Marvel Comics Presents (1st series) #28

Issue Date: 
September 1989
Story Title: 
“Pharaoh’s Legacy” Part 5: A Heart Determined (First Story)

First Story: Howard Mackie (writer), Rich Buckler and Bruce Patterson (artists), Bill Oakley (letterer), Andy Yanchus (colorist), Michael Rockwitz (assistant editor), Terry Kavanagh (editor), Tom DeFalco (editor-in-chief)

Brief Description: 

First Story:

Havok fights valiantly to save his new companion, Leila O’Toole from the fanatical Cult of the Pharaoh. The Cult force Havok to battle their Trackers in arena combat in hopes of releasing the energies necessary to reclaim the legacy of the Living Pharaoh. While battling the Trackers, Havok uses his powers to defeat them. Doing so empowers one of them who stands revealed as a transformed Leila, who is empowered by Havok’s plasma blasts. Alex is shocked when she declares herself to be Plasma, the one true descendant of the Living Pharaoh.

Full Summary: 

First Story:

The X-Man called Havok is held at bay by two large Trackers as the High Priest of the Cult of the Pharaoh holds a sharp dagger to the throat of his new romantic interest, Leila O’Toole. Leila looks frightened as the High Priest chastises Alex for defiling their temple and proclaims that blood must pour for this affront, be it hers or his! Alex promptly replies that he will do as they ask if they release Leila. The High Priest orders one of his followers to take Leila away and “prepare her”. The startled Leila asks what they mean as she is dragged away. Alex repeats her question, demanding that she be let go as they promised. The High Priest assures Havok that she will be released once the Living Pharaoh has been satisfied. He tells Alex that blood must be spilled in the Arena of Combat and that he will have his chance. Alex thinks to himself that he must play along until he knows that Leila is safe as the guards carry him away.
Shortly thereafter, Havok is led to the Arena of Combat. The High Priest announces his proclamation condemning Alex Summers as the one who caused the Great One who they revere such suffering and prevented him from attaining the power that was his divine right. He asks them to watch as the Pharaoh’s justice is received and Havok releases his “life force” and rekindles their lineage. This said, five Trackers are ushered into the Arena. One of the five wears a full face mask. The High Priest shouts “Begin!” and all five Trackers attack Alex at once.
Havok punches the Tracker who charges him from the front hurting his hand on the Tracker’s golden armor. Another Tracker strikes him with an energy bolt from his heavy ankh and Havok is thrown back. He hits the ground hard and notes that he has now underestimated them twice. He vows not to do so again as he dodges twin blasts from another pair of Trackers.
The masked Tracker tries to grapple with him but Havok uses a judo move to throw the masked Tracker over his shoulder causing the energized eye beams of one Tracker to miss him and strike another. He then unleashes his plasma bolts having realized that the Tracker’s can handle his power. Surprisingly, the Tracker delights in this and urges Havok to unleash all of his energies so that the descendants of the Pharaoh can claim their legacy. He takes the Tracker down with a single blast and asks them if this is what all this has been about. He asks if they think they can absorb the cosmic rays from his body and then continues to pummel them with a series of powerful, focused blasts. He tells him they can have what they want but he won’t be stopped from rescuing Leila.
All of the Trackers are down and Havok declares this finished. But the masked Tracker rises and tells him this is not so. The Tracker punches Havok, telling him to “Feel the wrath of the Pharaoh!”. Havok is dazed as the Tracker stalks towards him declaring that he is the only one worthy of the Living Pharaoh’s legacy.
Havok weakly asks what this legacy is they keep talking about. The Tracker fires a blast at Havok saying that the power of the pharaoh has been passed to his one true descendant. Havok counters this with a blast of his own saying they can have the legacy, he just wants to leave there with Leila… even if he has to go through this final Tracker to do so. Havok’s attack burns out the Tracker’s wrist weapon and so the Trackr switches to eye beams.
Havok says that he only has one weapon but knows how to use it. The masked Tracker is blasted through the wall and Havok is exhausted from the effort. He hopes this is the last of the Trackers as a small crowd of robed acolytes rush towards him and point out that the Tracker rises.
The armor of the Tracker crumbles as “he” rises revealing a woman who looks a lot like Leila clad in gold and red Egyptian armor. She tells them to fall to their knees and pay homage to Plasma the rightful heir of the Living Pharaoh! Havok is in disbelief as they fall to their knees before her and hail her as their queen!

Characters Involved: 

first story:

Leila O’Toole/Plasma
Unnamed High Priest, Trackers and acolytes (All Cult of the Living Pharaoh)

Story Notes: 

This issue features four different heroes in feature stories:

Second story: Black Panther, “Panther’s Quest Part 16 of 25: Lost Promises”

Third story: Coldblood, “The Complex Part 3 of 10: Rise and Shine”

Fourth story: Triton, “Giving Peace a Chance”
First story:

This issue takes place while the X-Men pretended to be dead and lived in an abandoned town in the Australian Outback, between Uncanny X-Men #227 and Uncanny X-Men #250.
The Living Pharaoh and his cult of Trackers are an Egyptian-themed organization that seeks Havok so that they can tap his energies to turn the Pharaoh into the gigantic Living Monolith. [X-MEN (1st series) #54-56]

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