Iron Fist & Wolverine: The Return of K’Un Lun #3

Issue Date: 
January 2001
Story Title: 
Against the Wall

Jay Faerber & Jamal Igle (storytellers), Rich Perrotta (inker), Liquid! (colors), RS & Comicraft’s Troy! (letters), Smitty! (assistant editor), Bobbie Chase (editor), Quesada San (editor in chief)

Brief Description: 

Outside of the newly risen K’Un Lun, Captain America proceeds to keep Sunfire busy while Iron Man, Psylocke, Luke Cage and Wolverine go to work on the wall. Eventually, Cap is able to take Sunfire out but in doing so knocks him into the water. When he does so, Cap leaps in to save him. Making their way underneath the wall, the other heroes are surprised to see Tokyo transforming. As they begin to evacuate the citizens, they are attacked by Hand ninjas and dragons. Upon discovering that Junzo Muto has taken Danny Rand prisoner, Iron Man sends Wolverine to go and find him. Eventually, Wolverine finds both Danny and Misty and leads them out of the prison. Joining them is Yu-Ti, who is allowed to join them after the ghost of his mother told Danny to remember family is important. After facing off against a group of ninjas in the sewer, Wolverine and Danny see their friends battling ninjas, dragons and Junzo up on the surface above.

Full Summary: 

The Hand, an ancient cult of deadly assassins has succeeded in bringing the mystical city of K’Un Lun to our dimension. Problem #1: K’Un Lun is arriving smack-dab on top of downtown Tokyo, causing mass chaos as the two cities merge together. Problem #2: These heroes – Luke Cage, Iron Man, Captain America, Wolverine, and Psylocke – the only ones who stand a chance of stopping this catastrophe, are on the wrong side of a wall which has surrounded the city.

Gathering together before they do battle with an irate Sunfire, Cage mentions that he thought he was on their side. Iron Man tells him sorry, but he expected something like this. When Psylocke proceeds to ask Iron Man why he didn’t say anything, Captain America tells her this is no time to point fingers. Wolverine seconds Cap’s feelings. They gotta get through the wall and into Tokyo so they can rescue Danny and set things right.

Defiantly, Sunfire tells them that if they wish to enter Tokyo, they will have to go through him and the Yakiba. They do not need America’s help in dealing with this menace. With that, Sunfire blasts them with his atomic fire and sends his Yakiba agents after them. Ducking the blast, Logan mentions that some things never change. They gotta take this flamin’ loser down fast. Times a’ wastin’ and two whole cities could be destroyed while this guy plays big shot.

Cap gives the order to Wolverine and the others to concentrate on breaking through the wall. The S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and he will hold off Sunfire and his operatives. Wolverine replies good deal and makes his way towards the wall with the other heroes. As the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents begin to battle the Yakiba agents, Cap faces off against Sunfire. Sunfire proceeds to tell him that he derives no pleasure from this. He only seeks to serve his country’s best interests. And if American super-heroes helped cause this catastrophe, then the last people they will accept aid from are more American super-heroes.

Cap tells him he’s wrong. Danny Rand didn’t willingly cause Tokyo to be supplanted by K’Un Lun. They have Junzo Muto, the new Iron Fist, to thank for that. Danny is Junzo’s prisoner and they need to get through that wall to rescue him. Sunfire replies that he will be rescued, by him and his Yakiba. Over at the base of the wall, Iron Man continues to use his repulsor rays while Psylocke uses her telekinesis in an attempt to tunnel underneath the wall. Dodging Sunfire’s blasts, Cap tells him that when he’s bruised tomorrow, remember that he tried to end this peacefully. With that, Cap tosses his shield and slams it into Sunfire’s back with a direct hit. The blow stuns Sunfire and he falls into Tokyo Bay. Instinctively, Cap leaps into the bay in order to save Sunfire from drowning.

Once a path has been cleared underneath the wall, Psylocke asks what they should do about Cap and the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. Can they just leave them behind? The Yakiba is Japan’s elite fighting force. What if Cap can’t handle them? Iron Man informs her there’s nothing Captain America can’t handle, period. Entering through the tunnel, Cage warns the others to keep on their toes. There’s no telling what they’re gonna find… Once they make it on the other side of the wall, the heroes are shocked at what they see. The city is transforming into some sort of ancient city, at an ever-increasing rate.

Inside a war room, President Bill Clinton and his advisors watch footage that was aired on CNN before all communications were cut off with Tokyo. When a large creature flies across the screen, the president asks what that was. One of his advisors tells him that it looked like a dragon. The president replies “a dragon, right.” What was he thinking when he ran for office?

At that moment, Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. Sharon Carter informs the president that what he saw fly across the city was what S.H.I.E.L.D. believes to be a K’Un Lun dragon. The wall sprung up around Tokyo less than 24 hours ago, and in that time, all efforts to break through it have failed. As have all efforts to go over it. Playing a video feed, Sharon shows what she means when a remote-controlled flying drone exploded upon impact with the force-barrier. As they saw in the amateur video, there’s no telling exactly what is happening inside the wall. But according to sources, Tokyo is being transformed into a legendary mystical city known as K’Un Lun. She has S.H.I.E.L.D.’s top researchers compiling everything they have on the city. Meanwhile, Captain America is already on-site, along with a S.H.I.E.L.D. detachment to aid the Japanese government in dealing with this problem. And the Avengers have sent Iron Man as their representative.

The president thanks Sharon for her report and then asks one of his advisors, Ben, if they have had any luck reaching their ambassador in Japan. Ben tells him he’s afraid not. With the communications blackout, they haven’t had any luck reaching the ambassador, the Japanese prime minister, or even the Japanese emperor.

In a cell beneath the K’Un Lun Hall of Ancestors, which is currently taking up residence on the grounds of the Japanese Imperial Palace, Junzo Muto calls out to Misty Knight. He knows she’s in there. He locked the door after all. Leaping at Junzo in an attempt to take him down from behind, Misty tells him that he’s got nerve, she’ll give him that. He steals Danny’s Iron Fist powers and drags her all the way to Tokyo…

Smacking her away with ease, Junzo asks why people keep thinking they can just attack him. Grabbing Misty by the throat and pinning her up against the wall, Junzo tells her that if she persists, he’ll be left with no other choice but to remove her other arm, the one that’s not bionic. After all, he only needed her alive to get Danny there and now that he’s here, she’s expendable. Surprised, Misty asks that Danny’s there? Junzo tells her of course. K’Un Lun’s arrival is tied to Iron Fist’s heartbeat. He played it safe by getting both Iron Fists, Danny and himself, there for the festivities.

One cell away, Danny Rand is visited by the ghost of his mother, Heather Duncan. She tells him that his father, sister and she may no longer be among the living but he still has a family. He must remember that. Danny asks a family? Does she mean Yu-Ti, his uncle? After everything he’s been responsible for? Dad’s death (when Yu-Ti pushed him off a cliff), her death (when she was attacked by wolves), and then he had the nerve to welcome him to K’Un Lun like some long-lost prince? And now she wants him to embrace him just because he’s “family?” Raising his head, Yu-Ti tells his nephew that he doesn’t know who he’s talking to but blood is thicker than water.

At the edge of downtown Tokyo, Iron Man, speaking Japanese, tells the sea of frightened citizens on the street to try to stay calm. They don’t want anyone getting trampled. Leading them towards the tunnel, he informs them that it will take them outside the city where they can find safety. Thinking to himself, he says that once they get the evacuation moving smoothly, they’ll start looking for Danny. Amidst the people, Cage, speaking Japanese as well tells them to keep the flow nice and steady. Hearing him, Psylocke says to him that she didn’t know he spoke Japanese. Cage replies that he bets there’s a lot she doesn’t know about him. But he’d be willin’ to…

Before Cage can finish his thought, the tunnel suddenly closes. Turning around, Cage sees a number of Hand ninjas and dragons looming behind them. He quips that it looks like they’re not gonna hafta worry about finding the Hand. Leading the charge, Wolverine yells out that it’s about time.

Just then, one of the dragons steps on Cage. As he does, the dragon tells him that he remembers him from his last visit to K’Un Lun. He always thought he was beneath him and now, it would appear, eh? Lifting up the dragon’s foot, Cage says that bein’ stepped on is bad enough but does he have to talk him to death too? Flipping the dragon onto its side, Cage says and he thought his feet smelled bad. Attacking the Hand ninjas, Psylocke states that her psi-katana may not leave a mark but she bets it hurts like the dickens. Fighting alongside Wolverine, Psylocke tells him that she’s been waiting a long time to pay back the Hand for what they did to her. She hates to admit it, considering the circumstances, but she’s actually enjoying herself. Wolverine tells her that he’s glad to hear it, just keep her eyes on the prize.

Blowing fire at the armored Avenger Iron Man, a red dragon calls the heroes fools. Resistance is useless. Eventually, they will fall and they will join Rand as the prisoner of his master, Junzo, the new Iron Fist. Upon hearing that news, Iron Man calls out to Wolverine and informs him that Danny’s been captured by Junzo. They can hold off the Hand if he wants to break away and try to track him down. Wolverine tells shellhead that he likes the way he thinks. Punching out another dragon, Cage tells Wolverine to count him in. He may not be an expert on K’Un Lun but he’s spent time there, so he’s the closest thing he’s got. Wolverine tells him to forget it. Danny’s his best friend and he gets too emotionally involved an’ he gets sloppy. As he walks away, Wolverine adds besides that, he works best alone. Peeved, Cage thinks to himself that they’ll see about that.

Watching the heroes battling the dragons and the ninjas from a nearby rooftop, Junzo remarks that they’re tenacious, he’ll give them that. Surely, they have to realize they’re championing a lost cause. He tells the ninjas standing near him to look at how rapidly the city is transforming. Soon, all technology will cease to function. And when that happens, the transformation will be complete and he’ll have an impenetrable stronghold from which to crush the world beneath his iron fist.

A short while later, in Danny Rand’s cell, Wolverine tosses a ninja through the door and throws another one on the ground. Entering the room, he asks Danny if he’s ready to go. Surprised to see him, Danny asks Wolverine how he got inside the city. Wolverine tells him that he got some help from some friends of theirs. Danny replies thank god and adds they need to get Misty. She’s a prisoner there too, and…

Just then, Misty enters the cell. Wolverine asks Danny that he was sayin’? He picked up her scent on his way down the hall. Turning to leave, he asks what’re they waiting for, they need to get outta there. As he goes to leave, Danny turns back and looks at Yu-Ti. He remembers that Yu-Ti is the one that killed his father and mother. However, he also recalls that his mother told him that even though his father, sister, and she are no longer among the living, he still has a family. He must remember that. Danny then tells Yu-Ti to come on.

In the sewers, Logan asks Yu-Ti why the kid had him locked up. Why not just kill him and be done with it? Yu-Ti responds that he suspects it is because he still holds the key to many of K’Un Lun’s secrets and he knew he might one day prove useful. But who is he to understand a madman? Logan quips that it takes one to know one. A little further behind them, Misty asks Danny if he’s sure it was a good idea to bring him, Yu-Ti, along. Danny says is he sure, no. But something tells him it’s the right thing to do. He doesn’t expect her to understand, just trust him.

Just then, Wolverine calls out to look alive. Facing off against a group of Hand ninjas, he remarks that they shoulda known they’d have all the exits covered. Considerin’ the ruckus he made with this little jailbreak. Danny asks Misty if she’s up for this and Misty asks for kicking butt, try and stop her.

As they begin to battle the ninjas, Danny remarks that, in a weird way, he’s kind of glad they showed up. When Logan asks how’s that, Danny tells him that he’s been sitting in that cell for hours on end, stewing over the fact that K’Un Lun’s arrival is tied to his heartbeat. So if he hadn’t come there, none of this would be happening. So it feels good to be able to work off some frustration. Logan tells him that he’s no doin’ anyone any good chewin’ on the past. What’s done is done. Now, they need to concentrate on setting things straight. Finishing off the rest of the ninjas, Danny says he doesn’t have to tell him twice.

Once the ninjas have all been defeated, Yu-Ti tells his nephew, Danny, impressive. He sees he hasn’t forgotten the fine training he received in K’Un Lun. Danny tells him yeah, whatever and asks Misty how she’s holding up. Misty tells him she’ll be just fine. Just give her a few minutes with that little creep Junzo. Logan remarks come to think of it, he shoulda just taken him out when they were back at the Hall of Ancestors.

Danny tells him that might not be necessary. If they can get him out of the city before the transformation is complete, he’s hoping that at least Tokyo will go back to normal. He doesn’t know what will happen to K’Un Lun though. Logan replies that at least one of the cities’ll be saved. Sometimes, that’s the best they can do. Climbing a ladder to a manhole that leads to the surface, Logan tells the others they’re there. He’s picking up the scent of Psylocke and the others. They’ll help them get him out of town.

Peeking out of the manhole, Logan sees Psylocke, Cage, and Iron Man battling dragons, Hand ninjas, and Junzo. He remarks aw nuts, he knew that plan was too easy.

Characters Involved: 

Iron Fist (Daniel Rand)

Psylocke, Wolverine (both X-Men)

Captain America

Iron Man (Tony Stark)


Power Man (Luke Cage)

Misty Knight

Junzo Muto

Various unnamed Hand ninjas

Sharon Carter (S.H.I.E.L.D. Director)

President Bill Clinton and various unnamed members of his cabinet

Various unnamed S.H.I.E.L.D. agents

Yu-Ti (Danny Rand’s uncle, resident of K’Un Lun)

Various unnamed inhabitants of K’Un Lun

Various unnamed Dragon Kings (inhabitants of K’Un Lun)

Various unnamed agents of the Yakiba

Various unnamed inhabitants of Tokyo

Ghost of Danny’s mother – Heather Duncan

Story Notes: 

Daniel Rand had his Iron Fist taken from him by Junzo Muto back in New Warriors (2nd series) #8.

Daniel Rand, as Iron Fist, set into motion a plan that would bring K’Un Lun to their dimension permanently back in Heroes for Hire #8.

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