Mutant X #29

Issue Date: 
March 2001
Story Title: 
Logan’s Running

Howard Mackie (writer), Tom Lyle (pencils), Michael Golden (cover), Andrew Pepoy (inks), Gina Going (colors), Chris Eliopoulos (letters), Lysa Hawkins (assistant editor), Joe Quesada (editor-in-chief)

Brief Description: 

Wolverine has been brought to the castle of the Six and seems back to normal. Alex and Jean watch Logan fight some computer simulated battle droids and have their doubts about Logan’s current state. When Jean flies over to Logan, wanting to tell him something, Wolverine stops his fighting, explaining to Jean that, whatever they had in the past, it’s over. It never should have happened in the first place, he says. Logan says he’s happily married, a dad, even. That’s not what Jean wanted to talk about but, before she can finish her sentence, James Hudson shows up. Wolverine recognizes Hudson and becomes angry when he sees him, even wanting to kill him! Hudson explains to Wolverine that Sabretooth has his family and wants to give them back to Logan. Wolverine agrees to work along and goes with Hudson, Jean and Havok to Canada. Wolverine knows that this is all a set-up, but he catches Sabretooth’s scent and goes in, followed by Jean and Havok. Meanwhile, Wild Child finds Marie alive and wants to take her back to safety. But Sabretooth shows up and kills Wild Child. Wolverine tracks Sabretooth down and is too fast for Jean and Alex to follow. They try to catch up, but are ambushed by Sabretooth, who knocks them both down and drags Jean away. He wants to make Logan suffer. Wolverine finds his kids, who are happy to see their dad after so many years. Havok warns Logan that it was all a set-up and that Sabretooth now has both Mariko and Jean. Wolverine goes to rescue them and orders Havok to guard his kids with his life. Sabretooth tells Logan that he can choose who he’s going to kill. Wolverine doesn’t want to chose or fight and withdraws his claws. Sabretooth decides to chose for Logan but, before he can do that, his body gets burned up by Havok. Sabretooth’s startled, so Wolverine jumps at him and slices Creed’s head off, killing him! Wolverine’s finally reunited with his family but, before they can leave, they find themselves surrounded by lots of army helicopters.

Full Summary: 

Wolverine has been brought to the castle of the Six and given a new costume. Now training, fighting some battle droids, Wolverine finds he is in a bad mood and has the need of killing something! From the balcony of the castle, Havok and Jean watch over Logan, fighting on the grounds below. Alex notices that Wolverine is apparently 100% recovered from his wounds. Jean says that’s what Logan does best. But, Alex doubts if Logan’s mind is in the same state.

Jean says that Logan designed and ran the fighting program using the Six’ computers, and the programs are years ahead of anything the Six had. The droids Wolverine fights are thinking for themselves. That’s not what Havok meant, he says. Havok says he knows that Logan is smart, but seems to be so on the edge. He’s fearing that one time Logan might give in into his animal instincts. After all, Wolverine has been running for years through the Canadian woods. Jean says that they are never going to be certain about that, but what choice do they have?

One of the battle droids fires a laser at Logan, which hits his arm. Wolverine’s not bothered by it and fights back. Jean tells Havok that he can try to stop the man. In a spy game, Wolverine’s a one man army. He’s very talented, too. When Havok asks if Jean has spoken to him, Jean replies no. Alex says he’ll talk to him, but Jean refuses to let him. Alex finds that Logan needs to be told. Jean agrees, but she’ll be the one who tells him. Jean telekinetically flies up, telling Havok to just keep them away from him. Otherwise, they’ll see just how wild Logan can get and they probably won’t be able to stop him. And Jean doesn’t know if she’d want to. A voice at the back asks Havok if she trusts her. Alex says he does, with his life, and has done that several time now.

The voice is happy for that, but tells Alex that they don’t have all day, because this is an international incident. Unless, the voice sadistically says, Alex wants to be the cause of any more hostilities between their countries. Alex gets angry, telling the voice to not push him. Jean flies towards Logan, asking if they can talk. Sure, Wolverine says, he was just finishing up after all. He smashes the final droid down and talks to Jean, who lands.

Logan asks Jean what she’s been up to while he was gone. Maybe she got married, or is she still with S.H.I.E.L.D.? Jean denies all of that. She apologizes but they haven’t got much chance to talk since Logan is back. Logan calms her down, saying that he knows what Jean wants to say, and tells her that whatever they had, it’s over. And it never should have happened in the first place, because Logan has a family. He’s happily married. A dad, even. And now that his mind is back under control and Sabretooth is dead, Logan can’t wait to go back to that life.

Jean says that Logan doesn’t understand, but Logan says that it’ll be all okay. Before Logan can finish his sentence, the voice shows up, saying that it won’t be okay. Jean gets angry at the voice, saying that she hasn’t even told Logan yet. Wolverine unsheathes his claws, but Jean tries to calm him down, saying that he’s not worth it. Wolverine recognizes Hudson, saying that this should have been finished a long time ago! He jumps at Hudson, ready to kill him. James Hudson, however, just stands there, all relaxed.

Hudson tells Logan that he didn’t finished it, didn’t he? Instead, Logan eviscerated him and left Hudson to die. Let Hudson open to the scientists who worked on him, but he didn’t turn out as pretty as Logan. He’s more a machine than a man now. Logan wants to kill Hudson, but Jean telekinetically holds him back. Logan says that it won’t hold him forever, and he will kill Hudson for what he did to him. Logan remembers that Hudson turned him into the… thing he is now. Hudson betrayed him and his family. Logan asks why, because they were best friends once. Like brothers.

Hudson says he did Logan a favor. He could have led him, Sabretooth and Wild Child run through the woods forever, with the Professor thinking that their minds were lost forever. That using mutants was a mistake. Hudson did it for the good of the Program. There is nothing that Hudson wouldn’t do for his country and Queen, he says. Wolverine doesn’t believe that Hudson would even take his life away for that. Hudson explains that he knew that Sabretooth was always going to be a wild card. Wild Child just a child. But Wolverine, he had gotten soft. Forgot who and what he was. It all changed when Wolverine decided to get married, settle in. So they took away the choice. Hudson says that Logan should be glad it was him, because others wanted to eliminate Logan’s loved ones.

Jean still holds Wolverine back, but has trouble concentrating and holding it together. Hudson confirms that it was he who saved Wolverine. And how did Logan repay him? By killing half his staff and run away to the woods. Hudson had to have Logan back and had to send Sabretooth. Wolverine’s still angry and thanks Hudson, saying that he’ll see him in hell. Hudson’s not so sure, not if Logan wants to see his wife and kids alive again. Logan gets even more angrier and asks if Hudson has him. He denies, but says Sabretooth has. And Hudson claims that he is Logan’s only chance to get them back. Logan calms down and Jean releases him, just in time before she faints in Havok’s arms.

A short time later on the Canadian border…

Hudson has taken Wolverine, Jean and Havok aboard a helicopter and they are being followed by other helicopters, which belong to Hudson, too. Hudson opens the helicopter’s door, and Wolverine tells Hudson that, when this is over, he’s still going to kill him. Hudson says he knows that Logan will try that. Hudson then explains that they are close to the Canadian border now and that he is risking his career right now. Hudson claims that what they wanted him to do was drug Logan and drag him back to the Program. Hudson begs Logan, Jean and Alex that, whatever they do, they should not cross into Canada, their country. Logan tells Hudson that Canada stopped being his country a long time ago. Logan could see that Canada was turning into something he no longer wanted to be a part of.

Wolverine explains that Jean and Alex are there to watch his back. Logan promises Hudson that he will get his family back, and will get even Sabretooth back to Creed, but then he’s out of here. Wolverine realizes that this is a set-up, but he can’t risk his family. And, when this is over, Logan promises Hudson that after this one of them won’t be alive anymore to talk about it. Hudson explains that Sabretooth is out there and they sent Wild Child to track him down. But they haven’t got word from him for several days and was given orders to just reconnoiter only. Wolverine gets angry and calls Hudson a fool, because Wild Child is more guts than brains. He’s more anxious to be a super-hero than anything else. He’ll just turn up dead. Wolverine jumps out of the helicopter and catches Creed’s scent and goes in.

Jean telekinetically lands herself and Havok on the ground, asking Logan if he’s sure that this is the place. Wolverine smells Sabretooth’s burnt scent and knows that he’s got Mariko and his kids. He also wants to take the lead, because he doesn’t want to spook Creed. The helicopter’s pilot tells Hudson that they’ve got a phone call from… the Professor. Hudson was afraid of that.

Characters Involved: 

Havok (all the Six)

Jean Grey


Mariko Yashida (Wolverine’s wife)

Marie and Brian (Wolverine’s daughter and son)


Wild Child

James Hudson/Guardian (all Alpha Flight)

Training battle droids used by the Six

Story Notes: 

James Hudson previously briefly appeared as the Guardian of the Canadian super-team, Alpha Flight. [Mutant X #3]

The title is a play on Logan's Run, a popular sci-fi movie from the seventies.

The Crown is a different word for all the English countries, more specifically the ruling Queen.

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