Marvel Comics Presents (1st series) #136

Issue Date: 
September 1993
Story Title: 
<BR>(1st story) Wolverine & Cyber in Brothers in Arms: Part 5 of 5 – “Cat’s Game”<BR>(2nd story) Iron Fist in Depths of Despair: Part 4 of 4 – “Back to the Beginning”

(1st story) Dan Slott (writer), Steve Lightle (artist), Jon Babcock (letterer), Steve & Marianne Lightle (colorist)

(2nd story) Tony Matias (writer), Fred Haynes (penciler), Jeff Albrecht (inker), Ul Higgins (letterer), George Roussos (colorist)

Richard Ashford (editor), Michael Kraiger (assistant editor), Tom DeFalco (editor in chief), Colin McNeil (Wolverine and Ghost Rider cover art)

Brief Description: 

(1st story)

Inside the Temple of the Sun, Wolverine manages to break himself free from the wall and engages Cyber in battle. As they do so, the Coven enters the temple and Blood Shadow grabs hold of Kayla. Wolverine is able to save her, killing Blood Shadow in the process. After Cyber kills Vex, Wolverine attacks Cyber again, wrapping the chain on his wrist around Cyber’s neck and dangling them both from a perch. Once Cyber gives up the key, Wolverine is able to free himself and Cyber falls to the ground below. With the Coven destroyed, Wolverine learns from Kayla and the Priest that all that happened was a ruse perpetrated by them to defeat the Coven, ensuring universal harmony forever. Wolverine remarks that he’s not so sure. They just traded the dark half they could see for one that lives within them all.

(2nd story)

For most of Sabretooth and Iron Fist’s fight, Sabretooth has the upper hand. Eventually, Iron Fist is able to punch Sabretooth in his chest and knocks him back into an electrical conduit, resulting in a large explosion. Thanks to Iron Fist, the heroes manage to escape the rubble and depart, having won the day. Once they leave, Sabretooth punches his fist through the rubble as well, unbeknownst to the heroes.

Full Summary: 

(1st story)

Inside the Temple of the Sun, Cyber backhands Kayla. As he does, he remark “what form, what style.” And with a perfect backhand slash, Cyber wins it. Game, set and match. When Wolverine yells out noooo, Cyber adds “and the crowd goes wild.”

At one of the entrances to the temple, one of the warriors notices the oncoming onslaught of the Coven and informs his allies that they’re laying siege to the temple. They’ve come to reclaim the tear. Vex calls them fools. They don’t understand the stakes, do they? Their temple has been defiled. Now the Coven can destroy it, ensuring that alignment shall bring about an age of darkness in this millennium...

Inside the temple, Cyber finishes that thought with “and each one to follow.” That’s why they needed him. Only an outsider could enter. ‘Course he knew they’d never let him back in there, so he had himself chained to the shrimp. Standing over Kayla, Cyber tells her that the shedding of her blood did all the rest. She was marked for death by the Coven.

Attempting to free himself from his shackles, Wolverine thinks to himself that Cyber thinks he’s so clever, doesn’t he? He knew his claws couldn’t cut an adamantium chain, but he forgot about the wall. Rushing towards Cyber with the handcuff still locked around his wrist and the chain dangling with a piece of the wall lagging behind, Wolverine tells his long-time foe that, if that’s the case, then he really botched it this time. As the foes begin to do battle, Kayla remarks that this temple is still a holy place. And the Coven shall feel its sting soon enough. After Logan first rescued her from the Coven, she transferred the mark to him. Cyber asks that she means he should have killed Logan all along? Wolverine tells him he’s welcome to try.

At that moment, Blood Shadow enters the room with Vex and other warriors of the Coven in tow. Blood Shadow proceeds to point out to Vex there they are, all three of them. The ones who’ve ruined all their plans and laid waste their Coven. Deal with the others as he’d see fit, but the girl is his. As Blood Shadow grabs hold of Kayla, she calls out for Logan to help her. Blood Shadow asks her calling out for her “champion?” Stupid girl, the Coven has bested him at every turn. He’s been nothing but an inconsequential pawn in this game, as easily disposed of as her.

Just then, Wolverine rushes towards Blood Shadow after Cyber takes a powder. Blood Shadow sees him and remarks how predictable. He then tells Kayla to excuse him for a moment while he rids himself of this nuisance, once and for all. As Wolverine rushes to him, he can feel Blood Shadow in his mind again. Readin’ his every thought, knowin’ his every attack. But he’s probin’ too deep, touching his psyche. Releasin’ his basic instinct – that of an animal. With that, Wolverine brutally attacks Blood Shadow and kills him. Blood Shadow now gone, Wolverine turns his attention to Cyber.

Perched on a beam, Cyber tells Vex “outta my way toothpick.” This mission’s a scrub, an’ he’s gettin’ while the goin’s good. Vex tells him he doesn’t think so. He then tells Cyber this is all his fault; him and his plans within plans and schemes within schemes. What say they get back to simpler things, like say, blood and steel? Cyber tells him okay. His party, he brings the blood.

After dodging Cyber’s attack, Vex slices Cyber in the eye. When Cyber falls to the ground in pain, Vex tells him that his adamantium skin has made him overconfident. But Vex has found his weakness. Cyber replies by telling him that his left eye is fake, and follows up by slashing Vex across the chest. Dropping to his knees, Vex remarks that he can read his own entrails, see the future. As he begins to laugh, Cyber asks him what’s so dang funny.

Just then, Wolverine wraps the chain around Cyber’s neck and tells him that Vex can probably see what he’s about to do ta him. Losing balance, Cyber calls Logan a fool. He’s knocking them over the edg… As they are draped over the beam with the chain holding them on it, one end wrapped around Cyber’s neck, Wolverine reminds him that it’s an adamantium chain. An’ as he pointed out to him before, his claws can’t cut through it. He’s probably wishin’ he had an adamantium wind-pipe ‘bout now, isn’t he? Wolverine tells him that or the key to the cuffs. So what’s it gonna be? Just then, Cyber begins to pull the key out of his finger. Wolverine grabs it and tells him that he’ll take that if he doesn’t mind. After using the key on the lock, Cyber falls to the ground beneath them.

Sometime later, Kayla holds the Tear of Heaven in her hands and tells the Priest and Logan that victory is theirs. The Coven has been destroyed and the Tear has been returned to the Temple of the Sun. The priest adds all is as it should be. Logan remarks that he hates to break it to them, but that gem of theirs is a fake, just glass. See darlin’, in the middle of all this fracas, it picked up a crack or two.

After seeing Kayla smiling, Logan asks what she’s smiling about. The priest tells him they knew it wasn’t the real Tear. The true gem never actually left the temple at all. Kayla allowed Cyber to kidnap her and the false Tear, hoping that the Coven would not realize their mistake until the alignment has passed. However, things turned out better than they anticipated. With the Coven completely destroyed, universal harmony is ensured for every millennium to come.

Logan states that he wouldn’t be so sure they made the ends justify the means. They resorted to the Coven’s kinda deceit n’ treachery. Seems to him, they traded a dark half they could see, for one that lives within them all.

(2nd story)

Iron Fist, Colleen Wing and Misty Knight have been recruited by the F.B.I. to help them protect former Red Dragon turned F.B.I. informant Karl Powers. Their mission: bring down a renegade faction of the Red Dragons. Meanwhile, Sabretooth, working for the original Tong faction, is sent to eliminate Powers and the renegade faction of Red Dragons.

Attacking Iron Fist, Sabretooth says to him come on. Let’s put on a little dance for their friends. He knows he won’t disappoint him, right? Fist says they shall see. It seems that those who are filled with bravado are those who are unsure of themselves. Creed tells him yeah right. Who’s losin’ this fight? Get real, chump.

Delivering a hard punch to Danny’s face, Creed tells him so not to forget, there’s a reminder. Maybe if he has his girlfriend back him up, he might take him… maybe. Creed then tells Danny not bad. He’s getting his butt handed to him and all he can do is grunt; not bad. After taking a knee to the face, Danny thinks to himself that he can’t concentrate. When he tries to call on the power of Iron Fist, he feels pain. Creed then challenges Danny and tells him let him help him. He’ll stand there and he gives him his best shot. Sound good? When Danny takes advantage and punches Creed in the face, he realizes that it’s gone, the iron fist is gone.

Laughing, Creed knocks Danny backwards into a nearby wall. On the ground, Danny tells himself that he better get his bearings. This is some of the worst fighting he’s ever done. And to beat Sabretooth, he’ll have to get it together. Rushing towards Danny, Creed says “awww.” We fall down and can’t get up. Danny tells Creed not bad, but he guarantees him that by the end of this, he’ll be the one standing.

With that, Danny connects with a kick to Creed’s chin, knocking him backwards. Picking himself up off the ground and wiping the blood off his chin, Creed states that he didn’t see that one coming. What’s the matter? Been holding back? Well, he’s not. After slashing Danny across the chest, Creed remarks that everyone thinks they’re a fighter. Fine. ‘Cause he knows they’re not. He breaks the best of them. Why – because he’s the best. Danny is second rate.

Grabbing hold of Danny’s head, Creed tells him not so fast, he’s not finished with him yet. Come on, wake up and go to sleep forever. Just then, Creed begins to repeatedly slam Danny’s head into the nearby wall. After having his head slammed into the concrete wall four times, Danny is able to knock Creed away.

Turning to Colleen, Misty, and Karl Powers, Danny tells them to get out now. Take the informant and get out of there. He’ll handle Sabretooth. When Misty asks if he’s sure, Danny tells her yes.

Recovering quickly, Creed mentions to Danny isn’t he the confident one. Where did he get the sudden manhood? Danny replies listening to his rattling is all he needs. He’s decided to personally shut him up. Creed says ooooh, he’s shaking in his boots. Just then, Misty calls out to Danny. Turning around, Danny asks them why they are still there. Get out! What he’s going to do next is dangerous. He doesn’t want them near.

At that moment, Creed tells Danny to turn around. Turning around, Danny punches Creed in the chest with all his force. He may not have the power of Iron Fist but he can still summon up his chi. He’s a warrior, no one will defeat him. No matter what condition he might be in. He will always win, always. Just then, there is a large explosion. Danny remarks that he has no idea what Sabretooth hit. He can’t tell how he is, or where he is. He must have hit some kind of electrical conduit. He better get out of there fast before this falls around his head. He has to jump, now.

Punching his fist through the rubble, Danny frees himself, Misty, Colleen and Karl Powers. When he does, he thinks to himself that they were lucky they were close to a service exit. Just then, Danny doubles over in pain. When Misty asks if he’s okay, Danny tells her no, but he guesses he’ll live. Misty says thank god he was able to use his Iron Fist to punch the falling debris. She’s sure her bionic arm couldn’t do it. Danny remarks that’s why they keep him… ouch… his ribs… around. Misty says yeah. Who needs the boring life? Right? Well, they won.

As they leave the scene, Sabretooth punches his fist through the rubble, unbeknownst to the heroes.

Characters Involved: 

(1st story)



Blood Shadow, Fetish, Satyr, and Vex (all members of the Coven)


High Priest of the Temple of the Sun

Various unnamed members of the Coven

Various unnamed guardians of the Temple of the Sun

(2nd story)

Iron Fist/Danny Rand

Colleen Wing and Misty Knight


Karl Powers (F.B.I. informant)


Various unnamed Red Dragon warriors

Story Notes: 

This issue also includes:

3rd story – Ghost Rider and Cage in Heart and Soul: Part 6 of 6 – “Heartbeaten”

4th story – Daredevil in “The Prisoner”

Wolverine took out Cyber’s left eye back in Marvel Comics Presents (1st series) #92.

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