puts her glass of wine on a table, 'Mm. Perhaps I'll do the talking' Emma suggests, before standing up and facing Black Bolt, telling him that he seems tense. 'I wonder why that could possibly be. Don't worry – we're under a truce, your people, and mine. I'm sure you remember when that happened. Why it happened' Emma declares. Emma puts one arm around Black Bolt and uses her other hand to pull him towards her as she tells him that even if they weren't under a truce, this is the Quiet Room, neutral ground – all grievances are set aside under Black Bolt's roof. 'No one starts a fight here. They know better. Big, bad Black Bolt, keeping the peace. A walking atomic bomb' Emma remarks, adding that if anything starts, Black Bolt ends it.

'But that only works as long as no one ends you, right?' Emma asks Black Bolt, touching his head piece. There is a knock at the door, and Lady Shine enters. Emma greets Lady Shine and asks her if the performance went well. 'Yeah. Fun gig' Lady Shine replies. 'I was sorry to miss the show. You're so good with sound' Emma declares. Emma tells Black Bolt that he seems puzzled, before announcing that she wants to make it very clear – their truce is over. With that, Emma switches to her diamond form, and Lady Shine raises a weapon at Black Bolt, telling him to take it easy and sit down. 'Don't' Black Bolt whispers, but his whisper is so loud that it vibrates forward and shatters Lady Shine's weapon. Lady Shine is knocked aside, before she spins back around: 'Whoo. That was bracing' she remarks, adding that she thinks that was even worse than the last time he hit her with that voice of his as colorful light dances around her. Black Bolt grits his teeth, but before he can react, Emma slams her diamond-hard wrist into his neck, cracking his vocal chords.

'Go ahead, Dazzler. He can't say a word' Emma tells “Lady Shine”. 'Good. Holding back all this power Black Bolt gave me is starting to hurt' Dazzler a.k.a. Alison Blaire replies. 'Guess I better give it back' she adds after removing her black wig, and releasing the energy, which strikes Black Bolt at close range, knocking him backwards through several walls, until he slumps motionless to the floor. 'Well done, Alison. Remind me never to raise my voice to you' Emma remarks.

At the Tower of Wisdom, 'Well, I was expecting them to send someone. But not you, Ms Grey' Karnak remarks as he looks up at the time-displaced Marvel Girl, who stands before him. 'No? Who did you expect?' the young woman asks, before she kneels in front of Karnak, who announces that he thought they would send one of the warriors – Logan, maybe. The young Jean tells Karnak that her feelings are hurt, as she has always considered herself a warrior. 'You are a child. And you are out of your depth, Ms Grey. Perhaps if you'd snuck up on -' Karnak begins, when suddenly, he interrupts himself, remarking that he has a feeling of deja vu. 'That's because this is the fourth time we've had this conversation. I actually arrived six hours ago' Marvel Girl smirks. 'Oh' Karnak utters as he looks around and sees himself and Jean in exactly the same situation over and over and over again, flashing before him countless times. 'I will get out of this, you know, Ms Grey' Karnak boasts. 'I know. But by then it will be too late' Jean replies.

Aboard the RIV, Crystal asks the man Gorgon rescued if he is all right. She adds that she knows this might be a little intimidating, but assures him they are the good guys and they just saved his life. When she gets no response, Crystal tells Gorgon that she isn't sure the man is following this, and asks Swain to take him to medical so he can be checked out, and then to have him fed. 'After that, we'll take him wherever he wants to go' Crystal tells the others. 'You got it, cap'n. We'll get on it right -' Swain begins, when suddenly, metal pieces in the hangar bay they are in start to move, and the cloaked man gets to his feet: 'Ah, but what if I'm already exactly where I want to be?' he asks. 'Past your battleship's external defenses. In the very heart of the beast. And as for saving my life, Crystal Amaquelin... I am Magneto... no one saves me' the Master Magnetism tells his former daughter-in-law. Suddenly, the RIV starts to break apart, and Magneto declares that, while they are on the subject, the Inhumans don't save mutants – he does. Magneto traps Crystal and the other Inhumans in metal scraps as they plummet downwards.

In Jersey City, Lockjaw is asleep down an alleyway, where Fantomex is standing. 'Tsk. Everything I do for these people... everything I can do for these people... and it's “oh, go after the dog”!' Fantomex mutters as he squats down beside the large dog, holding a small vial of Klonopin.

New Attilan, Human Torch and Medusa look out over the city as the sun hovers low in the background. 'Those fools' Medusa declares, before turning back to Irelle and instructing her to take the children to the bunkers beneath the city and keep the safe. She then asks Iso and Inferno to secure the main gates and sound a general battle alarm. Medusa orders all non-combat inhabitants of the city to head to emergency quarters until they sound the all-clear. 'Immediatley, your majesty' one of the Inhumans responds. Medusa turns to the Human Torch and tells him that this isn't his fight and that he should leave. 'That's one idea, Medusa. Here's another' the Human Torch replies as he flames on. He then asks 'What now?' and Medusa tells him that as far as she knows, the truce still holds. 'If they're here to talk, we'll talk' she remarks. 'And if they're not?' Johnny asks. 'Then, Johnny... we fight' Medsua declares as Storm leads a large group of mutants – Sunfire, Nightcrawler, Strong Guy, Old Man Logan, Oya, Colossus, the female Wolverine, Iceman, Magik, Archangel, Monet, Psylocke, the time-displaced Beast, Iceman, Angel and Cyclops, and the Sentinel Cerebra, towards New Attilan....

Characters Involved: 

Emma Frost
Archangel, Magneto, M II, Psylocke (all Magneto's X-Men)
Colossus, Forge, Old Man Logan, Magik, Nightcrawler, Storm (all X-Men based at X-Haven)
Dazzler / Lady Shine
Strong Guy, Sunfire
Angel, Beast, Cyclops, Iceman, Marvel Girl (time-displaced original X-Men)
Oya, Wolverine II

Black Bolt, Flag Man, Gorgon, Infero, Irelle, Iso, Karnak, Lockjaw, Medusa, Swain (all Inhumans)
Human Torch II
Ms. Marvel IV
Valto and other children
Friend of the Tower

Patrons and staff at the Quiet Room

Story Notes: 

Dazzler absorbed Black Bolt’s power before in Dazzler #19.

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