Mighty Captain Marvel #1

Issue Date: 
March 2017
Story Title: 
Alien Nation, part one

Margaret Stohl (writer), Ramon Rosanas (artist), Michael Garland (colorist), Virtual Calligraphy's Joe Caramagna (letterer), Anthony Gambino (designer), Elizabeth Torque (cover artist), Elizabeth Torque; Alex Ross; Jenny Frison; Skottie Young; Paulo Siqueira & Frank D'armata (variant cover artists), Charles Beacham (assistant editor), Sana Amanat (editor), Axel Alonso (editor-in-chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)

Brief Description: 

Carol Danvers is on the set of the Cap'n Marvel television show, and watches a scene being recorded. It does not impress her. Jessica Drew is with her, and she finds it hilarious. Carol speaks to the director about changes she wants made, but is interrupted by a phone call from the President of the United States. Carol and Jessica leave the studio where they are met by Sasquatch who drives them past adoring fans who are waiting to catch a glimpse of Carol. Carol links up with the Alpha Flight Space Station where she speaks with Puck, Abigail Brand and Wendy Kawasaki, who show her the footage the President sent to them – of a bounty hunter invading an alien refugee camp and kidnapping a Kree child. Carol flies out of the car and all the way to Eastern Europe, arriving at the alien refugee camp. She finds several dazed aliens, who point her in the direction of a tower in the center of the camp where the Kree child was taken. Carol finds the bounty hunter, disguised as an army ranger, trying to put the child into some sort of pod. She engages the bounty hunter in combat and discovers that he is a shape shifter. She uses her powers to destroy the tower, which collapses, the bounty hunter caught up in the explosion. Carol flies the pod with the Kree girl inside it to the AFSS where Brand, Puck, Sasquatch and Wendy are waiting for her. The Kree girl is quiet and doesn't speak as they show her around and try to engage with her. They give her some food, and Carol bonds with her. The girl takes the name “Bean” after Carol mentions she was called Bean as a child, and gives her some jellybeans. Carol attends a meeting of the Alpha Flight Board, in which she expresses her concern for the refugee crisis and the looming threat of the Chitauri. Captain America tells her that they can raise the atmospheric shield to protect Earth, but Carol doesn't want to, as it would lock needy refugees out. The Board tells Carol that her priority should be the television show, as it is what is funding the AFSS. Carol disagrees and leaves the meeting. The bounty hunter survives the explosion at the refugee camp, and after taking the form of Captain Marvel, blows the rest of the camp up.

Full Summary: 

Time Square, New York City, where Captain Marvel, sporting long blonde hair hovers in the night sky, as a man in a blue costume with a red cape flies towards her.

'First rule of super hero boss fights? Never forget you're the boss' Captain Marvel thinks to herself, as her opponent swoops in and knocks her backwards with a weapon. Captain Marvel responds by flying back towards him and grabbing him, pushing him back.

'Second rule? Never let him confuse a right hook with hooking up...' Captain Marvel decides as she pins her opponent against a building. 'Great grapple, Cap'n Marvel' the man remarks. 'I don't know if I should punch you on the jaw or kiss you on the mouth, Hero Man' Captain Marvel replies. 'Punch him! Punch him!' someone calls out. 'Let me help you make up your mind' Hero Man suggests as their mouths move closer together. 'My mind has nothing to do with this one' Captain Marvel replies. 'Oh, Captain, my captain...' Hero Man utters as they nearly lock lips. 'Vomit!' someone exclaims. Captain Marvel and Hero Man hover mid-air, embracing and kissing next to a billboard advertising the “Cap'n Marvel” television show. 'CUT! Quiet on set...!' a voice shouts.

'Oh Craptain, my Craptain!' Jessica Drew a.k.a. the original Spider-Woman laughs as she stands next to Carol Danvers, the real Captain Marvel, on the soundstage at Wacker Studios in New York. 'Every word is torture. They don't train you for this in the air force. Zero Gs yes. TV cheese, no' Carol remarks to Jessica, who laughs again. Arms folded, Carol frowns and tells her friend 'It's not funny. It's my life'. Jessica apologizes, and admits that she knows the Board put her up to it, but at least the show will keep Alpha Flight funded and in the air. 'Right?' Jessica asks. 'That's the idea' Carol replies. Jessica tells Carol that it is awesome, and to think of all the little girls who can trick-or-treat as her, instead of a princess for a change. 'You know what I trick-or-treated as? NASA girl' Carol declares. 'See? You would have loved it' Jessica tells her.

A man with a beard approaches them, 'Danvers? I take it you have notes on the script... again?' he asks. Carol addresses him as Jayson and informs him that she would like to make a few cuts – like all the dialogue. 'And that's Oh Cap'n Danvers to you, pal' Jessica tells him. Carol introduces Jess to Jayson Jay, explaining that he is the director. She tells Jess to be nice, otherwise he will give her a cameo.

'Get me down? I gotta go to the little hero's room' the actor playing Hero Man calls out as he is lowered to the ground. 'First it was the title...' the director begins. 'Which sounds like a box of cereal' Carol points out. 'Me too. I got a wedgie' the actress playing Captain Marvel exclaims. 'Then it was the costume design' Jayson reminds Carol, who points out that the actress is showing a lot of cleavage.

Her cellphone rings, and Jessica holds it out too her: 'Uh, Carol? The caller ID says it's... POTUS?' to which Carol remarks 'That can't be good'. Carol walks away from the others and the director asks Jessica if she is thinking what he is thinking. 'Never' Jess tells him. 'Cap'n Marvel: West Wing Special? After our location shoot on Alpha Flight?' he suggests. 'Oh, Jayson, my Jayson. You know Alpha Flight's in space, right?' Jess asks him, while Carol answers the phone: 'At your command, Chief. What's wrong?'

Carol and Jess walk out of the studio, where Walter Langkowski a.k.a. Sasquatch is waiting beside a car. 'Danvers to Alpha Flight. You on the comm, Wendy?' Carol speaks into her communicator. Lieutenant Wendy Kawasaki's voice confirms that she is. Carol tells Wendy to expect an incoming data-burst from the Pentagon. She asks her to loop in Brand and Puck and check it out. 'Yes, Captain. Looping now' Wendy replies. Carol looks up at Sasquatch and, calling him “Squatch” tells him that he has crumbs in his fur again. 'Chocolate chip pumpkin cookies. Fangirl17 baked them for you' Sasquatch replies. His stomach grumbles as he holds the bag to Carol. 'That your stomach? Serves you right. Now get us out of here' Carol tells him.

In the back seat of the car Carol informs Jess that there has been an attack in an alien refugee camp, and the Oval kicked it to Alpha Flight because they have been intercepting 'All those stranded refugee ships at Alpha Flight. I know' Jess declares, before asking Carol what this is about – why all the sudden flood of refugees to Earth, with no warning and out of nowhere. 'Still working on that one' Carol tells her. Passing through the security gates, Jess suggests that perhaps Carol's alien fanbase wants to catch the premiere of her new show. 'Stop' Carol replies. 'Admit it. You're finally sitting at the cool kids' table' Jess exclaims. 'Only if “cool kids” means you, Jess. After the whole Ulysses mess, my closest friends are either dead, or not speaking to me' Carol remarks. 'So wait, I'm the loser at the table?' Jess asks as they drive past a large group of Captain Marvel's fans who have gathered to catch a glimpse of her. Many of them carry positive signs, while one carries a sign that says “Captain Murder”.

Carol doesn't have to answer Jess, as Commander Brand's voice is heard over the communicator. 'What do you have for me, Brand?' Carol asks. Abigail Brand, Wendy Kawasaki and Eugene “Puck” Judd appear on a holo-screen, and Wendy reports that they have decrypted the data-burst that the Pentagon sent them. Brand informs Carol that they are watching it through now. 'You gotta see this' she tells her, as footage of the Black Forest Refugee Camp appears on the holoscreen. Brand remarks that it appears the camp was attacked by the good guys. 'Are those...Army Rangers?' Jess asks as they look at the footage of soldier attacking the alien refugees. 'They were. Looks like they're taking hostages' Carol remarks. 'One hostage in particular, Commander' one of the others at the Alpha Flight Space Station points out. Footage shows a cloaked warrior entering a refugee tent, where a young child huddles against their mother. 'Tell me you can do better than that, Wen' Carol asks. Wendy does her best to enhance the footage – revealing a close up of the child. 'Not just any kid...  she's Kree' someone announces. An instant later, Carol is in her Captain Marvel costume and flies out the sunroof of the car. 'Someone just made a big mistake' Jess remarks to Sasquatch, while Carol soars skyward, a determined look on her face.

Soaring across an ocean, Carol knows that she is only part Kree, her human family is from Boston, not Hala – that's the Milky Way, not the Greater Magellanic Cloud. Flying across London Carol reminds herself that she only inherited her Kree powers in a freak accident, when she stumbled across a psyche magnetron, a piece of ancient alien tech. 'But try telling that to the Kree life force rushing through me... propelling me higher and faster...' Carol thinks as she flies past the Eifel Tower, until she eventually arrives at a refugee encampment in Eastern Europe, knowing that somewhere down there is a blue-skinned Kree kid who needs her help. Dropping to the ground, Carol wonders 'Maybe this time, I'm her freak accident'.

Entering the camp, Carol sees damaged tents and alien refugees scattered about. 'Something bad went down here' Carol declares, before speaking into her communicator, asking Alpha Flight Space Station if they are with her. 'Yes, Sir' someone responds. Carol instructs AFSS to deploy a medical team to her location. She goes over to an elderly alien is huddled under a tent with another. Carol helps them out and places a flag around one of them, asking them who or what did this, and whether they saw where it went. 'Hala' one of the aliens replies. 'That's right. From Hala. A Kree child. Blue skin, right? Where is she?' Carol asks'. The alien points to a tower that is within flames and says 'Hala...'

'Super' Carol mutters as she flies towards the tower in the center of the camp, passing other aliens who are gathering themselves after the recent attack. As she reaches the tower, Carol informs AFSS that she doesn't know what they saw on that video – the problem seems to be a rogue army ranger. She asks them to ping the DOD network to shut this unit down, as she has got this. Carol asks for a bioscan – she wants to know what she is looking at here. 'Scanning now. One juvenile Kree and one...indeterminate, Sir' a voice replies. 'Indeterminate?' Carol asks. 'I'm not sure...I thought it was humanoid, but now it's somehow... not' Carol is informed as she sees the army ranger hanging over the edge of the tower balcony, holding the Kree child.

Carol lands on the balcony: 'Okay, big guy. I'm guessing you know who I am' she calls out to him, instructing him to identify himself and put the kid down. A strange sphere appears next to the “army ranger” and Carol realizes that it is an escape pod. 'Bounty acquired' the “army ranger” announces, as the pod opens and the Kree child is placed into it. 'A bounty hunter? In the army? I don't think so' Carol remarks. The Kree child bites down on the “army ranger's” hand, and Carol tells the “ranger” to let her go – offering to double the rate for the name of whoever hired him. 'Blue-skinned Kree are protected by intergalactic accord. You know that' Carol declares. The pod closes on the child and the bounty hunter initiates the launch sequence, while the Kree child screams 'No no no no' over and over.

'And now you're just being annoying' Carol tells the bounty hunter. 'Leave it alone, Captain' the bounty hunter declares, speaking for the first time. 'So you do know who I am' Carol remarks. 'But do you know who I am? Am I an army ranger...or a Kree orphan?' the bounty hunter asks, switching to the appearance of the Kree child, he then screams 'Help! Help! Captain Marvel is hurting me!' Carol fires a blast of energy at the tower: 'Seriously? A shape-shifter? So old-school!' she declares, but as the tower begins to collapse, the bount hunter is flung off of the balcony, and Carol points out that it is not as old-school as brutce force. Namely, hers. She then flies over to the pod and starts to push it towards space. 'Just sit tight, little guy...we've got two hundred and forty thousand miles to go...' Carol calls out as she forges onwards. '...but today we're traveling at the speed of Carol...which is crazy fast...even for me' Carol adds, before approaching the AFSS and informing her team that she is coming in hot.

'You brought us a present?' Abigail Brand asks as she, Wendy Kawasaki, Puck and Sasquatch are waiting for Carol in the hangar bay. 'A moon pie?' Puck enquires. 'Close. One blue-skinned Kree – complete with bonus smuggler's pod' Carol replies. Wendy informs her that they saw. 'Bounty hunter and shape-shifter?' she asks. 'Yup. Two for one' Carol declares, before putting the pod on the floor. 'I've got it' Wendy announces as she goes over and uses a device which opens the pod hatch. 'Welcome to Alpha Flight, kid' Carol greets her, standing in front of the pod as the young Kree child looks out. 'No!' the child exclaims. Carol assures the child that she is okay, and that they are not going to hurt her. 'No no no no' the child utters. 'Maybe that's the only word the kid knows' Brand suggests.

When the child is out of the pod, Wendy takes her to her work station. 'See? This is where I work. I keep Alpha Flight's brain running' Wendy explains. In another room aboard the AFSS, Puck tells the child that this is where he and Sasquatch keep them from crashing through the atmosphere. 'Puck! Not helping!' Wendy declares as the Kree child's mouth drops open in shock. Puck tells Wendy to relax, as the kid knows they are not the bad guys. 'YOWWWW!' Puck exclaims when the child pulls on his beard. The others laugh.

Soon, Carol, Puck, Brand and Wendy watch as the child eats. 'Are children all this sticky?' Brand asks, arms folded. 'It's a sticky, nasty little beard puller...' Puck mutters. 'Puck, you're taling about a child. They don't bite!' Wendy exclaims. 'Er, only sometimes' Carol remarks. 'It knows everything we're saying. It knows all' Puck declares, to which Brand tells the kid to cut the crap – they are onto her. 'Maybe it can't get a word out around all that ice cream' Puck suggests. Carol tells Brand and Puck to cut it out. Brand scowls as she goes over and takes the spoon from the child and states that this DNA is going to the lab. Wendy frowns and gives the child another spoon. 'What the cranky lieutenant means is, Alpha Flight has a universal translator. And we'd like to talk to you, so we can help you' she explains.

Carol asks the child if she can tell them her name. Pointing at Carol's Hala star on her costume, the child replies 'Name. Name is... Hala'. Carol opens a cupboard as she tells the child that Hala is where she is from, and a name is what people call you. 'My name is Carol, and I'm from Boston.. Beantown. When I was little, my dad used to call me Bean' she adds. 'Bean' the child repeats. 'Really, Captain?' Wendy asks. Carol reveals that she also had a thing for jellybeans – but that was another story. She smiles as she pulls a bag of jellybeans from the cupboard, even though she knows they are probably pretty stale. 'Bean?' the child asks, looking at the bag of sweets with wide eyes. 'Mmmm. Bean' the child utters. 'See what I mean? Good stuff' Carol tells her. 'Bean' the girl remarks, pointing at herself. Carol eats one of the jellybeans and asks 'You don't have a name so you're just gonna have mine?' 'Yes. Mine' the girl tells her. 'Well, then. I guess Bean it is' Carol declares, before looking at her wrist. 'Crap' she mutters.

Shortly, Carol is in the conference room, where she meets with the Alpha Flight Space Station Board via holo-conference. Bean sits near Carol as the Black Panther, Captain America and severla unidentified members stand before her. Carol tells the Board that she moves they suspend all board meetings until the alien refugee crisis is solved. 'You know how the charter works, Captain Marvel' the Black Panther remarks. 'No can do' Captain America adds. Carol tells them that they are looking at a displacement crisis of epic proportions and they are running out of time. 'The Chitauri are coming. They've chasedb these aliens out of their homes...and we're next. If we don't help each other -' Carol begins, but Cap interrupts her: '...this becomes an extinction level event. I agree. Which is why we're building the atmospheric shield'.

Carol remarks that she will not raise the shield if it means trapping defenseless refugees outside. 'Choosing who lives and who dies...we've all seen how that ends'. She adds that she needs more resources. Captain America assures Carol that they are doing all they can, but that there is still an Alpha Flight budget crisis. He then asks Carol how the show is going. 'Let me get something straight...Alpha Flight's cargo bay is full of stranded alien refugees. Whole intergalactic taces are flooding to Earth. I've got the White House calling, and a shape-shifting bounty hunter is stealing Kree children...and you're telling me that my priority in all this is Cap'n Marvel and her boob windows? I don't think so' Carol declares. 'That unfortunate show is why the AFSS and refugee relocation program can exist' the Black Panther reminds her. 'We are heroes whenever we serve our people, Captain...when, not how' he adds. Carol looks shocked, and tells Bean to come on, as they are done here. Carol takes the child's hand and walks out of the conference room.

At the alien refugee camp in Prague, the bounty hunter watches as another space pod takes off into space. 'Bounty acquired. HLC Ten is en route to base' the mysterious being announces. 'Affirmative, MIM. Tracking Hala child ten on our radar...Status update on Nine?' the reply comes. The mysterious being shifts its form into a humanoid, and replies that the half-Kree took the child as bait. 'Just need to clean up first' the bounty hunter declares as they press a small device, and an instant later, the camp explodes. 'Now to hunt some bigger game...' the bounty hunter grins as they walk away from the flaming camp – in the guise of Carol Danvers!

Characters Involved: 

Captain Marvel VI
Puck, Sasquatch (both Alpha Flight)
Lt. Cmdr Abigail Brand
Lt. Wendy Kawasaki
Spider-Woman I

Captain America, Black Panther and unidentified members of the Alpha Flight Board

Jayson Jay
Captain Marvel actress
Hero Man actor
Film Crew

Bounty Hunters
Alien refugees

Story Notes: 

This series follows the events of Civil War II.

Written By: