New Mutants (1st series) #89

Issue Date: 
May 1990
Story Title: 
The Gift

Louise Simonson (Writer), Rob Liefeld (Penciler), Hilary Barta (Inker), Joe Rosen (Letterer), Brad Vancata (Colorist), Daryl Edelmann (Assistant Editor), Bob Harras (Editor), Tom DeFalco (Editor-in-Chief)

Brief Description: 

Cable manages to elude Freedom Force for sometime after they shoot each other’s helicopters out of the air. The New Mutants try to console Wolfsbane who is upset that Moira MacTaggert is coming to take her back to Muir Island, so Cannonball, Sunspot and Boom-Boom go to buy Wolfsbane a farewell gift, though Boom-Boom is not too happy about Wolfsbane and Rictor being left together. They buy her a crystal wolf figurine and begin to head home, until they encounter Freedom Force, who have caught up to Cable and are beating him up in an alleyway. The New Mutants join in and Cable is impressed by their fighting abilities. The New Mutants question Freedom Force as to the whereabouts of Skids and Rusty, and are puzzled when Freedom Force claim they do not know where Skids and Rusty are. Cable reveals that he knows what happened to them, and informs the New Mutants that the Mutant Liberation Front have their teammates. Back aboard Ship, Moira has arrived to take Rahne home, but Rictor and Warlock plan to stop her by apparently destroying her helicopter. When the New Mutants and Cable arrive back, it is revealed that Cable and Moira know each other, and Cable asks Moira is Rahne can stay under his guidance, as he needs a team for an upcoming battle. Moira is not that happy about it, but gives Cable her blessing, before Warlock reveals that he pretended to be her helicopter and that it is actually not destroyed. Moira leaves, and the New Mutants are happy about staying with Cable, all except Rictor that is, who remarks to Warlock that Cable may not remember him, but he certainly remembers Cable!

Full Summary: 

It’s been a rough and bumpy ride, as Freedom Force - the government’s specially designed mutant police - pursues their escaping prisoner - the mysterious man known only as Cable! Cable’s copper is ahead of his pursuers, and he radios in to X-Factor, only to discover that the radio is dead, and supposes a bullet fired from Freedom Force severed the connection, so it is a miracle he is still airborne. Cable knows that X-Factor’s Ship is up ahead, the Southern tip of Manhattan, so if he can just get there, then he is home free.

In the second chopper, the Blob asks his Freedom Force teammates why Cable hasn’t crashed yet. Pyro remarks that it is an excellent question, as they have certainly given him plenty of encouragement in that direction. Crimson Commando begrudgingly admits that Cable is good - darn good, before remarking that if Cable reaches X-Factor, then Mystique will have their heads! Crimson Commando points out that they are approaching a populated area, so this is their last chance to take Cable down, ‘We’ll have to use rockets - and we better make them count!’ he declares as they open fire on Cable.

Cable’s chopper is spun upside down as he realizes that he lost his rotor and is going down. He manages to flip the chopper back up and snarls that he is not going down alone. He grabs several large weapons and positions himself on the edge of his chopper, ‘Love you, too, boys…here’s a little something to remember me by!’ he shouts before unleashing the weapons on Freedom Force, whose chopper is struck. ‘We’re hit!’ one of them shouts, exclaiming that Cable cracked their rotor shaft. ‘Bye-bye, bunkies, hope you can swim!’

Meanwhile, aboard X-Factor’s sentient Ship, Tabby “Boom-Boom” Smith, Julio “Rictor” Richter, Sam “Cannonball” Guthrie and Bobby “Sunspot” DaCosta have been searching for their teammate Rahne “Wolfsbane” Sinclair, all who comprise the young mutant team known as the New Mutants. ‘There she is! Somebody better tell Warlock we’ve found her!’ Boom-Boom mutters, before asking if Wolfsbane doesn’t know they have been searching all over for her. Boom-Boom then tells Rahne that this is very childish.

Sam remarks that he doesn’t mind Rahne being childish, before pointing out that Moira MacTaggert is her legal guardian. Rictor points out that he told Rahne that, before informing his teammates that he managed to convince Rahne to shift from full wolf form into this transitional state, but that she still will not talk to him. Sunspot points out that if Moira said Rahne has to go back to Scotland, then she has to obey. Bobby adds that Dr. MacTaggert thinks the New Mutants spend too much time in danger and not enough time in school, and adds that he can actually see her point.

‘You can see her point! And what about my point?!’ an upset Rahne snarls as she turns to her friends, adding that they needn’t talk about her as if she can’t hear, because she can hear them all very well. ‘Especially in this form, unfortunately’ she adds, turning away and exclaiming that she hates everything she hears lately. Boom-Boom proceeds to tell Rahne that she didn’t need to snap at them, as they were just trying to help. ‘Good grief! You’d think we wanted you to go!’

Cannonball points out to Rahne that she doesn’t have much choice, to which Rahne replies that she knows, and that she didn’t mean to worry them, hiding and not talking, but she just needed time alone to consider. Rahne then remarks that Moira did not sound right when she talked to her, not to mention that she didn’t look right either. ‘She felt wrong…she frightens me!’ Rahne exclaims, before admitting that she knows that sounds like an excuse, ‘I know I have to leave’ Rahne remarks, before shifting back to her human form and declaring that she hates it with every fiber of her being, and tells the New Mutants are her family, all the family she has ever had.

A teary-eyed Rahne looks at Rictor and exclaims that it is odd, for she is missing them already and she is not even gone. ‘I wish the Professor were here…’ Rahne adds, before Sunspot slams one of his powerful fists into the wall, declaring that Rahne may be young, but that it is no reason to treat her like an ordinary child. Bobby adds that they were born with these awesome powers and have a responsibility to fight evil. ‘If that puts us in danger sometimes, then that’s the price we have to pay!’

Meanwhile, on Manhattan’s East River, several youths are walking beside the river and one of them exclaims that something is burning. ’What? Where?’ another asks. ’Out in the bay!’ the first youth exclaims, when suddenly Cable pulls himself up out of the water and announces that there was a terrible accident, that a couple of choppers went down and are still in the water. Several passers-by all gather around and one of them asks Cable what he is doing. Running away, Cable replies that he is going to call an ambulance and get the cops.

A child tells Cable to wait here while he will go and get the cops, but Cable is adamant that he will go get the cops, and tells the civilians to stay here and help the others make it up on to land. ‘Make them lie down - they’ll probably be in shock!’ he tells them. The civilians all look over the barrier and announce that the survivors are nearly to the rocks. One of them calls down to them and tells them not to worry as the ambulance will be here soon. As he runs away, Cable thinks to himself that if he is lucky, the civilians’ well meaning efforts to help Freedom Force should hinder their ability to follow him.

But, as Freedom Force, including Super Sabre, clamber up out of the water, they look around and the Blob asks if anyone else made it out of the river. A woman suggests that they lie down and take it easy until help comes, while someone else informs Freedom Force that a big guy with a metal arm came out and told them all to help the four of them while he went for the cops. ‘Listen, stupid! We are the cops!’ the Blob exclaims, before Crimson Commando suggests that they split up, and orders Blob to go with Pyro, while Super Sabre comes with him. Crimson Commando remarks that Cable will be headed for X-Factor’s Ship, ‘I want him stopped!’

High over the city, Cannonball blasts through the air carrying Sunspot and Boom-Boom as he remarks that getting Rahne a going away present is a good idea, but that he hates leaving her on Ship alone. Boom-Boom points out that Rahne isn’t alone, as Rictor is there, before she mumbles that she suspected Rictor would volunteer to remain with her. Sunspot remarks that Julio is taking Rahne’s leaving pretty hard, and tells Boom-Boom that he always thought she and Rictor were kind of an item.

As Sam drops down towards the ground, Boom-Boom matter-of-factly explains that Rictor is too immature, so they are more like brother and sister, and could never be anything more. She adds that they are glad they were able to convince Warlock to stay with Rahne and Rictor, to which Cannonball points out that taking Warlock to Tiffany’s would be a big mistake, as he would likely break something expensive, and they would be in hock for the rest of their lives, before asking why they have to go to Tiffany’s, as it is too expensive for his blood.

As the three young heroes enter the store, Bobby asks ’Why not?’ and remarks that he buys all of his mothers birthday presents here. Sam replies that he would too, if his father was a millionaire. Tabby tells Sam that with he and Bobby who have known Rahne a lot longer than she has, and her to give a woman’s perspective, they cannot go wrong when it comes to picking out a present. A jeweller greets the New Mutants, addressing them as “Sirs and Madam” and asking how he can assist them.

Soon…’Are these gorgeous earrings or what!?’ exclaims Tabby as she holds some earrings up to her ears and remarks that Rahne will love them, ‘I mean, how couldn’t she? They look like real diamonds!’ The jeweler informs Tabby that they are real diamonds, and are on sale for a mere two thousand dollars. ‘What?’ Boom-Boom gasps. ‘Plus tax, of course’ the jeweler adds as Tabby drops the earrings back onto the counter, exclaiming that she can see they are worth it, but that their friend does not wear expensive jewelery.

The jeweler motions to a cabinet and suggests that they look in it, as it will give them much better…value. Boom-Boom holds up a crystal wolf to Sam and Bobby and exclaims that it is perfect, and they can afford it. ‘I assume you still take plastic?’ Bobby asks the jeweler as he holds out a credit card. ‘Mission accomplished!’ Sam exclaims moments later as the trio exit the store, with Boom-Boom exclaiming that Wolfsbane will love it.

Meanwhile, Cable has put on a trench coat and rushes down a busy street, unaware that the Blob and Pyro are just around a corner, watching him. Pyro remarks that Crimson Commando was right, Cable stopped for a disguise to hide his metal arm. Blob calls Cable a jerk, and exclaims ‘Did us more good than him, gave us time to catch up with him’ and reminds Pyro that Commando said when they find him, to take him out fast. ‘Look at him, striding along…chump thinks he’s gotten away from us, free and clear!’ Pyro exclaims, before suggesting to the Blob that they take Cable out fast, that’s for sure, but they will not make it easy for him, and suddenly they step out in front of him, ‘Let’s pay him back for the trouble he’s caused!’ Pyro exclaims.

Aboard Ship, Rahne informs Rictor and Warlock that her clothes are all packed, and her special souvenirs are all put away. Warlock asks his friend what souvenirs are, and Rahne explains that they are little objects, reminders of places they have been and people they have met. ‘This photo of Moira, for instance…’. Rahne remarks, ‘…the way she’s supposed to be!’ Rahne puts the photograph into a trunk and Rictor asks what else Rahne has. Rahne replies ‘Nothing, really’, before showing him a piece of marble from Nova Roma and a feather from when they were in Asgard the first time.

Rahne remarks that the last time they were in Asgard, she was so upset about Dani remaining there that she forgot to bring anything back. ‘Then you can have mine’ Rictor exclaims, as he holds out a small rock to Rahne. Wide-eyed, Rahne exclaims that Rictor collects them too, and asks what it is. Julio replies that it is rubble from Lord Odin’s tower, to which Rahne replies that she couldn’t accept it. Rahne declares that she will be sorry to leave everyone, but most sorry to be leaving Rictor.

Warlock approaches them and remarks that he does not want to interrupt them, although he points out that they do not seem to be aware of his existence, but that he can hear someone coming. Teary-eyed, Rahne remarks that it is odd, as she has only known Rictor for a little while, and Rictor replies that he thinks he is the sorriest of them all to see her go, before telling Rahne that she is sweet, and at the same time says what she thinks, ‘You don’t play games, I’ve never known a girl like you before!’ he claims, when, suddenly, ‘Rahne…darling!’ exclaims Doctor Moira MacTaggert as she enters the room.

Moira stands with her arms folded, and dressed in a mini-dress version of the standard X-Men uniform, the award-winning scientist notices that Rahne is packed, and tells her foster daughter that is good, as they must be on their way, adding that she has several stops to make and there is much to do back on Muir Island. Rahne thinks to herself that Moira is her foster mother and saved her life, so she should want to go back with her, but that something about her has changed, Moira has grown so cold, hard and fierce. ‘I can’t go home with her…but it seems I must!’ Rahne thinks.

Near Fifth Avenue, Cable is punched in the face by Pyro, while the Blob holds him in place. ‘That’s for the way you clobbered me back in Washington, mate!’ Pyro exclaims, while Cable points out that they were holding him against his will and without a warrant, which is against the law! ‘Like you’re doing now!’ Cable adds as blood begins to pour from his nose. Suddenly, Cable smashes his head back into the Blob’s face, breaking several of the obese mutant’s teeth and causing blood to flow from his mouth. Naturally, in the shock of it all, the Blob let go of Cable, who kicks Pyro in the face.

Nearby, Cannonball remarks to Boom-Boom and Sunspot that they have the gift, so they should get back to Ship before Rahne begins to think they don’t care that she is leaving. Sunspot points to an alley ahead and suggests that it is a good place for them to duck into so they can blast off in private, but rounding the corner, Boom-Boom exclaims that it sounds like a fight. ‘It is a fight!’ Sunspot declares as they see the Blob and Pyro, ‘Ganging up on someone - like usual!’ Bobby declares.

Sam exclaims that Freedom Force have attacked first, ‘It’s just not us they attacked!’ As he blasts towards their foes, Sam remarks that it is splitting hairs, but he doesn’t think X-Factor would want them to stand around while some poor slob gets pulped by Freedom Force. Boom-Boom and Sunspot follow their leader, with Sunspot remarking that they need to be careful so they don’t break Rahne’s present.

‘What?’ exclaims the surprised Cable as the three youngsters rush past him. Boom-Boom tells him not to worry anymore, as they are here and will not let Freedom Force hurt him. Sunspot knocks over Pyro, before heading towards the Blob alongside Cannonball. Cable thinks to himself that he has seen these three before, on television, as they are X-Factor’s charges! Cable thinks they must be good-hearted kids to lend an old man a hand, but watches as the Blob easily tosses Sunspot and Cannonball aside, telling the New Mutants that he thought they would have learned by now, ‘I can’t be knocked off my feet - and fists don’t faze me!’ the Blob exclaims, adding that whatever hits him just bounces back. ‘And you chumps bounce with me!’
Suddenly, Crimson Commando arrives, and holding a gun towards the New Mutants he tells them that is enough, before placing them under arrest for assaulting federal officers and interfering in a criminal pursuit.

Back inside Ship, Rahne informs Moira that X-Factor and the rest of the New Mutants are gone, so can they leave when they get back. Moira replies that she is in a hurry, and promises Rahne that she can call her friends from Scotland. Rahne begins to protest, when Rictor jumps to her defence, telling Moira that she cannot take Rahne, ‘I won’t let you!’ he declares, before striding out of the room. Rahne asks Warlock to go after Rictor and try and comfort him, while asking Moira how she can do this.

In the corridor, Warlock catches up with Julio and remarks that he is upset, and that Rahne sent him to calm him. Julio tells Warlock not to worry about it, and that he hated to worry Rahne like this, but the freak-out was necessary, ‘For the benefit of that leather-bound witch!’ he exclaims. Warlock replies that he doesn’t understand, to which Rictor explains that he has a plan that will keep Rahne here, perhaps not forever, but at least until the others, and he hopes X-Factor, return. Julio motions to the elevator, and inside, tells Warlock that he agrees with Rahne, that Moira is not right, and therefore he wants the others to get as look at her. As Moira approaches the elevator, Rictor tells Ship to take him up to the helipad, and to close the door before Moira reaches them, as he is beginning to think there is something seriously wrong with her!

Soon, on the helipad, Rictor stands by Moira’s chopper, while Moira and Rahne arrive and Moira remarks that Rictor made quite a scene. Rahne explains that it is because he doesn’t want her to leave. ‘Then why isn’t he here to say goodbye to you?’ Moira asks, unaware that he is in fact nearby. Moira tells Rahne that she must realize that none of them care for her as much as she does. ‘That’s what you think, witch!’ Rictor exclaims, revealing his presence.

Rahne calls out to her friend, before Julio declares that he will not let Moira take her, and begins to use his seismic powers on her chopper, shattering it into shards. Moira rushes over, asking Rictor how he can dare do that, before calling him an ear-ringed punk and telling him that if he thinks such a childish antic can keep her ward here, then he will find out that it has quite the opposite effect!

Back in the alleyway, ‘You arrest us? That’s the laugh of the century!’ Sunspot exclaims as he stands up to Crimson Commando, and punches him, assuring Cannonball that he only tapped him, ‘If I hit him with the full force of my strength, he’d be dead!’ Bobby exclaims. Boom-Boom runs past the fallen Crimson Commando, who grabs her as she remarks that she wonders if her time bombs would work on the Blob. Sunspot apologizes to Tabby as he sees Commando grab her ankle, ‘I guess I didn’t tap him hard enough!’ he remarks, when suddenly Boom-Boom loses her bag, ‘Oh no, Rahne’s gift!’ she exclaims.

Suddenly, Cable’s bionic arm extends and grabs the bag before it and its precious contents hit the ground. ‘Here you go, miss!’ he exclaims as he hands Tabby her bag, before informing the New Mutants that they are good. ‘Best I’ve seen for youngsters your ages’ he tells them, before pointing out that Commando has still got a gun. Cable steps in front of Boom-Boom, and the energy fired from Commando’s gun strikes Cable’s bionic arm as he remarks that he cannot let them get hurt in his stead.

Commando then gets up off the ground and rushes towards Cable to finish the job, but Cable is faster, and smacks the aged mutant hard in the face, knocking Crimson Commando to the ground, finally, unconscious. Cannonball tells Cable that he isn’t so bad himself, before asking him who he is and what Freedom Force wants with him. Cable introduces himself, before sensing something approaching and urges Cannonball to activate his blast field. Cannonball does as directed, and just in time as the “bogey” - Super Sabre - slams into him.

Cannonball deactivates his blast field and looks down at the unconscious Super Sabre, before asking Cable how he knew he was there, and how he knew how to stop Super Sabre. Cable explains that his bionic eye registered the friction Super Sabre creates as he moves through the air as an infra-red streak. ‘Wow!’ Boom-Boom exclaims when suddenly the Blob lumbers towards them, ‘You jerks think you won, but you ain’t! You forgot about Fred J Dukes!’ he bellows, ‘But he ain’t forgot about you!’ Cable asks Sunspot to activate his super strength, and to attack the Blob - but from the Blob’s point of weakness.

‘Yes sir! With pleasure!’ Bobby exclaims as he attacks the Blob, joking ‘Even if I have to make the biggest pot-hole in New York history!’ Suddenly, ‘You ripped up the side-walk!’ the Blob exclaims as he finds himself falling backwards. ‘And five feet beneath it, Blob!’ Bobby adds, before declaring that he wants answers. Standing over the Blob, who is unable to get up off the ground, Bobby reminds him that Freedom Force kidnapped his teammates Rusty Collins and Sally Blevins, and asks what he has done with them.

The Blob replies that he doesn’t know, and that Freedom Force hasn’t done anything. ‘What?’ Sunspot asks, surprised. Cable informs the New Mutants that Blob is telling the truth, and motions to some reporters who are approaching with cameras. Cable points out that the cops will be along any minute, and informs the New Mutants that they want to be long gone by the time they get here.

Cable and the New Mutants begin to make their exit, and Boom-Boom asks Cable what he means by the Blob is telling the truth, and asks him if he knows about Rusty and Skids. Cable explains that Freedom Force certainly imprisoned Rusty and Skids, but that they escaped with - or were possible kidnapped - by a group called the Mutant Liberation Front. Cable assures the New Mutants that Freedom Force has no more idea where Rusty and Skids are than he does, but promises that he is going to find them.
Cable then asks Boom-Boom what she has in the bag from Tiffany’s that is so important. Boom-Boom replies that their teammate’s guardian, Dr. Moira MacTaggert is making Wolfsbane go back to Scotland. ‘Moira?’ Cable asks, surprised, before revealing that he used to know her, a long time ago. Boom-Boom then informs Cable that Moira has changed…really changed! ‘I expect you’ll hardly know her’ Tabby adds.

In a communications room, Moira is informing Legion, currently residing on Muir Island, that Rictor, one of X-Factor’s charges has, in a desperate attempt to stop her departure, destroyed her helicopter, which will delay her departure, and her plans. Rictor remarks to Rahne that he bought them some time, before asking her who Moira is talking to. Rahne replies that it is Legion, who is their old teacher, Professor Xavier’s son. Rahne adds that Legion used to have a lot of problems - autism, multiple personality disorder, but that he seems better.

Suddenly, the others and Cable enter the room, with Cannonball apologizing that they took so long, as they ran in to trouble. He begins to say that they brought her a gift, when he asks what Moira is doing here already. Rahne explains that Moira came for her early, but now Rictor has destroyed her chopper. Cable calls out to Moira, who turns and sees him, ‘Cable, you’ve changed, become even more metal than man!’ she exclaims. Cable approaches Moira and remarks that she has changed too - in more than just style, before informing her that the New Mutants have told him that she plans to take her daughter to Scotland to keep her safe. ‘In the old days, you wouldn’t hesitate to fling yourself into danger if you saw a wrong that needed righting!’ Cable points out.

Moira replies that Rahne is very young, to which Cable declares that this looks like Moira telling Wolfsbane that she is not fit to fight for what she believes in, however he believes nature has well equipped Wolfsbane for that battle. Moira tells Cable that he interests her and asks what is in this for him. ‘I believe that with special power comes special responsibility’ Cable declares, before revealing that terrorists are building a bomb that will threaten all on Earth, and he needs allies to stop them. ‘You’d use these children as your army?’ Moira asks. ‘Who better? It’s their world…their future!’ Cable replies.

>From the monitor, Legion tells Moira that although it is not his place to say, he thinks Cable is right. Moira reveals that she was actually thinking the same herself, and tells Cable that so long as he is involved and that his mission is as grave as he says it is, then Rahne may stay with him.

Soon, on the helipad, Warlock presents Moira’s original chopper to her, and remarks that it was Rictor’s idea, ‘Attack on your copter was a joke - ha-ha, funny right?’ Warlock exclaims, before explaining that he mimicked Moira’s chopper and exploded brilliantly to keep Rahne here so they could all say goodbye. Moira replies that it was a clever ploy, and declares that she will remember the two of them for this, before striding over to her chopper without so much as a word to her daughter.

Rahne turns to Cable and tells him that she doesn’t know how he convinced Moira to let her stay, and thanks him. Cable replies that he hopes he hasn’t done Rahne a disservice, as his plan could get them killed. Sam thinks to himself that it is funny, what Cable said about powers and responsibility, is what Bobby said earlier today. Cable and the New Mutants begin to head back inside Ship, and Sam thinks that what the New Mutants were talking about when they came back from Asgard, Cable actually understands them.

Warlock asks Rictor what is wrong, as he doesn’t look happy, ‘Are you not glad self friend Rahne will stay with us?’ Rictor replies that he is glad about that, but Cable is bothering him. Warlock asks why, as Cable is part metal and looks very nice to him. ‘You do not know him self friend, how can you not like him?’ Rictor replies that is not the trouble. ‘He doesn’t remember me, but I know him all too well!’

Characters Involved: 

Boom-Boom, Cannonball, Rictor, Sunspot, Warlock, Wolfsbane (all New Mutants)


Dr. Moira MacTaggert



Blob, Crimson Commando, Pyro, Super Sabre (all Freedom Force)




Story Notes: 

Cable escaped from Freedom Force in New Mutants (1st series) #88.

Moira MacTaggert announced that Wolfsbane had to return to Muir Island in New Mutants (1st series) #88.

Super Sabre is incorrectly addressed as Silver Sabre this issue.

The New Mutants were in Nova Roma way back in New Mutants (1st series) #9-12.

The first time the New Mutants visited Asgard was chronicled in New Mutants (1st series) Special #1.

The second time they were in Asgard was recently, in New Mutants (1st series) #79-80, #82-87.

Moira saved Wolfsbane’s life in Marvel Graphic Novel #4.

Cable clobbered Pyro by using his own flame-thrower against him in New Mutants (1st series) #88.

Skids is incorrectly referred to as “Skids Blevins” in this issue. Her real name is of course Sally. It is rather strange that this error occurs when Louise Simonson wrote the issue and is Skids’ creator, but it is interesting to note that this is a frequent error during Rob Liefeld’s tenure on the book.

Skids and Rusty were imprisoned by Freedom Force firstly in New Mutants (1st series) #82, and secondly (after they escaped) in New Mutants (1st series) #86. The Mutant Liberation Front liberated them in New Mutants (1st series) #87.

Moira MacTaggert is incorrectly addressed as “Moira McTaggert” this issue.

Cable’s back story with Moira MacTaggert would not be revealed for some time, as chronicled in the Cable #minus1 special.

Moira’s strange behavior is of course due to the influence of the Shadow King, who has taken control of Legion and has been influencing all of the residents of Muir Island over many issues of Uncanny X-Men, in a story which comes to a close in Uncanny X-Men #278-280, X-Factor (1st series) #69-70, known as “The Muir Island Saga”.

Rictor’s grudge towards Cable plays out over the rest of the New Mutants (1st series) and continues into X-Force (1st series). Of course the reason for the animosity is that Rictor believes Cable to be responsible for killing his father, when in fact it was Cable’s clone, Stryfe.

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