Marvel Comics Presents (1st series) #78

Issue Date: 
June 1991
Story Title: 
<BR>Weapon X - chapter six (1st story) <BR>Incredible Hulk / Selene - Not Interested (4th story)

First story: Barry Windsor-Smith (writer, penciler and co-letterer), Jim Novak (co-letterer), Barry Windsor-Smith (front cover), Al Milgrom (back cover), Kelly Corvese (assistant editor), Terry Kavanagh (editor), Tom DeFalco (editor in chief)

Fourth story: Dwight Zimmerman (writer), Brian Stelfreeze (penciler), Karl Story (inker), Ken Lopez (letterer), Brad Vancata (colorist)

Brief Description: 

First story:

Logan is back in the lab after successfully coming through a field test. His body is now fitted with sensor grafts that can control his actions. The Professor wants a ten-mile radius of operation, but Cornelius can only do that by hanging heavy batteries from him. Logan is semi-conscious throughout the operations, as the relay flux in his nervous system needs to be traced. One of the other doctors tries to show the Professor how to use a modified control box, but the Professor feels that as he designed it, he should know how it works. He tries to have Logan walk, but he topples over as the Professor grapples with the controls. The doctors laugh at him, and Cornelius asks them to leave. The Professor has never been so insulted. Cornelius is happy that the doctors have done their job well, and leaves the Professor with Logan, assuring him that while he’s switched off, he is just dead meat. The Professor pours hot coffee onto Logan’s face just to make sure.

Fourth story:

Selene, the Black Queen of the Hellfire Club is bored. Walking down a busy street, she spots customer being thrown out of a bar. She enters to find the Hulk sitting there, drinking. She tries to engage him as her consort by boasting about her greatness, but the Hulk isn’t interested. She then tries to use her womanly charms on him but again he isn’t interested. She then drains the life of the barman and asks if he’s interested now. The Hulk gets up to leave, so Selene hits him with a psychic blast. His anger catches her by surprise, and she becomes fearful of the brute. He turns down her final offer of wealth and leaves. Selene returns to the Hellfire Club and teaches Magneto a lesson about arrogance, just like she has learned from the Hulk.

Full Summary: 

First story:

Following a successful field test, Logan is back in the laboratory and connected to numerous feed cables. Needles are once again inserted in several points of his body, and a group of doctors has joined Hines, Cornelius and the Professor in the next stage of surgery.

Cornelius explains to the Professor that the spinal codes are in, and it’s just a case of final sensor grafts now. Unfortunately, distribution is only three miles, which means the Professor’s target of a ten-mile control radius is severely short. He asks if that’s it. Cornelius replies that to have a puppet, you need strings. The batteries are simply too heavy for a ten-mile radius. He doesn’t understand what was wrong with the on-off system anyway. They didn’t need batteries for that. The Professor insists he will have his way; a ten mile radius. Cornelius figures he can have it his way. Weigh him down with batteries; see if he cares. The Professor can turn him into a walking radio station if he likes.

The Professor notes his dissent, but asks him not to get testy. Cornelius tells his staff that the braces on Logan’s wrists can only keep the incisions open for so long. One of the doctors knows this. The flesh is actually forming around the clamps. Cornelius suggests he work faster, then. Carol Hines monitors the procedure on her computer, and reports a leakage of semen and marrow into the intracellular fluids. Another doctor understands, and reminds his staff to keep the holes plugged.

As they operate, Logan groans, and the Professor asks if he’s coming round. Cornelius asks him not to get jumpy, but they have to keep him afloat so they can trace the relay flux in his nervous system. “Do you mean he’s conscious?” asks the Professor. Cornelius says he’s partly conscious. He’s in a lot of pain. The Professor feels that pain is a principle of life… not that he subscribes entirely to that dictum.

More Pheno-B is fed into Logan’s body, and Cornelius asks his staff to keep him from shaking. Hines informs them that Logan’s sensory cortex is overloaded. There are no readings. “Poor geezer,” comments Cornelius. Logan was in so much pain he passed out.

Soon, Logan is seated upright, still with numerous cables attached to him, and heavy batteries connected to his nervous system to power his actions. Not all of Logan’s sutures are healed just yet, but for the purpose of this next experiment, they’re healed enough. Cornelius explains to the Professor that the cables aren’t a problem. They can be reduced later. The power source and receivers are temporary. They’ll try to compact the boxes, but he can’t guarantee that. For anything over a hundred and fifty yards they’ll need the helmet device to pull in the signal. Other than that they’re in business.

The Professor asks what the range is now. Cornelius tells him it’s a little over nine miles. The Professor lets out a disgruntled hmph, and notices that the control box isn’t from his design. Cornelius explains that as he wanted the extra power, they had to modify the layout of his top board. One of the doctors leans over and shows the Professor that they have codes based on his data. He just needs to press them in and control the levers, backwards and forwards.

Cornelius asks him to provide them with a brief demo, but the Professor tells him it isn’t necessary. Regardless, the doctor clicks in a few codes and articulates one of Logan’s claws. Another shoots from his hand before the Professor interjects, insisting he has the idea. He hardly needs instruction to operate his own devices.

He takes the controls and brings Logan to his feet. He tells Cornelius that he can see how the naturalistic movements imitate the human. He then makes some discreet adjustments but suddenly, Logan’s body begins to lose balance and topples over. “Weapon X like walkies,” remarks one of the doctors as the others all have a good laugh at the Professor’s expense. He turns and clenches his fist. “Shut up! Blast you all! Cornelius. Your staff are fools and ignoramuses!” One of the doctors grins. “Eh, long words, eh.” His colleagues laugh more. Cornelius asks them to take a break and get out of there.

Once they’re gone, the Professor says he’s never been so insulted. Cornelius asks him to lighten up. They did a good job and he got what he wanted. He offers him a coffee and reckons they should call it a day. The Professor tells him it’s not over just yet. He wants to know that it is safe. Cornelius replies that he’s wired and shut down. “Let it go.” The Professor reminds Cornelius that he wants to know that it’s him that is safe, not Logan. He tried to choke him, remember?

Cornelius assures his boss that, when the power’s on, he’s got him by the tail. When it’s off like now, he’s just dead meat. If he wants to be sure he can go spit in his eye. Then he can be sure. He’s had enough of this circus and retires for the day, adding that he’ll send the wranglers in to clean up the mess.

The Professor looks at the recumbent body on the floor. He stands over Logan and pours his hot coffee onto his forehead. He waits for a response, but none is forthcoming.

Fourth story:

The Black Queen of the Hellfire Club is bored. As she wanders down a busy street, she sees some kind of melee going on. Customers at a bar are being thrown out by someone and this arouses her interest. Maybe the person inside is capable of relieving her night of ennui. It doesn’t occur to her that whoever it might be may not be interested - after all, she’s not only beautiful, she is also a goddess.

She ventures inside and finds a solitary man slumped over the bar. He is big, and the barman slides over a pitcher of beer. She recognizes the man as being the Grey Hulk. She has the power to destroy any who dare flout her will. She pays the barman for the beer, and he informs the Hulk that it’s with the lady’s compliments. “Not interested,” he mumbles without even looking up. This surprises Selene. Perhaps it’s because the man thinks she’s merely a common dissolute socialite? She gives him the chance to reconsider.

She walks over to where he is seated and informs him that standing before him is one even more extraordinary than he. She has wielded limitless power from a golden throne and been acclaimed a legend; worshipped as a goddess! “I am Selene! And I have selected you to be my consort!” The Hulk once again replies that he’s not interested.

Selene tries to use her womanly charms instead. She runs her hands over his muscles and asks him not to be so hasty with his refusal. She whispers in his ear. “Yield to my embrace, and experience pleasure only a goddess can bestow.” The Hulk grabs her arm in his massive fingers and shoves her away; once again telling her he’s not interested. Selene is affronted. She places her hands on her hips and offers him a reason to reconsider. She tells the barman to kiss her, and before he can refuse, she embraces him. Quickly, his life is pulled from his body, and Selene leaves his empty lifeless husk on the bar in front of the Hulk. What does he have to say now? she asks. “Not interested,” he reiterates.

Selene changes tact again, this time using a psychic caress to knock him to the ground. Maybe this will convince him to recant. She stands before him, telling him that she will destroy what remains of his brutish intelligence and make him her mindless slave. What say he to that? The Hulk picks himself up and snarls at her. “Not interested!”

She is caught by surprise at the fury contained in his response, and orders him to flee before she buries him in the detritus of his own destruction. He continues to move towards her, and she becomes nervous. She says that if he leaves now she will shower him with limitless wealth. He doesn’t care about wealth, and pulling her cloak from her shoulders, he replies that as for her other offer, it’s the nineties. There’s a reason he’s not interested.

(sometime later)

Magneto and Emma Frost are seated at a large round table with several other members of the Hellfire Club. He asks Emma what she means, “Selene left!” They are at a critical juncture in their plans. Emma replies that Selene has always regarded her affairs as more important than theirs. Magneto thinks that will change, as shall many things.

He notices Selene’s return, and tries to engage her in conversation. She tells him that she thinks it’s about time he learned a lesson about arrogance, as she just did. He says her name as she walks away and repeats it. Selene relaxes into a chair and tells him she’s not interested.

Characters Involved: 

First Story:


The Professor

Dr. Abraham B. Cornelius
Carol Hines


Fourth story:

Magneto, Selene, White Queen (all Hellfire Club)

Incredible Hulk

Other Hellfire Club members

Passers by and bar customers


Story Notes: 

The other features in the issue are:

2nd story: Sgt. Fury / Dracula “Rumanian Rumble (part 2 of 3).

3rd story: Iron Man “Games.”

Fourth story:

It appears the Hulk’s refusal to have anything to do with Selene is a reference to the AIDS virus that was first recognized in 1981; unprotected sexual contact being one way in which the disease can spread. It is interesting to note that the merged Hulk once theorized that he might be immune. [Incredible Hulk (2nd series) #420]

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