Marvel Comics Presents (1st series) #80

Issue Date: 
July 1991
Story Title: 
Weapon X - chapter eight (1st story)

First story: Barry Windsor-Smith (writer, penciler and co-letterer), Jim Novak (co-letterer), Barry Windsor-Smith (front cover), Rodney Ramos (back cover), Kelly Corvese (assistant editor), Terry Kavanagh (editor), Tom DeFalco (editor in chief)

Brief Description: 

First story:

Logan is free, seemingly moving under his own volition. He makes short shrift of the wranglers sent in to stop him, despite them pumping his body full of sedatives. The Professor tries to use his console to gain control over Logan, but finds that nothing is working. He cannot operate anything from there. Hines and Cornelius monitor Logan’s progression through the facility, and the head of security asks Cornelius for permission to issue his men with firepower. Cornelius tries to get through to the Professor, but he is busy speaking with his superiors. They inform him that they are in control of Logan, and are using him to ‘clear the dead wood.’ The Professor fails to realize that this also includes him, and soon Logan is smashing his way into the Professor’s laboratory. Security breaks in and pump Logan full of lead, but it’s too late to save the Professor’s hand, which has been severed from his body. The Professor orders them to kill Weapon X.

Full Summary: 

First story:

Logan is free, having used his adamantium claws to tear a way out of his cell. More wranglers appear with guns to put him down, but Logan is seemingly on a mission. Doctor Cornelius asks the Professor to use his monitor controls to shut him down but, to his concern, the controls do not work. Three wranglers have been taken down in quick succession and the next two don’t fare much better. Logan rips through them, much like he did the wolves and the bear, despite being shot with tranquilizers.

Cornelius asks the Professor how this could have happened. Logan was harnessed. He replies by asking if Cornelius can do anything himself. His system is down, and he has no control over Logan. “Then who does?” asks Cornelius. “Who indeed?” replies the Professor. With the wranglers down, Logan continues his progression through the facility. Cornelius asks the Professor if he can seal the corridor from his remote. He wants Logan sealed inside zone two. The Professor replies that nothing is functioning.

The lead wrangler asks for some kind of directive. They have no idea how to handle Logan in this state. Hines informs Cornelius that Logan is leaving zone two and approaching zone three and D-Block. Cornelius orders security to that area. Hines notes that Logan has entered the service tunnels, when suddenly the Professor’s voice comes over the intercom. He is speaking with his superiors, but Cornelius and Hines don’t know this. To them, it appears that the Professor is speaking to himself.

Security informs Dr. Cornelius that they have five men down there but they’re gonna need more tranquilizers to handle this situation. They can’t take him down without artillery. Does he understand? Cornelius’ attention is distracted by listening to the Professor’s voice over the intercom, but he confirms that he’s understood.

The Professor, despite the intense situation unfolding, goes through the pleasantries with his employers before asking them if they’re aware of what is happening at the complex. He informs them that Experiment X is completely out of their control; running amok one might say. He’s killing everyone in sight. The Professor adds that Logan is fully harnessed, yet his control panels are inactive.

Meanwhile, Hines informs Cornelius that the Professor has forgotten to turn off his intercom. Security continues to pump Logan full of sedatives, but he continues his rampage, slicing through them like they were nothing. The security boss orders his men out of the tunnels.

Cornelius tries to call the Professor, as he needs his permission to issue the men with firepower. The Professor doesn’t respond, as he is still in contact with his superiors. He informs them that they are losing their martial-guard somewhat precipitately, and asks directly if they have anything to do with these occurrences.

Cornelius realizes that the Professor isn’t listening to him, as Hines informs him that she thinks she’s found something important. Mr. Logan has breached three zones and is now within two hundred yards of the Professor’s laboratory at three and C-Block. It’s not a coincidence. She’s traced his movements from the holding bay at lab two and he’s definitely made a path to the Professor’s quarters. More security staff die at Logan’s hands as he proceeds. Cornelius wonders exactly how Logan could know where the Professor is.

Hines says that Logan has shown uncanny tracking abilities. Cornelius reminds her that that was in a controlled situation, but Hines asks, “And who says this isn’t one, sir?” The Professor has gotten his reply. Logan is being controlled by his superiors to ‘clear the dead wood,’ and the Professor asks whether he should leave now or refuge there. Cornelius orders security to break out the big stuff, as Logan arrives at a point directly under the Professor’s quarters.

Suddenly, as the Professor is speaking, Logan’s arm shatters the floor beneath him and the Professor screams. Numerous security staff head towards his quarters. The Professor’s screams for help can be heard by Hines and Cornelius, who can only wait and hope that security gets there in time. Security takes out the doors of the Professor’s lab and shoot at Logan once inside. One of them grabs the Professor and assures him he’s gonna be alright. Dozens of spent bullets give testament to the seriousness with which they take Logan’s threat.

“He tried to kill me!” the Professor whimpers, and complains that his glasses have fallen off. A guard places them back on his face, and he looks up to see his arm. He sees that his hand has been severed from his body and he screams with the realization. “Kill him! Kill!” he demands, “Destroy Weapon X!”

Characters Involved: 

First Story:


The Professor

Dr. Abraham B. Cornelius

Carol Hines


(on monitors)


The Professor

Story Notes: 

The other features in the issue are:

2nd story: Captain America, “Wargod” (part 1 of 2).

3rd story: Daughters of the Dragon, “Child’s Play.”

4th story: Mr. Fantastic, “Fantastic Foray.”

Second story: The Captain America isn’t labeled as such in this issue, but it is the first of a two-part tale.

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