Multiple Man #3

Issue Date: 
October 2018
Story Title: 

Matthew Rosenberg (writer), Andy MacDonald (artist), Tamra Bonvillain (colorist), Virtual Calligraphy's Travis Lanham (letterer), Marcos Martin (cover artist), Nick Russell (logo & graphic designer), Chris Robinson (assistant editor), Christina Harrington & Jordan D White (editors), CB Cebulski (editor-in-chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)

Brief Description: 

In the future, Emperor Madrox succeeds in breaking into the headquarters of the resistance. They fight Cable-Madrox, Cloak-Madrox and Deadpool-Madrox, while Multiple Man gets six other dupes, and Davey Miller to safety in Forge's lab, where Forge, under the instruction of Multiple Man, had been working on some teleportation bracelets. A Juggernaut-Madrox joins the battle, he is on the side of the Emperor's forces, and seemingly kills Cable-Madrox, but thanks to the Techno-Organic Virus, he revives himself as Warlock-Madrox. Cloak-Madrox creates a spell which creates tiny dupes that attack Juggernaut-Madrox, before Cloak-Madrox is slain by Deadpool-Madrox, who then fights the remaining forces of Emperor Madrox on his own. With the teleportation bracelets ready, Madrox gives them to the six dupes and instructs them to jump forward in time and find help from the Fantastic Four, Avengers and X-Men. One of the dupes is shot mid-teleport, but the others vanish before Emperor Madrox's forces make their way into the lab. Deadpool-Madrox follows them, but he is killed, although as he dies, he gives Multiple Man a chronal beacon that will enable him to call the X-Men. A grenade is thrown into the lab, and Forge picks it up, putting it inside his robot body, it explodes, killing him. One of Emperor Madrox's commanders finds Multiple Man and Davey Miller, demanding to see th leader. Davey identifies himself as the leader, but Madrox tells him that he is, so the commander shoots Davey in the head. Madrox finds himself brought before Emperor Madrox. They debate what happened to Prime Madrox back in the bunker, and Madrox warns Emperor Madrox to give up his mad quest, vowing to convince him to give up his fascist quest, otherwise Emperor Madrox will have to kill him. Emperor Madrox decides that he likes that option and slices Madrox's head off.

Full Summary: 

The future, inside the headquarters of the Resistance Against Emperor Madrox, where Jamie Madrox is backed up against a door. 'This is bad!' he exclaims. 'What do you think you're doing?' someone calls out to him. 'Blocking the door!' Madrox points out. 'But you know how bullets work, right?' Cable-Madrox asks as he, Deadpool-Madrox, Cloak-Madrox, Davey Miller and other Madrox dupes gather around him.

Madrox ducks for cover when bullets are fired through the door. He looks up at the Resistance and tells them that they need to get to the back door, but Davey informs him that there is no back door. 'What? Why not?' Jamie asks. 'To limit the ways in. That's how bunkers work' Davey explains. Madrox points out that if there is no back door, then they are stuck in here. 'Again, bunkers' Davey replies.

Madrox stands up and looks through one of the bullet holes while asking Davey what the plan is. 'We fight' Davey tells him. 'Of course. The twelve of us against... the 7,000 of them' Madrox mutters as he sees a large number of Madrox dupes from the Emperor's forces standing outside. Davey suggests to Madrox that he could multiply, but Jamie tells him that he doesn't like doing that anymore. 'Well, I'm not sure how much of a chance the twelve of us have. They already killed your Hulk' Davey points out. 'Ooooh, the Hulk. That's why he was green' Jamie realizes, admitting that he didn't get that for some reason. Turning back to the matter at hand, Jamie suggests they be smart about this and starts to ask about what kind of weapons they have.

Cable-Madrox approaches him and asks him to talk for a second. They move away from the others, and Cable-Madrox motions to the other dupes, telling Madrox that he has to get them out of here, that they can't be in this fight. 'They signed up for this, like you' Madrox replies. 'Not like me. They are me' Cable-Madrox explains, adding that they have to go. 'Our job was to make sure you got here to make them. If they die, everything falls apart' he explains. 'But if the only point of them is to make you make them, what's the point of that?' Madrox asks. 'I don't know... maybe they save you somehow?' Cable-Madrox suggests. They both stop talking and look thoughtful for a moment, before Madrox points out that, either way, he can't get them out of here, as Davey said there is no other exit. 'No exit in space... use time!' Cable-Madrox suggests.

'Forge! Time's up!' Madrox exclaims as he enters the lab, where Forge's head, inside some sort of robot, turns to Madrox, Whoa... okay...' he remarks. 'Were you asleep? We're under attack!' Madrox declares as Forge struggles to open his eyes. 'I'm a floating head in a washing machine. Sleep is pretty much all I have' Forge responds. Jamie runs his hands through his hair as he tells Forge that he needs those time travel bracelets now. Forge glances over to some equipment and reveals that he actually hasn't been able to finish those yet. 'Why not? Are you missing something?' Jamie asks. Forge tells him that he doesn't know, as he hasn't been able to start yet. 'Whaaaat? Why not?' Jamie demands, shaking the machine that Forge's head floats in. 'I was working on other stuff' Forge replies. 'Like what?' Jamie enquires. Forge looks over at a small device which he explains trims nose hairs or brushes teeth without having to use your hands. 'Why would you make that?' Madrox enquires. 'Again, I'm a floating head. Your priorities and mine aren't always going to line up' Forge responds. Jamie looks sternly at Forge and tells him that they need those bracelets ASAP and asks how long it will take to make them. 'Two days' Forge responds. 'Cool. You got nine minutes' Madrox announces.

Madrox rejoins the others near the door, 'They're coming through!' Davey calls out as the large number of Emperor Madrox's dupes burst into the Resistance's hideout. Madrox turns to the six dupes and tells them to come with him. 'And maybe someone should stop them?' Madrox calls back to the other dupes. 'On it!' Cable-Madrox replies as he opens fire at the incoming dupes. 'Get the battering ram up here!' one of the Emperor's dupes shouts as several of them are shot by Cable-Madrox.

Madrox and the six dupes make it into Forge's lab. 'How we doing, Forge?' Madrox asks. 'Meh' Forge replies as he tinkers with the bracelets.

'This is a new one' Cable-Madrox points out as a large Madrox dupe with Juggernaut style armor bursts into the hideout – and steps on him, squashing Cable-Madrox with ease. 'This one's down for the count! Keep moving!' one of the Emperor's dupes instructs the others.

Forge informs Jamie that he needs more time, but Jamie tells him that they don't have it.

Emperor Madrox's forces move on through the hideout, with one of them telling the others to keep their eyes peeled, as there are more in here. Suddenly, Cable-Madrox rises, although he's more like Warlock-Madrox now, as the Techno-Organic Virus has taken over. 'You killed Madrox-self. Now Warlock kills you!' he exclaims as he releases tentacle-like cables that slice their way through many of the Emperor's dupes. 'Wait, no – AAAAAH!' one of them screams. 'Bring it down! Don't let him -' another calls out, but is soon taken down by Warlock-Madrox. Cloak-Madrox enters the battle, casting a spell which  traps several of the Emperor's dupes in mystic restraints.

Forge looks over at the group of dupes and asks Jamie if this is everyone. 'Yes' Madrox replies, before Forge asks him about Davey. '%$&#' Madrox mutters, slapping his forehead.

The Juggernaut-Madrox roars as he rushes towards Cloak-Madrox. 'Okay, butt-head. Let's play' Cloak-Madrox clals out as he casts a spell that releases dozens of tiny Madrox dupes that fall onto Juggernaut-Madrox. 'No! Wait! Ack!' Juggernaut-Madrox calls out as some of the tiny dupes fall into his mouth. Deadpool-Madrox fights nearby, blocking bullets with his laser-claws, and Davey shoots a machine gun at the enemy dupes, announcing 'They're slowing down! We're winning!' 'Sure we are' Cloak-Madrox replies. Madrox arrives and grabs Davey, telling him that they have got to go and that he is getting him to someplace safe. 'Are you crazy?' Davey asks, as Madrox tells the others to keep the dupes away from them.

'I can't leave! This is the war!' Davey protests, still firing the machine gun as Madrox drags him away from the battle. Madrox tells Davey that this is suicide and to stop acting like a little kid and start acting like a leader. 'If you die here, so does the revolution' Madrox reminds Davey, before asking him where his mother is. 'She's gone' Davey replies. 'She ran away and left you?' Madrox asks. 'No, she has yoga today' Davey explains.

More of the Emperor's dupes move towards Cloak-Madrox – who traps a ninja dupe inside his cloak. 'Come and get me, ya lazy fascist pieces of -' Cloak-Madrox calls out as he creates another spell, dropping more tiny dupes into the battle – but suddenly, he drops dead, falling to the floor, pool of blood forms around his body and the tiny dupes all drop to the ground. Deadpool-Madrox stands behind Cloak-Madrox, his laser claws outstretched, he leaps up above the army of Madrox dupes still in the resistance hideout.

'They got him... me. Us' Madrox gasps, while Forge tells him that he looks terrible. 'All the dupes being killed out there... it hurts' Madrox explains, before turning to the other dupes and telling them that if they are to stand a chance at stopping Emperor Madrox, the monster who is destroying this world, they are going to need help. 'Where are we going?' one of the dupes asks as Forge hands him a bracelet. Madrox tells him that he doesn't know, and instructs him to just jump forward in time and find the thing that stops Emperor Madrox and bring it back here. 'That's the plan? I don't even know what we're looking for' the dupe points out. 'Heroes. Split up and find super heroes' Madrox instructs them.

'We'll need magic stuff' Madrox informs them. 'Whatever' one of the dupe replies. 'And the Fantastic Four! I feel like they should have been around to stop this' Madrox remarks, but a dupe tells him that he is pretty sure they are dead. 'Go find Wolverine. If anyone survived this $#%&, it's him' Madrox declares. 'He scares me' a dupe replies, nervously. Madrox suggests that they go find Tony Stark, as more smarts would really help them here. 'I guess' a dupe replies, rubbing his head, confused. Madrox tells another dupe to find the X-Men, as they deal with dumb stuff like this all the time. 'Dumb... stuff?' Madrox asks. Madrox instructs the last dupe to go get the Avengers, he doesn't know who will be on the team, but it is always good to have Avengers around. 'Avengers. Got it' the dupe smiles.

Madrox paces past the dupes and tells them that if it doesn't work, if they can't find anything in the future that can stop Emperor Madrox, they need to come back and find him before all this begins, as he will know what to do – he hopes. 'Good luck and may the f-' Madrox begins, before one of the dupes is struck by weapons fire. 'No! GO! NOW!' Madrox shouts, and the dupes activate their bracelets. 'Wait! Which one of you just got killed?' Madrox asks, but too late, as the dupes all fade away. 'Don't move, resistance scum!' one of Emperor Madrox's dupes shouts as several of them surround Madrox, Davey and Forge. Thankfully, Deadpool-Madrox appears behind the dupes and shoves his laser claws through their chests – before he stumbles backwards, and collapses in a pool of blood. 'He's dying...' Davey exclaims as he and Madrox go over to the Deadpool-Madrox.

Deadpool-Madrox holds something up to Jamie, who remarks 'What is this? He's trying to give us something, but what? I wish I could read your mind -' before Deadpool-Madrox explains that the device is a chronal beacon. 'Holy crap! You can talk!' Jamie gasps. 'Why the $%&# wouldn't I be able to talk?' Deadpool-Madrox asks. Madrox ignores that comment and asks Deadpool-Madrox how it works. 'Hit it... and the X-Men will come' Deadpool-Madrox explains. Forge starts to say that he has never heard of a chronal beacon before, but Madrox interrupts and points out that they can't call the X-Men now, as they would be trapped here with them. 'I wish you'd told us you had this -' Madrox mutters, before Forge points out that Deadpool-Madrox is dead. 'Oookay' Madrox mutters.

Madrox turns to Forge and tells him that they need to jump out of here, now, but Forge reports that he doesn't have any more bracelets. 'Why not?' Madrox asks. 'You only gave me nine minutes' Forge reminds him 'Valid' Madrox decides, before Davey holds up the wrist of a fallen dupe and points out that there is this one. He removes the bracelet from the dupe and hands it to Madrox, telling him to take it. But Madrox tells Davey that he has to use it. 'I'm not leaving my men behind' Davey replies. 'I'm not your man, kid. I'm basically your -' Madrox starts to say, before Forge interrupts them, 'They're here' he reports. Madrox grabs a gun and Davey picks up a large knife, while Forge lumbers over to them. 'Get ready. Let's give 'em hell' Madrox exclaims, before a grenade is thrown towards them. 'Grenade! Throw it back!' Madrox shouts. 'No time' Forge points out as he grabs the grenade, opens up the top of the machine his head sits in and drops the grenade down next to his head. 'Forge! No!' Madrox shouts, before the grenade explodes, sending machine parts blasting everywhere.

More dupes enter the lab and raise weapons to Madrox and Davey, warning them not to move, to freeze and stay where they are. 'Yeah, but can we move?' Madrox jokes, when suddenly, a well-dressed Madrox enters the lab. He greets Madrox and Davey and reports that they have been looking for the resistance for quite some time. 'I have to say, I'm not impressed' he adds, before asking them which one is the leader. 'I am' Davey announces. 'Is that so?' the well-dressed Madrox asks. 'Wait...' Madrox calls out as he approaches the well-dressed Madrox, telling him to wait, that he is joking, he is just the kid who gets their coffee. 'Clearly I am the leader here' Madrox lies. 'You? Interesting...' the well-dressed Madrox smiles, before raising a weapon to Davey's head and bidding him goodbye. 'Wait, I -' Davey begins, before the well-dressed Madrox fires the gun and  orders the dupes to bag this other Madrox up so they can bring him back to Emperor Prime.

Shortly, Madrox has a bag over his head as he is led by two dupes following the well-dressed Madrox down a corridor which is lined with various artifacts, including a Sentinel head, Captain America's shield, Dr Doom's armor, Ant-Man's helmet and Lockjaw's skull. They stop in front of a throne, where Madrox is forced to his knees and the bag is removed from his head. 'Hello, Jamie' a voice calls out. 'Hello, Jamie' Madrox responds, as Emperor Madrox stands over him, the Soulsword glows, hanging from a belt around his waist. He wears a red cape and a fancy version of Jamie's green and yellow costume, while holding the chronal beacon and the nose-hair trimmer. Emperor Madrox asks Jamie what he brought him, as his tech guys have no idea what these are. 'One is a nose-hair trimmer. The other... is a power amplifier. Just hit that button to become super-powerful' Madrox replies. 'Wow. You're a terrible liar. Stab him, please' Emperor Madrox instructs one of his soldiers, who does as commanded, stabbing Madrox through his shoulder.

Madrox cries out in pain, 'It is a nose-hair trimmer, moron. I wasn't lying' Madrox declares. 'The other thing' Emperor Madrox remarks. Madrox announces that it will summon the X-Men here from the past to kick his ass. 'Oooh, scary... I'll want to wait to bring them here until I'm good and ready though. But don't worry, I'm not scared of the X-Men' Emperor Madrox replies, before handing both devices to his well-dressed dupe: '... as our old friend Hank here will tell you' Emperor Madrox adds, as Jamie suddenly shuffles backwards, realizing that he was kneeling on the fur of the Beast, who has been turned into a rug.

Jamie gets to his feet, as Emperor Madrox looks at him and remarks that it is interesting, he doesn't remember making him, but that it looks like he has been around for a while now. He adds that in the beginning, when he took Hank's serum, he sort of lost some days in there, and has no idea what happened, although he heard some speculate that is what made him like this. Madrox mutters something under his breath. 'Excuse me?' Emperor Madrox replies. Madrox scowls at him and declares that they both know that when they pulled them out of that bunker on Muir Island they were already an evil megalomaniacal $#%&-bag, that is why they put them in there in the first place, trying to become the prime Jamie. 'When our prime died, all that left was the treacherous, scheming parts of him. Us' Jamie explains. 'And by us, I mean you' Madrox states. 'Yes, I got that' Emperor Madrox replies, smiling.

'All that serum did was make you into the prime Madrox. The evil dictator stuff is all you' Madrox frowns.

More artefacts, including Archangel's skeleton and wings, are attached to the wall behind Emperor Madrox, who asks if he is the evil parts of the original Madrox, then what does that say about his dupes. 'And about you, hmmm? You're a testament to the idea that every evil man has something good deep inside him?' Emperor Madrox asks. 'No, I'm just proof that a man can change' Madrox declares, but Emperor Madrox tells him that he doesn't buy that. 'You will' Madrox replies.

Emperor Madrox picks up Cyclops' visor, 'Well, I'm sure that's how you wanted your little revolution to play out, but -' he begins, to which Madrox interrupts him, stating that the revolution was nothing. 'I mean, you killed a lot of good people, and that will haunt you when you think about them, but no... I realize now that all of that was just to get me right here, right now' Madrox explains, boasting that he is about to stop all of this. 'Oh?' Emperor Madrox asks.

Madrox informs Emperor Madrox that one of two things is about to happen: 'Either I talk you into giving up being the fascist $#%&-for-brains who is ruining the world...' Madrox begins. 'Or?' Emperor Madrox asks. 'Or you kill me' Madrox tells him. 'And after you do it, the guilt will break you. Deep down, you'll know I was right about everything and having my blood on your hands will change you. Either way, I win... but I'd suggest you take the first option' Madrox declares. 'I like the other one' Emperor Madrox replies as he draws the Soulsword, and slices off the surprised Madrox's head!!!

Characters Involved: 

Multiple Man


Fifteen years from now:

Cable/Warlock-Madrox, Cloak-Madrox, Deadpool-Madrox


Davey Miller

Madrox dupes in Resistance


Emperor Madrox

Emperor Madrox's dupes


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