Mutant X #32

Issue Date: 
June 2001
Story Title: 
The End

Howard Mackie (writer), Ron Lim (pencils), Michael Golden (cover), Andrew Pepoy (inks), Sandy Florea (additional inks), Gina Going (colors), Chris Eliopoulos (letters), Lysa Hawkins (editor), Joe Quesada (editor-in-chief)

Brief Description: 

Magneto allies himself with Dr. Strange and, together they make a plan and teleport themselves and the rest of the Six into safety. With him overhearing the heroes plan, Dracula makes a deal with the Beyonder, that Dracula gets to drain every super-powered being’s life-force and, in return, he shall bring the Beyonder to Alex. Magneto brings his friends to his hidden citadel in Antarctica and tends their wounded, continuing making battle plans. Havok receives unsuspected aid in the likes of Reed Richards, the Fallen, Professor Charles Xavier and Baron Mordo! They make a special suit for Alex, which should help him in his fight against the Beyonder. Dr. Strange explains that it is not really the Beyonder they are fighting but… the Goblin Queen! The Goblin Queen has returned and has merged with what was left over of the Beyonder’s essence and is now more dangerous than ever. Strange warns to Havok that he must protect the Nexus of all Realities, which now resides inside Havok’s body and isn’t destroyed, as they first thought. Havok confronts the Goblin Queen, who tries to lure Havok to her side. Dracula teleports inside the citadel, but Bloodstorm puts a stake through his body, killing Dracula. Havok is powerful enough to withstand the Goblin Queen’s tricks and makes her stop hiding behind Madelyne. After Havok tries to blast her down, the Goblin Force briefly turns back into Madelyne. Havok promises Madelyne that everything is going to be fine and makes her promise to tell Scotty that he shall always be with him. As Madelyne is teleported back to Earth, Havok destroys the Goblin Force, trapping it in the Nexus of Realities, which Alex now plants into Madelyne’s body. The Goblin Force disappears and Havok wins the battle. Alex falls away into a deep, dark space, closing his eyes. Havok remembers dying, but mostly, he remembers… living!

Full Summary: 

The end is near. Magneto holds his dying daughter, Polaris, in his arms. Polaris says that she feels cold and can’t see. Magneto tries to calm her down, saying that she is going to be fine. He only wished that she didn’t come out here, because she was already wounded, thanks to Dracula. Polaris apologizes, but she had to tell him and the others.

Polaris asks what has become of the other X-Men and the Defenders. Is the battle over? Magneto says it is. Polaris asks if they can go home now. Soon, Magneto promises. Soon. Behind them lie the deceased bodies of many heroes. The Beyonder beats on his chest, demanding that someone brings him Alex Summers!

Polaris starts crying, saying that she is scared. Magneto cries too, telling Polaris that she shouldn’t be. Magneto tells Polaris to close her eyes: daddy’s there. Polaris does and she dies. Magneto’s face grows incensed and he turns his attention to the Beyonder. Magneto promises his deceased daughter that those who did this to her shall pay! Magneto prepares to attack the Beyonder, but Dr. Strange shows up, saying that Magneto shouldn’t attack out of grief and anger, which is never a good motive. Magneto tells Strange that he shall attack, he has lost two of his children this day and far too many friends. Strange says that is no excuse to destroy the world! Magneto asks what else should he do. Is there another way to stop this madman? Dr. Strange prays that there is one.

Meanwhile, Havok finds himself surrounded in a black area and Scotty is with him. Scotty is glad that his dad is awake now. Now they can finally safe the world. A confused Alex asks what happened. Scotty shows Alex images of the past few minutes and how Alex saved the Six, but that he was too late to save Elektra. But that doesn’t matter, Scotty says, he knows that she won’t be gone forever.

Alex’s sight begins to fade away and Scotty calls for Alex. Alex sees Bloodstorm, who asks if he’s okay. Alex takes a look at his hands, which begin to fade as well. Alex asks what’s happened. Alex tries to snap out of it and is back in the castle of the Six. Alex asks what happened. The only thing he can remember was that he was asleep. Scotty explains that Dracula bit Alex and Bloodstorm informs Alex that that isn’t their only concern. The Beyonder is out there too and that Dr. Strange said that Alex is the only one who can stop him.

Alex is still confused and doesn’t understand much of what Bloodstorm is saying. Bloodstorm slaps Alex in the face, telling him to snap out of it. Alex gets a hold on himself and asks what he must do. Bloodstorm doesn’t know, but she explains that the X-Men and the Defenders protected them and that their battle is what she thinks they are hearing now. Suddenly, they hear one of the Beyonder’s loud pounds and the entire castle starts to shake. Bloodstorm tells Havok that Strange told her that Alex is the key in defeating the Beyonder. Alex says that he’ll go and orders Bloodstorm and Ice-Man to take care of Scotty and Brute.

As Alex moves to go outside, he remembers the Beyonder of his universe. The Beyonder there was a alien godlike creature that made the most powerful heroes and villains fight each other so that he could find out which side was more powerful. But Alex can’t remember how they defeated the Beyonder, as he wasn’t one of the heroes fighting him. Alex wonders how he could possible stop the Beyonder.

Dr. Strange teleports in, telling Havok that he can’t defeat the Beyonder. Not yet, that is. Havok gets confused because Bloodstorm told him that Strange said that he was the key in defeating the Beyonder. Strange falls down, dropping in Magneto’s arms, and says that he was mistaken. As they still hear the Beyonder’s pounding, Magneto informs that they have little time for explanations. Strange uses all of his energies to hold a mystical shield around the castle, preventing the Beyonder to come inside. But the Beyonder is pounding on the shield and shall break through in time. Bloodstorm tells them to let Alex go to him. Strange won’t allow that, because it is Alex whom the Beyonder wants. Or rather, both Alex and Strange. Meaning that the Beyonder wants the Nexus of all Realities!

Havok can’t believe that; Strange must be insane. Havok destroyed the Nexus when they were fighting the Goblin Queen. Havok wants to go help the X-Men and the others. Magneto tells Havok that it is too late for that. When Alex says he can’t believe that they have indeed all fallen, Dr. Strange uses his powers to make Alex see all the deceased bodies of the fallen heroes. Alex can’t believe that they are all dead. He can’t possibly see a way to defeat the Beyonder if even the Gods themselves have failed. Magneto calms Alex down, telling him that there might not be a way to save this universe or their children, but they might be able to safe the nature of all realities. Dr. Strange teleports them all away. As the heroes are gone, Dracula steps out of the shadow. He senses opportunity and turns into mist, teleporting upside.

At that moment, the Beyonder pounces his way through the shield. Dracula appears behind the Beyonder, telling him that the ones the Beyonder seeks are gone... but Dracula promises that he can be of some assistance. But there is a price for his help.

Elsewhere, the Six, Magneto and Strange arrive in Antarctica. Havok gets upset because they don’t wear specially-made suits. He asks Strange for such clothes, but Strange is too exhausted. Alex gets angry at Magneto, because now the Beyonder won’t need to kill them: they’ll freeze to death. Magneto says that they won’t do such a thing, as here he has his own citadel of seclusion. Magneto powers up and his Citadel rises from the snow! Magneto tells his friends to come inside, so that they can tend to their wounded.

After that is done, Havok is still angry at Magneto. The Brute’s life hangs on a thread, while Strange is in some weird coma/trance, and Magneto himself is near exhausted. Havok wants to go to the Beyonder. Magneto cannot allow that, because Strange told him about the Nexus of all Realities. Havok becomes even more upset and tries to explain to Magneto that he destroyed the Nexus. Why can’t he understand that? Magneto binds Havok in magnetic wires until he calms down. Magneto says that he can only tell Alex what Strange told him. Strange shows up, explaining that others will come help them and face the Beyonder. But, Strange explains, it is not the Beyonder who they are facing. Havok can’t believe his ears.

Meanwhile, the Beyonder and Dracula have made it to Washington and are at the White House. There, Dracula drains the blood of the president’s co-workers. The Beyonder is impatient and commands Dracula to fulfill his part of the bargain and bring him to Alex Summers. Dracula is curious to find out why the Beyonder wants Havok so badly. The Beyonder says it’s for revenge. Dracula already thought that the Beyonder met Havok before.

Suddenly, Dracula smells something and realizes that they’ve got company. Army helicopters appear above them. The combined forces of the Inhumans and the Eternals attack, led by Dr. Doom. Doom says he was foolish enough to send one of his Doombots to attack the last time, but now he promises that they are dealing with the one and only. None of their attacks hit the Beyonder or Dracula. Dracula remembers the Beyonder about their deal, that he could drain all the super-powered beings and he could have Havok. The Beyonder remembers and charges up his energy.

Back at the Citadel, Dr. Strange explains the history behind the Beyonder to Alex. The Beyonder was destroyed at the end of the second Secret War. Dr. Strange knows that because he was one of the many heroes who helped defeat the Beyonder. It was a difficult task, but it was done. Strange knows that the being they are fighting now resembles the Beyonder, and there is some of the Beyonder’s essence in him, but it’s something more dangerous. Something far more primal.

Havok doesn’t understand how they can defeat someone if they don’t even know who it is they are fighting. Strange says he most definitely knows who they are fighting, and this time, he has summoned up people who will be able to defeat him. Strange teleports Reed Richards, Professor Charles Xavier, the Fallen and Baron Mordo, the Ancient One, inside the citadel!

Havok won’t believe that Xavier, Richards or the Fallen should help them, because they’ve turned their backs on him every time before. Havok wants to take them down. Mordo has had enough of this and unleashes energy that holds Alex back. Mordo uses magic to make Alex open his mind to Mordo’s Third Eye. Mordo learns what’s going on and congratulates Strange on the excellent work. Mordo asks if the boy is here as well, which Strange confirms to the Ancient One. Havok becomes upset, telling them that he won’t allow them to harm Scotty. Mordo commands Alex that he will do whatever it takes to protect the Nexus of all Realities. Mordo explains that it wasn’t destroyed… the Nexus resides within Alex! Hearing this, Havok becomes even more confused than he already was.

At that moment, the Beyonder has destroyed all of their attackers. Dracula prepares to drain Black Bolt and asks if he has got any last words. Black Bolt opens his mouth and destroys nearby bricks, but isn’t strong enough and faints. Dracula bites Black Bolt and becomes stronger than before. The Beyonder has enough of it now and wants to go to Alex Summers now.

Back at the Citadel, Xavier and Richards install Alex in a protective suit, though Alex still doesn’t trust them. Mordo says that the best scientific minds shall be trusted this time, or else they will be destroyed along with the rest of reality. Strange tries to explain to Alex that the Nexus isn’t just a place, it’s a force of nature. The fabric that binds all reality together. It could never be destroyed, especially not with Havok’s power alone. When the Goblin Queen attempted to gain control of the Nexus and Alex unleashed his powers to destroy it, the Nexus transported itself to the nearest convenient location: Alex’ body.

Alex asks what to do. Richards explains that they shall prepare Alex for a final battle with her. When Alex asks who she is, Richards can’t believe that they haven’t told him yet. Scotty tells Alex that his mom is back! Or what’s left of Madelyne and the Goblin Queen, Richards explains. She never truly was dead.

Scotty says that she just went away for a while. When he turns to Alex and asks if he’ll help his mom, Alex says that he’ll do what he can. Alex asks how they are going to do this. Strange explains that it will entail all of them to get to the Queen. Strange tells Alex that he is powerful. More powerful than he ever thought he was - for the Nexus of Realities to seek Alex out, to have inflicted the damage upon the Goblin Queen the way Alex did. However, Alex is still not powerful enough to destroy her. Strange explains that the Goblin Force fell to the center of the Earth. There, it found the equally dormant corpse of the Beyonder and they merged. But it was too weak to come back to life, until Havok’s final showdown with Captain America.

Strange reveals that the energies ignited by both Havok and Captain America were enough to revive her. Combining her powers with the Beyonder, the Goblin Queen is now far more dangerous than she ever was. Now, they must all combine their powers through Reed Richards’ machinery and try to save the multiverse. Strange knows that the Goblin Queen plans to destroy all the time continuums and has the power to do that, if she can get through Alex. Havok says “Let’s do it.”

Outside the citadel, Dracula and the Beyonder materialize. Dracula can sense that Bloodstorm is here. Dracula can sense taste them all. The Beyonder powers up, confirming that they are indeed here and plans to go to Havok. Havok is first and shoots a plasma-blast against the Beyonder, saying that he is here. The Beyonder teleports himself and Havok away, leaving Dracula behind. Dracula wonders what his love, Bloodstorm, is up to. And how he can profit from it.

Havok and the Beyonder materialize inside the Nexus of Realities. Havok tells the Beyonder to drop the facade; they all know who she is. The Beyonder, talking differently, says that he is impressed. Because, until very recently, even he didn’t know about her true nature. The Beyonder knew that he was drawn to hunt Havok down, but never truly knew why. His true nature was buried with this corpse. But this is no longer needed.

The Beyonder rips his head off, revealing the Goblin Queen! The Goblin Queen feels better now. She says hi to Alex, and that she has missed him. She’s sad to see the feeling not reciprocated. The Goblin Queen tells Alex that they had good times before. All he needs to do is give her what she wants. Havok tells Madelyne that is not going to happen. The Goblin Queen can’t believe that Alex cares for this universe. He doesn’t even belong there!

With the Nexus, they can gain access to any reality they want. The Goblin Queen apologizes, remembering how badly Alex was treated in his own universe. Maybe he needs to remember. The Goblin Queen releases some of her magic. Dracula teleports inside the citadel. He sees Richards busy with his machines and knocks him down, saying it’s time to feed. Bloodstorm, with glowing red eyes, says “not this time.” The Goblin Queen makes Havok see how badly he was treated in his homeworld. She makes Alex remember the plane explosion and how he got lectured by his love, Polaris, and older brother, Cyclops. The Goblin Queen makes Havok doubt and think how he could possible know that Alex didn’t destroy his universe when he landed in this one. She tells Alex to give it up.

Meanwhile, Dracula points his attention to the mutants, who’ve been installed in the machines, ready to take down the Goblin Queen. Dracula wonders how Xavier’s blood would taste like. Bloodstorm shows up behind Dracula, telling her Lord that he shall never find out. Before Dracula can do anything, Bloodstorm strikes Dracula down with a wooden stake. Dracula turns into nothing but dust. Bloodstorm smiles.

Havok orders the Goblin Force to stop hiding behind Madelyne and show her true self. The Goblin Force does as told. The Goblin Force tells Havok that his plan won’t work. He, Madelyne and countless of others shall fall for her might. The Goblin Force knows that Alex is the key, but was blind the first time. Havok and the Goblin Queen fire their powers against each other, but neither of them harm the one another. The Goblin Queen explains to Alex that he has traveled between worlds, dimensions even. In the multiverse alone, Alex alone is unique. Even the Nexus of Realities is drawn to him.

While fighting, the Goblin Queen can’t believe how so much power can be gathered in such a small mind. The Goblin Queen tells Alex that she has spend as much time dwelling to find out the amount of power Havok has inside him, as much time as he has spend dwelling thinking about how unfair his life is. The Goblin Queen tells Alex that they could have conquered the multiverse together, but now she shall do it alone… after she has ripped the Nexus out of Alex’ body!

The Goblin Queen suddenly transforms back into Madelyne. Havok tells her that it’s all going to be okay. A dazzled Madelyne asks Alex what’s going on. Havok explains that the battle is taking place on a different plane of reality. He can’t explain it, but knows that it’s almost over. Havok tells Madelyne that he is going to take the Goblin Force out of her once and for all. When he does, Havok explains that the Nexus will pull back to Madelyne’s reality. Madelyne shall be it’s new guardian and Dr. Strange shall help her with that. Havok tells Madelyne that he must go now, but makes Madelyne promise to tells Scotty that he shall always be with him.

Madelyne tells Alex not to do it, but Havok’s body lifts up and his spirit fights on. Havok fires his plasma-blast against the Goblin Force, saying that she was right about almost everything. Havok says he does know about the power he wields. And right now, with the help of Dr. Strange, Baron Mordo, Charles Xavier, the Fallen and Reed Richards, Alex is tapping into raw power which will never again be unleashed in this or any other dimension. The Goblin Force’s power, her essence is going to be absorbed into the Nexus of realities. She shall cease to exist.

Havok fires his plasma-blast and the Goblin Force disappears! The Goblin Force can’t believe that this is happening. Madelyne is teleported back to Earth, into the citadel. Scotty runs to her and Madelyne tries to tell him what happened. Scotty already knows. He knows that his dad saved them all.

Alex lands in a deep, dark space, closing his eyes and fades away. Alex remembers dying. But mostly, he remembers… living!

Characters Involved: 

Bloodstorm, Brute, Havok, Ice-Man (all the Six)

Scotty Summers

Magneto, Polaris (all X-Men)

Dr. Strange

Baron Mordo, the Fallen, Professor Charles Xavier, Reed Richards


The Beyonder/Madelyne Pryor/the Goblin Force

Black Bolt, Dr. Doom, Gorgon, Icarus, Karcas, Karnak, Makkarri, Medusa, Serce, Triton (heroes attacking the Beyonder)

people in service of the president (unnamed)

deceased bodies of

Elektra, Firestar, Johnny Storm, Dr. Leonard Samson, Sue Storm, Spider-Man, Stingray, Vendetta, Yellowjacket

in Havok’s flash-back’s

Havok, Captain America (all the Six)

Cyclops, Havok, Polaris (of his universe)

Story Notes: 

This is the final issue of Mutant X. And, because of this final issue, the comic is giant-sized, with 48 pages instead of the normal 22. It is continued from Mutant X Annual 2001.

On the final page of this issue, there is a thank-you note from the writer, thanking the readers for their support.

A few years later after this issue, Havok mysteriously lands back in the universe he originally came from, with apparently not one memory of this universe. [Uncanny X-Men #410]

Bloodstorm is the only character of the Mutant X universe that re-appears after the series' cancelation. Her further adventures can be found in the 3-part limited series called Paradise X: Heralds.

Havok destroyed the Nexus of time in the now classic Mutant X Annual 1999.

Havok indeed wasn’t present in either of the Secret Wars in his home universe, so he couldn’t know how the heroes stopped the Beyonder.

The seen plane crash is the one that occured when Havok stopped Greystone in X-Factor (1st series) #149.

Both the gods and Elektra died in Mutant X Annual 2001.

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