Iron Fist & Wolverine: The Return of K’Un Lun #4

Issue Date: 
February 2001
Story Title: 

Jay Faerber & Jamal Igle (storytellers), Rich Perrotta (inker), Liquid! (colors), Starky & Comicraft’s Troy! (letters), Smitty! (assistant editor), Bobbie Chase (editor), Quesada San (editor in chief)

Brief Description: 

Inside K’Un Lun, Luke Cage, Iron Man and Psylocke face off against Junzo Muto, dragons and Hand ninjas. Cage immediately goes after Junzo but is unsuccessful. Upon seeing Cage being beaten badly, Danny Rand and Wolverine decide that getting Danny out of the confines of the wall to stop the transformation is not the way to go. Joining the battle, they heroes are holding their own when the tide is turned upon the arrival of Captain America, Sunfire, Yakiba agents and S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. Just then, all technology goes dead Tokyo completes transforming into K’Un Lun. As Wolverine goes after Junzo, Yu-Ti stabs Danny in the chest with a spear. Once Danny dies, Tokyo reverts back to normal with a few glimmers of K’Un Lun still around. After Junzo departs, Misty and Cage are greeted by the ghosts of Danny, his parents, and other ghosts of Feng-Tu, K’Un Lun’s land of the dead. With their final farewell, Danny’s parents grant him his life back and inform him that his family has always been there – Misty and Cage. Danny returns to the land of the living. Thanking Wolverine and the other heroes, Danny decides to stay in Tokyo along with Misty and care for the Dragon Kings, who cannot revert back to human form.

Full Summary: 

NCC reports that it’s been 24 hours since the impenetrable wall was mysteriously erected around downtown Tokyo and all communication to and from the city has been completely blocked. Before the blackout, however, they were able to obtain amateur video footage, shot inside the wall of what appears to be a dragon rampaging through the city streets, the city which now features architecture unlike any they’ve ever seen. S.H.I.E.L.D. director Sharon Carter recently issued a statement reporting that a handful of American super heroes have managed to gain entrance into Tokyo but because of the communication blackout, they have no way of knowing how they’re faring.

Inside the wall surrounding Tokyo, Iron Man mentions to Cage that he’d say they’re doing just fine. What about him? Cage replies oh yeah. Bein’ surrounded by ninjas, dragons and Junzo Muto, the kid who stole Iron Fist’s powers, is exactly what he hoped would happen. He then asks Psylocke if she’s glad she tagged along for this mission. Psylocke tells him that she can’t remember when she’s had more fun. Too bad Wolverine is off trying to rescue Iron Fist.

Peeking out of a manhole cover, Danny Rand mentions to Wolverine that they don’t see them. Wolverine tells him to keep it that way, for now. As they descend into the sewers, Misty Knight asks them how bad it is. Wolverine informs her it’s bad. Junzo and his Hand ninjas have their guys surrounded which is gonna make it pretty hairy to get Danny out of the city. Yu-Ti remarks not necessarily. If their goal is to get his nephew out of Tokyo, because K’Un Lun’s arrival is tied to his heartbeat, then perhaps they should let their friends provide a distraction, while they slip out quietly out the back door, so to speak. Once they’re outside the city, K’Un Lun reverts to its rightful place in another dimension, Tokyo is back to normal, and everyone is happy.

Slamming him up against a wall, Wolverine tells Yu-Ti those are his friends up there, outnumbered five to one. They’re not leavin’ ‘em to fend for themselves. Holding a claw up to Yu-Ti’s neck, Wolverine turns to Danny and tells him to remind him again why they brought this bozo along. Danny tells him that Yu-Ti’s done many terrible things in his time but he has to understand. The fact that he’s the only family he’s got left may be the key to solving all this mess. Upon hearing those words, Misty looks on in disdain.

Up on the surface, Psylocke asks what they are waiting for. It’s not like they’ve got a lot of options. Cage tells her she can say that again and proceeds to rush towards Junzo with unbridled abandon. Psylocke yells out at him to wait but he doesn’t listen. When Junzo greets Cage with a hammer punch, he tells him that he should really listen to his comrades. He knows all about his steel-hard skin and his immense strength but he’s still no match for the power of Iron Fist.

Flying up and blasting a dragon, Iron Man states that they can’t let Cage take on Junzo alone. Engaging battle with the Hand ninjas, Psylocke tells him that’s easier said than done. Her telekinetic katana can only handle so many ninjas at one time. Punching Junzo, Cage tells him he’s not Iron Fist. That name belongs to Danny. Junzo tells him his efforts are futile. Once K’Un Lun fully manifests in this dimensional plane, the Hand will use it as a stronghold to initiate their campaign for ultimate power and neither him, nor anyone else, will be able to stop them. With that, Junzo nails Cage in the stomach with a thunderous blow.

As he does, Danny, Wolverine, Misty, and Yu-Ti come out onto the street above. Wolverine remarks that it looks like they arrived just in time. Danny retorts or a second too late. He (Junzo) is going to kill Luke! When Junzo holds Cage’s chin up, Cage weakly asks him if that’s the best he has. Junzo asks that? Oh, that was just the warm-up. Unloading on Cage, Junzo tells Danny this one’s for him.

While Danny is being held back by ninjas, Wolverine manages to slice through the ones attempting to hold him back and makes his way in front of Junzo. As he tells him “end of the line junior,” a dragon appears in front of him and unleashes a fire blast towards him. While Wolverine dodges the blast, Danny yells out to him that the dragons aren’t inherently evil. They’re being mind-controlled. Try not to hurt them. Wolverine replies that he asked them if they wanted to play cards, instead. What else does he want from him?

Continuing to blast the ninjas from above, Iron Man calls out to Psylocke and asks her if she thinks she can get Luke out of harm’s way. Psylocke tells him not a problem and proceeds to telekinetic air-lift Luke out of the way and into a nearby building. Upon seeing that Cage is out of the way, Danny is pleased. Now he can cut loose a little bit. As he begins to take out the ninjas, one of them makes his way up behind him and prepares to bring his sword down onto Danny’ head. Before he can, Junzo punches the ninja out and calls him a fool. Wasn’t he paying attention? Danny Rand cannot die. If either of their hearts stop beating before K’Un Lun’s arrival is final, the process will be negated. Punching out more ninjas, Danny tells Junzo that he hopes he doesn’t think he owes him one.

At that moment, Psylocke asks if anyone else has noticed they’re moving. They’re being pushed back, away from the wall, towards the center of the city. Wolverine remarks that she’s right. And they’re not making a dent in the Hand’s numbers either. They’ve got to…

Just then, Wolverine remarks that he’d recognize that scent anywhere. It’s the cavalry, with Captain America leading the charge. Following Cap are Sunfire, S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and members of the Yakiba. He states that Sunfire and he decided it’d be in Tokyo’s best interest if they worked together. Sunfire adds that he still says Japan’s Yakiba agents and he could’ve handled the situation themselves. With that, he blasts a dragon over near Iron Man. Iron Man thanks him and quietly adds that he never thought he’d say that. Knocking out a bunch of ninjas with his shield, Cap tells the others to form a wedge and they can push through to the wall. As they do, the heroes begin to win the battle.

Battling a dragon, Iron Man states they are tough. And it doesn’t help that he can’t cut loose, since they’re really just pawns, being mind-controlled by Junzo. Just then, Iron Man suddenly loses power to his armor and plummets to the ground. Falling to the ground with a thud, Iron Man thinks to himself that his armor’s sealed up tighter than a drum. They can’t even hear him talk through it. And without the armor to power his artificial heart, he may as well be in a coffin. Rushing over to assist him, Cap asks him what happened. After a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent remarks that her gun isn’t working, Junzo stands atop a dragon and exclaims this is it. Can they feel it? The nullification of all technology is their signal that the transformation is complete. Tokyo is gone. And in its place they have K’Un Lun forever!

Making his way towards him, Wolverine asks if he’s sure about that. Because he’s been runnin’ his mouth about how if either his or Danny’s heart stops beatin’, the process will reverse. As he leaps at Junzo, he tells him that he aims ta test that theory. Upon landing, Junzo is able to kick Wolverine off of him. Landing on his feet, Wolverine tells him that he’s a slippery little punk, he’ll give him that. Somebody trained him good. Junzo exclaims that he has much more at his disposal than simple martial arts skills. Thanks to the generous contribution of his mentor, Hiromitsu, he also controls the elements. With that, Junzo erects a stone pillar that flies out of the ground and knocks into Wolverine. Recovering quickly, Wolverine tells Junzo that still means jack to him. He still bleeds, don’t he?

Watching Wolverine and Junzo battle, Danny remarks that Wolverine’s going to do it. He’s going to kill Junzo. Sneaking up behind Danny, Yu-Ti carries a spear and thinks to himself that killing his nephew, stopping his heartbeat, may be the only way to restore K’Un Lun to its rightful place. Seeing what is transpiring while she fends off ninjas, Misty calls out to Danny to look out. Turning around, Danny sees Yu-Ti and says that, if this is what it’s come down to, this is all his fault and this may be the only way to atone for it. With that, Yu-Ti slams his spear deep into Danny’s chest. Once he does, Misty screams out no and Wolverine and Junzo stop fighting.

With tears in her eyes, Misty kicks Yu-Ti in the face and calls him a monster. He trusted him. Leaning down next to him, Misty tells Danny to hang on. Danny weakly tells her not to worry. Everything’s all… As soon as Danny dies, Tokyo reverts back to normal in a flash. Turning to his Hand ninjas, Junzo tells them that in light of recent developments, he thinks it best if they regroup elsewhere. Wolverine hears him and leaps towards Junzo but before he is able to reach him, Junzo suddenly disappears.

Helping Iron Man up, Cap asks him if he’s all right and asks what happened to him. Iron Man says forget about him. They need to help Danny. There’s got to be a way to revive him. Pointing across the city to the Hall of Ancestors and the Dragon Kings standing in front of it, Psylocke remarks that there might be a chance because K’Un Lun hasn’t completely vanished. Making his way over to Danny, Iron Man begins to tell Misty he’s… Misty cuts him off and tells him it’s too late.

Healed, Cage quickly makes his way over to Misty and Danny and gives Misty a hug. Just then, Cage tells Misty to look. When she does, they see Danny as a ghost, surrounded by a number of other ghosts. Danny tells Luke to relax, it’s okay. He can pick his jaw up off the floor. Surprised, Misty asks how; what is this? Danny informs her that the ghosts around him are the inhabitants of Feng-Tu, K’Un Lun’s land of the dead. They’re preparing to move on to their next phase of existence and he was able to utilize some of the magical energy in the air to say one last goodbye to them all.

Danny’s dad, Wendell Rand, tells his son no. Turning around, Danny asks what’s going on. Wendell tells him that his work on Earth is not yet finished. He needs to remain there, with his family. Danny says his family’s not on Earth, they’re… Danny’s mom, Heather Duncan, points over to Cage and Misty and tells Danny they’re right there, where they’ve always been. Danny asks his mom that she didn’t mean uncle Yu-Ti, she meant Luke and Misty. Cage says he knows it. Danny then tells his mom that it’s too late. He can’t return from Feng-Tu, can he? Heather tells him he said it himself. There is still magic in the air. Consider this their last gift to him. As they leave, Danny states that he can feel it.

Just then, Danny’s soul goes back into his body and he returns to the land of the living. Helping him up, Cage says to him there’s just no keeping him down, is there. Danny asks about Junzo, what happened to him. Wolverine informs him that he’s ‘fraid he got away, used a teleportation spell by the looks of it. Iron Man points out that his comm systems are back online and it sounds like the wall’s vanished and support personnel are moving into the city. Shaking Wolverine’s hand, Danny says he owes all of them so much but especially, him. This wasn’t his fight but they couldn’t have won it without him. Wolverine replies that he’s glad he could help. But he’s not done, especially with that Junzo punk.

Wolverine then asks Danny where he can reach him when he finds him. Removing his mask, Danny says that depends. Turning to Misty, he asks her how she feels about living in Japan. Misty tells him if he’s there, she’s there but why. Petting one of the dragons, Danny says because someone’s gotta look after these big fellas. In K’Un Lun, they’re powerful sorcerers but it looks like they’re stuck in their dragon form now. At least Junzo’s not controlling them anymore.

Wolverine asks so, what. Is he some kinda park ranger now? Danny tells him hardly. These dragons probably aren’t the only leftovers from K’Un Lun. There are bound to be other lingering elements. Plus, Junzo’s still out there with his powers. Between finding him, and maintaining order there in “Little K’Un Lun,” he’d say he’s got his work cut out for him. Cage agrees but tells him to remember what his mom said. He’s got his family to back him up.

Characters Involved: 

Iron Fist (Daniel Rand)

Psylocke, Wolverine (both X-Men)

Captain America

Iron Man


Power Man (Luke Cage)

Misty Knight

Junzo Muto

Various unnamed Hand ninjas

Various unnamed Dragon Kings (inhabitants of K’Un Lun)

Various unnamed S.H.I.E.L.D. agents

Yu-Ti (Danny Rand’s uncle, resident of K’Un Lun)

Various unnamed inhabitants of K’Un Lun

Ghost residents of Feng-Tu (K’Un Lun’s land of the dead) – Heather Duncan (Danny’s mother), Wendell Rand (Danny’s father), and various other unnamed individuals

Various unnamed agents of the Yakiba

Various unnamed inhabitants of Tokyo

Story Notes: 

Daniel Rand had his Iron Fist taken from him by Junzo Muto back in New Warriors (2nd series) #8.

Daniel Rand, as Iron Fist, set into motion a plan that would bring K’Un Lun to their dimension permanently back in Heroes for Hire #8.

Danny Rand regains his Iron Fist powers in Black Panther (2nd series) #38-40 in a storyline entitled “Return of the Dragon.”

Psylocke and the Hand have had a long history, which began with their transference of her consciousness into the Japanese ninja Revanche.

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