Marvel Comics Presents (1st series) #134

Issue Date: 
August 1993
Story Title: 
<BR>(1st story) Wolverine & Cyber in Brothers in Arms: Part 3 of 5 – “Chain Reaction”<BR>(2nd story) Iron Fist in Depths of Despair: Part 2 of 4 – “A Fall From Grace”

(1st story) Dan Slott (writer), Steve Lightle (artist), Ul Higgins (letterer), Steve & Marianne Lightle (colorist)
(2nd story) Tony Matias (writer), Fred Haynes (penciler), Jeff Albrecht (inker), Kenny Lopez (letterer), Glynis Oliver (colorist)

Richard Ashford (editor), Michael Kraiger (assistant editor), Tom DeFalco (editor in chief), Colin McNeil (Wolverine cover art), James Fry (Ghost Rider & Cage cover art)

Brief Description: 

(1st story)

Returning home to the Temple of the Sun, Kayla informs her allies that the dark age will not occur, for she has found a worthy champion who she is sure has everything in hand. Meanwhile, in the fortress of the Coven, Cyber and Wolverine renew their hatred for each other and begin to fight. Before a winner can be determined, the members of the Coven knock them unconscious with gas. When Cyber and Wolverine awake, they find themselves tied to a stone slab and are beginning to be lowered down into a vat of acid. As the slab lowers, Cyber slices one of the ropes, much to Wolverine’s surprise.

(2nd story)

Inside an abandoned warehouse in New York, Iron Fist, Colleen Wing and Misty Knight continue their battle against the warriors of the Red Dragons. During their fight, Iron Fist is getting beaten up pretty good by one of the warriors. Eventually, Iron Fist recovers and manages to defeat the warrior. After they have taken out the last warrior, the trio is informed by the F.B.I. agents that a group of agents protecting the government informant were slaughtered by what looks to be a wild animal. In actuality, Sabretooth killed them and took Karl Powers, the informant, hostage.

Full Summary: 

(1st story)

In just one night, had my lucky hat smashed, been marked for human sacrifice, set on fire, pummeled into unconsciousness, and chained up to my worst enemy: Cyber. Think I’m takin’ it very well…

As Logan slashes away at the chain connecting him and Cyber, Cyber tells him that it won’t work; chain’s adamantium. When Logan slashes at Cyber’s arm, Cyber adds that so’s his arm, but he knows that already, doesn’t he? After Cyber tells Logan to quit it, Logan leaps onto his chest and proceeds to growl at him. Cyber calmly tells Logan to calm down an’ see an’ mebbe they can figure a way outta this mess… aw fergettit. With that, Cyber spits his cigar in Logan’s face.

Enraged, Logan again attempts to attack Cyber with his claws. Smirking, Cyber says all right, school’s back in session. Jamming his claws into Logan’s gut, Cyber tells him that it’s time his old teacher gave him a refresher course in pain 101.

Watching the two combatants fight each other viciously from above, Vex informs his fellow Coven members, Satyr, Fetish, and Blood Shadow, that Logan and Cyber’s hatred hangs in the air. He can taste it – raw, bitter, gamey. Any longer and they’ll kill each other for sure. Blood Shadow remarks that they can’t have that. Not when their congregation is waiting for their sacrifice. And what a sacrifice. Two primal opposites locked together in death. What twisted alchemy will that cause? Just then, Blood Shadow pulls a lever which proceeds to fill the room they are in with gas, knocking them both out.

Looking up at the sky, Kayla exclaims that the alignment hasn’t passed. There’s still time. And she’s made it to the Temple of the Sun. Well, be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home. Making her way deeper into the temple, deftly dodging all of the traps, Kayla calls out that it’s her. She’s back. Reaching the other side of the pit, Kayla asks that no one missed her? She guesses it’s not the end of the world. The High Priest of the temple tells her wrong. That’s exactly what it is. In a few short hours the alignment will pass, and with it, the chance to bring about either an age of enlightenment or darkness. And the Coven…

Kayla cuts her off and states that the Coven only think they hold all the cards. Trust her. Their final dark age will not come to pass. When the High Priest asks about the gem, Kayla tells him not to worry. She’s found a worthy champion. She’s sure he has everything well in hand.

Inside the temple of the Coven, Blood Shadow holds the gem, the Tear of Heaven, high above his head. He tells his followers to behold. As the stars form into their dark and secret sigils, they offer to the darkness the bodies of their enemies, and the souls of their followers. With their prayers and Cyber and Logan’s blood, they shall summon mekkani-nai – the final dark age of man.

Emerging back into consciousness, Logan asks Cyber where they are. Cyber informs him they are strapped down to the wrong side of one o’ the Coven’s sacrificial altars. He then asks Logan that he’s turnin’ unconscious inta a hobby, isn’t he. By the way, did he know that, when he’s out of it, he mumbles the names o’ all his dead girlfriends? Logan retorts that he should know; he killed one of ‘em. Cyber replies who hasn’t.

Just then, he sniffs the air and asks Logan if he can smell that. Logan answers that he can’t smell a thing ‘cept blood. He sliced his nose, remember? Just then, Cyber exclaims acid. They’re lowering them into a vat o’ acid. $#@*. All that’s gonna be left o’ them is a big pile o’ adamantium skin ‘n bones. Extending his claws, Cyber slices one of the ropes holding them down. As they start to slide off of the stone slab, Logan excitedly asks Cyber what he has done.

(2nd story)

Inside an abandoned warehouse in New York, Iron Fist, Colleen Wing, and Misty Knight are surrounded by a bunch of Red Dragon warriors. Colleen proceeds to ask Misty and Iron Fist if they think they should start worrying. Misty tells her no, not yet. They’re only out-numbered twenty to one. If it gets worse, then they worry.

Iron Fist tells them he’s glad to see they are handling the situation with such grace, the Red Dragon warriors are fierce fighters. One of the warriors tells him laugh now but, soon, he will be swimming in a pool of his own blood. As Colleen is attacked by a couple of the warriors, he says to her that he is amazed at her arrogance. But it will make it a greater pleasure to kill her and her friends. Then they will eliminate Karl Powers, the turncoat informant, and rejoice in their victory. Wiping the blood off of her chin, Colleen shoots back that the only thing they’ll experience will be cold steel through their heart. After Colleen swings her sword at the warrior, he dodges it and tells her she missed. It seems her battle prowess is not as impressive as she would like to believe. Colleen responds in kind by punching him out.

Meanwhile, in another section of the warehouse, where the F.B.I. is protecting the informant, Karl Powers sits in the middle of the room in a chair, protected by a number of F.B.I. agents. Karl remarks that he hates this waiting. He hopes something happens soon. Reaching for his gun, one of the agents says he thought he heard somethin’. Another agent tells Karl that he should be careful what he wishes for. Gettin’ what he want, might be worse than not. Another agent adds ditto on that, the quieter the better.

Just then, Sabretooth enters the room and proceeds to attack the agents, killing them. When the remaining agents point their weapons upon their vicious, cold-blooded attacker, Sabretooth asks them aren’t they the friendly types. He came to visit, and what do they do? They go and shoot at him. Now that ticks him off. Him, he just came by to take Karl “the rat” Powers off their hands. Well, he aims to collect what he came for. After killing the rest of the agents, Sabretooth finds himself face to face with Karl. Karl pleads with him to leave him alone. He’ll pay him anything. Please… Sabretooth then tells him stop his whining; he’s going on a little trip.

Nearby, Iron Fist continues to battle the warriors. As he takes one of them out, he tells himself to snap out of it. He’s moving entirely too slow, telegraphing all of his moves. One mistake, and it will be his last. His Jing is ineffective. It’s so hard to blend spirit and body. He can’t achieve a good meld.

Just then, Iron Fist is knocked to the ground from behind by another warrior. Standing over him, the warrior tells him to get up. He shames his sanpei, it would be better to take his own life. At least then he would have some honor. Iron Fist replies never. There are other ways to achieve honor. The warrior tells Iron Fist to look at himself. He’s fighting like a rank amateur. How the mighty have fallen indeed. He asks himself. Why was he so pleased in encountering him in battle? He is not a fighter. But he sees, that the warrior is but a pale shadow of what he once was. How pitiful!

After the warrior cracks Iron Fist in the mouth, Iron Fist takes a swing back and tells him that better men have tried to best him, only to fail. Easily dodging Iron Fist’s attack, the warrior backhands him and states that he’s not just anyone. Unlike him, he is a true warrior, in spirit and body. A warrior must choose a path with honor, as is his birthright. In death, that path is how they are judged. He has taken a diverging path. Prepare for his journey. He has not been an honorable foe. Before the warrior can deliver the killing blow, he hears a gun click behind him.

When the warrior turns around, he finds Misty pointing her gun at him, flanked by Colleen, and his fellow warriors laying on the ground, unconscious. Misty tells him surprise. Looks like his boys couldn’t cut the mustard. Colleen adds, in other words, he’s beat. With ease, the warrior takes out both Misty and Colleen. Pulling himself up off the ground, Iron Fist tells himself to get on his feet, young warrior. It’s time to teach this upstart the true meaning of honorable battle.

Leaping towards the warrior, Iron Fist tells him turn around. Now they’ll see who is the true dragon. The warrior remarks ahhh, the young warrior awakens to find his fangs. Knocking Iron Fist to the ground with one punch, he tells him please. He proceeds to call Iron Fist pathetic. Jeng jing is not his. He fights with a body, but not spirit. He easily depletes his jing, but cannot reclaim it. It will be no honor to kill one such as him.

Watching the warrior acrobatically make his way away and then towards him, Iron Fist thinks to himself amazing. His moves are fantastic, filled with grace. Which lately, he does not have. But, he is right. His meditative mind is in flux, he can’t blend effectively. He should have beaten him with his skills, but he has not. That will change. It must! Just then, Iron Fist connects with a massive punch and knocks the warrior through a nearby window, defeating him. Iron Fist then thinks to himself that he… could have killed him. He has a lot of work ahead but he’ll never get used to the carnage.

At that moment, Misty informs Colleen and Iron Fist that she heard from the F.B.I. agents that someone just kidnapped the informant. And it appears the massacre there is a lot worse than it is here. They said it looked like a wild animal tore through them. When Iron Fist asks if they know where he was taken, Colleen replies that fortunately they had a tag on Karl Powers. They know exactly where they went. She then asks Danny if he is okay. Iron Fist tells her no, but he will survive.

Characters Involved: 

(1st story)



Blood Shadow, Fetish, Satyr, and Vex (all members of the Coven)


High Priest of the Temple of the Sun

Various unnamed members of the Coven

Various unnamed guardians of the Temple of the Sun

(2nd story)

Iron Fist/Danny Rand

Colleen Wing and Misty Knight

Sabretooth/Victor Creed

Karl Powers (F.B.I. informant)

Various unnamed Red Dragon warriors

Various unnamed members of the F.B.I. stationed to protect Karl Powers

Story Notes: 

This issue also includes:

3rd story – Ghost Rider and Cage in Heart and Soul: Part 4 of 6 – “Fuel for Love”

4th story – Major Victory in “True Love”

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