Jubilee #1

Issue Date: 
November 2004
Story Title: 
The Fresh Princess of Bel-Air

Robert Kirkman (writer), Derec Donovan (pencils), Casey Jones (cover), Transparancy Digital (colors), VC’s Dave Sharpe (letters), Cory Sedlmeier (editor), Axel Alonso (assistant editor), Joe Quesada (editor-in-chief), Dan Buckley (publisher)

Brief Description: 

Jubilee doesn’t like it any more at Xavier’s school, with all its recent changes, so she has accepted her newly discovered Aunt Hope’s offer and goes to live with her in her house in Los Angeles. At her first day at her new school, Jubilee makes a friend in fellow student, Meg. When visiting the local mall with Meg, she makes another fellow student, Missy, jealous, by staring at Missy’s boyfriend, Dale. When Missy wants to fight her for that, Jubilee unleashes her mutant powers on her and almost gets expelled. But the principal and his assistant make a deal with Jubilee: unless she wants to get expelled, she will become the new school counselor. Not really having a choice, Jubilee accepts the deal. Before going to the next class, Dale apologizes to Jubilee for his girlfriend’s behavior. Jubilee accepts the apology, saying that it wasn’t such a big deal. Dale leaves, saying that he’ll see her around. Watching him go, Jubilee gets a crush on him.

Full Summary: 

Los Angeles, California

A cab driver drops Jubilee off at her spot and helps her with her bags. The driver finds the bag rather heavy and asks what’s in it, but then has second thoughts, realizing that on most occasions he better doesn’t know the answer. Jubilee laughs.

An old woman comes out of her house and is thrilled to finally see Jubilee. Paying the cabdriver, the woman asks Jubilee how her trip was. Fine, Jubilee says, and she and the woman walk to her house, leaving her bag. The woman says not to worry about it, as she’ll send someone to get it. Jubilee’s startled, seeing the magnificent house, believing that this won’t be so bad after all. The woman tells Jubilee to take her shoes off, so she can show her her room. The woman thinks that Jubilee will probably like what she has done with it.

Doing that, Jubilee asks the woman if she truly is her Aunt Hope. “The one and only,” Hope smiles, as they go upstairs. Hope takes a look at the long, yellow coat Jubilee’s wearing and jokes, asking if Jubilee thought that she was living in Alaska or something. Jubilee says she didn’t, but she couldn’t fit the coat in any of her bags and, since she loves it so much, she couldn’t just leave the coat at the school. Jubilee says that she knows it looks ridiculous. Hope smiles, saying that she didn’t want to say anything, but she agrees with that. But, she says, she has been out of style for decades.

Jubilee thanks her aunt for letting her stay there, because Xavier’s school was driving her nuts. Hope says that she is just glad that she found Jubilee when she did. Hope apologizes for that her time in China prevented her from being a part of Jubilee’s life. But when she heard the news of her brother’s death, there was no mention to Hope that he had a daughter. Looking around, Jubilee tells Hope that her timing couldn’t be more perfect. Jubilee explains that she did it fine on her own, but she needs her aunt now. Still, Hope says to Jubilee, losing her parents couldn’t be easy. “Ancient history,” Jubilee replies.

Hope notices what a wonderful young woman Jubilee has grown into. Hope and Jubilee enter her room, which is rather pink-colored, with strange furniture that’s even funnier. Hope says that she did a lot of research, trying to install this room as a typical American girl’s one, since she doesn’t know alot about it because she has only been living here for a few months. Hope asks if she did it right. Jubilee tells Hope that she did, that she truly has outdone herself.

Hope’s happy to see that Jubilee likes the room and leaves her be so that she can rest a little and recuperate from her long plane flight. And, after all, Hope says, Jubilee has her first day at school tomorrow. Jubilee goes to lie down on her bed but, before she can even close her eyes, there’s a knock on her door. The butler enters and gives Jubilee her bag. Jubilee thanks him and jokingly sighs, telling the butler to put the bag near the garishly colored dresser.

Dayton-Noble High School, the next day

Jubilee’s in class and her Algebra teacher introduces Jubilation to the rest of her class. When the teacher asks if Jubilation prefers a nickname he has to use, Jubilation says that most people call her Jubilee. That’s fine by the teacher, and so he begins his class. Afterwards, Jubilee is approached by one of her classmates who introduces herself as Meg. Meg says that she just wants to do her part of welcoming Jubilee. Meg asks if Jubilee’s still adapting to the school and if she really is from New York, which seems like an entire country away to Meg. Jubilee corrects Meg that she was actually born there in Los Angeles, so she’s pretty familiar with the area. She finds it good to see that it hasn’t fallen apart yet.

Meg asks if Jubilee would like to go to the mall with her after school. Jubilee isn’t sure, but Meg quickly cuts in, saying that she isn’t really going to the mall. She means that she would like to go to the mall, but if Jubilee wants to go to the mall, they can go together. Jubilee stops her, saying that she would gladly join her. Jubilee says that she’ll catch Meg after seventh period.

As she goes to her class, Jubilee bumps into the principal, who would like to have a word with her. Jubilee jokes that the line starts at the left. The principal isn’t amused, saying that he has been looking through Jubilee’s file. He knows that Jubilee is a runaway, a rebel even. And he tells Jubilee that he doesn’t want to see any of her New York attitude around there. The principal promises that he’ll personally keep an eye on Jubilee. Jubilee doesn’t mind, since she doesn’t even know who the man is. The principal introduces himself, and Jubilee walks away. The principal’s assistant, Judy, asks why he always has to be so tough on the new students, since Jubilee seemed like a nice girl. Principal Avery knows that they all seem that way.

Later, Jubilee meets up with Meg and phones her aunt, asking if she can go to the mall. Hope, preparing some guns for action, agrees but makes Jubilee promise not to be too late for dinnertime. Jubilee promises. Hope asks if Jubilee is calling from a public phone. She doesn’t approve of that and promises Jubilee to get her a cellphone first thing tomorrow. Jubilee can’t believe her ears.

A few minutes later, at the Twin Pines Mall, Meg asks Jubilee if she really moved in with her aunt. Jubilee explains, saying that the place she was staying at was driving her crazy. It seemed like every other day something bad was happening to her and her friends. Jubilee decided that it was time for a change. She was just getting sick of all the drama. Jubilee says that she never met her aunt before yesterday and her parents died when she was very young. Meg apologizes to her, as she didn’t know that.

Jubilee continues to explain that her aunt apparently didn’t even know that she existed. Her aunt told her she had a falling-out with Jubilee’s parents and they parted ways. When her aunt did find out, she began writing to Jubilee. Jubilee says that her aunt just moved over here and invited her to come live with her. Jubilee guesses that this is her final attempt in getting a family. But Jubilee finds that her aunt’s timing is perfect.

Jubilee pulls her arm through a trashcan and takes a used cup out. A surprised Meg changes the subject and says that she’s glad that she met Jubilee, because she doesn’t have many friends – none, actually. Meg sees Jubilee going to a fastfood restaurant and asks what she’s doing. Jubilee cuts in, not believing that Meg doesn’t have any friends and asks what’s wrong with her.

Meg didn’t hear that and asks Jubilee to repeat herself. Jubilee asks the waiter of the fastfood restaurant for a free refill. She tells Meg that there has to be something wrong with her if she doesn’t have any friends. Jubilee just can’t see what, because Meg seems just fine to her. Meg guesses that she’s a nerd, and a spaz. Meg says that she doesn’t even know why she is bothering to talk to Jubilee, as she thinks that she’ll just be making fun of her at the end of the week with all the rest, if not sooner. Meg says that she doesn’t know but hoped that Jubilee might not have noticed it. Jubilee gets impatient and yells at the waiter to get her refill! The waiter gets scared and does as told, and doesn’t notice that Jubilee steals a cookie from a jar.

Jubilee tells Meg that she doesn’t care that she’s a nerd, why would anyone? Meg doesn’t understand and asks if Jubilee thinks that they can be friends. Jubilee says that it’s sure looking that way. Having her free “refill,” Jubilee and Meg walk out. Meg asks if Jubilee paid for the cookie. Jubilee tells Meg to be cool and grab a table. Jubilee stares around a bit and notices some kids. Jubilee asks Meg if she knows who they are, as Jubilee thinks that she has seen them at school today. Meg explains to Jubilee that she is looking at the “upper echelon of the social ladder at Payton-Noble High.” The kids they are looking at are the most popular ones present.

Jubilee asks who the guy in the front is whom she thinks is cute. A startled Meg tells Jubilee to be quiet. Jubilee doesn’t know why she should. Meg explains that it’s fine now, but tells Jubilee that she’d better not get into the habit of saying things like that in front of Dale Spangler’s girlfriend, Missy Lopez. Dale and Missy have been dating for eight months and, if Missy catches someone just dreaming about her boyfriend, she beats them almost to death. Meg says that she has seen it happening. Suddenly, Dale and his gang stand in front of the table. Dale asks if Jubilee is the new kid at school and asks for her name, as he didn’t catch it before.

Jubilee introduces herself. Dale says he like it, because the name is an original one. Dale’s surprised that Jubilee is born in California, but welcomes her to their little corner of the public education system. Dale and his friends leave and Dale says that he’ll see her later. As they go, Missy takes an angry look at Jubilee. Meg tells Jubilee that she’s in for it.

Later, Jubilee goes home, but it’s already night. Jubilee enters the house and yells that she’s sorry that she’s late, but had lost track of time, but it’s okay because she doesn’t have any homework. Nobody answers and the house is all dark. Jubilee puts a light on and hears some music. She follows the sound that leads to the butler’s room. The butler tells Jubilee that her aunt is out for the night but should be back soon and that the food is in the kitchen. He’s off-duty. Jubilee is impressed by the stylish room the butler has and says that she wants his room.

Next day at school, Jubilee’s in gym, playing Dodgeball, and gets a ball kicked on her head. Meg tried to warn her, but it was too late. Jubilee says it’s all right but somebody else is going to pay for it, though. 20 minutes later, a laughing Meg and Jubilee walk out of the gymnasium. Meg says that Jubilee sure showed them. Jubilee explains that she used to be a gymnast and still remembers some of the moves. Plus, she is really good when she’s on her game and, today, she was. Jubilee says she’s hitting the showers and Meg’s going to drink some water.

In the showers, Jubilee gets surprised by Missy and her friend, Amber. Missy says that she won’t put up with Jubilee staring at her boyfriend. A calm Jubilee tells her to let it go. Missy gets even angrier, yelling if Jubilee just pushed her. Jubilee says that she just didn’t do that, but does now! Jubilee pushes both Missy and Amber down and they begin to fight. Jubilee has enough of it and unleashes her mutant powers. Missy and Amber fall back, but Judy has heard it all. When Judy asks what’s happening, Jubilee tries to defend herself, saying that she didn’t start it. However, Judy isn’t interested in that and takes Jubilee to the principal’s office. After they are gone, Meg thinks how she found it all so cool.

Principal Avery is really angry that Jubilee already injured two of his top students on her second day. Avery says that they rarely have any problems with either Missy and Amber. This tells him that Jubilee is the problem and ignored his warning of yesterday. Avery thinks that Jubilee wanted a fight. Jubilee tries to defend herself, saying that Missy and Amber started it. Avery says that is not the issue now. His point is that Jubilee nearly blinded those two girls with her... magical powers.

Avery finds Jubilee a danger to the entire school and a loose cannon. Avery wants to know what Jubilee is. A mutant? Some extra-human freak? Avery says that he has read Jubilee’s file and saw that she came from Xavier’s School For Gifted Youngsters. He thinks himself to be stupid, as he should have made the connection himself. Avery says that he saw Xavier on the news and doesn’t know what he is either. First, he says, Xavier claims to be a mutant activist and the next he comes out as a mutant. Avery bothers himself that these kinds of kids turn into bombs when they hit puberty. He finds them just too dangerous.

Avery asks Jubilee if there is a reason why she didn’t tell them that she was a mutant when she enrolled her. Jubilee jokes that there was no box to cross on the enrolment form. Avery isn’t amused and tells Jubilee that he sees no other option but to expel her! Judy most certainly does not agree with this and comes out against it. She tells Avery that he can’t just expel Jubilee because she is a mutant, because there are laws against things like that. If he does that, they would have a major scandal on their hands. Avery says that he hadn’t thought of that and asks what Judy has in mind.

Judy claims that she has something in mind that shall both benefit the school and Jubilee. Judy says that she is in need of a peer counselor. Someone who can talk to the students on their level. Someone who can identify with them. Judy thinks that Jubilee would know what it’s like to be an outsider and believes that she would be capable of helping them. Judy says that this will be an after-school job, so she can talk to the students after everyone else has went home. Jubilee agrees, seeing that this is going to be the only way out of not getting expelled. Jubilee goes outside and Meg says hi to her, asking if she got in trouble. Jubilee says that she did, a little bit.

Meg asks Jubilee if she truly is a mutant. “All my life,” Jubilee replies. She bets that Meg doesn’t find it so bad to be a nerd now. Meg says that Jubilee must be kidding her, as she always wanted to be a mutant, as she hears about them all the time on the news. Meg asks if Jubilee can do anything else with her powers. Jubilee jokes that she can fly. Meg almost believes it, but realizes that Jubilee is teasing her. Dale says hi to Jubilee and Meg tells “Jubes” that she has a class and will see her later. Jubilee tells Meg not to call her “Jubes.”

After Meg leaves, Dale appears and says he’s sorry, apologizing for Missy’s behavior, as she just sometimes gets jealous. And Amber just likes to tag along. Dale says that he would have stopped them if he knew what they were up to, also adding that the school nurse told him that they both are seeing okay now. Jubilee, smiling, says that she really didn’t mean to hurt them. Putting his hand on her shoulder, Dale says that he knows that she didn’t and that she is probably the one who got into trouble and apologizes again. Jubilee says that it’s not such a big deal. Dale leaves and says that he’ll see her later. Jubilee, almost not able to stand on her knees, seems to have a crush on him and says, “Yeah… this won’t be so bad at all.”

Characters Involved: 

Jubilee (former X-Man)

Hope Lee (Jubilee’s aunt)

Meg (Jubilee’s friend)

Dale Spangler

Missy Lopez (Dale’s girlfriend)

Amber (Missy’s friend)

Carlton Avery (Jubilee’s principal)

Judy Kingsley (Avery’s assistant)

Jubilee’s Algebra teacher (unnamed)

Hope’s butler (unnamed)

cab driver (unnamed)

other kids in Jubilee’s class and school (unnamed)

other kids and workers at the Twin Pines Mall (unnamed)

Story Notes: 

Jubilee falls under Marvel Comics “Marvel Age” line and is marked with an “All Ages” rating.

The title of this story is a homage to the once popular TV-series called “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” starring popular actor/singer Will Smith. Bel-Air is also situated in Los Angeles, California.

It’s uncertain, but Jubilee’s principal, Carlton Avery’s name could also be made out of two of that show’s actors/characters. There was Carlton Banks, played by actor Alfonso Ribeiro, and there also was actor James Avery, who played Uncle Philip Banks.

Jubilee used to be a member of the X-Men, living at their school, but she wasn’t included in any of the three newly reformed teams. Her status afterwards remained unclear, as she hadn’t been seen since. [X-Men (2nd series) #157]

Jubilee’s parents were accidentally killed, because the gangsters mistook them for a criminal couple named Lee. Now and orphan and believing that she was now with no extended family, Jubilee was soon adopted afterwards by a couple living across her street, who were also named Lee. But Jubilee didn’t like it there and ran away from them, eventually finding her way to the X-Men. [Wolverine (2nd series) #72-74, Uncanny X-Men #244]

Jubilee indeed used to be a talented gymnast, but rather used her skills in petty theft, stealing things at the local mall with her best friend. [Generation X #24]

Professor Charles Xavier indeed pretended to be a strong mutant activist for years before the public, but was recently revealed to the entire world that he was a mutant. He didn’t had much of a choice to reveal this, because his body had been taken over by his evil twin sister, Cassandra Nova. [New X-Men #116]

The name of the local mall, Twin Pines Mall, is from the Back to the Future movies, also set in California (though in the fictional town of Hill Valley). After he traveled back in time and ran over one of two pine trees in Old Man Peabody’s farm (where he was breeding pine trees – the same location where the mall would be built in the future) Marty McFly returned to the present to see the mall now named “Lone Pine Mall.”

The character used in this series is Jubilee II, and is not to be confused with Jubilee I, a young name named Darla who befriended Longshot on Earth and was temporarily transformed into a supberbeing by Mojo.

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