New Mutants (1st series) #82

Issue Date: 
November 1989
Story Title: 
The Road to Hel…

Louise Simonson (Writer), Brett Blevins (Penciler), Al Williamson (Inker), Joe Rosen (Letterer), Glynis Oliver (Colorist), Daryl Edelman (Assistant Editor), Bob Harras (Editor), Tom DeFalco (Editor-in-Chief)

Brief Description: 

While Warlock manages to free himself from the warp, Cannonball, Sunspot, Rictor and Wolfsbane are confronted by the Valkyrie Mist, who is actually half fairy, and therefore has resisted Hela’s spell over the Valkyries and wants to help the New Mutants. She leads them into Hela’s palace, while Warlock, Boom-Boom and Hrimhari contend with creatures that Hela has sent after them. They escape the creatures and make it to Odin’s palace, only to discover that Odin is having “Odin Sleep” and no one knows when he will wake. They are thrown into a cell, but rescued by the five children of Volstagg, who overheard what was going on. The children take the heroes’ place in the cell, while Boom-Boom, Hrimhari and Warlock make their way to Nastrond, to seek the wizard Tiwaz. En route, they finish off those creatures, and Boom-Boom and Hrimhari actually begin to become friends, though Warlock flies them all into a net, and the crash in the snow. Hela and her warriors catch up to Mist, who claims that she has captured the New Mutants for her, so they are led into Hel. On the way, Rictor admits to Wolfsbane that he cares for Boom-Boom, but doesn’t think she likes him back. Escaping the guards, the New Mutants and Mist soon come across their friend Eitri who is forced by Hela to construct a weapon, otherwise she will give his daughter Kindra to her warriors to do with as they like. Cannonball cannot watch his friends in trouble, so he leads a battle against the warriors, which only gets them all recaptured. Hela reveals that Odin is in his deep sleep and that Boom-Boom, Warlock and Hrimhari have been picked up by her frost giants, so there is really no one left to stop her. Eitri is then forced to continue creating the weapon for Hela, who reveals that Danielle Moonstar will use it to slay Odin, then she will own his soul, and all of Asgard will belong to Hela! Meanwhile, on Earth, Skids finally collapses after using her powers continuously for an extended period of time. Freedom Force then arrests them both and warns Rusty that they are going to a prison that will not be easy to break out from.

Full Summary: 

Asgard. The dimension ruled by the Norse Gods. A warp, created by Hela the Death Goddess of Hel has now separated Valhalla, stronghold of the now-suborned Valkyries, from the rest of Asgard. In attempting to escape with his teammates the New Mutants, the alien Warlock has become lodged in the warp itself. He holds in his arms the loud-mouth Tabitha “Boom-Boom” Smith, and the native of Asgard Hrimhari the Wolf-Prince. Boom-Boom asks Warlock what happened and why he has stopped. Hrimhari replies that that is clear to anyone who has eyes - he is stuck! Hrimhari then asks Warlock where the others are.

Warlock tries to squeeze out of the portal, replying that the others are still on the other side, but he cannot say how they are because he cannot feel anything. Boom-Boom asks what Warlock is stuck in, ‘Looks shiny…like plastic or something!’ she exclaims as she pushes her feet against the warp and telling Hrimhari to do the same. But Hrimhari warns Boom-Boom not to touch it - too late though, as a surge of energy courses through all of them. Boom-Boom’s hair now sticks up and Hrimhari’s entire furry body has gone frizzy.

Angry, Hrimhari tells Boom-Boom that Warlock is stuck in a power-warp - as any Asgardian child could see! Boom-Boom replies that she is not Asgardian, before exclaiming that she hates this place. ‘Give me New York with its muggers and subways and the occasional demon invasion any day!’ Suddenly, Tabby exclaims ‘Wait - you said power warp right?’ and declares that power means energy, which she has plenty of. She begins creating a time bomb, exclaiming that she will just, like, toss it into the warp and perhaps it will short out. Tabby asks Warlock if he has a hold of them, before telling Hrimhari to put his hands to his ears as it’s going to be real big and loud.

Hrimhari mutters that the time bomb will not free them, but that it will certainly draw Hela’s attention to them. Boom-Boom replies that whatever happens it cannot be worse than dangling here like bait on a hook, ‘This whole place sucks pickled eggs! I hate it here!’ Boom-Boom shouts before the time-bomb connects with the warp field, causing a massive explosion.

Meanwhile, within Valhalla, the Valkyries’ stronghold, Cannonball, Sunspot, Rictor and Wolfsbane stand captive before one of Hela’s minions, the dark Valkyrie called Mist. Mist holds her sword out towards the New Mutants, telling the young mutant heroes that they have proved by their interference in matters that do not concern them that they are most eager to confront the Death Goddess, her mistress Hela, and offers to take them to her. The group suddenly hear the mighty boom and Mist asks what it was. Rahne “Wolfsbane” Sinclair points out that it sounded like one of Boom-Boom’s time bombs, to which Sam “Cannonball” Guthrie remarks that whatever it was, it has distracted Mist, and he blasts towards her, knocking her to the ground.

Mist calls Cannonball a fool and asks him what he is doing. Whispering, she tells Sam that Hela is watching and to follow her lead. She suggests he allow her to capture him and then perhaps she can save them all. Mist then forces Sam back over to his teammates, careening into Bobby “Sunspot” DaCosta and Julio “Rictor” Richter. Cannonball whispers to his teammates, informing them that Mist is not what she seems and that they need to play along with her, as it is their only chance. ‘Not again!’ Sunspot exclaims, before asking his best friend if he wants them to trust that…thing! Rictor points out that Sam was right about the dwarves, but that he also know them, so why would Mist want to help them? Sam just tells his friends to shush.

Mist looks upwards and calls to “Dark and glorious” Hela, proclaiming that she has snared the New Mutants for her. Mist asks Hela if she is pleased with her faithful servant. Hela suddenly appears, along with Danielle “Mirage” Moonstar, also of the New Mutants, who is now under Hela’s spell, and some creatures. Hela congratulates Mist, pointing out that she has succeeded in capturing the New Mutants where her other servants have failed. There is another boom, and Hela remarks that the mortals who have escaped her dire wrath are discontent with their success, and persist in their vain efforts to destroy her warp. She turns to her winged creatures and orders them to go after the escaped mortals, ‘Make them cease their annoying clamor and bring them back to me - alive or dead, I care not which!’

High above the pre-occupied Warlock, the sinister creatures begin to appear. Warlock exclaims that, for an instant, he felt the warp loosen, and suggests to Boom-Boom that one more massive barrage and perhaps he can pull free. Boom-Boom turns to Hrimhari and boasts that her time bombs do work, when suddenly one of the creatures flies over to them and grabs her. Tabby screams, though manages to toss her time bomb to the warp, while Hrimhari reminds Boom-Boom that he warned her that her explosions could draw Hela’s attention. ‘Everybody’s a critic!’ Tabby mutters before suggesting Hrimhari close his ears, as she made a lot of time bombs, and tosses another into the mouth of one of the creatures.

Boom-Boom calls up to Warlock, suggesting he pull out, and he does, flinging himself away from the force field with Boom-Boom and Hrimhari still attached to him. Warlocks shifts his form into a rocket of sorts so that they can fly away quicker, while Boom-Boom looks back to the warp and asks where the others are. Hrimhari points out that they are clearly gone, and now captives within Hela’s warp. ‘So what do we do now?’ Boom-Boom mumbles, to which Warlock reminds them that they are surrounded by monsters, so perhaps they must tend to them first? Hrimhari agrees, and adds that their next move is to journey to Lord Odin and warn him of Hela’s treachery. Hrimhari declares that Odin is Lord of Asgard and will aid them gladly. Tabby begins dropping time bombs on all of the creatures as Warlock flies around and asks Hrimhari if he wants her to leave her friends stuck in there with those things. ‘Just the attitude I expected from a walking shag rug’ she mumbles.

Warlock begins firing at the creatures while Hrimhari grabs Boom-Boom by her suspenders and asks her if she thinks he would leave Rahne in Hela’s clutches if he had the merest hope that the might save her alone? ‘I tell thee, Hela is too powerful!’ he exclaims. Boom-Boom begins to protest until Warlock declares that he will settle this argument - and does so by flying away faster than the horrid creatures can keep up, thinking it better that they escape so that they might live to save the others. Hrimhari points in the direction for Warlock to go, adding that he must fly quickly as they have little time.

Meanwhile, in the courtyard of Valhalla, Hela’s prisoners are prodded, one by one, through a transport warp to the gates of Hel! Sunspot tells Cannonball that it was bad enough they lest themselves be captured by the dwarves, but only because they knew they could count on Eitri, however, as Bobby points out, they do not know anything about this supposedly uncorrupted Valkyrie, and he thinks it is a trick. Sam replies that it might be, but that he doesn’t think so. He adds that from what Hela said, the others got away.

Mist holds her sword towards the New Mutants as she walks behind them into Hel, while another warrior takes the front of the line. Several others walk behind mist. Sam whispers to his friends that if Mist really is on their side, then perhaps they can hold the fort here in Hel until the others bring help from the outside. Up the line, Wolfsbane calls out, ‘Oh, no - look!’ Suddenly, a voice cries ‘Garm welcomes you to the jaws of Hel!’ The New Mutants stop in their tracks as they stare up at the massive “guard dog” before them.

Garm assures the New Mutants that they need not fear him, for they are safe from his jaws, for now. He informs the New Mutants that he follows Hela’s will, and therefore will not harm them as they enter, but that if they should try to escape, then that will be another matter! One of the warriors pushes Rahne forward, telling her to get going, and warning her that the journey will be long and filled with horrors, Garm is just the first.

Rictor sees the warrior poking Rahne with his spear and turns to the warrior, telling him to quick poking Rahne. Rictor then comes between Rahne and the warrior, ‘Leave her alone, we’ll go when we’re ready!’ Rictor exclaims, before grabbing the spear and using his vibro-powers to shatter it. Rictor puts his arms around Rahne and remarks that he was worried when Boom-Boom was separated from them, but that he is glad she is not here to see this. ‘Old dog breath’s pretty horrible, isn’t he?’ Rictor jokes.

Solemnly, Rahne reveals that, sometimes, when she looks in the mirror, she thinks she sees that face, the Devil’s face, looking at her. Rictor tells Rahne not to look at Garm, to think instead about where they are, to talk about something else. Together, they walk under Garm, and Rahne tells Rictor that he is right, that she will not look at him, instead she remarks how at least her Wolf-Prince, Warlock and Boom-Boom are safe. Rahne then asks Julio if he really likes Boom-Boom, and asks if Boom-Boom is aware of that. ’No way’ Rictor replies, ’She’d figure if I was dumb enough to like her, I wouldn’t be worth having as a boyfriend’.
Rahne exclaims ‘What do you mean, Rictor, like her? She…she’s always bragging…and showing off. She thinks she’s great!’ Rahne exclaims. ‘Does she?’ Rictor asks, before suggesting to Rahne that she doesn’t let Boom-Boom’s noise fool her, as Tabby hides behind it, uses it to keep people from getting close. Rictor adds that Boom-Boom is scared to death of Asgard, so he is glad that friends are with her, that she isn’t out there alone….

Elsewhere, Warlock speeds towards Asgard proper, and Hrimhari exclaims that Odin dwells there, in a massive palace. Trying to outrun, or rather outfly, the creatures, Warlock enters the sprawling city and exclaims that he sees many palaces. Hrimhari tells Warlock to go straight ahead, to the window with blazing light, as that is Lord Odin’s chamber. Warlock tells his friends to keep their heads down, and he crashes through the glass window, the creatures all smack into the side of the castle.

Boom-Boom looks over to a bed where a rather large man is sleeping, ‘That’s Odin? I can’t believe he slept through all that!’ she exclaims, before asking her allies what they are waiting for, ‘Let’s wake him up!’ Hrimhari suggests Boom-Boom approach Odin humbly, for he is powerful and quick to anger. All three of them approach the bedside, and Hrimhari quietly addresses Odin, and asks him to awaken. Hrimhari informs Odin that they bring him news of terrible danger - that the Valkyries have been suborned by Hela.

Hrimhari begins to explain what else is happening, when suddenly a guard grabs them, ‘What have we here?’ the guard asks, ‘A cur, a mechanical man-thing and a mortal wench!’ Boom-Boom tells the guard to put them down, as Asgard is in trouble and they have to wake him up! ‘Foolish mortal!’ the guard exclaims, before remarking that as everyone loyal to Odin knows, Lord Odin is preparing for the Odin Sleep and cannot be disturbed. ‘The Odin Sleep?’ Hrimhari asks, before exclaiming that this news has not travelled as far as his land.

The guard asks Hrimhari where that land is, and Hrimhari introduces himself as the Wolf-Prince of the Enchanted Forest. The guard jokes that he is the king of trolls, and tells Hrimhari that he is talking nonsense, before proceeding to carry the unlikely trio away, remarking that they are no doubt some conjuring of evil Loki’s, and deciding that he shall imprison them so that Balder the Brave can deal with them when he returns.

The road to Hel is dark, steep and difficult, even for the dwarves. No one expects the mortal New Mutants to be able to keep up the pace. Guarded by the Valkyrie mist, they are allowed to linger far behind, until, suddenly, Mist motions to a crevice off the path and tells the New Mutants to go into it quickly. Sunspot however turns to Mist and tells her to stop right there, as they have gone far enough and now want some answers. ‘Answers, mortal? What?’ Mist begins until she is overcome with pain and stumbles to the ground. Rahne goes over to her, asking what the matter is, to which Mist replies that the pain is good, as it is a sign her body, her soul, is fighting Hela’s spell.

Cannonball remarks that the spell infected the other Valkyries, Dani included, to which Mist reveals that she has fairy blood on her mother’s side, therefore she can somewhat resist Hela’s magic. Mist announces that she had hoped to escape and warn Lord Odin herself, but now their three friends will have to do that, while the proceed to release those that are imprisoned here. Sunspot declares that Mist is taking a big chance, and asks her what is in it for her. ‘Bobby!’ Cannonball exclaims with disapproval of the blunt comment. Getting to her feet though, Mist remarks that it is Sunspot’s right to ask, and reveals that she seeks freedom, release from pain - for Asgard and herself. Mist asks them to come along with her, as she knows a warp short-cut into Hela’s palace, but they must hurry.

Meanwhile, at the Asgardian homestead of the Volstagg the Great, five small figures clamber from a turret window. The comet seemed to streak into Lord Odin’s chamber!’ one of the children exclaims. Another of them tells Hildy to look, motioning to the dragons that are swirling around. One of the kids tells Kev that something strange and terrible has happened, and points out that their father, Hogun and Fandral are all away. ‘And Balder too!’ another child adds. Reaching the street, the child called Signe exclaims that the safety of the realm is in their hands, and remarks that they must be quiet and careful, for as honorable as their intent is, they do not have their mothers permission to be out. ’So quit yakking Signe and come quickly!’ another child exclaims, leading the way.

Moments later, Boom-Boom, Warlock and Hrimhari are thrown into a dungeon cell. ‘Ouch!’ exclaims Boom-Boom as she lands hard on the stone ground. She turns to Hrimhari and remarks that the Odin Sleep thing is a real pain, and asks what it means. Hrimhari replies that it is difficult to explain to a mortal, but that controlling the dimension of Asgard requires a massive outlay of energy, and recently Lord Odin has fought both the flame demon Surtur and the evil Annihilus, and was more exhausted than he has been in living memory, so now, Odin sleeps a godly sleep and no one can know when he will awaken.

‘So, like….shouldn’t we escape, or something?’ Boom-Boom asks. Hrimhari replies that they should remain here until Balder returns, for he is the noblest of the Gods and will believe them and know what to do, even though he might fail against Death herself. ‘Wait? Here? But…for how long?’ Tabby asks. Hrimhari replies ‘Not long’ he hopes, as he worries about Rahne and the others. ‘So…is Rahne your girl friend?’ Tabby asks. Hrimhari replies that he wishes that it could be possible, but as they come from different worlds, they have different responsibilities. He remarks that now even this short time together has been snatched from them, and he would gladly face death to have Rahne at his side.

‘This is so dumb. I can’t believe I’m having a serious discussion about relationships with a werewolf!’ Rahne thinks to herself, before proclaiming once again that she hates it here. She declares that it is like a nightmare version of the Wizard of Oz, only there is no Good Witch - just one horror after another! Tabby exclaims that she would give her entire Def Lepard collection for a pair of ruby slippers and the chance to click her heels and go home…. Suddenly, a voice from the small window high in the cell that leads to the street outside exclaims ‘We can’t promise you ruby slippers, but maybe we can help?’

Tabby, Warlock and Hrimhari look up and see five small children staring back at them, one of them addresses Hrimhari and asks who he is and what a mortal and a robot are doing with him in Asgard. Boom-Boom introduces herself and Warlock, explaining that he is a robot, not an alien, and that they are members of the New Mutants. She motions to Hrimhari and tells the kids that his name is the Wolf Prince “Harry“. Tabby adds that they don’t know how they got to Asgard but that they do know it is in trouble from Hela.

One of the kids replies that they heard that, as they were eavesdropping, before asking “Harry” if he is really Hrimhari of the wolves. Another of the children remarks that Hogun told takes of the wolves’ exploits but that most of the adults do not believe they exist. Hrimhari replies that Hogun the Grim has long been a friend of his people, to which one of the kids asks if they can really escape. Boom-Boom replies that she thinks they can, but that they don’t want to, as the people they want to see will be right here in Asgard.

The girl Hildy informs them that it wont be for a while, as Volstagg, their father, and the Warriors Three are off on a mission with the Mighty Thor, and Balder is visiting the Norn Queen, Karnilla. Hildy points out like Hrimhari has already said, even they, the mighty heroes might not be powerful enough to defeat Hela. However, Hildy reveals that if they can escape, then she knows someone who might be powerful enough to aid them - if he so chooses. Boom-Boom replies that they are game, ‘We’re desperate enough to try anything!’ she exclaims, warning the kids to stand back, then tosses a time bomb up to the window.

Warlock shifts his form into some stairs for Boom-Boom and Hrimhari to walk up, while one of the kids remarks that Thor told them a tale of a giant recluse, an Asgardian sorcerer who lives in the Nastrond, at the edge of the icy waste and who can bring ice statues to life. Another of the kids explains that the sorcerer’s name is Tiwaz and that Thor said he was the most powerful and mysterious being he had ever met, next to the all-father Odin himself. The kids remark that they have a rope and shall snail climb down into the cell and await their in Hrimhari’s place, as hostages for good behavior and to emphasize the seriousness of the danger. Hildy adds that they will tail their father, Hogun and Balder as soon as they return.

Hrimhari bows before the children, informing them that Hogun has told his people of the courage and honor of the children of Volstagg, but that he never thought he would have the pleasure of being in their debt. Hrimhari tells the kids that they have earned his admiration and gratitude, and that of all his people. Boom-Boom watches the scene and thinks that perhaps all of Asgard isn’t as bad as terrible as she thought, even though here it seems a Wolf-Prince is worth more than her. Warlock turns himself into a small flying boat and tells his friends to come along, as the time for speeches is over, as he is registering Hela’s bat-things swarming nearby, so if they are to make their escape, they need to make it now!

Meanwhile, back on Earth, Rusty Collins and Sally Blevins a.k.a. Skids are two New Mutants who were left behind on Earth, and are still contending with Freedom Force. Mystique, the ruthless leader of Freedom Force tells Skids that she is trapped like that, and has been for hours, pointing out that she is thirsty, hungry and tired. ‘Lower your force field and come out!’ she orders. Rusty holds onto his exhausted girlfriend while Sally tells Mystique to forget it, as they only reason they want the two of them is because they know their secret, ‘You have the mutant children’ Sally exclaims, before collapsing. ‘SKIDS!’ Rusty shouts, holding onto her still as he unleashes a burst of flame and telling Freedom Force to keep back.

Suddenly Pyro steps forward and takes control of Rusty’s flames, ‘Don’t even think of using your flame against us, Rusty. Remember…what flame you create, I can control!’ Rusty admits that Pyro wins, and the Blob goes over to the former leader of the X-Terminators and grabs him, assuring Rusty that this is not some place he can escape from despite his flame power. Calling Skids a bimbo, Blob remarks that she has her own cell her too as an accessory to a crime. ‘Crime? What crime?’ Rusty asks the grip of the Blob. ‘She helped you resist arrest, didn’t she?’ the Blob remarks, before assuring Rusty that he will not be able to escape this joint, as it is no wimpy Naval prison….

Meanwhile, back in Hel, Mist leads the way through the cavern and the New Mutants follow her quickly. Mist informs them that Hela’s throne room is right ahead, to which Cannonball asks what they will do next. Mist motions in the direction of the dungeons with the prisoners that they must release, when Rahne suddenly tells everyone to hush and get back into the shadows, as someone is coming. Rictor sees the Dwarf Lord, Eitri being forced along, and some of his people carrying a large cauldron with some kind of molten metal in it.

Mist explains that the metal is Uru, and remarks that the fairy blood in her body shudders at its passing, even as the Asgardian in her soul sings. Mist reveals that it is from such metal that Eitri forged the hammer of Thor, adding that Uru does not belong in icy Hel, meaning its presence here bodes evil for all of Asgard. She declares that they must follow so they can learn more of Hela’s dark purpose.

Lit by forge-light, Hela waits in her throne room, watching as the Uru is poured from the cauldron into a small pit in the ground. Hela addresses Eitri as Master Forger and tells him that he will use the Uru metal to forge for her a mighty sword, the ultimate weapon. Eitri replies that although Hela is the Mistress of Hel, he will not obey her. Hela warns Eitri to defy her at his own peril - and the peril of those he loves. At that moment, a Valkyrie enters the throne room and tosses Eitri’s daughter onto the ground, just as Hela had asked. Eitri calls out to his daughter, while Cannonball begins to rush forward to Kindra, held back by his teammates as he remarks that Kindra is gentle and full of fun, and nursed him back to health when he was hurt last time he was here. Sunspot tells Sam not to go, as he will get them captured, ‘What good will we be to her then?’ he asks.

Hela looms over Kindra, and the young dwarf maiden tells Hela to do her worse, ‘Death itself will not force my cooperation!’ she exclaims. Hela calls Kindra a foolish child and that it is not her cooperation that she desires. Hela turns to Eitri and tells him to forge her the sword she desires, or else she will give his daughter, living, to her creatures to do with as they will. Kindra tells her father that he must not give in, when suddenly a warrior takes hold of her and she screams.

Meanwhile, Warlock flies Boom-Boom and Hrimhari towards the icy wastes, and Boom-Boom alerts him to the fact that the flying creatures are gaining on them. Hrimhari realizes that Boom-Boom is shivering, and tells her not to fear, as they have nearly reached their goal. Boom-Boom calls Hrimhari “Dog-breath” and tells him that she isn’t shivering because she is scared, just cold. ‘Everybody doesn’t own a fu coat, you know!’ she snaps at him. Warlock replies that he is afraid, before exclaiming that the monsters are almost upon them and in this cold he cannot go any faster, so he asks what he should do.

Hrimhari motions towards some icy rocks and instructs Warlock to steer for them, before asking Boom-Boom to make the biggest time bomb she can make. ‘Yeah? And like…who died and left you in charge?’ Boom-Boom replies. Hrimhari reminds her that he is a prince of Asgard, to which Tabby snaps ‘And I’m a mutant from Earth!’ Hrimhari assures Boom-Boom that they are both mighty, but that they are both in trouble. He reminds her that not just them alone, but all of Asgard, all of their friends, are counting on them. ‘And we have to work together, or else. Yeah, you’re right. Sorry’ Boom-Boom replies, before creating a time bomb and telling Hrimhari that he shouldn’t be so bossy all the time.

Warlock exclaims that the creatures are almost upon them, so Hrimhari asks Boom-Boom if he may take her time bomb and hurl it with all of his Asgardian might. ‘Okay, but hurry!’ Boom-Boom replies, informing him that the big ones are unstable and likely to blow - and indeed it does, shattering the icy caverns just as Warlock flies out. Hrimhari tells Boom-Boom that it was a magnificent time bomb worthy of the Gods themselves, and motions to all the creatures, screaming as they are buried under tons of rock and snow. Surprisingly, Boom-Boom hugs Hrimhari and thanks him before complimenting him on such a great throw. ‘If you were a mortal, I bet you could play for the Mets!’ she exclaims, while Hrimhari replies ‘High praise, my friend!’

Boom-Boom turns to Warlock, ‘Did we total those suckers or what?’ she exclaims, when suddenly Warlock flies right into a net that was set between the canyon walls. The net snaps with all of Warlock’s force and it comes loose from its moorings. Warlock exclaims that he is tangled, and losing control of his flight, he goes careening into the snow, crashing.

Back in Hel, Eitri snaps his chains and rushes over to his daughter, leaping at the warrior that was holding her, ‘Get your filthy hands off my daughter!’ he exclaims, shattering the skeleton warrior, while Hela cries out for someone to stop him. Cannonball cannot watch as two of his friends are in danger and blasts into action, ordering his teammates to follow, despite Sunspot telling him that Hela wont order Eitri’s death as he is too valuable to her. But seeing as it’s too late, Sunspot and the others follow Cannonball, ‘Let’s kick some monster butt - it’s what we do anyway!’ Bobby jokes.

The battle rages, and Rictor remarks that this is not smart, to which Rahne asks what else they can do though. Against the Hoary Hordes of Hel, even the mightiest of mutant teams must sometimes fall…and eventually, the heroes are call captured and chained together. Sunspot whispers to Cannonball that this was not one of his smarter moves, before asking if the idea was to stay out of trouble until they could figure out a plan. ‘I thought being the hot-headed herk was my job!’ Bobby adds. Sam apologizes to everyone, remarking that there is only so much injustice a man can watch before he has to take a stand, before reminding them that there is still the others.

Wolfsbane turns to Hela and boasts that their friends have escaped and have done to tell Odin what she is doing. ‘He’ll find some way to stop you!’ Rahne exclaims. ‘Will he, foolish child?’ Hela snarls as she holds up to crystals, remarking that one only needs to look into them to see that she doesn’t need to fear the all-father’s wrath, for Lord Odin sleeps his Odin Sleep and will not awaken, while their friends have been snared by her allies the frost giants.

Eitri exclaims that they are doomed indeed, to which Hela orders him to forge her sword, warning him that if he refuses to do her bidding, then firstly his daughter, then the New Mutants, one by one, will be given to her monsters. Eitri goes over to some blacksmith tools, remarking that though all of Asgard should perish, he cannot allow these innocent souls to suffer that dire fate. As he begins to work with the Uru, Eitri asks Hela to harm his friends and daughter not, as he will do as she commands.

Hela grins as she tells Eitri he made a wise choice, adding that he is to forge the blade sharp and strong. Hela remarks that although Odin’s magicks protect him, her enchantments will be stronger. Hela motions to the Valkyrie Danielle Moonstar standing beside her and declares that the sword she will wield will shatter Odin’s peace, then Odin will die, slain ignominiously by a mortal child of Migard. Hela boasts that then, Odin’s soul will belong to her, and with it, all his power. ‘And all of Asgard shall tremble at my feet!’

Characters Involved: 

Boom-Boom, Cannonball, Rictor, Rusty, Skids, Sunspot, Warlock, Warlock (all New Mutants)

Blob, Mystique, Pyro (all Freedom Force)

Mist, a Valkyrie

Hrimhari the Wolf-Prince

Hildy, Kev, Signe and two other children of Volstagg

Eitri the Dwarf Lord

Kindra, Eitri’s daughter




Other Valkyries

Garm, a giant wolf


Various creatures

Frost Giant

Story Notes: 

Rusty and Skids were left on Earth in New Mutants (1st series) #78. Freedom Force excavated the land beneath Skids’ force field and took them into custody in New Mutants (1st series) #80.

Skids learned of Freedom Force’s secret - that they still have the Inferno babies in New Mutants (1st series) #78.

Rusty escaped from Naval prison in X-Terminators #1 - though he did not voluntarily escape, his teammates broke him out. In fact, earlier that issue he voluntarily went to the prison.

Written By: