Mutant X #30

Issue Date: 
April 2001
Story Title: 
Blame Canada!

Howard Mackie (writer), Ron Lim (pencils), Michael Golden (cover), Andrew Pepoy (inks), Chris Eliopoulos (letters), Gina Going (colors), Lysa Hawkins (editor), Joe Quesada (editor-in-chief)

Brief Description: 

Having not heard from their leader Havok in hours, the rest of the Six travel to Canada to find out what’s wrong. But, before they can cross the border, they are attacked by the Avengers. The leader of the Avengers, the Black Widow, tells the Six to turn back quick, or they’ll fight them. The Avengers, and especially the Widow, all seem to have a grudge towards Captain America, who left them when they needed him most. The Avengers claim that they also almost died because of him. Bloodstorm isn’t interested, as she wants to get Havok back, so the two super-teams begin to fight. Cap can’t believe that this is happening. Meanwhile, James Hudson and the Professor arrive and want to bring Wolverine back into the Program, so the Professor sends his Super-Soldiers out in search of Logan. He, Alex and Jean have barely enough strength to defeat one Soldier and wonder how they could defeat a platoon of them. Havok and the others make it to the border, but find both the Six and the Avengers, defeated! Only an exhausted Captain America still stands. Havok asks Cap what happened, but he only mumbles things. Wolverine smells something; they’ve got company. He snikts his claws open and the Professor, the Super-Soldiers and Hudson arrive on the scene. Hudson tells Logan that fighting isn’t such a good idea. It’s over.

Full Summary: 

The Six, minus Havok, reach the border of Canada in their plane. Captain America tells his teammates that they are about to disobey international laws and will probably be the cause to World War IV. If anyone has second thoughts, Cap asks, now is the time to say it. Bloodstorm explains to Cap that the last message they got from Havok was that Wolverine’s family was endangered by the Canadian government. Since Havok’s their leader, they must go and help. Cap says he simply had to ask it.

Cap looks scared, suddenly, seeing him! It’s… Iron Giant Man! Iron Giant Man says that he won’t give the mutants a second warning. They must turn their plane around now, or else he’ll blast them out of the sky. Cap panics, thinking that Iron Giant Man must have been in stealth mode. Cap believes that, with him there, the other Avengers are probably not far behind and wants to go back. Bloodstorm doesn’t think so and goes on. Cap tries to warn her, but is too late, as Iron Giant Man fires a blast.

Cap again begs to turn around, but they are too late: the Avengers are there! The Black Widow, Hawkeye, Deathlok and Typhoid Mary all rush into the battle. Cap says that they are Earth’s mightiest super-heroes and they can’t defeat them. Bloodstorm still refuses to go and is determinated to assist Havok.

Meanwhile, Havok and Wolverine have hiddden themselves behind a tree, trying to be safe from the approaching army helicopters. Wolverine tells Havok that he knew the Canadian special ops weren’t going to let him leave, no matter what Hudson said. But Logan wants to bring his family into safety first and makes Havok promise he’ll get them safe. Alex promises and asks Logan why he’s so concerned all of a sudden. Wolverine says it’s because he recognizes the helicopters’ markings, they are transports. And they could mean serious trouble. Wolverine knows that Hudson brought the reinforcements to get him back – alive if they can – so that they can scramble his brain again. But Hudson would rather kill Logan than get him alive.

Wolverine shouts to Jean and Mariko to grab the kids and leave. Jean senses Logan’s fear and asks who’s coming. Wolverine says that they are dealing with the Super-Soldiers. Jean now understands Logan’s fear. Hudson walks out of his helicopters, commanding the Super-Soldiers to secure perimeters. The Professor comes out too, telling Hudson not to presume that he’s in charge over the Professor’s creations. The Professor just waves his hand and the Super-Soldiers fan out, knowing what to do. The Professor tells Hudson that words are for idiots.

The Professor again tells Hudson not to assume command. Because, if the Professor had his way, he’d scramble Hudson’s mind like he does with all of his charges and his current Alpha Flight team. But the Professor knew that Hudson still seems to have connections to the Crown, so he had to leave his mind intact. The Professor believes that mutants can never be trusted and finds them nothing more than wild animals and will never be the humans’ successors. The Professor also believes that this never would have happened if he had his way. Sabretooth should have never been sent after Wolverine, but his Super-Soldiers.

Hudson tries to defend himself saying that the Professor was occupied elsewhere, with the Moscow uprising. The Professor has no use for excuses, Hudson simply messed up and now he can clean it up. The Professor says that all they’ve got to do now is wait untill his Super-Soldiers have dealt with Wolverine and his mutant friends. Hudson and the Professor go back to the helicopter. The Professor asks if there’s any word from the border and if the Americans have reacted yet. No word yet, Hudson explains. The Professor is certain that they will react soon.

Elsewhere, the Six have stepped out of their plane and Cap greets his former Avenger teammates. Iron Giant Man shrinks down to normal size and Cap talks to the Black Widow. Cap says that he’s relieved to see Natasha so well and says that there hasn’t passed a day without him thinking about them. Cap also tells the Avengers that there is no need to fight; they are all on the same side. Cap wants to make an understanding, but the Widow gets upset, not wanting to listen to a coward like Cap and demands a real leader among the Six. Cap tells Nathasha that she knows he never meant to…

Before Cap can finish his sentence, Nathasha asks what he means. He doesn’t mean to negotiate? Does Cap want to fight? So be it, Natasha says. But before the Black Widow can send her team, Bloodstorm speaks and says that she is the Six’s leader in Havok’s abscence. The Black Widow’s resolute and orders Bloodstorm to listen, while she talks. Natasha says that there will be no negotiations. The Avengers have been enforced to protect international policies. Ice-Man asks what Cap did to piss them all off so much. Weren’t they his friends? Cap explains that he and the Widow were once a lot more than just friends, and he let the Avengers down when they needed him most. The Avengers almost died because of him. And he ran away from them.

Bloodstorm tries to explain to the Widow that Havok and their friends are on the other side of the border and they haven’t heard from them in hours. The Black Widow is glad to see Bloodstorm so commited to her teammates and wished they were all like that. Natasha tells Bloodstorm that, should Havok make it to the border, she won’t stop him from returning. But Natasha won’t allow the Six to cross the border, due to the international laws. The laws have been on a low level ever since the Goblin Queen tried to use Canada as her assault launchpad. If they give the Canadians any reason to distrust them again, America won’t have any back-up in the fight. America won’t be able to withstand the attack. The Black Widow apologizes, but orders Bloodstorm to turn back and do it quickly. She assures her that the Avengers are excersising extreme restraint from tearing up the traitor.

Noticing that Deathlok, Hawkeye, Iron Giant Man and Typhoid Mary all have angry looks on their faces, Bloodstorm says that she doesn’t understand the mistrust towards Captain America, but does understand the Avengers’ orders. But she hopes that the Avengers also understand theirs. Bloodstorm quickly charges up and unleashes large thunderbolts and strikes the Black Widow down!

The Avenger and the Six go to the attack, but Cap, frightened, stays at the back. Ice-Man tells him to come; they’ve got to prove themselves. Cap doesn’t want to and can’t believe that this is happening. Meanwhile, one of the Super-Soldiers has separated himself from his group, searching for Wolverine. Wolverine sneaks up from him and snikts his claws open and jumps at the Soldier, but the Soldier has smelled Logan’s stench and punches him back. Havok and Jean show up and want to help Logan but the Soldier mocks Logan that he never thought Logan to be so special like the others said he was, and now he’s proven right. Wolverine tells Jean and Havok to stay back; he wants to fight alone.

The Super-Soldier takes out his build-in knives, which Logan can just withstand with his claws. Wolverine strikes back and slices the Soldier through the face. The Soldier says that Wolverine is too much of a wild card and would never have made it through the Program. Wolverine says maybe that’s he’s just too smart for it, for spending the rest of his life living as a robot.

The Soldier charges up his knife and slams it on Wolverine’s chin, making him drop on his knees. The Soldier is ready to kill Logan, but finds resistance in Havok and Jean, who combine their powers against the Soldier. The Soldier moves over to them, but Wolverine gets up and slices his claws through the Soldier’s stomach, killing him. Wolverine has had enough and wants to go after his family now. But they’ve seen now what one Soldier can do, imagine a combined platoon! And they know how Canada took over all of Russia, China and Southeast Asia.

A short time later, the mutants finally make it to the border but, what they find, they have never seen before: The Six and the Avengers… defeated! All who’s left standing is an exhausted Captain America, sitting on his knees.

Havok orders Jean to stay with Mariko and the kids, while he and Logan go to find out what happened. Wolverine says that they don’t have time for this, as the other Super-Soldiers will soon arrive. The heroes are all still alive, but in no shape to help them. Wolverine wants to bring his family into safety first. Havok tells Logan to go, but he can’t leave his friends behind.

Havok asks Cap what happened but Cap can only mumble, and says that this can’t be happening, not there. Alex tells Cap to snap out of it and asks where they are. Cap mumbles, “not they.” Wolverine smells something, they’ve got company! Wolverine snikts his claws open and sees who it is. Hudson, the Super-Soldiers and the Professor have arrived. Hudson tells Logan that fighting is not such a good idea. It’s over.

Characters Involved: 

Bloodstorm, Brute, Captain America, Gambit, Havok, Ice-Man (the Six)

Jean Grey

Black Widow, Deathlok, Hawkeye, Iron Giant Man, Typhoid Mary (the Avengers)


Mariko Yashida (Wolverine’s wife)

Marie and Brian (Wolverine’s daughter and son)

James Hudson/Guardian (all Alpha Flight)

The Professor

Super-Soldiers (unnamed)

Story Notes: 

World War I really happened and went from the year 1914-1918.

World War II really happened as well, from the year 1940-1945.

World War III is considered to be the attack of the Goblin Queen, from Mutant X #1-12.

The Crown is a different name for the all English countries, more specifically the ruling queen.

The Avengers’ battle cry in this universe is: “Avengers… Attack!” In the real universe, the battle cry is “Avengers Assemble!”

Alpha Flight briefly appeared in Mutant X #3.

Sabretooth was sent out by Hudson (against The Professor’s commands) to retrieve Wolverine alive in Mutant X #28-29.

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