Mutant X Annual 2000

Issue Date: 
May 2014
Story Title: 
<BR>(1st story): A Sinister Thread: Part 1: Thieves in the Night <BR>(2nd story): A Sinister Thread: Part 2: First Blood

(1st story) Howard Mackie (writer), Colleen Doran (pencils), Andrew Pepoy & Rod Ramos (inks), Chris Eliopoulos (letters), Gina Going (colors), Jason Liebig (editor), Bob Harras (editor-in-chief)

(2nd story) Howard Mackie (writer), Scott Elmer (pencils), Andrew Pepoy & Rod Ramos (inks), Chris Eliopoulos (letters), Gina Going (colors), Jason Liebig (editor), Bob Harras (editor-in-chief)

Brief Description: 

(1st story)

Bloodstorm and her new friend, Gambit, break into a building, both of them not knowing whose building it is and who it is they are robbing from. After opening a mysterious door, Bloodstorm’s former teammate from her X-Men days, Warren Worthington III, comes falling out, nearly fainting! Warren, now calling himself Death, recognizes Bloodstorm. Both former friends and teammates are obviously not pleased to see each other, as they were apparently once much more than just friends, up until Bloodstorm noticed that Warren was keeping secrets from her and the team. Death’s fellow Horsemen, War, comes to his aid and together they attack Gambit and Bloodstorm. Bloodstorm summons up the Creatures of the Night, so that she and Gambit can continue their job and keep running. After Bloodstorm reveals how she was bitten by Dracula, they enter a huge lab and rescue two babies. Death slashes Gambit in his back, but Bloodstorm saves his life by turning Gambit into a vampire! After defeating Death and War, Gambit thanks Bloodstorm for saving his life, but Bloodstorm believes that she only took it.

(2nd story)

Gambit struggles with the fact that he is turning into a vampire and hates Bloodstorm for doing this to him. Scared, he runs away and has a run-in with his rivalry Assassins Guild, who have killed near everyone of Gambit’s former Thieves Guild family. Gambit takes revenge by killing them all, using their blood to feed on. Realizing the potential of his new vampire powers, Gambit returns to Bloodstorm and orders her to leave, as he can’t bare to be with her right now. Bloodstorm does as asked and leaves Gambit alone with the two babies they rescued. A short time later, Mr. Sinister appears in front of Gambit, congratulating him on a job well done and Sinster takes the baby boy (whom he dubs X-Man) with him, and orders Gambit to desposit the useless baby girl. Gambit can’t allow that to happen and protects her with his life. Sinister allows Gambit to have her but warns that one day he will come back, or someone even worse then he, and reclaim her. Sinister goes back to his lab, making several clones of X-Man and, as the clones age, Sinister can only smile about the results.

Full Summary: 

(1st story)

The time is when Bloodstorm had just left the X-Men. She is struggling with her recent vampire transformation, and has just met fellow scoundrel and mutant with the name Gambit. It’s a time now to far in the past, but worth investigation, as the events learned when this story is over, all parties will have changed, as shall have the world! Let us begin…

Gambit and Bloodstorm jump over a higly securited fence. Once landed, Gambit jokes and tells Bloodstorm to take notes, as tonight he’ll show her how things are done. Bloodstorm sarcastically answers back, not being sure what that is. Talking while they should be checking for more possible dangers? Gambit and Bloodstorm start running and jump over another securited fence. Gambit finds that the big difference between him and her is that he can do more than one thing at the time. Bloodstorm finds one thing concerning her: that she still doesn’t know what their ultimate goal is tonight.

They jump over yet another fence and Bloodstorm asks if they are working for themselves, or for Gambit’s mysterious employer. Gambit jokes that she has so many questions lately. He hardly recognizes the woman who came to him saying, “Gambit, my love, I don’t care what we steal or who we steal it from, I just want to forget where I come from.” As they continue jumping and flying through a tunnel, Gambit says he has been stealing ever since he was a pup, and this place might have security things that look dangerous to her, but not to him. Bloodstorm tells Gambit not to forget to whom he speaks, as she too survived the streets by the quickness of her hands and wits. But she was an X-Man as well, and these dangers are nothing compared to what she has seen in those days. She wants to know what it is they seek and whom they are stealing it from.

Bloodstorm dodges some security lasers, explaining to Gambit that she simply worries about his safety. She would hate to see him trip over his tongue. Bloodstorm jokes how else shall the world learn of Gambit, the Prince of Thieves? Gambit can’t believe that the woman with her past is getting particular at this moment. Bloodstorm says that she isn’t much particular, just curious. Gambit says that they are all curious about something. He, for instance, would love to know why Bloodstorm’s hiding from her X-Men buddies, but he knows that they all have their secrets. And, since he loves having her around, they can just as well go for it. The two thieves arrive at a huge, locked door. Gambit tries to figure out how it works and how they could get it open.

When Bloodstorm asks what to do, Gambit’s thinking about it. Bloodstorm can’t believe they came all this way without a plan. Gambit opens the safety lock and tells Bloodstorm for the upteenth time that, when you are as good as he is and have the mutant power to charge objects to their potential kinetic energy, you don’t need a plan. Gambit charges up one of his playcards, which explodes against the door, opening it! Bloodstorm jokes how with what finesse Gambit works. Gambit tells the Wind Rider that he does anything to get the job done. They notice a person stepping through, and prepare themselves for the worst.

It’s Ororo’s former X-Men teammate, Warren, a.k.a. the Angel! Warren recognizes Ororo but, when he sees her, he nearly faints. Bloodstorm can’t believe what they’ve done to him and picks Warren up. Gambit asks if he’s a friend of hers, which she confirms, only that was a long time ago. Warren can’t believe what he’s hearing, as once they were more than just “friends.” Bloodstorm, tripping over her own words, explains to Gambit that he once was a teammate of hers, but he betrayed the team and kept secrets. Warren gets angry, asking how he must call Ororo now. Is it Ororo, or Storm, but he knows she goes with Bloodstorm these days. Warren confirms that he kept secrets, as they all did. Warren also lied that he wasn’t hurt. Warren angrily asks if Bloodstorm’s new boyfriend knows all of her secrets.

Warren gets up and flies toward Bloodstorm, wanting to slash her with his claws. Bloodstorm quickly protects herself by turning into mist and lifting Warren high up the sky. Gambit, while charging up his cards, is startled and asks his friend how she could do that. Warren’s glad to see that he was right and that Gambit apparently knows nothing about her, nor her specific “specialized” tastes. Gambit asks Bloodstorm, who’s ashamed to hear this, what Warren is talking about, but Bloodstorm doesn’t find this the right time or place to discuss this. Gambit angrily asks when will it be the right time, because he knows that New Orleans has had it’s share with creatures of the night, but he can’t stand saying the correct word. Warren, high up in the sky, sarcastically reveals that Bloodstorm is a vampire. Warren cuts to the chase, saying that his master doesn’t like it when things get robbed from him, so he is here to stop them.

Gambit angrily throws a charged-up card at Warren, but he dodges the explosions. Warren sarcastically apologizes, thinking he hit a nerve and wondering how they can ever forgive him for this. Warren says he’ll make it up, when a huge explosion comes occurs, throwing both Bloodstorm and Gambit off balance. Warren, introduces his compatriot, War, and they can call Warren Death now. Warren says that they will find War less verbose than he is. Death jokes that perhaps War will let Gambit and Bloodstorm talk their differences out, but he will most likely break every bone in their bodies. The two villains attack at high speed, as Gambit and Bloodstorm watch them. Gambit says that they’ll talk it out later but now they should finish their job. Gambit says that they’ve all got their secrets, and charges up his playcards and throws them against War and Death.

The explosion of the cards gives Bloodstorm and Gambit a chance to escape, so they go for it. They agree that they’ve got the best chance of losing them in the tunnels they came through. Bloodstorm is still impressed, seeing what Gambit can do, but finds running rediciolous, as they can’t keep running forever. They arrive in a huge room, which Bloodstorm believes to be War and Death’s facility. Gambit doesn’t know. Bloodstorm can’t believe that Gambit doesn’t know whom they are stealing from. Gambit says he doesn’t ask that much questions, especially not from the people who give him jobs. They continue running and Bloodstorm wants to know who it is that is bossing Gambit around, but finds that a discussion for another time.

Bloodstorm tells Gambit to stand queitly, as they are here. Gambit’s not surprised and they will kill them if they won’t keep running. Bloodstorm isn’t talking about the two Horsemen, but about the Creatures of the Night! Bloodstorm tells Gambit that they shall do their mistress’ bidding, and Bloodstorm summons up the help of the bats! Lots of bats, rats and owls show up and fly into action, and Bloodstorm orders them to delay the two Horsemen as much as they can. Gambit can’t help but finding this power gross. Bloodstorm isn’t offended, explaining that they gladly serve her. Gambit finds this another little side benefit about being a vampire.

Bloodstorm begs him to not use the word, as she is still trying to forget what she has been turned into. Bloodstorm finds it hard to think of anything good about her current condition. Bloodstorm finds it best that they continue running, as there are two more Horsemen that accompany War and Death. Bloodstorm wants to know what they are stealing and from who, but Gambit holds that answer, as they have made it to the door they came from. While Gambit tries to lock it open, he asks Bloodstorm how she got turned into a vampire. Bloodstorm begins her story:

It was a night like any at the X-mansion, where Ororo was whipping through the night and being one with her goddess. She enjoyed it and lifted herself up with self-created winds. She was also creating rain and the heart of the storm trully caressed her heart. In other words, she was truly happy. But Bloodstorm didn’t notice that she was being watched by two evil, red eyes. Suddenly, a voice called for her, so she went to it. Ororo realized too late that it was the voice of doom. Dracula lured her to him and Ororo gave into his will. Dracula bit Ororo in the neck and killed her at the exact same moment. Though Ororo later on went to resist herself against Dracula and defeated him with the help of her fellow X-Men, the victory did cost Ororo her mortal soul. The X-Men were willing to accept her new self, but, not wanting to bring them in any possible danger, Ororo found it best that she left.

Gambit apologizes, thinking he should have never asked for an explenation. Bloodstorm says it’s only right that she remembers who she is, for on that night, she vowed to herself to never give in into the bloodlust and to never create in Dracula’s name. Gambit finally unlocks the door and they enter a huge lab. Bloodstorm can’t believe what she’s seeing and wants to know where they are, but Gambit doesn’t find this the time to talk about it, because they came for the children. Gambit frees a baby girl out of an experiment tank and Bloodstorm frees a baby boy. Bloodstorm can’t believe this but, before she can go on, War and Death enter the room and are obviously pleased that the two mutants have freed the kids.

War and Death begin fighting Gambit and Bloodstorm, ordering them to hand over the kids now, as promises them quick deaths in return. Gambit’s not interested and, while throwing a chard-up playcard against Death, who dodges it, says that they won’t hand over the kids to Apocalypse. Death laughs, saying he can’t believe that Gambit thinks that he is still working for Apocalypse and slashes Gambit in the back with his claws. Gambit’s loses a lot of blood and Death warns Bloodstorm to be quick with her good-bye. Gambit knows that he is dying, but also knows that Bloodstorm can safe him. Bloodstorm refuses, but Gambit begs her to do it for the children then. Bloodstorm begs to her goddess to forgive her and bites Gambit in the neck, turning him into a vampire!

Death stands behind them, watching the show with a huge evil smile on his face. Death can’t be more pleased with this, but says that it’s useless because they are both going to die anyhow. Bloodstorm doesn’t think so, because they already have! She gets really angry and unleashes massive lightning bolts against Death and War, telling Warren that, even though that she and Gambit are vampires now, they will both be more human than he can ever hope to be. The lightning makes the building collaps, separating Bloodstorm and Gambit from War and Death, also giving them the chance to escape. When safely outside, Gambit thanks Bloodstorm for saving his life. Bloodstorm, crying, doesn’t think so and waits for tomorrow, wanting to see if Gambit still thanks her then, when he realized that she only took his life.

(second story:)

Some time has passed and Bloodstorm and Gambit walk through a New Orleans graveyard, still carrying the two babies they rescued. Bloodstorm notices Gambit struggling with becoming a vampire, but he angrily tells her to back off, while screaming it out from the pain. Bloodstorm tells him that it’s useless to resist it and Gambit needs blood to feed on. Gambit says he’ll never do that, because he isn’t like her; he simply is not a vampire. Bloodstorm explains to the sad Gambit that he is, because she herself turned him into one, after Gambit begged her to do it in order to safe his life.

Bloodstorm further explains to Gambit that the man who he once was, is no longer, and that he now is much more than just a human, or a mutant even. In addition to Gambit’s own mutant powers, he now has enhanced vampire powers, like all vampires have. Bloodstorm tells him that he doesn’t have to use them, because they have a choice to use the special powers and to which they feed on. Gambit sniffs his nose, and can smell it by himself now, and takes an evil look at the two babies.

Gambit grabs for them, but Bloodstorm holds him, telling him that’s not exactly what he wants and again says that he has a choice to either die or slaughter the innocent. Gambit becomes angry and hates Bloodstorm for doing this to him; she should have let him die. Gambit runs away and leaves Bloodstorm alone with the kids. Bloodstorm watches him leaving, agreeing that she should have let him die. A short time later, in the French Quarter of New Orleans, a young blonde woman is about to be raped by two men. She tries to run away, saying that she’ll scream for help, but the two men aren’t much scared and continue.

They soon realize that they are not alone, as black-dressed ninja’s with swords shows up behind them. The two men shoot at the blonde woman, who is apparently bullet-proof! The two men say that she and the ninja’s probably don’t know who they are dealing with. Another man appears next to the blonde woman, saying that he does know them. The two men, known as the Hammer and the Moose, are two known employees of the Kingpin, sent down from New York to here in New Orleans to muscle the crime scene down a bit.

The man says that the two men, like the Kingpin, are wrong and explain that the Assassins Guild have almost completly rid themselves of the Thieves Guild and will not be dealing with them any more. That’s fine with the two men and they shall take the message to the Kingpin. The man next to the woman says that’s fine, but first they’ll do a little screaming. The ninja assassins prepare for a fight, as suddenly a huge fog starts rising, ripping everyone of their sight. Lots of screaming comes and Gambit is the only one who walks out of the mist. The blonde woman, Angelique, doesn’t understand what just happend. She now sees Gambit and they both seem to have known each other once.

Angelique takes out her sword and orders Gambit to leave, or else she’ll do the exact same as she did to the other members of his Thieves Guild. Angelique notices Gambit staring at her as he takes out a cigarette and demands to know what he’s looking at. Gambit is looking at his “desert” and orders Angelique to drop the sword, which she obeys. Gambit orders her to show her neck, and she does so, frightened and asking what he wants. Gambit opens his mouth, saying “Blood for blood!” and bites Angelique!

A short time later, dawn. Gambit returns to the graveyard, where Bloodstorm and the two babies are still waiting for him. Gambit tells Bloodstorm that he now knows what he can do and orders her to leave. Bloodstorm tries to convince him that she’ll stay, but Gambit finds it too difficult to be around her now and tells her to find another place to be happy. Bloodstorm turns into mist and leaves, apologizing to Gambit that things have gone this way. Gambit’s sorry as well and goes into the graveyard’s shrine with the babies, wanting to take a nap.

The day passes by and Gambit tells his babies that it won’t be long now. When Mr. Sinister eventually shows up, Gambit tries to explain to him that he has been thinking about this. Sinister tells Gambit to not bother trying to think and to leave it to the experts. Sinister takes a look at the babies, congratulating Gambit one a job well done for once, as the babies don’t even have a scratch on them. Sinister picks the boy up and can’t believe how far they have progressed by now. Sinster tells Gambit that his money is in the usual safety deposit box and to get rid of the girl, as she is useless. Gambit can’t allow that and blocks Sinister’s attempt of killing the girl by turning into mist.

Sinister thought that Gambit would know better by now than to challenge him, but Gambit stands before the baby girl, saying that one of them shall die before Sinister gets to lay a hand on her. Sinister doesn’t have time for this, allowing Gambit to keep the girl. But Sinister also warns him that one day he will reclaim her when he sees fit or, even worse, someone else will. Sinister disappears into the black mist, telling Gambit that his debt to him is not yet repaid and he will work for him another day. Sinister disappears, together with his newfound X-Man.

Mr. Sinister returns to his lab, making several clones of the young X-Man. Sinister watches the clones age and can only smile about the results.

Characters Involved: 

(first story:)

Bloodstorm (former X-Man)


Raven LeBeau (the baby girl)

X-Man (the baby boy)

Death, War (all Horsemen)

in Bloodstorm’s flash-back

Colossus, Kitty Pryde, Nightcrawler, Magneto, Storm/Bloodstorm (all X-Men)


(second story)



Mr. Sinister

Raven LeBeau (the baby girl)

X-Man (the baby boy)

Angelique, Jean-Claude, Pierre, some ninja’s (members of the Assassins Guild)

Vinnie “The Hammer” Falco (criminal working for the Kingpin)

Mikey “The Moose” McCormick (criminal working for the Kingpin)

Story Notes: 

In this issue, there are 4 pin-ups included that handle past events prior the first issue of Mutant X. The first pin-up explains how Dr. Doom became the Defender of the Earth. The second pin-up tells the story of Spider-Man being attacked by his many clones. The third pin-up reveals Reed Richards finding out about his wife’s Sue’s affair with this universe’s Havok and the fourth and final pin-up tells the story of Magneto and his X-Men fighting the Hellfire Club.

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