Marvel Comics Presents (1st series) #135

Issue Date: 
August 1993
Story Title: 
<BR>(1st story) Wolverine & Cyber in Brothers in Arms: Part 4 of 5 – “Off the Cuff”<BR>(2nd story) Iron Fist in Depths of Despair: Part 3 of 4 – “Back and Forward”

(1st story) Dan Slott (writer), Steve Lightle (artist), Ul Higgins (letterer), Steve & Marianne Lightle (colorist)
(2nd story) Tony Matias (writer), Fred Haynes (penciler), Jeff Albrecht (inker), Ul Higgins (letterer), George Roussos (colorist)

Richard Ashford (editor), Michael Kraiger (assistant editor), Tom DeFalco (editor in chief), Colin McNeil (Wolverine and Ghost Rider cover art)

Brief Description: 

(1st story)

Working together, Cyber and Logan are able to escape being dumped in the pool of acid. Once they gather the gem by the name of Heaven’s Tear, the duo makes their way to the Temple of the Sun. Because Cyber is chained to Logan, he is allowed inside the temple. Inside, Cyber double-crosses Logan and nicks his chin with his claw, drawing blood. Outside, the members of the Coven head to the Temple of the Sun. Sensing that blood has been spilled and that the temple is no longer a sacred location, Blood Shadow orders his Coven members to attack.

(2nd story)

On the trail to find Karl Powers, Iron Fist, Misty Knight and Colleen Wing find themselves in the sewers. Before they get too far, they are attacked by the Red Dragon warriors. During the battle, Iron Fist is separated and is attacked by Sabretooth. Meanwhile, Colleen and Misty are able to hold their own against the warriors but eventually they are overcome. Before they are defeated, the ladies are saved by the female leader of the Dragon warriors, who ends up being Elektra. With the warriors gone, the battle is down to Sabretooth vs. Iron Fist, both ready to do each other in.

Full Summary: 

(1st story)

Between my mutant healing factor and Cyber’s adamantium skin, we’re both pretty near impossible to kill. Vat of acid’ll do the trick though…

As the stone slab Logan and Cyber are on begins to slide closer to the acid below them, Logan asks Cyber if he’s crazy for cutting the support cable. He then notices that he’s crazy like a fox. Acid melts his restraints, not his adamantium hands. Seeing his foes cutting themselves loose, Blood Shadow orders the members of his Coven to get them before they get away. And make it look more convincing this time. As Satyr lands on the slab, Logan says to Cyber that he’s gotta be dreamin’. Why is he savin’ his hide? Cyber tells him like he’d rather dragging an acid soaked adamantium skeleton ‘round? They’re still chained together, he knows. Working together, Logan and Cyber clothesline Satyr and knock him into the acid.

As they begin to engage the warriors of the Coven in battle, Cyber mentions to Logan that somethin’ tells him they made ‘em angry. Logan says people can get that way when you toss their pals into a bubbling pit of sulphur. Just then, Logan notices that the Coven’s leader, Blood Shadow, has dropped the gem, the Heaven’s Tear. If he can just get it, they… he means he… can turn this whole game around. Seeing the gem fly through the air, Logan reaches out for it. Noticing that the chain is holding him back, Logan remarks that, when life doesn’t cut you any slack, sometimes you gotta make a little of your own. With that, Logan pops his claws and catches the gem. MO<

Reaching an opening in the temple, Cyber asks Logan what he is doing. Logan informs him that he got the gem. Now he’s getting them out. Cyber tells him not that way; they’re too high up. Why don’t they wait for a cab? Logan tells him to quit his belly-aching and jump. Jumping out of the opening, Logan and Cyber drape the chain connecting them over top of a nearby vine and slide away. Once they get far enough away from the temple, Logan pops his claws, cuts the vine and he and Cyber land into the river below. As they emerge from the water, Cyber says what a rush. Can they do it again, Uncle Logan?

Logan replies that he’ll tell him what they’re doing. They’re getting this rock back to the Sun Temple and puttin’ an end to this mess. ‘N like it or not, he’s going along for the ride. Got it? Cyber answers that he’ll even lead the way. He’s the one who swiped the stone in the first place, remember? Anyway, be worth it all just to stick it to the Coven.

Back at the Coven’s temple, Fetish uses her powers to levitate Satyr out of the acid. She tells him that she has him, brother. Release himself to the power of her magic and all will be right again. At that moment, Blood Shadow asks Fetish how their brother is faring. Fetish informs him near death. She wants both their heads. That was not part of the plan. As Blood Shadow, Vex, and the other warriors of the Coven glide off, Blood Shadow tells her not to worry. Vengeance shall come soon enough. By the time they reach the Temple of the Sun, the alignment has almost passed.

When Cyber and Logan reach the Temple of the Sun, the High Priest, flanked by his followers, tells he who bears the mark, referring to Logan, to step forward and he may enter. Not the other one, he says, referring to Cyber. There is no place for him there. He is the defiler, the one who stole Heaven’s Tear. Holding up the arm with the chain on it, Logan tells the High Priest sorry bub; they’re a package deal. Cyber adds two-for-one adamantium sale, buy one get one free. Seeing that, the High Priest allows them both to enter.

Inside the temple, Cyber remarks to Logan that they’re just goin’ everywhere together. Maybe he should pick out china patterns. Logan says, when they get outta these, all he’s gonna be pickin’ is daisies. Just then, Cyber tells Logan to wait a sec. When Logan asks what now, Cyber tells him something’s not right. Logan asks what’s that. Putting his finger in Logan’s chest, Cyber tells him that and slices Logan’s chin, drawing blood. He then proceeds to punch Logan out. Standing over Logan, Cyber thanks the runt for getting’ him through the door. Now, where’d he put that key?

Waking up a little later, Logan finds himself chained to a wall. He laments the fact that he spent hours with Cyber in his face. He got too used to his scent and let his guard down. His head’s in a spin. Cyber musta hit him with one o’ his drug-tipped claws. Just then, Kayla makes her way down the stairs and calls out to Logan. She asks where he’s at, everyone’s waiting. Logan tells her to quickly get outta there. Rushing to his side, Kayla asks if he’s all right as Cyber watches from the shadows.

Outside the temple, Blood Shadow exclaims to his fellow Coven members that he can taste it – blood. For the first time in the history of man, blood has been shed in the Temple of the Sun. Gone is its holy stench. Desecrated, it can no longer hold back the forces of the Coven. Attack, brethren, attack!

(2nd story)

Trudging through the sewer, Iron Fist mentions to Colleen Wing and Misty Knight that he’s still angry at himself for letting the Dragons take Karl Powers from them. But now that they have the informant, they will most likely kill him, and they will expand their businesses unchecked throughout the city. Misty says he makes it sound as though they’ve lost already. But she’s not one to give up and neither is he. Colleen adds that she just wishes that they had decided to hole up somewhere else, maybe the Ramada.

When Colleen asks Iron Fist if there’s anything yet, Danny tells them no. But he has a feeling that they are very close. Just then, a pebble falls from the ceiling and drops on Danny’s head. When he looks up and witnesses a number of the Red Dragon warriors descending on them. Danny remarks that the Dragons are nothing if not persistent. Here they go again.

As the heroes begin to engage the Dragons in battle, Danny thinks to himself that they must be getting close to the base of operations. Their F.B.I. tail was right; they ducked into these tunnels. It’s only a matter of time before they get to Powers. He also wishes he felt as confident as he sounds. Calling out to Colleen and Misty, Danny tells them to spread out and start looking for the informant. He’ll handle the Dragon warriors. Taking the warriors out one by one, Danny thinks to himself that these cultists are getting increasingly harder to defeat. Their techniques are incredible, they’re well-trained and disciplined. Suddenly, Danny notices that they’re backing off, no longer concerning themselves with him. Something else… concentrate… He can’t let his guard down…

Just then, Sabretooth comes out of nowhere and slashes Danny across his back. Standing over Danny, Sabretooth remarks if it isn’t his old buddy, Iron Fist. Karl Powers begins to apologize to Danny; he was too fast. After Sabretooth tells Powers to shut up, he says to Danny that he knows he’s seen better days. What’s the matter, old age catchin’ up to him?

Cringing in pain, Danny thinks to himself not Sabretooth. He’s not ready for him yet. Tossing Powers away, Sabretooth tells the Dragons to take care of the rat for a while. It’s time to slice and dice. Looks like “Mr. Living Weapon” has lost his edge. He then asks Danny if he knows why he hasn’t killed Powers yet. He wanted to do it in front of him, so he can see his failure to protect him up close and personal.

Falling into the water, Powers thinks to himself that he’s lucky Sabretooth hasn’t killed him yet. He guesses his ace in the hole is holding up. He hopes that Iron Fist is as good as they say he is, or he might still end up dead. As the Dragon warriors look down at him, Colleen and Misty point their guns at them. Misty asks Colleen to be honest. Isn’t this scene getting tired? Colleen agrees that it is. Let’s end this quick.

Picking himself up off the ground, Danny tells Sabretooth that this fight he so desperately wants is between them. Let the rest of them go. Agreed? When Sabretooth tells him “nah,” Danny says “then face the consequences” and goes for a flying kick on Creed. Dodging his kick, Creed tells him not bad, but no good. After connecting with a strong punch to Danny’s jaw, he says, when Ottomo hired him to off this Powers informant guy, he said he would run into him. He hoped that meant a worthwhile scrap. His mistake… and he hates being wrong.

Attempting to fight back, Danny thinks to himself that Creed is right. Next to him, he must look like a rank amateur. Continuing his assault, Creed tells Danny to come on. Make him work up a sweat at least. He bets one of these ladies could give him a better fight. After kicking Danny to the ground again, Creed tells him he’s sorry but he’s getting bored. Laughing, he says he can’t believe they thought he was going to be a problem. He guesses the F.B.I. didn’t want Powers to testify against the Yakuzida. This guy’s ticket will be getting punched.

After shooting a bunch of Dragon warriors, Misty remarks that she has to help Danny somehow. Turning to Colleen, Misty asks her to cover her. She’s going to try to help. Her bionic arm may be able to deter them more than her .357. With a shocked look on her face, Colleen tells Misty she begs to differ. Looking back, Misty sees a bunch of Dragon warriors standing in front of them. She asks what it is with these guys. Do they come with a warranty, or what? Colleen remarks that she hopes Misty has more ammo.

Just then, one of the warriors punches Colleen to the ground. As he does, he tells the ladies they should have stayed away. By following them, they have signed their own death warrants. Pointing her gun at the warrior, Misty tells him to back off slowly. The warrior defiantly tells her to spare him her theatrics. Her John Wayne is long dead. Misty tells him he can join him. When she pulls the trigger, however, nothing happens. The warrior tells her very impressive and proceeds to pick Misty up by her throat. He tells her she has breathed her last breath, prepare to die!

Suddenly, a voice behind him orders him to drop her. Looking up, Misty wonders who she is. They’re bowing. She must be the leader of the Dragons. The female leader proceeds to order the Dragon warriors to leave, the mission has been terminated. Return to base; she’ll deal with the women. As the warriors depart, they all tell her “yes, senpai.”

As the warriors prepare to depart, the leader heads over to Misty and tells her to listen to her. Karl Powers is of no value to them anymore. The information that he would give to Misty no longer applies to the Dragons. They realized that it would better serve them if they shifted their attention elsewhere. So, by all means, keep him. They’ll be leaving. Misty defiantly tells her that she can’t do that. She doesn’t care who she is. She’s under arrest.

The female leader of the Dragon warriors proceeds to knee Misty in the face and tell her, “please,” her attempt is frighteningly pathetic. Pointing down the tunnel, the leader tells her fellow warriors to gather their fallen comrades, they will be dealt with later. As the warriors leave, their leader pulls down her mask, revealing herself as Elektra. After winking at each other, Elektra tells Misty that she hopes she fares better than her defenders. Misty says with friends like her, she’ll do fine. Thinking to herself, she thinks who said money can’t buy everything?

Iron Fist has been in many battles, always confident that he would be the victor. Now, for the first time, he is unsure. He realizes that, to go forward, one must sometimes relive the past. He needs to take a step back in order to walk forward. He needs to shut off all the senses experiencing nothing, to crawl into a self-created grave, to be reborn and emerge once again.

Iron Fist defiantly tells Sabretooth that, if it’s a fight he wants, he’ll give him one he won’t soon forget. Sabretooth tells him yeah, right. He’s going to rip his heart out and hold it up to his dying eyes. In his mind, Iron Fist tells himself he must forget all that has happened and remember what he is. This day, Sabretooth will fail. Growling, Sabretooth tells Iron Fist to get ready. He’s going to separate his breath from his body and all his cares will soon be forgotten.

Characters Involved: 

(1st story)



Blood Shadow, Fetish, Satyr, and Vex (all members of the Coven)


High Priest of the Temple of the Sun

Various unnamed members of the Coven

Various unnamed guardians of the Temple of the Sun

(2nd story)

Iron Fist/Danny Rand

Colleen Wing and Misty Knight

Sabretooth/Victor Creed

Karl Powers (F.B.I. informant)


Various unnamed Red Dragon warriors

Story Notes: 

This issue also includes:

3rd story – Ghost Rider and Cage in Heart and Soul: Part 5 of 6 – “Heartbreaking”

4th story – Black Widow in “Legacy”

Sabretooth fought Iron Fist in his first appearance – Iron Fist #14.

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