Inhumans vs X-Men #5

Issue Date: 
April 2017
Story Title: 

Charles Soule & Jeff Lemire (writers), Javier Garron (artist), David Curiel (colorist), Virtual Calligraphy's Clayton Cowles (letterer), Leinil Francis Yu & David Curiel (cover artists), Gabriele Dell'otto; Michael Cho; Terry Dodson & Rachel Dodson; Ardian Syaf, Vicente Cifuentes & Morry Hollowell (variant cover artists), Charles Beacham & Chris Robinson (assistant editors), Wil Moss & Daniel Ketchum (editors), Mark Paniccia (X-Men group editor), Nick Lowe (executive editor), Axel Alonso (editor in chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)

X-Men & Inhumans created by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby

Brief Description: 

Karnak escapes from the telepathic mind-trap, and finds himself in the World. He battles Fantomex, and eventually discovers Lockjaw, hidden inside EVA. In X-Haven, Gorgon is left to battle Colossus, while Medusa and the others search for Forge's workshop. They find it, and Black Bolt is being held inside it – watched over by Havok. Havok and Medusa discuss the current war, and Havok informs Medusa that the fight isn't about Terrigen, but Cyclops and Emma. Havok then suggests to Medusa that she can take Black Bolt, but points out she is in Limbo and has nowhere to go. In New Jersey, Forge has woken and draws a diagram of the Terrigen eater, explaining how it works to Iso and Moon Girl. Moon Girl rubs out the dirt diagram and draws another diagram, suggesting to Forge that he could build this little version. Forge explains that he would need a workshop and industrial fabricators, so Iso suggests they go to Ennilux. She leaves with Forge and Moon Girl, hoping that Ahura will help them. Reader and Synapse arrive in the World to rescue Karnak and Lockjaw, while the time-displaced Cyclops and several other Inhumans head to Iceland, where the Terrigen Cloud is due to appear. They are attacked by Emma Frost, Storm and several other mutants who were on Muir Island. During the battle, Cyclops blasts Emma Frost, while in X-Haven, Colossus finds Havok, who reveals that Medusa has taken Black Bolt. They then begin to search for a teleportation device in Forge's workshop. Reader has teleported the Inhumans from Limbo and they regroup on a beach in the Philippines, where they realize that the mutants did something to Black Bolt, preventing him from accessing his voice. Back in Iceland, war breaks out after Emma Frost takes down the young Cyclops, and Mosaic takes possession of Storm.  Magneto notices the Terrigen approaching and holds one of the Blackbirds over the battling mutants and Inhumans and tells them that is enough.

Full Summary: 

The World, a self-contained research facility and home to the Weapon Plus Program, where the time-displaced Marvel Girl watches as Fantomex takes on her escaped prisoner, Karnak. 'Finally. I must admit that at first I enjoyed watching Jean toy with your mind, Karnak. But it was starting to become a bit of a yawn. I will endure a great many things. But boredom? Boredom is death' Fantomex declares as he leaps towards Karnak, who dodges the attack and knocks Fantomex backwards. Karnak tells Fantomex to fight if he wants, but that it is only a matter of time until he escapes this place fully. Jean tells Fantomex not to worry, and boasts that she can stop him again. 'No, Ms Grey, you will not' Karnak replies as he slams his fist into the ground, breaking the concrete. He tosses a shard of it at Jean, telling her that he is sorry he has to do this, but that he has grown tired of her mind games. The shard hits Jean in the head and she falls backwards.

'Now that was not very gentlemanly' Fantomex points out as he returns, and shoves an elbow into Karnak's face, telling him that he really does need to learn how to treat a lady. 'Ms Grey kept me occupied for days' Karnak points out as he dodges Fantomex's next attack, before telling Fantomex that he has become a bore. He knocks Fantomex back to a piece of floating bridge which collapses beneath him.

Fantomex falls onto a strange structure that overhangs a church, and tells EVA that now would be a good time for her to make an appearance. As he falls down past the church, he sees EVA, and lands on top of the pink dome, before looking up and seeing Karnak dropping towards him. 'Oh dear, you are persistent, aren't you?' Fantomex comments.

Landing on EVA, Karnak remarks that this is interesting, some sort of external nervous system – before shoving his fist into EVA, 'There!' he declares, which flings EVA and Fantomex up into the air, adding that you just need to know the nerve clusters as Fantomex and EVA crash through the church window at the top of the building, and land with a thud on the church floor. Karnak lands nearby and remarks that he expected more, before deciding that he needs to find a way out. EVA's pink dome opens up, and Lockjaw is sitting inside. 'Ah. That will serve. Hello there, Lockjaw' Karnak calls out to the dog.

Meantime, in X-Haven, mutantkind's last refuge, located in the dimension known as Limbo:

'I've got him!' Gorgon exclaims as he slams his hooves to the ground, creating shockwaves which push Colossus backwards. 'You have nothing, friend' Colossus replies. Gorgon turns to Medusa and points out that it looks like he is about to get into one hell of a fight. He suggests she get to Forge's workshop and find Black Bolt while he holds Colossus off. Medusa agrees and bids Gorgon good luck. 'Luck. Yeah. Might need more than luck, Medusa' Gorgon replies. Medusa, Crystal, Frank McGee, Flint, Naja and the Human Torch rush off towards the workshop. Gorgon faces Colossus: 'You're a tough guy, I'm a tough guy' he tells him, to which Colossus replies 'Yes. Now let us do what tough guys do'.

Medusa and the others arrive at the workshop, and the Queen of the Inhumans tells the others that they need to be cautious, as they have no idea what surprises Forge may have created to guard his workshop. At the same time, Colossus slams a fist into Gorgon's face. The Inhumans enter the lab, with Flint and Naja walking at the back of the group. Flint asks 'Surprises. She means death traps, doesn't she, Naja?' Naja tells him that she thinks Forge is more of a robot guy. 'Death robots, then. Is there a difference?' Flint replies. Naja tells him that she thinks a death robot would be more surprising than a death trap.

Gorgon's fist strikes against Colossus this time, while Medusa tells the others that Black Bolt is here – she can feel it. Suddenly, a voice calls out 'You're right, Medusa. He is here. For the moment, anyway'. The Inhumans look up and see Havok standing guard next to a stasis chamber that Black Bolt is being held captive within. Power surges around Havok, while Medusa asks him what he is doing.

Havok tells Medusa that he shouldn't have to spell this out, and warns her not to take another step. 'This isn't a bluff'. Medusa holds her hands up and tells Havok that she believes him, adding that she is sure he wants to unleash his powers – Black Bolt killed Cyclops, after all. 'From what I hear, you gave the order' Havok tells  Medusa. Medusa admits that she gave the order, but that Havok's brother gave her no choice, and that she believes it may have been what Cyclops wanted. 'Don't tell me what he wanted. I know he sure as hell didn't want to use your propaganda machine to turn the world against him. Convinced them he was basically Hitler' Havok snaps. Medusa tells Havok that she has no control over the way the world views Cyclops – just as she has no control over what Havok does next – she can only control her response. Medusa tells Havok that she believes he might be willing to kill in his brother's memory – and asks him if he is willing to die. 'If you kill my husband, nothing will stop me. Your life is over'.

Havok raises his arms, then powers down. Hanging his head, he tells Medusa that he isn't going to do it – but not for the reason she thinks. He adds that this isn't about Terrigen – not entirely – maybe not even mostly. 'It's about Emma. Emma and Scott' Havok announces, before telling Medusa that if she wants Black Bolt, then take him. He points out that they are still in Limbo, so it's not like they have anywhere to go.

Back on Earth, in New Jersey, Forge is awake and crouches beside Iso, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, drawing a diagram into the dirt: 'So, this is it. The Terrigen eater' he tells them, while Grid and Inferno stand nearby, and Kamala Khan, Quake and Mosaic stand further back, with the time-displaced Cyclops. 'Or it was, until Iso here blew it up' Forge reminds her. Iso tells Forge that she didn't understand – all she knew is that he was attacking the Terrigen Cloud – she didn't know the bigger context. 'You might have blown it up anyway' Forge tells her. Iso tells him that she isn't sure, as this situation isn't what she thought it was. Moon Girl points down at the dirt drawing and asks Forge why he designed it that way. Forge tells Moon Girl that he wanted it to work, that it is complicated and he doesn't have time to explain. 'Uh-huh' Moon Girl replies, before she kneels beside the drawing and brushes it away. 'Hey! What the heck are you doing?' Forge asks, nervously as Devil Dinosaur moves closer to him. 'Fixing this' Moon Girl tells Forge as she starts to draw in the dirt with a stick. 'Fixing it? Kid, this is serious business. We don't have time for your little... drawings. Huh' Forge mutters as he looks at Moon Girl's drawing.

Forge leans in closer and tells Moon Girl that it is amazing, that she miniaturized the whole design. Moon Girl tells him that she figured they wouldn't have time to build a big one in the cloud's path – but a little one, they can bring it to wherever the cloud is.

Iso asks Moon Girl and Forge if they can make one of these, to which Moon Girl tells her she could, but doesn't have the stuff. Forge explains that they would need a machine shop – industrial fabricators and things like that. Iso tells Inferno that she knows where to go – Ennilux. Inferno asks her if she really thinks Medusa's kid will help. Inferno thinks that if Ahura was going to help, he already would have. Iso tells Inferno that she knows Ahura, she was part of the mission that saved him from Kang, and he owes her, and his parents, even if he will never admit it. Iso announces that they will go to Ennilux, that it is the only thing she can think to do. Approaching the sky-cycle, Iso tells the others to meet them at the next place the Terrigen Cloud is due to make landfall, while Moon Girl and Forge make their machine. 'We'll see you there' she adds, while Grid asks 'And then what? Are you really going to turn it on? That would go against everything Medusa's been fighting for, Iso!' Hanging her head, Iso tells him that she knows. She knows.

The World, where Karnak sits meditating beside the still sleeping Lockjaw.

A teleport signal breaks the silence, and Reader and Syapse step through the portal. Synapse asks Karnak if he has any idea how hard this place was to find. 'Ah... now this is unexpected. But fortuitous' Karnak replies. Synapse informs Karnak that so much has happened – Mosaic possessed Magneto and found out that Karnak was here, and Medusa and Black Bolt and the rest of the royal family are in some place called Limbo, so Iso had Reader teleport them here. 'After going through, like, hell and back to find this place and then -' Synapse exclaims, but Karnak interrupts her, announcing that there is much to do, and that they have little time. Karnak stands up and declares that they must wake Lockjaw, as he has been drugged. Synapse leans into Lockjaw, revealing that her powers also work on animals. She tells Lockjaw to wake up, as they kind of need him, and the large dog opens his eyes as her power connects with him.

The Blackbird arrives over Iceland, where Grid asks if this is where the cloud will next hit. Cyclops confirms it is and explains that Forge built Terrigen trackers into each of the Blackbirds, as they never wanted to be caught off-guard. 'Yeah, uh, I could see why you'd want that' Grid remarks, nervously. Cyclops asks Grid why he and the others are helping, reminding him that the mutants attacked their home, took half of them prisoner. 'And now you're going to just what? Give us what we want?' Cyclops asks. Grid replies that he doesn't know what they are going to do, but as for why, well, they're not monsters. Mosaic moves up to the front of the aircraft and asks Grid if he can get some time with Cyclops, as he wants to tell him something. Grid complies, and leaves the jet with Inferno, Quake and Kamala.

'Would you look at this? It's lovely here! So peacef -' Kamala begins, 'Ah, jeez' she mutters as she and Grid suddenly see a group of mutants rush towards them – 'TAKE THEM!' Emma Frost screams as she leads the Stepford Cuckoos, Rogue, Magneto, Old Man Logan, the female Wolverine, Icerman, Storm, the time-displaced Angel and Beast and the Sentinel Cerebra towards the Inhumans. Iceman fires some ice shards towards the Inhumans, while Storm tells everyone to go easy, as they may not know what they have done. Suddenly, Cyclops tells Storm that the Inhumans know exactly what they are doing – and so does he – as he unleashes a powerful optic blast directly at Emma Frost, slamming her backwards.

Back in X-Haven, Colossus stands over Gorgon, who remarks that it is funny, he is actually a huge fan of metal. Colossus replies that he doesn't understand the joke, but that he likes it, and tells Gorgon to sleep well, before he races off into Forge's lab, where he finds Havok, sitting at the front, alone. Colossus asks Havok what happened, and where the Inhumans have gone. 'A rude guy in a hoodie showed up with a teleporting dog and took them' Havok announces. 'All of them? Even Black Bolt?' Colossus asks. 'Yes' Havok confirms, adding that he guessed they had somewhere to go after all. Wide-eyed, Colossus asks 'He killed your brother... and you just let him go?' Havok points out that his other choice was to murder him in cold blood, and adds that he owes his brother something, but he doesn't think he owes him that. Havok stands up and walks back into the lab, telling Colossus to come with him, as Forge should have some sort of teleporter in here somewhere, and they don't want to miss the big fight.

The Inhumans have arrived on a beach in the Philippines, where Medusa holds Black Bolt in her hair. 'Is he all right?' Crystal calls out to her sister as she stands nearby. Karnak, Frank McGee and Lockjaw stand behind Crystal, while Reader, Synapse, Flint and Naja are further down the beach. Medusa announces that Black Bolt is alive, but that he is not all right. Black Bolt looks up at Medusa, who reports that the mutants have done something to him – he cannot access his voice. 'Still... Black Bolt has many other weapons' Medusa adds as Black Bolt removes the mask that was covering his face. Karnak turns to Frank McGee and asks him if he has had succeeded in contacting the other Inhuman groups. Looking at his cellphone, Frank announces that there is no response from New Attilan, and that Ennilux is his next call, but they probably won't answer, even if they weren't in the middle of a war. Karnak decides that he took too long freeing himself and the rest of them from captivity, and announces that he needs information, before declaring that this conflict with the mutants was inherently flawed from the beginning, and he suspects events may have begun to fracture.

Back in Iceland, Storm asks Cyclops what he is doing, Emma gets to her feet and tells Storm not to worry, that she and Cyclops used to squabble all the time. She slips out of her diamond form and remarks that, in a way, she thinks she has missed it. 'I know what you di -' Cyclops begins, before Emma attacks him telepathically.

Fists enlarged, Kamala flies towards Emma, telling her to stop it, 'He's a Champion!' she exclaims, while Inferno creates a fireball and tells Mosaic, Quake and Grid to go. Mosaic flies up to Storm and enters her. 'Oooh, nice' Mosaic remarks inside Storm, while Grid blasts a tunnel of energy towards Magneto, who tells him not to embarrass himself. 'There is one Master of Magnetism here. It is not you' Magneto declares, before looking over a nearby glacier and sees the approaching Terrigen Cloud. 'Idiots. We don't have time for this. I can already smell Terrigen in the air. 'All of you! Mutants! Inhumans! I think – that is quite enough!' Magneto announces, and both groups of heroes look up to see Magneto levitating the Blackbird over them – as if he was going to drop it on top of them!


Characters Involved: 


Colossus, Forge, Iceman, Old Man Logan, Storm (all X-Men based at X-Haven)

Angel, Beast, Cyclops, Marvel Girl (all time-displaced original X-Men)

Wolverine III

Emma Frost



Stepford Cuckoos





Black Bolt, Crystal, Flint, Frank McGee, Gorgon, Grid, Inferno, Iso, Karnak, Lockjaw, Medusa, Mosaic, Ms Marvel IV, Naja, Quake, Reader, Synapse (all Inhumans)

Human Torch II

Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur

Story Notes: 

Medusa believes that Black Bolt killed Cyclops in Death of X #4, however Havok knows that Cyclops died in Death of X #1, and that Black Bolt only destroyed a psychic projection created by Emma Frost.

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