Iron Fist & Wolverine: The Return of K’Un Lun #2

Issue Date: 
December 2000
Story Title: 
A Gathering of Forces

Jay Faerber & Jamal Igle (storytellers), Rich Perrotta (inker), Liquid! (colors), RS & Comicraft’s Saida Temofonte (letters), Bobbie Chase (editor), Bob Harras (editor in chief)

Brief Description: 

In Japan, Danny Rand is trapped in the newly risen K’Un Lun and is subsequently ambushed and taken into custody. While in his cell, Danny comes face to face with his uncle, Yu-Ti. Yu-Ti explains to Danny how the Dragon Kings came under the control of Junzo Muto. When Junzo then enters the cell, Danny attacks him, demanding to know where Misty is. However, he is tossed aside with ease by Junzo, who proceeds to toss Misty’s arm at him. Before Danny can retaliate, Yu-Ti comes between Junzo and Danny and tells Junzo that his confidante, Hiromitsu, is the one who murdered his parents. Enraged, Junzo kills Hiromitsu and steals his power. Outside the wall, Wolverine meets up with Captain America who assists him against the Hand ninjas. Eventually, Psylocke, Iron Man, Sunfire and Luke Cage join them. When Cage mentions that this may be Danny’s fault, Sunfire begins to have second thoughts. As the heroes work together to make their way under the wall, Sunfire stops them and defiantly tells them that, after what Danny did, he can’t let Americans cause any more problems in Japan.

Full Summary: 

Cornered against the wall, a K’Un Lun resident yells out that he doesn’t understand. Where did the people who are coming towards him come from? He thinks he’s in the mystical city of K’Un Lun. The people who are walking towards him think they’re in Tokyo, the capital city of Japan. They’re all right. One of the people moving towards the man asks the others around him what he is saying. He’s never heard that language before. Another points out how he is dressed, where did he come from.

From behind, a voice explains that he’s from a city called K’Un Lun and he’s just as confused as they are. The man from K’Un Lun immediately recognizes the voice as coming from Rand-Kai. Daniel Rand introduces himself to the residents of Tokyo that the man before them is not to blame for what’s happening to their city. Please, leave him alone. The man thanks Khan and proceeds to ask Rand what is happening. All of these people, and these strange buildings, have started appearing there in K’Un Lun. Danny tells him he knows and that he has to trust him when he tells him that…

Just then, Hand ninjas descend upon Danny. After telling the man to hold that thought for just a second, Danny begins to engage the ninjas in battle. As he does, he notices that it’s barely been half an hour since the wall went up around Tokyo and there’s already mass chaos. And this is just the beginning. The Hand’s plan to bring the other dimensional city of K’Un Lun to this dimension is working but they don’t seem too concerned that it’s manifesting smack-dab on top of Tokyo, creating panic amongst the people of both cities. And the mystical wall is keeping people from getting in or out.

Continuing to battle the ninjas, Danny says he never should have come there because K’Un Lun’s arrival is tied to his heartbeat. But what choice did he have? The Hand’s leader, Junzo Muto kidnapped Misty and he can’t just let him kill his girlfriend. It’s too bad the wall separated him from Wolverine. He could sure use some back-up. At that moment, Danny sees a K’Un Lun dragon making its way towards him. Now they’re talking. He’s sure to recognize him as K’Un Lun’s protector and… Rather than assisting Danny, the dragon instead attacks him.

Elsewhere in Tokyo, Rumiko contacts Tony Stark at his Lake Washington home. Once she does, Tony asks her if she’s all right. He was just about to call her. He’s looking at the news right now. Please tell him she got out of Tokyo. Rumiko tells him no such luck. The wall’s got them all trapped inside. And there’s something from preventing helicopters from flying over it. She tells him that she’s scared. The city’s transforming right before her eyes. The skyscrapers are being replaced by… by... these ancient looking buildings and there’s…

Just then, the phone goes dead and the news reports an image depicting a dragon breathing fire chasing the residents of Tokyo. It is a horrific scene captured by an American tourist with a video camera. Since the tape was released, all communication with Tokyo has been completely severed by an unknown source. As the Avengers watch the footage at their mansion in New York City, Wasp informs her fellow Avengers Warbird, Hank Pym, Justice, Vision and Firestar that the Japanese military is already trying to breach the wall. Scientists from all over the world are spouting off theories about what’s making this happen. In the meantime, they’ve got Iron Man en route to Tokyo and he’s asked him to keep them apprised of the situation.

Warbird asks shouldn’t they be heading over there. Vision tells her not necessarily. Whatever’s affecting Tokyo will undoubtedly have repercussions throughout the world. They will most likely see rioting and other manifestations of the population’s fear. Wasp then tells Vision to hold that thought. They’re getting a call from the Fantastic Four. Reed Richards informs them that he’s been studying the wall surrounding Tokyo and he thought the Vision and Dr. Pym might have some insights into the problem. Johnny Storm remarks great. So while they have a meeting of the minds, what are the rest of them supposed to do? Thing tells him that if he was there, he can bet his last donut he’d be smashin’ his way through that wall or climbing over it.

In Japan, Logan proceeds to make his way up the side of the wall. As he does, he thinks to himself that he’s lucky his adamantium claws can get a hold on whatever this wall’s made of because he’s gotta get inside and help Danny. He’s in there with no back-up. He tried clawing through it but he can only scrape away a few inches before it stops him cold.

Just then, Logan sniffs the air and senses company. Before he can react, Hand ninjas toss a rope around Logan’s ankle and pull him off of the wall. Falling backwards, Logan guesses that the Hand doesn’t want anyone crashing the party they’ve got going on inside the wall. Successfully performing a back roll and kicking one of the Hand ninjas in the face when he lands, Logan says that’s the Hand’s problem. He’s never taken too kindly to bouncers. Slicing his way through the Hand ninjas, Logan tells them that their boss can send as many of the bozos after him as he wants. He’s gonna get over that wall, even if he has to pile up their bodies like a ladder.

Sneaking up behind him, a Hand ninja prepares to slice Logan across the back but before he can, finds his sword destroyed by a red, white and blue shield. Standing on top of a burning car, Captain America says to Wolverine that he looked like he could use a hand. He hopes he doesn’t mind him cutting in. Logan quips, “Well if it ain’t Captain America.” He thought he smelled apple pie. As Cap joins him in battle, Logan welcomes him to the party and thanks him.

Once the Hand ninjas have been defeated, Cap informs Logan that he’s there on behalf of S.H.I.E.L.D. and asks him how he got messed up in this. Logan tells him that he’s there with Danny Rand, Iron Fist. He’s the key to this whole thing. Cap proceeds to ask Logan that he doesn’t suppose he could convince him to come with him to the S.H.I.E.L.D. staging area so they can debrief him. Logan replies sure, why not. It’s been a while since he had S.H.I.E.L.D. coffee.

Soon, on Tokyo Bay, as Cap and Logan board a vessel that is in actuality a submarine below the surface, Cap informs Logan that S.H.I.E.L.D. learned of this transformation minutes after it happened and sent a detachment out to investigate. When they realized the scope of the disaster, they asked that he get involved. Logan tells him that some friends of his who live in Tokyo heard tell that the Hand – he knows, the ancient cult of ninja assassins – had set up shop in Tokyo again. Him an’ the Hand go way back, so he came out to find out what they’re up to. He’s barely in town two hours and he runs into Danny Rand, mixing it up with some Hand ninjas.

Danny tells him that Junzo Muto, some teenage kid who’s the new grand poobah of the Hand took his Iron Fist powers and is gonna try and bring K’Un Lun, a mystical city that exists in another dimension to this dimension right on top of Tokyo. So that’s what they’re lookin’ at. The wall was the first sign of K’Un Lun’s arrival. On the other side o’ that wall, K’Un Lun is merging with Tokyo. If he understands Danny correctly, soon Tokyo will be completely replaced by K’Un Lun. Cap asks so there is no way to reverse the process. Logan says maybe. Only Danny can answer that and he’s on the other side o’ the wall. Making a phone call, Logan tells the person on the other end hey darlin’. How’d she like to come to Tokyo and help bit the hand that fed her?

On the grounds of the Imperial Palace of Japan, which has recently become home to K’Un Lun’s Hall of Ancestors, Danny awakens and finds himself locked in a cell. At that moment, he is surprised to see that he is not alone. Sharing his cell is a red hooded man by the name of Yu-Ti. Yu-Ti tells Danny that he drools in his sleep. Just like he did when he was a little boy and he first brought him into K’Un Lun.

Danny asks right after he arranged for his parents to be killed, he means. Yu-Ti tells him come now. Does he think that was easy for him? Let’s not forget, he’s taking about his brother and his wife. Danny proceeds to thank his uncle for reminding him why he hates family reunions. Now how about telling him how the Hand captured him and how they managed to get one of the Dragon Kings on their side.

Yu-Ti explains that the Hall of Ancestors was the first K’Un Lun structure to be transplanted there. Immediately, he sought the council of the Dragon Kings. They’d scarcely begun to discuss their situation when the root of all their problems decided to grace himself with his presence. Entering the room flanked by Hand ninjas and Hiromitsu, Junzo Muto greets them. He provides them with his name but they may call him “your lordship.” Yu-Ti asked him is that so. He thinks “dragon food” has a better ring to it. Allow him to introduce him to the Dragon Kings.

As he battled the Dragon Kings, Junzo moved like the wind, faster than even Danny. While he does, he tells them that if this is the best he’s got, he’s sorely disappointed in Yu-Ti. Just then, the old wizard Hiromitsu cast a spell that did something to the Dragon Kings. It froze them in their dragon forms. Helping Junzo to his feet, Hiromitsu asks him if he’s okay. Junzo tells him that he is fine and that he worries too much. Turning his attention to Yu-Ti, Junzo informs Yu-Ti that his beloved Dragon Kings work for him now. Yu-Ti recalls that he wore the face of a child, but his eyes betrayed a deeper, older evil, and he…

Just then, Junzo enters the cell with two Hand ninjas and Hiromitsu. When he does, he asks if he’s interrupting story time. He then tells Mr. Rand that it’s nice to see him again. Or may he call him Danny? He owes him such a debt. After all, if it hadn’t been for his timely arrival in Tokyo, none of this would have been possible. Lunging towards him, Danny exclaims that he knows he came to Tokyo to get Misty. Where is she? Flinging Danny against the wall with ease, Junzo asks him that he’s had extensive training in the martial arts, hasn’t he? Was he absent the day they covered the part about letting your emotions get the best of you? As for his dear Misty Knight – here: With that, Junzo tosses an arm onto Danny’s lap and remarks they just don’t make bionic arms like they used to. He should’ve heard her scream when he yanked it from her shoulder.

Stepping between Danny and Junzo, Yu-Ti says to Junzo that the Dragon Kings are more than just fierce beasts. They’ve got incredible insights. You’d be surprised what they can tell you. For instance, they brought to his attention how odd it is that their friend Junzo is so friendly with Hiromitsu, the man who killed his parents. Turning to Hiromitsu, Junzo asks what he is talking about. Hiromitsu replies that he... he should not listen to him. He... he took him in after his parents’ terrible accidental death.

Gritting his teeth, Junzo states that their death was an accident, an awfully convenient accident. With that, Junzo begins to attack Hiromitsu and yell at him that he lied to him. His entire life has been a lie. Hiromitsu tells him no, wait. It was his destiny to join them. He had to…

At that moment, Danny goes to kick Junzo and tells him to back off. Blocking his kick with ease, Junzo says no, you back off. Knocking Danny to the ground, Junzo orders his men not to let his old friend leave. This won’t take long. With his foot on Danny’s neck, Junzo fires up his fist and proceeds to ask his fallen foe if he recognizes this, the power of the Iron Fist, the power that used to be his. Before he came and took it away, just as easily as taking candy from a baby. Has he ever wondered what it feels like to be on the receiving end of it? Turning around, Junzo punches Hiromitsu in the face, killing him. As he does, he tells him that was for his parents. Standing over the fallen body of his old friend, Junzo asks Danny if he thought he was going to kill him. Oh no, he needs him alive. Now if he’ll give him a moment, he needs to collect what Hiromitsu owes him. With that, Junzo steals Hiromitsu’s power from his very soul.

Later that evening on Tokyo Bay, inside the S.H.I.E.L.D. vessel, Captain America greets the recently arrived Iron Man and tells him that he’s glad he could make it. Iron Man thanks him for having him and tells Cap that the Avengers told him where he could find him. He figured it’d be best if they pooled their resources. He supposes the Japanese government feels the same way since he sees Sunfire among them. Cap says yes, the Yakiba thought it best if he worked with them. When Iron Man asks “Yakiba,” Sunfire tells him that it’s a Japanese law enforcement organization that he works for. Iron Man replies that he supposes they could use all the help they could get.

Looking at a holographic image in the middle of the room, Iron Man asks what they’ve got there. Cap tells him that the tech guys have put together a schematic of the wall that’s surrounding Tokyo. It’s about half a mile high but there’s some sort of invisible barrier capping it off so helicopters and the like can’t just fly over it. Near as they can tell…

Just then, S.H.I.E.L.D. agents behind them yell out. Turning around, Cap asks what in the world… Logan tells him that’d be Betsy. Cap asks “Betsy?” Betsy says to him that he can call her Psylocke. While elevating the agents around her, she says that she tried to tell the agents that she had an invitation but they just didn’t want to take her word for it. Cap says oh, so she’s… Logan finishes his thought. She’s who he made the call to. Betsy’s got a history with the Hand and he figgered they could use her help. Psylocke adds that she appreciates being invited. Sorry it took so long to get there. Her telekinesis is fine for tossing S.H.I.E.L.D. guys around but it can’t fly her across the Pacific.

Addressing the assembled super-heroes, Cap states that it looks like they’ve got themselves an impressive little strike force there. All that’s missing is someone who can tell them more about this K’Un Lun place. It’d be a help if they knew what they were walking into. Entering the room, Luke Cage states that he doesn’t think he could’ve written a better intro himself. He adds that he recognizes most of them but they may not recognize him. That’s okay, his ego doesn’t bruise easily. His name’s Cage and two of his best friends are on the other side of that wall. So if they are going inside, count him in. He woulda been there sooner but the Hand laid him up pretty good for a little while. And he’s no expert on K’Un Lun but he’s willing to bet he knows a heckuva lot more than any of them.

Iron Man begins to ask how did he… Cage asks find them? He’s done some freelance work for S.H.I.E.L.D. every now and then. They owed him a favor. He realizes some of them could say this is Danny’s fault but they can’t blame him. He didn’t mean for things to turn out this way. In shock, Sunfire thinks to himself “Danny’s fault?” Logan remarks that’s all well and good. They’ll make sure they don’t hurt his feelings while they’re pulling his butt outta the fire. Now how about less talk and more action?

Shortly, Sunfire and Iron Man combine their powers and aim them at the wall surrounding Tokyo. Ceasing his assault, Iron Man flies over and tells the other heroes forget it. Neither his repulsor rays nor Sunfire’s atomic flame are even scratching the wall. They’re not getting through that thing. Cage asks if anybody has any other ideas. Logan says just one. If they can’t go over, and they can’t go through, how about they go under? His claws, Iron Man’s repulsor rays and Betsy’s telekinesis can act like battering rams to plow the earth under the wall.

As they commence with the plan, Iron Man tells Wolverine good call, it’s actually working. Psylocke adds that it’s going to take a little while, but they’ll get in, no doubt about it. Flanked by sword toting members of the Yakiba, Sunfire blasts above Iron Man’s head and tells them he doubts it. They tell him that Daniel Rand, an American super-hero caused this disaster and then they expect him to let more American super-heroes into his city? He cannot allow this, Tokyo belongs to the Yakiba!

Characters Involved: 

Iron Fist (Daniel Rand)

Psylocke, Wolverine (both X-Men)

Captain America, Firestar, Giant-Man, Iron Man, Justice, Vision, Warbird and Wasp (all Avengers)

Power Man (Luke Cage)

Mister Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch, and Thing (all Fantastic Four)


Various unnamed agents of the Yakiba


Yu-Ti (Danny Rand’s uncle, resident of K’Un Lun)

Junzo Muto

Various unnamed Hand ninjas

Various unnamed Dragon Kings (inhabitants of K’Un Lun)

Various unnamed S.H.I.E.L.D. agents

Various unnamed inhabitants of K’Un Lun

Various unnamed inhabitants of Tokyo

Story Notes: 

Daniel Rand had his Iron Fist taken from him by Junzo Muto back in New Warriors (2nd series) #8.

Daniel Rand, as Iron Fist, set into motion a plan that would bring K’Un Lun to their dimension permanently back in Heroes for Hire #8.

Psylocke and the Hand have had a long history, which began with their transference of her consciousness into the Japanese ninja Revanche.

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