Inhumans vs X-Men #3

Issue Date: 
March 2017
Story Title: 

Charles Soule & Jeff Lemire (writers), Andres Mossa & Jay David Ramos (colorists), Virtual Calligraphy's Clayton Cowles (letterer), Leinil Francis Yu & David Curiel (cover artists), John Cassady & Paul Mounts; Michael Cho; Terry Dodson & Rachel Dodson; Ardian Syaf, Jay Leisten & Paul Mounts (variant cover artists), Charles Beacham & Chris Robinson (assistant editors), Wil Moss & Daniel Ketchum (editors), Mark Paniccia (X-Men group editor), Nick Lowe (executive editor), Axel Alonso (editor in chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)

X-Men & Inhumans created by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby

Brief Description: 

Inferno and Iso battle Old Man Logan in Alberta when they notice Forge nearby, using a machine to try and destroy what remains of the Terrigen Cloud. Iso goes to talk with Forge, leaving Inferno to battle Old Man Logan. Iso, seemingly innocently, asks Forge about the machine, during which Forge divulges information about the machine to Iso, while Inferno shoves Logan's claws through his own shoulder. Super-heating the claws, he burns Logan to a crisp, while Iso destroys the machine. They then escape with Forge. Logan radios Storm who is with Magneto and Magik in New Attilan to update them on what has happened. Medusa and the other Inhumans who have been captured and are trapped in Limbo contemplate their predicament, when Frank McGee points out that the mutants forgot about the Nu-Inhumans who are spread across the world. They plan to break out of their prison and find the X-Men's school which is in Limbo. Inferno and Iso discuss how to get assistance from other Inhumans, so Iso phones Kamala Khan, who knows lots of other Inhumans, updates her on what is going on, and tells her they need help. Kamala gets texting, and soon has gathered Grid, Synapse, Reader and several others. Elsewhere, Karnak is still being held in a psychic prison, but rebels against Jean Grey and discovers that he is in the strange realm called the World, where he is confronted by Fantomex. On Muir Island, the time-displaced Beast talks to his present-day self, who is still held prisoner. Emma Frost tells Storm, Magneto, Rogue, Old Man Logan and both Beasts that the next course of action is to find Forge and destroy the rest of the cloud. Rogue tells the others that the Inhumans will be furious and will seek retribution, to which Emma points out that they will be even madder when they find out what has happened to Black Bolt!

Full Summary: 

Alberta, Canada, where the Inhuman called Iso knocks Old Man Logan back with a surge of energy. Iso calls out to Inferno and asks him if he can keep Logan busy. “Busy”? Inferno asks, telling Iso to define “Busy”. Iso rushes away, telling Inferno to keep Logan off of her while she deals with the machine. 'The mutants are trying to destroy the last Terrigen Cloud – I have to stop it!' Iso exclaims. 'On it' Inferno replies, asking Iso if there is anything she wants to tell him about Logan. 'He's just like Sabretooth. You beat him, didn't you?' Iso calls back. 'Did I? I think I mostly just... survived' Inferno replies as he looks over at Old Man Logan who has got to his feet and turns to Inferno.

At that moment, Logan communicates with Forge, who is on the machine, and alerts him to the approaching Inhuman. 'I see her' Forge replies. Logan warns him that she is young, but strong, and has some sort of pressure blasts. Forge assures Logan that he will handle her, before asking if he is all right up there. Logan confirms that he is, and adds that there is another one up here, but that he doesn't look like much and that he will be down with him in a minute.

Logan walks towards Inferno: 'So, you beat Sabretooth, huh?' he asks. Inferno readies his fire powers and boasts that he did, warning Logan to stay back before he does the same thing to him. 'Friend, something you should know. I ain't Sabretooth!' Logan exclaims as he leaps towards Inferno, unsheathing his claws as he does.

'That's far enough!' Forge, who is wearing a protective covering over his head, warns Iso as she leaps onto the machine. 'Sure. No problem' Iso replies, before assuming that the large machine must be Forge's design. She tells him it is impressive. 'Couldn't agree more. Now stay the hell back. I mean it!' Forge warns Iso.

Logan lands on Inferno and holds him to the ground. One hand around Inferno's neck, his other hand is claw-ready. Logan tells Inferno that he needs to call his friend back up here and leave. 'This is about my people's survival. I'm not messing around' Logan warns Inferno, who replies 'Yeah? Well, guess what? Neither am I. C'mere!' he exclaims as he super-heats Logan's arm and shoves Logan's claws through his left shoulder, confusing Logan.

Examining Forge's machine, Iso surmises that it looks like he is trying to pull in all the Terrigen gas, then compress it into a solid state so that he can incinerate it safely. 'That's oversimplifying it, but yes. Basically' Forge responds. Iso remarks that the big round thing in the middle has to be a pressure vessel. 'Of course it is. You have to have a pressure vessel if you want to – oh no' Forge replies, realizing he has just divulged information to Iso. 'Thought so' the Inhuman smirks.

'What the hell are you doing? You want to die?' Logan asks as Inferno continues to hold his super-heated hands to Logan's arm, as Logan's claws remain locked in Inferno's shoulder. The heat intensifies, 'Agh, you little -' Logan begins, before roaring in pain as his entire body is burnt alive.

There is another explosion nearby, and Inferno contacts Iso via their communicators. He asks her if she is okay, as he saw the machine explode. Forge lies motionless on the ground, as machine parts fall around him. 'Yeah. That was me. Forge is here, too' Iso replies. Inferno asks if Forge is awake, or if Iso did that pressure brain trick thing and put him out. 'Brain trick. We'll have to take him with us, or he'll just rebuild this damn thing' Iso adds, before asking Inferno about Logan.

Clutching his wounded shoulder, Inferno reminds Iso that she said he was just like Sabretooth – which means he can heal. Iso tells him that, according to Medusa's file that is correct, which is probably why the mutants had him here – he could handle Terrigen exposure. 'Ah, good. In that case...he'll be fine... eventually' Inferno replies, as Logan's naked and badly burnt body lies smoldering nearby.

A short time later in New Attilan. While Archangel and the time-displaced Angel patrol the skies, Storm, Magneto and Magik stand on a balcony of the Inhuman's city, 'Storm, come in!' Old Man Logan's voice can be heard over a communicator. 'Logan? We've been trying -' Storm begins, as Logan gets to his feet, he informs Storm that the Inhumans got Forge and his machine is toast. 'Stole our damn ride, too!' he adds. 'Destroyed? What are you talking about, Logan?' Magneto asks. 'Erik, please' Storm tells Magneto, shushing him, before asking Wolverine who attacked him. Magik declares that there is no one left – they have already captured all of the significant Inhumans. 'Not all of them' Wolverine points out, adding that these were some of the new ones who called themselves Iso and Inferno. 'They got the jump on us and – we – I failed, 'Ro. I let you down' Logan tells Storm, angry at himself. Storm tells Logan to just get back to the staging ground, and that they will figure this out. 'We have to' she adds.

Meantime, in Limbo, hundreds of winged demons fly around the platform that is raised up on demonic tower, held in place by a powerful forcefield, where several Inhumans – Crystal, Gorgon, Flint, Naja, Frank McGee, Queen Medusa herself and the Human Torch – are held prisoner. Flint stands with his arms folded and looks out at Limbo. He asks Naja if that mutant with the big sword killed them, and whether this is Hell. Naja tells him that she doesn't know, and points out that it sure looks like Hell. 'My parents always said I'd end up here' she adds. The Huyman Torch goes over to them and tells them that it is not Hell, he has been here before and it is called Limbo. 'Okay, fine. Good to know' Flint replies. 'Actually, it's not' the Torch declares, pointing out that if this was Hell, maybe they could find a way out, as Hell has got gates. But Limbo... Limbo's got nothing.

Medusa tells everyone that the X-Men have taken New Attilan, and that they are undoubtedly preparing to destroy the reamaining Terrigen Cloud. 'We alll know there is no escape from Limbo. Nevertheless – we will escape from Limbo!' Medusa declares defiantly. Crystal points out that Black Bolt is not here, and neither is Karnak. She wonders if the X-Men missed them, and perhaps they can get to them. Gorgon tells Crystal that this whole thing was one, big, coordinated plan, that the X-Men must have Black Bolt and Karnak, too, or they would never have tried to take New Attilan in the first place. 'No one's coming. The mutants thought of everything'. Frank McGee disagrees, and motioning at Naja and Flint he tells Gorgon 'Not everything'. 'Who, us?' Naja asks, confused. 'The mutants didn't plan on the Nuhumans. I'd bet on it. I mean, we can barely keep track of all the new ones popping up all around the world' Frank points out.

Frank continues, telling Medusa that they grabbed her, Gorgon, Crystal and the Torch – the big guns, the ones they knew of, but that still leaves out a lot of powerful Inhumans. Frank adds that Ahura is running Ennilux, for one thing, and if they could get word to Reader, he would have them out of here in two seconds. Medusa announces that Ahura won't help them. 'My son...has made it clear that he wishes to go his own way' she remarks. 'But Reader and the others...yes. Perhaps' Medusa agrees. Gorgon asks if they just sit down here and hope the Nuhumans figure out where they are, as it seems like a long shot – he bets they don't even known Limbo exists. Medusa informs the others that the Beast told her the mutants have their school here, that they call it X-Haven. Medusa announces that they have to get to to X-Haven, as they might be able to learn more about the mutants' plan, and discover where they are holding Black Bolt and Karnak. 'We're not learning anything until we get out of this' Gorgon declares. Medusa tells him that should be simple enough. 'We'll just take it one step at a time' she suggests, pointing at Gorgon's hooves.

Meanwhile, Inferno and Iso speed through the air in the aircraft they stole from Logan and Forge. 'All right. We're alive. That's good' Inferno remarks, asking Iso what they do now. Iso tells him that she is trying to decide, and asks him if he thinks anyone else made it out of New Attilan. Inferno tells her that he doubts it, as the mutants had that place locked down. 'We barely got out ourselves' he reminds her. Iso slams a fist into the palm of her other hand and tells Inferno that they have to take back the city. 'That's where it starts. If we have New Attilan, we can start a plan to counter-attack'. 'By ourselves? That's impossible, Iso' Inferno replies. Iso tells him that they can't do it by themselves, and that there are other Inhumans out there. Inferno suggests that any Inhuman with half a brain probably went into hiding the minute they saw the X-Men blasting up New Attilan. 'How do we find them?' he asks. Picking up her phone, Iso tells Inferno that they don't – she had someone else in mind for that. 'She knows everyone'.

Jersey City, where Kamala Khan a.k.a. the current Ms Marvel sits on a rooftop, talking into her phone she tells Iso that she is so glad that she is all right. 'I saw the mutants attack New Attilan from across the river' Kamala declares. She adds that she is sorry she couldn't help, but that it all happened so fast, and she thinks they grabbed Lockjaw, and by the time she realized what was going on, it was over. Iso informs Kamala that it is no over, that she is with Inferno and they have a plan they are hoping she can help them with. 'The answer is yes. Tell me what you need' Kamala replies. Iso explains that they think the mutants missed a lot of the Nuhumans who don't live in New Attilan, and asks Kamala if she can make some calls and see who she can pull together. Kamala announces that she will start right away. She extends her arms and cracks her fingers, before she starts tapping away on her phone. 'Let's get textin!' Inferno asks Iso if she thinks this will work. 'Maybe. If there are enough of us left, if we're going to win this thing, Inferno... we'll need an army'.


Shortly, 'Yeah... this oughta do it' Kamala tells herself as she stands near Grid, Synapse, Quake, Reader, Mosaic, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur.

Meanwhile, Karnak is still being held mentally captive. He cocks his head sideways at the time-displaced Jean Grey, and remarks that, for an instant, he saw a flaw in her iris. 'You are not real, are you?' Jean replies. 'That may not have been me, but I promise, I am very real, Karnak' Jean replies, as the brick walls around them begin to break away. Karnak gets to his feet and walks towards a sprial staircase as Jean's voice tells him that she is sorry, but promises they don't want to hurt him, or anyone else. She adds that Karnak is too dangerous for them to let him go free. 'I suppose I should be flattered. Yet all I feel is annoyed' Karnak replies as he descends the staircase. He increases his speed and declares that this is his tower and his sanctuary. 'You have invaded it. Held me prisoner in my own home'. Jean runs ahead of Karnak and tells him that she is sorry, but he must understand they had no choice. 'There is always a choice, Ms Grey' Karnak replies.

'For instance, I can choose to accept my fate. I can choose to believe that I am a prisoner in my tower... or I can choose to look closer. To see the flaws in your illusion. And I can choose to exploit them'. He sees a tiny glow in a crack within the brick walls aorund him. Karnak punches the wall, and tells Jean Grey that this is not his tower at all. The bricks crumble away and a blinding light forces Karnak to recoil back. 'What is this place? Where have you brought me?' he exclaims. Karnak looks up and takes in the strange reality around him, while Jean stands nearby and announces that Karnak is finally out, that she held him as long as she could. Karnak tells Jean that she did admirably, but that it was only a matter of time. 'You understand I must retaliate. But before I do, I must ask again... what is this place?' Karnak asks.

Someone appears behind Karnak and informs him that this is the World, a self-contained ecosphere out of sync with their own time. 'This is where I was born. As part of the Weapon Plus Program. This place will never let you go...' he adds. Karnak turns around and sees Fantomex, weapons at the ready. Fantomex tells Karnak that he was right – Jean did admirably in holding him as long as she did, but now it is his turn. 'Fantomex. Fascinating' Karnak replies.

Muir Island, where the time-displaced Beast stands in a lab and looks at the present-day Beast who is held captive behind a stasis field. The younger Beast tells his counterpart that Forge's machine is destroyed, and Forge is missing. 'Why do I get the feeling that there's a question coming, young me?' the present Beast asks. 'Well, I was thinking that maybe you and I together could -' the past Beast begins, but the present Beast interrupts him: 'What, rebuild Forge's ruined machine? Build another one? We may be quite smart, but you know as well as I do that we only havve mere days left before the saturation point'. Beast adds that there is simply not enough time, not even for them.

The past Beast admits that he knew that, but he feels so helpless. He informs the present Beast that reports are already coming in of mutants getting very, very ill – as if the M-Pox is accelerating exponentially each day, each hour. 'It's one thing to do the calculations and run the theoretical models...but it's quite another to see your friends dying, isn't it?' the present Beast asks. At that moment, Emma Frost, Rogue, Storm, Old Man Logan and Magneto enter the lab. 'You are wasting your time talking to your older self, Henry. If he wanted to help us, he could have. He made his choice long ago. He chose them' Emma declares. Angrily, the Beast shakes a finger at Emma and tells her that he did no such thing – he chose peace.

Magneto reminds everyone that they have already had this argument, and tells them that they are past this – all that matters now is finding another way to destroy the cloud while they still can. 'Hate to say it, but I'm with Magneto' Logan agrees. Arms folded, Storm declares that there is no other way – Forge's machine was their only shot. 'Without him to rebuild it...' her voice trails off, as Emma announces that they have one course of action – they must find Forge, find the Inhumans who took him and attack – now. Storm instructs Logan to divide the others up into two search-and-rescue teams and be ready to move. Storm adds that Cerebra is still looking for Forge, but the Inhumans must be jamming his tracking signal somehow. 'But it's only a matter of time until she finds him' Storm remarks. Magneto tells her that he hopes she is right, as it is not just the Terrigen they are racking against – there is no way they can hold the Inhuman royal family for long, not even in Limbo. 'They are going to be furious when they do get out – they will be seeking retribution' Rogue points out. 'You think they're made now, Rogue darling? God forbig they find Black Bolt' Emma smirks.

And in an unknown location, Black Bolt is held in a cube filled with liquid, cables and wires connected to him and to a large machine the cube sits within....


Characters Involved: 

Archangel, Magneto, Sabretooth (all Magneto's X-Men)

Forge, Old Man Logan, Magik, Storm (all X-Men based at X-Haven)

Angel, Beast, Marvel Girl (all time-displaced original X-Men)


Emma Frost



Black Bolt, Crystal, Gorgon, Flint, Frank McGee, Grid, Inferno, Iso, Karnak, Medusa, Mosiac, Ms Marvel IV, Naja, Quake, Reader, Synapse (all Inhumans)

Human Torch II

Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur

Limbo demons

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