Knights of X #2

Issue Date: 
June 2022
Story Title: 
Never Split the Party

Tini Howard (writer), Bob Quinn (artist), Erick Arciniega (color artist), Virtual Calligraphy's Ariana Maher (letterer), Tom Muller (designer), Yanick Panquette & Alejandro Sanchez (cover artists), Mateus Manhaini (variant cover artist), Jay Bowen & Nick Russell (production), Anita Okoye (assistant editor), Sarah Brunstad (editor), Jordan D White (senior editor), CB Cebulski (editor-in-chief)

Brief Description: 

At the Lunatic Asylum, Merlyn is angry with his forces who have failed to destroy the witchbreed within Otherworld. Moreover, he is not impressed that two of the leaders of the realms of Otherworld are witchbreed themselves – the mysterious Mister M who is sealed away in his realm, and Mad Jim Jaspers, present at the meeting of the realm leaders – until Merlyn orders the Furies to restrain Mad Jim and take him away. On Krakoa, another group of leaders is in session, with the Quiet Council gathered as Captain Britain communicates telepathically with them from the Lavender Keep on Otherworld, explaining that they are on a quest to find the Siege Perilous. Sinister is interested to know what has happened to Mordred since his resurrection before Jubilee interrupts the meeting, concerned for Shogo, her son. Captain Britain assures Jubilee that she will keep Shogo safe. The communication ends, with Captain Britain assited by Rachel and three of the Captain Britain Corps in projecting the communication, though not without Sinister asking Captain Britain to bring him some of Mordred's DNA. Captain Britain and Rachel are soon alerted to a fight between Kylun and Mordred, and along with the other knights go to investigate, and put an end to the misunderstanding. Captain Britain suggests that the knights proceed with their quest for the Siege Perilous, before Rachel picks up a psychic distress call – Mad Jim Japsers is in danger. Gambit leads Meggan, Rachel, Kylun and Bei to the Crooked Market, assisted by the elderly local woman Geraldine. The knights find several mutants hiding in an underground tavern and Gambit gives them some supplies. Meggan is impressed by Gambit's kindness and tells him that if Rogue were here, she would tell him what a good man he is. Gambit tells Meggan that he misses Rogue, and they hug. Rachel is in telepathic communication with Captain Britain and informs her that she has scanned the minds of the locals, and determined that they are all scared of something called Brightswill. Captain Britain explains that that is the drink which Wolverine and Storm were defeated by during the recent tournament. At Roma's Floating Kingdom, Rictor and Shatterstar drink some wine while Captain Britain and Roma discuss what to do with Shogo, and agree to leave him at the Floating Kingdom so that Roma can train him. Captain Britain, Rictor, Shatterstar and Mordred then arrive in Blightspoke to find any allies, but what they find is the realm overrun by the Vescora, who have taken control of the refineries located at Blightspoke. There, Captain Britain finds Sheriff Gia Whitechappel and her posse held prisoner. Rictor, Shattertar and Mordred battle the Vescora, while Captain Britain works to free the sheriff and her posse, until they seemingly sacrifice themselves into the pits of lava within the refinery. After doing some damage against the Vescora, they escape, with Captain Britain telepathically contacting Rachel, who is under attack from several Furies, who have arrived at the Crooked Market. Amazing Baby leads some innocents to safety, while Rachel and Gambit work together to bring one of the Furies down. Meggan, Kylun and Bei work together to defeat another of the Furies, before they find Mad Jim Jaspers, held prisoner. Meanwhile, Captain Britain, Rictor, Shatterstar and Mordred arrive at the Sevalithi border to find help within the realm of the vampires.

Full Summary: 

The Lunatic Citadel, on Otherworld, where Merlyn is holding council with the leaders of the various provinces within Otherworld. 'We had the witchbreed on the ropes, you pathetic fools!' the wizard shouts. 'Captain Britain was in hiding! Reduced to scraping by aand soothing her failure with rescue missions!' Merlyn declares that soon enough, they would have killed her, and Lady Saturnyne would be his prisoner, personally emptying the contents of his chamber pot at his beck and call. Arthur watches Merlyn as the powerful wizard shouts 'But now Braddock has brought more mutants!' he blames the leaders of the provinces gathered before him and tells them that they haver failed to clean their own streets of witchbreed. 'I can hardly trust you' he snaps. Roma reclines on her seat as she listens to her mad father, while Mad Jim Jaspers stands nearby.

Meryln's rant continues: 'Two of your number are even mutants yourselves! That mysterious Mister M seals his province and then refuses to bend the knee before the Omniversal Majestor? Who knows what he could be building in there?' Merlyn asks. He turns to two strange representatives of the Mercator province, but they do not respond to him. 'Anything to say on behalf of your leader? Hm? No? The legendary Merlyn restores order to Otherworld and your witchbreed leader cannot thank me for my mercy with a visit?' Merlyn then looks past his daughter Roma and turns to Mad Jim Jaspers: 'You're Witchbreed. Perhaps you should answer for the other one'. Jim Jaspers looks slightly nervous as he replies 'Merlyn, you old coffin-dodger, are you having a laugh? Mercator's a loon, I don't know what he's up to -' Jim starts to say, before Merlyn orders two Furies to seize Jim Jaspers.

'What? Mutant or no, I've been very loyal financially!' Jim Jaspers calls out as the Furies put a collar around his neck. Merlyn declares that what he needs can't be bought, and decides that it is too risky to have Jaspers, or Mercator, in his council. 'Take him away. Find a use for him' Merlyn orders the Furies. Jaspers looks horrified at the large collar around his neck. 'You bastard! This is Blightswill! Jaspers calls out as the Furies drag him away. 'Taking away powers is a way to make us witchbreed real cross! You'll regret this!' Jaspers warns Merlyn. 'Krakoa won't stand for it!' he calls out.

At that moment, on Krakoa, the the Quiet Council are in session. Charles Xavier stands up as Captain Britain telepathically projects an image to the council – the Siege Perilous. Captain Britain explains that it is a sacred crystal portal given to them by Roma, Merlyn's daughter. 'When I led the X-Men, it was the last resort that saved our lives when we needed escape...and within its facets lie every version of ourselves' Captain Britain explains. She tells Charles that it is their Holy Grail, but only part of why they are here. 'Otherworld is hell for our kind' Captain Britain utters. Charles looks concerned and tells Captain Britain that it is good to hear from her. 'Our hearts are with the mutants trapped there with you. And news of the Siege Perilous is welcome, if not...unexpected' Charles adds. 'What about MorBdred? I heard you made a little inconclusive genetic soup in Arbor Magna. How'd that turn out? Did you get a kinder, gentler Modred?' Mr Sinister asks, smirking.

Suddenly, Jubilee rushes into the council and sees Captain Britain's telepathic projection. 'Betsy! Where's Shogo? Is he safe? Can I see him?' she asks, referring to her dragon-son. Captain Britain assures Jubilee that Shogo is safe and happy, and apologizes to her, explaining that she didn't know the quest wouldn't bring her through. Jubilee wipes some tears from her eyes and tells Captain Britain that is okay, but she doesn't care, so long as Shogo is okay. 'You gotta watch him, Betsy, if something happens to him -' Jubilee begins, before Betsy assures her that she won't let it. 'We're taking him to Roma for help. But I don't have much time -' Betsy begins.

On Otherworld, in the Lavender Keep, where Betsy Braddock a.k.a. Captain Britain sits in a circle, holding hands with Rachel Summers a.k.a. Prestige, and three members of the Captain Britain Corps – the Violet Swan, Queen Elizabeth III and Elspeth Braddock – as they commune telepathically with Krakoa. Betsy reports that she doesn't know how long they can maintain this, and that it wasn't until Rachel arrived that the Corps could create a circuit powerful enough to send a message home at all. 'Not that hard' Rachel boasts, but Betsy tells her that she exhausted and they are stopping. 'I'm fine' Rachel replies. Betsy answers Sinister's question by reporting that Mordred found them. 'And if we can sit at a table with snakes like you, I think we can trust him. He is one of  us – a mutant and a knight. With any luck, the Siege Perilous will take all of us home...and Krakoa will be Mordred's home too'. Betsy declares, before the telepathic transmission ends. 'Well, bring me back some of his blood or something if he dies in there. Hair's fine, too' Sinister calls out. Xavier announces that the meeting is adjourned. 'But let us not forget to hold our Knights in our hearts while they are far away...' Xavier utters as he and Nightcrawler comfort Jubilee, and follow Emma Frost and Kate Pryde out of the council chambers.

With the telepathic transmission concluded, Rachel leans backwards and exclaims 'Phew. That was exhausting'. Betsy smiles and tells her friend 'I thought you were fine?' 'You are such a pain, Betsy Braddock, I swear!' Rachel grins. Shogo the dragon suddenly appears at a window. Betsy waves at Shogo and tells him that they spoke with his mummy, and adds that he will be seeing Lady Roma very soon. Suddenly, 'Coward!' a voice calls out. Betsy and Rachel leap out of the window and Amazing Baby, Rachel's warwolf pup, looks down at a battle transpiring below between Colin McKay a.k.a. Kylun and Mordred. Betsy's other allies are nearby, too. Remy LeBeau a.k.a. Gambit and Meggan Braddock stand near Shogo, while Bei the Blood Moon readies her own weapon. Julio Richter a.k.a. Rictor and his partner in life and battle, Shatterstar, are on a balcony as they look down to the sword fight below. 'You play tricks on my mind? Shall I play tricks with yours?' Kylun asks. 'You misunderstand me, you great beast, I -' Mordred begins as he raises his sword.

'BEAST? YOU DARE?' Kylun shouts with a fury that knocks Mordred backwards. 'Oh, for heaven's sake boys, settle down' someone calls out. 'I have no tricks of the mind! I swear it!' Mordred exclaims as he uses a barrell lid as a shield to protect himself from Kylun, before Rachel goes over to Kylun and tells him to stop. 'He isn't messing with your head. We would know. You trust me?' she asks him. 'Mordred vexes me, Rachel. And I am a calm man!' Kylun utters. Rachel suggests that Kylun let Mordred spar with Shatterstar or Bei, instead. '...perhaps that is wise' Kylun agrees, while rubbing his head. 'If you feel like sparring...' Betsy begins, turning to Bei, who tells her that her blood thunders, and to point her in the proper direction. 'That's the spirit' Betsy replies, informing Bei that she needs to take Shogo to Roma, and from there, they will determine where to look for the Siege Perilous. 'Betsy!' Rachel calls out, grabbing her hand, she announces that Mad Jim is crying out for help. 'Do you hear that?' Rachel asks. Betsy goes wide-eyed and tells her friends that there is a change of plans, and that a team needs to go to the Crooked Market. 'Gambit's yo man. I even got a special delivery for my friends inside...' Gambit grins.

Soon, at the Crooked Market, an elderly woman called Geraldine shuffles down an empty lane, carefully looking over her shoulder, she then crouches near a trapdoor in the ground and waves to someone, beckoning them to come towards her. 'Okay team. Geraldine says de coast is clear' Gambit remarks. Wearing cloaks to hide their faces, Gambit, Meggan, Kylun, Rachel and Bei move towards Gerladine, while Meggan looks around and notices that the Crooked Market is not as it once was. 'Oh dear. This place...was so much more joyful when I last arrived' she utters. Gambit frowns at Geraldine and reminds her she said she would take them to the tavern where all the undesirables like them are hiding out. 'That trapdoor doen't look like a shop entrance to me. You're not trying to trick us, are you?' Gambit asks. 'You wouldn't do that to your old pal Gambit?' But Geraldine doesn't answer, she just looks up at Gambit, who smiles and points out that it's only fair Geraldine receives a snack for risking herself. 'Now you swear that's the way in?' Gambit asks as he hands the old woman what appears to be a Pop Tart. She shuffles away, munching down on the pastry. 'That's as good an answer as we'll get, folks. Let's go' Gambit tells the others.

Shortly, Gambit and the others are in a secret tavern, where Gambit empties a satchel onto a table, various candies and wrapped food fall onto the table, and those hiding in the tavern reach for the treats. 'Here you go, mes amis! Gambit never gon' letchu down. I know food jbeen scarce and you been rationing, so eat up!' Gambit exclaims. Gambit turns to Meggan and tells her that now they have a party, and laments that he wished they could have brought a keg. Meggan tells Gambit that he has done quite a lot for these people, and asks if he packed his coat with snacks before the ritual. Gambit explains that he didn't expect it to be this bad, he thought he would be selling them – but these people need his sweet charity. Meggan throws her arms around Gambit and hugs him. 'If Rogue were here, she'd tell you what a good man you are. So I will tell you' Meggan utters. Gambit smiles and thanks Meggan, adding that he misses Rogue. 'She mmisses you too. I just know it' Meggan remarks. 'She busy -' Gambit begins. 'She loves you' Meggan assures him. '...Awright' Gambit tells her.

Gambit then declares that he can't really go accepting any praise until they find Mad Jim, as that's what they are here for. 'Foul Merlyn is not shy with his evils!' Kylun calls out. 'He announced it with pride – they have Jim, and soon they will have the whole of the Market in their clutches!' Kylun declares. 'Not while we stand to defed it' Bei the Blood Moon suggests, while Rachel telepathically contacts Betsy and reports that she is scanning the folks in the Crooked Market, and detects that they are really scared of something called Blightswill. 'Why does that ring a bell?' Rachel asks as she pours herself a drink. 'Because it's  the only drink I've ever seen knock Logan and Storm on their asses' Betsy telepathically responds. 'Huh?' Rachel asks, puzzled, before Betsy tells her to hold that thought.

At the Floating Kingdom of Roma Regina, Shogo flies above the Floating Kingdom, while Mordred sits by himself, and Shatterstar and Rictor smile at each other as they drink some champagne. Roma looks up at Shogo and remarks to Captain Britain 'You're remanding one of your most powerful knights into my care for the duration of your quest? For training, you say?' she asks. Roma confesses to long wanting to train Shogo, but points out that Captain Britain seemed mostly concerned with his safety. 'You know he could be a vital weapon in your war on my father' Roma adds. Shogo smiles as he flies around, and Captain Britain replies 'Perhaops. Before he's a knight, Roma, he's Jubilee's son. He's a baby, an innocent. And I know that his quest...may not be the same as mine' Captain Britain remarks as she looks up at Shogo. 'Hm. Clever, Captain Britain. And kind. The sort of noble act one might demand from a knight on a heroic quest' Roma smiles.

Roma then asks Captain Britain what next – with her flying beast parked here with her, how will she search for the Siege Perilous. 'It'll wait' Captain Britain replies, before asking Roma if she knew that Merlyn is using Blightswill on the Market's citizens. 'Not just them – he apprehended Mad Jim at court. Arthur claims a Ser Vescora among his numbers, and Blightspoke's representative, Sheriff Whitechapel, hasn't been heard from in some time' Roma reveals. Roma turns to Ric, Shatterstar and Mordred and tells them that since their Captain has graciously given up their mode of transportation, she will offer her aid. 'Where are we headed?' Rictor asks. Captain Britain announces that they are going to see what has become of their allies in Blightspoke. 'Is it possible they've turned on us?' Mordred asks. 'Sweet Mordred. You ought to know that in Otherworld, anything is possible' Roma smiles, snapping her fingers.

An instant later, Captain Britain, Ric, Shatterstar and Mordred appear through a portal above Blightspoke, now a dark realm, where a countless number of Vescora are gathered in the name of Merlyn. Rachel telepathically contacts Betsy, 'Can you hear me?' she asks. Betsy telepathically reports that they are in Blightspoke, that the sheriff is missing, and they thought she might have betrayed them, but it seems like there has been a coup. Rachel tells Betsy to be careful, and to keep her posted. 'Will do. And I'll keep my eyes open for the Siege Perilous – I don't even know where to bloody look – perhaps somewhere under all of these Vescora' Betsy remarks as she follows Shatterstar into battle. 'RAAAAH!' Shatterstar screams as he charges through the Vescora. Betsy tells her team that Whitechapel would not have gone down without a fight, and announces that she will send a psychic call for her. 'Let's clear some space' she suggests. 'Yes, Captain!' Rictor and Shatterstar reply in unison as Rictor unleashes a powerful vibration which knocks the Vescora aside, and clearing a path among them.

Rictor remarks that Blightspoke comes out of the ground weak enough to drink, and supposes that Merlyn must be working with the Vescora to refine it if it's strong enough to take down Mad Jim. 'Refineries. Of course. Rictor, with me!' Captain Britain exclaims as she grabs Rictor and flies up above the Vescora, towards a large factory, glowing with fiery waterfalls and orange smoke. 'There's a whole quarry...' Rictor begins. Betsy realizes that this is where Merlyn's army mine and refine their hatful poison. She notices a hanging cage and senses the Sheriff and her posse within it. Rictor tells Captain Britain that it will be not problem for he and Shatterstar to bring this place down. Rictor suggests Captain Britain go get the Sheriff, and tells her that he'll watch Mordred, as she is stealthiest on her own. 'I know you're going to do something reckless. In fact, I'm counting on it' Captain Britain replies.

Rictor rides a chunk of rock on seismic vibrations back to the battle, 'STAR! C'mon!' he calls out to his partner. 'Not when I'm having such fun, please, Julio!' Shatterstar calls back as his blades slice through the Vescora, drawing green blood which splatters everywhere. 'Ser Shatterstar? I am brave, but I fear we'll be overwhelmed' Mordred remarks as he shoves his blade into one of the Vescora. 'Star? C'mon, no more playing!' Rictor calls out as he hovers above the battle. Shatterstar laughs and exclaims that he is fine, alive in the thrill of combat. 'Ser Rictor, I would like your help!' Mordred utters. 'All aboard? We've got plenty more to bring down before we're done!' Rictor declares after Mordred climbs onto the chunk of rock hovering above the Vescora, and Shattestar leaps up and clings to the edge of it as Rictor uses his powers to bring down a nearby cliff, burying the Vescora under tons of rubble.

Captain Britain hovers in front of the hanging cage, where Sheriff Gia Whitechapel and her posse are imprisoned. 'Well, Cap'n Betsy Braddock. I'm always glad to clap eyes on ya, but I'm extra pleased this time' the sheriff remarks. Betsy tells Whitechapel that she knew she wouldn't give this place up willingly, and asks how she was captured. Betsy shoves her blade into the lock as Whitechapel explains 'I actually ain't a witchbreed, - I'm just naturally impressive – but my posse are, and I won't leave 'em behind feeling weak'. 'What can we do?' Betsy asks. 'Y'all can look out!' Whitechapel calls out as some of the Vescora fly up towards the floating cage. 'Cleanse. Dissect. Learn' the Vescora utter. Sheriff Whitechapel remarks that she knew the Vescora wouldn't leave them alone for long, and adds that they aren't exactly good hosts, and she wouldn't be surprised if they didn't have them hanging up here as bait. 'That won't stop me from doing my job, Sheriff' Betsy replies, before telling the Sheriff to take her hand.

Suddenly, the cage is knocked, and Sheriff Whitechapel slips. Betsy reaches down and grabs her hand, 'I know you ain't famous for listening to people, but I need you to listen to me now, Braddock!' The hanging cage creaks as some of the chains suspending it in the air break, and the Sheriff's posse cling to each other as they all hang above a huge vat of lava. 'Hold it. Right there. I need these Vescora off my hide, but I need 'em to see us first' Whitechappel exclaims. Betsy tells her not to be ridiculous, as she can fly them out of here. 'Don't you dare!' Whitechappel tells her. As Ric, Shatterstar and Mordred battle on, Whitechappel explains to Betsy that the Vescora are a hive mind, so if one of them knows something, they all know it – but they don't know the Blightspoke like her posse and she does, and she wants to protect her broken home. 'You're being reckless!' Betsy exclaims. 'I know what I'm talking about. Let me go. Let 'em see me fall – I want 'em to think I'm dead!' Whitechapel explains.

Some of the Vescora slam into part of the structure, 'Danger. Structure compromised' the Vescora announce. 'What if you actually die, Whitechappel?' Betsy askks as she lets go, and Whitechappel and her posse fall towards the huge vat of lava. 'Now that's my mission, not yours, Captain! Hopefully I'll see ya back in the Citadel soon enough! If I'm wrong I'll letcha buy me a drink in Hell!' Whitechappel calls back. Captain Britain then flies after Rictor, Shatterstar and Mordred who are escaping on the floating rock. Captain Britain contacts Rachel telepathically, informing her that the Sheriff wouldn't let them rescue her. 'But if you believe her enthusiasm, we'll be seeing her again soon enough. She's a madwoman!'

At the Crooked Market, Rachel unleashes a surge of flaming energy against one of the large Furies, and telepathically replies 'Speaking of mad, Merlyn's forces showed up at the Market. Furies and all. We could use the backup' Rachel adds. Meggan casts elemental energies at the Fury, while Gambit tosses kinetically-charged playing cards at the Fury, and Bei and Kylun are at the ready with their swords. 'Rachel? You there? If you can hear me...I need to seek out our other allies. It might be the only way to find the Siege Perilous. It's time to confront Death' Betsy calls out. 'What?' Rachel asks. 'How's the others? You lose contact?' Gambit asks. 'She said something about death?' Rachel replies, while Amazing Baby leads some locals away from a Fury, down a nearby alleyway. 'Well, we seem to be surrounded by it, mon ami!' Gambit calls back as hehurls some more cards towards the Furies. Rachel declares that she doesn't think they are getting backup from Betsy and the other knights, and adds that she wished the Captain Britain Corps didn't have to spend their time waiting on Saturnyne.

One of the Furies looks down at Rachel: 'Locking on – detecting witchbreed ANOMALY – sole individual. No additional Otherworld selves. Designation. Askani. Anomaly' the Fury declares. 'What did you just call me?' Rachel asks, before she destroys the Fury in a fiery display of her powers. Another Fury watches as the other Fury is destroyed, while a third Fury looks down an alleyway, 'Witchbreed located. Assistance needed. Affirmative. Approaching' the Fury states, before Meggan engulfs the Fury's arm in ice. 'Detected' Kylun calls out, mimicking the Fury's voice. 'It worked! Hah!' Meggan laughs, while Bei rushes forward, telling her teammates to continue attacking the Fury up top, while she has his legs. Bei attacks the Fury's legs, causing the behemoth to topple backwards, while Meggan controls the wind around them to lower the Fury safely to the ground, preventing any destruction. 'Another safe landing!' Meggan exclaims.

Suddenly: 'Oh no, no -' Kylun utters. 'Oh my god, Gambit, I see Jim!' Rachel calls out as Gambit takes out another Fury. 'EEEEEEE YOU LOT, HELP!' Jim, wearing a Jester's costume, calls out. The heroes rush towards two Furies who have Jim tied up, and Rachel remarks that, from what she understands, Jim is a terrible piece of $#!& in every reality there is. 'But we can't let them do that to him' Gambit exclaims. 'I don't want one of these people to think we'd let Merlyn do that to them' Gambit adds, holding up a kinetically-charged card representing justice. 'You know, a lot of people would say I deserve this!' Jim Jaspers calls out. 'James Jaspers. Reality – all. Reality – none. Anomlay' one of the Furies states. 'Anomaly? Yer sweet talking me!' Jim jokes, before Gambit hurls the cards, and takes off the head of one of the Furies. 'They ain't ready for a little of Gambit's mutant justice!' Gambit exclaims.

Elsewhere, Betsy, Rictor, Shatterstar and Mordred are cloaked and move carefully through the dark Sevalithi region of Otherworld. 'If you can hear us...we've made it to the Sevalithi border... and I feel quite certain these blood-drinkers know we're here!' Betsy telepathically calls out to Rachel, while Countexess Oublia and Oscura are indeed watching the movements of Captain Britain and her allies – and lick their lips in anticipation!

Characters Involved: 

Bei the Blood Moon, Captain Britain II, Gambit, Kylun, Meggan, Mordred, Prestige, Rictor, Shatterstar, Shogo (all Knights of X)
Amazing Baby
Colossus, Emma Frost, Mr Sinister, Mystique, Nightcrawler, Kate Pryde, Storm, Professor X (all Quiet Council)

Mad Jim Jaspers
Sheriff Gia Whitechapel

Queen Elizabeth III, Elspeth Braddock, Violet Swan (all Captain Britain Corps)
King Arthur
Sir Vescora
Countex Oublia & Countex Oscura

Unnamed Furies
Unnamed Vescora
Unnamed Colony
Unnamed Sevalithi
Arthur's army

Madame Geraldine
Citizens of Otherworld

Story Notes: 

Mordred was returned to life in Knights of X #1.

This issue includes a one-page text-only brief overview of the Siege Perilous.

Geraldine was previously seen in Excalibur (4th series) #24.

Storm and Wolverine drank Blightswill during the X of Swords event.

Rachel was called Mother Askani when she was transported 2000 years into the future, as seen in Adventures of Cyclops & Phoenix #1-4.

This issue includes an email from Cypher to Rictor (and Shatterstar), in which Cypher briefly discusses the dinner they all had together, and informs Rictor that he has reviewed the Grimoire of Apocalypse, noting that the pages Rictor gave him seem recently, and are probably one of the last things Apocalypse wrote, noting however that the language is really old, possibly pre-Okkara, and there is no one left who speaks this. Cypher also asks Rictor if Apocalypse left everything to him in his will.

Written By: