Magneto: Dark Seduction #2

Issue Date: 
July 2000
Story Title: 
Rotten Apples

Fabian Nicieza (writer), Roger Cruz (penciller), Andy Owens w/ Morales and Art Thibert (inker), Sharpefont & PT (letterers), Mike Rockwitz (colorist), Mark Powers (editor), Bob Harras (editor in chief)

Brief Description: 

Magneto accompanies the Scarlet Witch on a tour of Genosha to show her how much the nation has prospered under his rule. She cannot help but be impressed by his results despite her misgivings and past relationship with the Master of Magnetism. Quicksilver learns the secret hidden in Carrion Cove and allies himself with those determined to keep it from Magneto. The Genoshan forces take the Krolik Foothills and still do not know how the former Acolytes who work for the rebellion have grown so powerful. Wheels within wheels turn as Cortez secretly reports to the UN the latest in Genosha, with his own agenda clearly in play. Pipeline realizes that Pietro knows the truth of what Carrion Cove is hiding and teleports him away. He is determined to claim this power for himself and rid Genosha of outside rule once and for all. He then teleports the rebels and their mutant allies away and is about to claim the prize for himself when Carrion Cove is rocked by yet another attack! The UN has deployed a “special task force” of their own to protect the hidden technologies at Carrion Cove. They’ve sent in the Avengers!

Full Summary: 

Magneto takes his daughter, Wanda Maximoff on a tour of Genosha to show her how things have changed since he assumed control of the island nation. The Scarlet Witch fiercely rebukes his references to himself as her “father” and reminds him that she is there on behalf of the UN. He shows her the rebuilding of the capital city but she is far more interested in the reported conflict in Carrion Cove. He tells her that despite his success in ending the civil strife in Genosha that the “disruption” in Carrion Cove makes it unsafe for her at the moment. He tells her that it is being dealt with at this time. She asks in what fashion and he frankly admits that it is being settled by force. Magneto continues to highlight his progress in Genosha, prompting Wanda to wonder what he is hiding. She also questions the presence and role of Polaris who has remained silently by Magnus’ side since her arrival. Despite her feelings for her father and their tainted history, Wanda has to admit that Genosha has seemingly changed for the better under his leadership.
Meanwhile, Wanda’s brother Pietro has learned the motivating force behind Carrion Cove’s dogged determination to resist Magneto. They are hiding something which Pietro feels must not fall into Magneto’s hands. He runs across Genosha to meet with those who are trying to prevent this: Amelia Voght, Mayor Boerke and her troops. While Pietro agrees with their decision to keep this power from Magneto, he also asks why they should be trusted. He notes that they have allied themselves with Roxxon and used superhuman forces against human soldiers to devastating effect. The bunker they are in is rocked by an explosion and Quicksilver deftly dodges and saves the mayor from some falling debris. Voght wryly notes that he had best make his choice quickly before they are destroyed by the Genoshan forces.
Outside, Pipeline transports more troops to their location under the orders of Jenny Ransome and Cargill. He reports that their plan is working. Their troops in Krolik Foothills are being slaughtered, thus providing a distraction so that a smaller force could take Carrion Cove from within. As the team busts into a secured building, Ransome asks about the whereabouts of her lover, Philip Moreau. Pipeline bitterly reports that he’s safe and feeding reports on the action in the Krolik Foothills back to Hammer Bay. He tells her that Philip is no soldier and that he’d have gladly sent him to his death on the front lines if it weren’t for her relationship with the Genegineer’s former son. This talk of fathers and sons prompts a question about Pietro’s whereabouts. Jenny replies that he was doing recon at the docks and has been away for a while. Pipeline expresses concern since Pietro isn’t one to dally when given a task and sends Scanner to find him.
Elsewhere, Magneto continues to show his daughter the fruits of his labor. They visit a farming area where the crops have improved dramatically. She suggests that he’s using the humans as slave labor. He informs her that everyone works to their own talents and abilities. She is surprised as this sound like socialist ideologies at work. Alda Huxley tells her that they have avoided such labels and avoid such distasteful classifications when possible. Wanda compliments her on her political astuteness and then asks to speak with the workers alone. This makes Huxley nervous but Magneto consents to this, telling her that the people here have no ill to speak of him.
At the site of the battle, Scanner wonders how Senyaka and the other former Acolytes who have joined the Carrion Cove Rebellion have become so much more powerful than they previously were. She zooms by in her energized form and tries to tell Barnacle that it was Cortez not Magneto who betrayed them. He shoots a blast of his skin secretions at her and it actually sticks to her! Barnacle gloats that this is about power not revenge as Scanner cries out.
In Hammer Bay, Fabian Cortez receives a transmission from Phillip Moreau at the battlefront. He is aglow with power. The message is static-filled due to the battle and the immense energies expended by the rebellious Acolytes. Moreau is desperate for help and request back-up from Magneto himself.
Cortez reports that he is giving his daughter the grand tour and is unavailable. Moreau can barely hear Cortez and repeats that he is awaiting orders. Cortez ends the transmission and then says that Moreau and everyone else in Carrion Cove should die. He then sends a message on a private line to Admiral Gregori Suvorov. He reports to the Admiral that the equipment has failed and all in Carrion Cove are feared lost. He urges him to deploy their contingency plan. Cortez’ aura of power fades. At that moment in Carrion Cove, the rebel Acolytes enhanced power levels fade as well giving the Genoshan forces a chance at defeating them.
Meanwhile, the Scarlet Witch converses with a small group of human Genoshan farmers. She asks about how they have been treated and one replies honestly that it has been a hard adjustment for all humans. She asks if the oppressors have now become the oppressed. The man replies that his family has always been farmers. Huxley asks Magneto quietly if he thinks this is wise and he replies that fear is a strong motivator and that when a man’s life and the lives of those he loves are at stake he can endure anything.
High above, Lorna Dane watches. She realizes that Magneto demands to control everything, which is part of his charisma as a leader. But she also sees how his own prejudices are his downfall. She is pleased with the knowledge he has imparted and the broader range of uses she is discovering with her own magnetic powers. Yet she questions how this may be skewing her own perception of the Master of Magnetism.
Wanda continues her goodwill tour and learns about how the humans were first moved to communes where their skills and talents were assessed and they were assigned jobs in this bold new Genosha. She meets orphans who have been placed with new families and re-educated. She examines the crops and hears how the land has produced better than ever. She asks if this was worth the loss of their freedom. The farmer replies that they will soon be allowed to leave if they wish. Wanda asks him if he wants to and the man hesitates with Magneto glowering over him. Wanda assures him that no harm will come to him if he speaks the truth. The man answers that he doesn’t know yet and that they need more time to see if things will work out here. Magneto thinks to himself that this was the perfect answer, as they have yet to see how things will progress in Genosha.
Magneto’s thoughts are entered by a telepathic presence. The unseen psychic asks what will happen when he has had the time to shape Genosha. Magneto is incensed by the telepathic invasion and asks why this hounding continues. The “voice” insists that it’s because Magneto needs and wants to be “hounded” like this. Magneto fervently denies this. He says that his accomplishments in Genosha prove the telepath wrong on so many things. The voice says that he’s only proven that his iron fist is stronger than Genosha’s previous masters and that events already transpire that weaken his grip on the nation. Magneto says that he is aware of all that is happening in Carrion Cove and that he control those events.
Quicksilver speeds through the troops outside Carrion Cove and stops on a cliff to survey the battle scene below. He wonders how many lives have been lost already. Seconds later he is on the ground and finds a transmat pad. He wisely concludes that the battle at the Krolik Foothills must have been won and that Pipeline is about to teleport in additional forces. Pipeline arrives and chides Pietro for arriving after the battle is almost over. Pietro tells him the fighting must stop and when Pipeline tells him that they are only hours from taking the city, Pietro pulls rank and orders that they stop fighting and work for a compromise. Pipeline realizes that Pietro must know the secret hidden in Carrion Cove and fires his gun at the speedster.
Pietro deftly dodges the bullets and easily disarms Pipeline. He asks if he’s insane and what he thinks he’s doing. Pipeline replies that he does what he must do to try and save his country… the same thing he’s been doing since Magneto took over. Pipeline then uses his power to teleport Quicksilver away from Carrion Cove and crushes the transmit device beneath his feet. He turns to the astonished troops and declares that they are all Genoshans and that today, they will reclaim control of their nation. He announces that this city holds the key to controlling Magneto and that they will take it from those who would use it only to protect themselves and who have failed to use it to advance the greater good of Genosha.
At the UN, the council overseeing Genosha verifies that the report that General Suvorov received was accurate, Carrion Cove had fallen to Magneto’s forces. Gabrielle Haller announces that they must not let Magneto claim the secrets they sought to protect. Suvorov agrees and suggests that the time has come for them to take a more active hand in the defense of Carrion Cove. Suvorov reports that more troops will not be sent to fight but that an elite task force is on its way to Genosha and all it took to “deploy” them was to tell them that one of their own was in danger.
In Genosha, the Scarlet Witch basks in the sun. Her father notes that the country is beautiful, more so than when she last visited it. She tells him that the civil war was awful and that Cortez made it worse when he kidnapped Magneto’s granddaughter. She asks how he could have then made Cortez a part of his cabinet. She concludes that he must care as little for Luna as he did for her and Pietro. She tells him that such contradictions in his actions and motives will forever prevent her from understanding him.
He tells her that it displeases him that she cannot grasp the necessity of the concessions he has had to make for the greater goal he seeks. She asks whether that is a mutant haven or a launch pad from which to strike. He coyly replies that that is what she is here to assess, that and how close he has come to achieving those goals. He smiles and asks what she thinks.
Elsewhere, Cortez is watching a news report about the Carrion Cove rebellion. On the other side of the world, Gabrielle Haller receives a courtesy call from the “elite strike team” informing the UN that they are entering Genosha.
In Carrion Cove, the Genoshan forces have surrounded the Carrion Cove rebellion. Cargill arrives and bursts through the wall. The moment she enters, she is attacked by Voght who transfigures her into mists. Cargill is surprised and Voght apologizes but tells her that she cannot allow them to take Mayor Boerke. She begins to explain that Boerke’s people have access to technologies that Magneto should not be allowed to have. Her explanation is cut short when Pipeline digitizes her form and teleports her away. Cargill becomes solid once more and is bewildered by all this. She demands an explanation from Pipeline. He tells her that Carrion Cove’s secrets were sought after by all of them for different reasons. Columns of energy burst through the ceiling, throwing Pipeline and Cargill to the ground. The Genoshan rebels are surprised and wonder what has saved them.
In the capital, Cortez finds Magneto and reports that they have lost contact with Carrion Cove. Magneto asks for the current status. Cortez tells him they had stormed Carrion Cove but that the UN had sent in outside forces to assist the rebellion. Wanda verifies this and tells Magneto that the UN has sent in the Avengers. Iron Man, the Wasp, Warbird, Triathlon, She-Hulk and Goliath have arrived in Carrion Cove!

Characters Involved: 

Scarlet Witch
Fabian Cortez, Dr. Alda Huxley, Phillip Moreau, Quicksilver, Pipeline, Polaris, Jenny Ransome, Scanner, Amelia Voght (All Genoshan Cabinet members)
Joanna Cargill (member of the Acolytes)
Barnacle, The Kleinstock Brothers, Senyaka (All former Acolytes; allies to the Carrion Cove Rebellion)
Mayor Boerke and unnamed members of the Carrion Cove Rebellion
Michelle Devereaux, Gabrielle Haller, Admiral Gregori Mikhailovitch Suvurov (All UN Advisors)
Unnamed members of the United Nations.
Unnamed Genoshan Magistrates and government workers
Unnamed Genoshan citizens
Goliath, Iron Man, She-Hulk, Triathlon, Warbird, Wasp (All Avengers)
i>On Television:

Unnamed news reporter
In Flashbacks:

Magneto, Mastermind, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Toad (All Brother hood of Evil Mutants)
Angel, Beast, Cyclops, Marvel Girl (All X-Men)

Story Notes: 

For the complete history of Genosha, visit the Genosha Article.
The United Nations ceded control of Genosha to Magneto after he made several threats to global safety during the “Magneto War”. [Uncanny X-Men #366-367, X-Men (2nd Series) #86-87] The proposal to give Genosha to Magneto was proposed by Dr. Alda Huxley who was then appointed to serve in an advisory capacity on Magneto’s cabinet.
The UN committee overseeing Genoshan affairs is comprised of Gabrielle Haller, Michelle Devereaux and Admiral Gregori Suvurov, all humans who have had extensive dealings with Magneto. Gabrielle Haller encountered Magnus in his early years in Israel. Along with Charles Xavier, the three became good friends. Magneto assisted Xavier in rescuing Haller from the former Nazi, Baron Wolfgang von Strucker. [Uncanny X-Men #161] She later became an Israeli ambassador and served as Magneto’s defense attorney when he was brought before the World Court for crimes against humanity. [Uncanny X-Men #200, X-Men vs. Avengers #4] Michelle Devereaux was one of the World Court judges during this trial. Admiral Suvurov was the head of Soviet strategic forces during the time that they launched a submarine attack on Magneto. Magneto retaliated by sinking the submarine Leningrad and killing its crew. [Uncanny X-Men #150] Suvurov was among those who testified against Magneto before the World Court when he was finally brought to trial. [X-Men vs. Avengers #4]
The unseen telepathic voice is clearly implied to be that of Charles Xavier. However, there is also the possibility that this is some kind of self-deluding construct of Magneto’s mind, his conscience given voice.
Wanda references the recent Genoshan civil war instigated by Fabian Cortez and his abduction of her niece, Luna. This occurred during the BLOOD TIES crossover. For more info on these events, check out the BLOOD TIES Crossover Article .
This team of Avengers debuted in AVENGERS (3rd Series) #27.

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