Jubilee #2

Issue Date: 
December 2004
Story Title: 
The Melanchony Life of Meg Devereux

Robert Kirkman (writer), Derec Donovan (pencils), Casey Jones (cover), Transparancy Digital (colors), VC’s Dave Sharpe (letters), Cory Sedlmeier (editor), Axel Alonso (assistant editor), Joe Quesada (editor-in-chief), Dan Buckley (publisher)

Brief Description: 

Judy Kingsley tries to brief Jubilee into how to be a student counselor, but that is easier said that done. Afterwards, Jubilee goes back to her friend, Meg, who gets bugged by the other kids. They even joke about Jubilee being a mutant and sadistically ask her if she’s going to kill them with her powers. Jubilee, not bothered by it, jokingly responds back that’s not such a bad idea. The kids leave her be from now on. Later, Jubilee gets approached by Dale, who wants to know more about her mutant powers. Jubilee explains to him what her powers are. Later, Dale tells Jubilee that he and Missy broke up. Time passes, and Jubilee meets up with Meg and tells her all this. Jubilee thinks that Dale wants to ask her out, but fears that he’ll only do it to maintain his popularity. After spending some free time with Meg at the mall, Jubilee takes a cab back home to her Aunt Lee. In front of the house, she is surprised by her aunt, who doesn’t want Jubilee taking cabs anymore and instead has bought her a scooter! Next day at school, Jubilee talks to Dale again, wanting to ask him out. Dale stops her, telling Jubilee that he is back with Missy. At gym, Jubilee talks to Meg about this, who seems to be distracted by the other kids making fun of her. Jubilee notices and tells Meg not to let those kids get to her. Jubilee says that she has to do the same thing with all the mutant haters calling her “mutie” constantly. Meg understands. At the end of the school day, Jubilee goes back to Judy’s office. Judy congratulates Jubilee about her conversation with Meg, who puts everything into perspective now. Judy knows that Jubilee is finally getting the hang of counseling. Later that night, when Jubilee is back home, she finds her aunt and the butler coming back home. Hope is badly injured after her “business meeting” and has to sleep it off. Jubilee doesn’t seem to be bothered by it and simply walks back to her room.

Full Summary: 

Judy Kingsley sits desperately in an office, saying, “my boyfriend keeps making advances. And I don’t know how to tell him that I’m not ready. I don’t want him to break up with me.” Jubilee tells her to dump the guy, as she can probably do better.

Judy isn’t pleased with her response, explaining to Jubilee that she is going the wrong way with this and, from now on, she’d better do her best to work with her. Judy tells some more teen-problems to Jubilee, who gives laughable answers to them. Judy asks Jubilee to stop it. Jubilee doesn’t understand it. Judy apologizes, thinking that Jubilee wasn’t joking and telling her what she would really tell to the students. Judy explains that she knows that this isn’t much fun, but that Jubilee has to do this from preventing the principal expelling her. Judy believes that Jubilee could use some help with this.

Judy explains that it’s not all that difficult. That Jubilee has to try to convince the serious cases to talk to their parents, but not be too forceful. Judy says that Jubilee shouldn’t say this to drive those students away, but to just do her best to suggest that as a viable option. And for everything else, Judy continues explaining, Jubilee should just talk to the students and tell them what she thinks. Judy says that some kids can be very cruel and mostly don’t have many friends. Those students are getting picked on and don’t have anyone to turn to. It’s Jubilee’s job to be there for those in need.

Meanwhile, at the lunchroom, Meg sits alone at a table. Some kids make fun of her, but Meg doesn’t even stand up to defend herself. The kids don’t stop their joking, but Meg still doesn’t do anything about it. They all laugh at her, real loud, but Meg still doesn’t do anything. Jubilee shows up and sits next to her, eating her lunch. Jubilee asks Meg what the kids’ problem is, but Meg claims that it’s nothing. One of the kids mocks at the fact that Jubilee’s a mutant and if she’s going to use her powers on them to kill them all. Jubilee isn’t bothered by it and responds proudly that isn’t such a bad idea. The kids keep themselves quiet now and leave.

Jubilee tells Meg that she’s got another meeting with the counselor after dinner and asks Meg if she wants to hang at the mall afterwards. “Absolutely,” Meg answers. Suddenly, Dale shows up behind them and asks Jubilee is really a mutant. Jubilee confirms. Dale asks Jubilation what her powers are. Jubilee, not really want to answer that, jokes about it but Dale is serious and really wants to know. Jubilee says that she made that clear yesterday. Dale says that Jubilee did just fine then and asks his question again. Jubilee explains that she can combust molecules, and make them explode. Jubilee is sure of it that she can do a lot of practical stuff with her powers, but the only thing she has learned so far is to make a little light show.

Jubilee asks Dale if he’s freaked out now. Dale says it’s okay, since this is Los Angeles and all that, and you live through quite a few nasty things when you live there. Jubilee asks what Dale is doing, because if Missy is going to find out about them talking, she will have to fight her again. Dale tells her not to worry about that anymore, since he and Missy broke up. Time passes, and Jubilee tells Meg about Dale. Jubilee thinks that he wanted to make sure that she knew he and Missy broke up and wants to ask her out now. But Jubilee also fears that Dale just wants to do that because he’ll lose his popularity if he stays single for too long. Meg asks Jubilee if she thinks that Dale might be out of her league. Jubilee says that she is still the “new girl” around here, so here league is yet to be determined.

Later at the Twin Pines mall…

Meg asks Jubilee if she uses her powers much. Jubilee confirms that she did, but not that much since she arrived here. Except for the time, of course, when she fought with Missy and Amber, and one night when she woke up from a nightmare and didn’t want to turn the light on. Meg asks if Jubilee has to charge up first before she can use them. Jubilee denies, revealing that her powers don’t work that way. Meg asks, if she wants to, can Jubilee rob the jewelry store across them, by just blinding everyone in the store and walk away safe. Jubilee confirms that she could, if she wanted to be a super-villain! Jubilee says that she has little interest in that, joking that she’d have to deal with Captain America or someone else who’ll most likely hunt her down afterwards. Meg can’t believe that she actually knows a mutant.

Two hours later, Jubilee takes a cab back home. In front of the house, she finds a scooter with a note on it, with her name and that says “No more cabs!-aunt Hope.” A surprised Jubilee enters the house and calls out to her aunt, who sits in the living room with her butler, drinking coffee. The butler says that it was his idea to buy Jubilee a bike. Hope tells him to cut it out, explaining that she was just tired to see Jubilee coming back home riding a cab. Jubilee still can’t believe it, but thanks her aunt for the cool gifts: first the cell phone, and now this! The butler jokes that it was all his idea. Hope asks Jubilee how school is. Jubilee answers that everything is going just fine, but has to study now. Hope likes that idea and wishes her luck.

The next day at school, Meg walks alone through the halls and notices the other kids laughing at her. Cory, one of the kids, tells Meg not to let the others get to her. Meg thanks him for the advice. Cory says it’s nothing, and pushes Meg into the janitor’s closet and locks her inside! Meg hears them laughing and begs to let her out, but nobody does. She turns the light on in the dark closet and takes a look around. She finds a huge bra, and says “cool.” Later, at the end of the school day, Jubilee again talks to Judy. Jubilee tells Judy that she can’t do the job and that the principal can just expel her.

Judy says that she knows that Jubilee can handle it. Judy says that she knows that Jubilee has lived a lot of different lives in her short years, referring to her getting orphaned, and all the events she went through with the X-Men. Judy is confident that Jubilee has a lot of perspective, if she will just be herself and listen to the students. Jubilee still isn’t sure. Judy tells Jubilee that she’ll find out herself, because she is going to start with it tomorrow.

Later that night, at home, Jubilee wakes up and goes downstairs. She notices her aunt in a leather outfit. Jubilee asks what’s going on. Hope apologizes, explaining that she is going away on business until tomorrow. She wanted to tell Jubilee, but forgot, but meant for Brad to tell her. Jubilee’s okay with that. Hope apologizes again, realizing that Jubilee will probably need some money for tomorrow and gives her fifty dollars! Jubilee doesn’t know what to say. Hope thinks she made a mistake, asking if Jubilee needs more money. Jubilee says yes!

The next day at school, Jubilee notices Dale standing at his locker and goes to talk to him, planning on asking him out. Dale stops her, saying that he and Missy got back together. A few hours later, at gym class, Jubilee talks to Meg about all this. Meg’s distracted by all the other kids making fun of her. Jubilee notices and tries to cheer Meg up. Jubilee tells Meg not to let the kids get to her and not to let their mocking affect her life. Jubilee gives the example with her being a mutant, and constantly being hated and feared by most people and being called “mutie.” Jubilee says that she too doesn’t listen to those people, because she knows that they are all losers. Just like all those kids are. Meg understands and they go play ping-pong together.

Later, Jubilee goes back to discuss matters with Judy. Judy congratulates Jubilee on a job well done. When Jubilee asks for what, Judy explains that she has been talking to Meg, who told her that Jubilee helped her put things into perspective. Jubilee still doesn’t get it, because she was just talking to her. Judy explains that this is what counseling is all about: just talking… and listening! And Jubilee is getting the hang of it. Jubilee happily smiles.

That night, Jubilee takes some time to redecorate her room with some posters. She gets hungry and goes to the kitchen to cook something. Jubilee finds some cornflakes and takes them. Then, Brad enters the room carrying a badly injured Hope over his shoulders. Brad explains that Hope’s business meeting went badly. Hope tells Jubilee that she is just fine. Brad says that Hope needs to sleep it off now. Jubilee walks back to her room, telling them that she’s just fine with that.

Characters Involved: 


Hope Lee (Jubilee’s aunt)

Brad (Hope’s butler)

Meg Devereux (Jubilee’s friend)

Dale Spangler

Judy Kingsley (the principal’s assistant)

Cory and various other kids at Jubilee’s school

Story Notes: 

Throughout the story, during the night at her Aunt Hope’s place, Jubilee wears a shirt with an “X” on it. The “X” of course refers to the X-Men.

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