Marvel Comics Presents (1st series) #77

Issue Date: 
May 1991
Story Title: 
<BR>Weapon X - chapter five (1st story)

First story: Barry Windsor-Smith (writer, penciler and co-letterer), Jim Novak (co-letterer), Barry Windsor-Smith (front cover), Larry Alexander (back cover), Kelly Corvese (assistant editor), Terry Kavanagh (editor), Tom DeFalco (editor in chief)

Brief Description: 

First story:

It’s the big day. Logan is going to undergo field tests, and the Professor arrives at the laboratory in a good mood. Cornelius has overcome a supra-endocrine problem and their subject is ready to go. Logan is covered with sheep’s blood to attract hungry wolves that are released by the wranglers. All his actions are monitored by Doctor Cornelius and Carol Hines, and filmed by cameras stationed in the forest. The wolves pick up the scent and rush towards their victim. As they approach, Logan doesn’t move a muscle, and his adrenaline doesn’t rise. As he is attacked by the wolves and following a brief period of uncertainty, his epinephrine suddenly rises, and his claws extend from his body. He starts to fight back, much to the Professor’s delight. His levels are incredibly high, much more than a normal human’s. He fights the wolves in the most savage manner, using his physical strength and claws to massacre them. Checking the way that the human trabeculea reacts with the adamantium proves to the Professor that they have created the perfect killing machine. Logan kills all the wolves, and then lets out a bestial roar as animalistic as his prey. With the test over, his feeds are cut and he falls unconscious to the forest floor. The Professor has him lay there in the gore overnight in sub-zero conditions to toughen him up and then has the wranglers collect him in the morning. He has many more trials for Weapon X to endure.

Full Summary: 

First story:

The Professor arrives for the big day. He, Cornelius and Hines say their hellos, and the Professor asks what Cornelius has for him. He replies that they’ve overcome the supra-endocrine problem by using a simple trabeculea matrix. It was staring them in the face all the time. He asks if they’ve released Logan’s feed cables yet, but they haven’t. Cornelius asks the wranglers to release them and haul them in. It’s time to see what Weapon X can do.

Logan is standing naked in a forest opening. The ground is covered in snow, yet he remains motionless. The Professor points out that Logan appears to be covered in ichor. Cornelius informs him that it’s sheep’s blood. It makes for a quicker scent. The Professor is impressed. Carol tells them that Logan’s heartbeat and pressure is okay. Outside, a howl is heard. Cornelius says that Logan can hear it, yet there is no adrenal rise, which the Professor finds odd. Cornelius orders the wranglers to release the gate.

He asks when the animals were last fed. The wrangler replies that it was six days ago. A gate opens and several vicious wolves are released. They snarl and growl as they quickly make their way towards the animal scent. Logan doesn’t react. Cornelius is surprised that upon seeing the wolves, there was no pressure rise. Everything seems to be reading properly, yet Logan is simply not reacting to the threat. The Professor asks if it’s physical. The claws? Cornelius is sure it isn’t. The Professor asks why he doesn’t use them as the wolves pounce on their victim. He calls for the response column to be upped. He’s very concerned that the wolves will rip him to shreds. He won’t be able to heal if he’s in pieces.

The wolves are all over Logan, who still doesn’t react to the physical assault. They bite at him and still there is no response from Logan. Suddenly, Cornelius notices that the epinephrine is rising. The Professor sees the scale rising to eighty-six then ninety percent. He’s fighting back!

Outside in the cold, blood trickles from Logan’s wrists, and slowly with a roar of pain, the claws extend from his body. He sticks them straight through one of the wolves as the others bite at him. The Professor feels that the pain will make him even more savage. He asks for readings, and Cornelius informs him that Logan’s heart rate just went off the scale. There is a phenomenal stress level. He could burn out. Logan rolls over and uses his physical strength to combat the wild animals. He then uses his claws to slash at the wolves. Cornelius explains that the metabolic readings are beyond human, and far more bestial than those he’s slaughtering. The Professor feels Logan was a wonderful choice, but Carol Hines asks if it could be stopped now. The Professor is enjoying this far too much to do that.

Outside, Logan is starting to gain control of the situation. He spikes another wolf as Cornelius informs the Professor that he has a fluorescent analysis now, and asks if he’d like to see it. He asks Cornelius if he can hold that, and give him a re-emmission on the osteograph, bringing it to either hand. The screen changes to see what’s happening inside Logan’s body. The Professor can see everything beautifully. He sees the perfect synthesis of human trabeculea and adamantium; bone, bonded to the hardest metal in the world inside the body of a berserker. He’s the perfect fighting machine; the perfect killing machine.

Cornelius informs the Professor that there is some excessive distortion in the metacarpals, which could be the cause of pain upon intrusion. He is asked to look into that. The monitor then switches back to the battlefield. Logan is standing victorious, covered in even more blood. They have run out of wolves, and the Professor asks if they have any more. No, replies Hines. Logan roars like an animal.

The Professor tells Cornelius that the wolves kill for food or territory perhaps. This man is a living weapon. His passion is the fear of his prey, and to find relish in the odor of the blood. He feels that despite his original protestations, he knows they’ve done Logan a great favor. His most bestial needs are about to exceed his most primitive dreams - in their service of course. He asks Cornelius to turn him off, and Logan slumps to his knees.

Cornelius calls for the wranglers to bring Logan in, but the Professor cancels that order. He wants to leave Logan outside for the night. He likes the idea of him resting in his own gore. Cornelius points out that it’s fifteen degrees below, but the Professor thinks it’ll toughen him up. They can monitor his healing process from there, can they not? They’ve accomplished much this day. The Professor wishes them goodnight and he retires for the evening. In the morning, two wranglers go and collect Logan and lead him back to the complex. There is much more to come.

Characters Involved: 

First Story:


The Professor

Dr. Abraham B. Cornelius

Carol Hines

Two wranglers

(on monitors)


Story Notes: 

The other features in the issue are:

2nd story: Shanna “The Bush of Ghosts” (part 10 of 10).

3rd story: Sgt. Fury / Dracula “Rumanian Rumble” (part 1 of 3).

4th story: Sub-Mariner “The Ties That Bind.”

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