Nightcrawler (1st series) #2

Issue Date: 
December 1985
Story Title: 
A Boggie Day in L’un D’un-T’wn

Dave Cockrum (writer/ artist), Pat Cockrum (colorist), Jim Novak (Letterer), Ann Nocenti (editor), Jim Shooter (editor in chief)

Brief Description: 

Shagreen the Sorcerer takes Kurt and Lockheed to his Fortress of L’un D’un T’wn where he secures his newfound pisoners. The Sorcerer plans to study Kurt and learn the secrets of boggie teleportation. Kurt attempts to teleport but discovers that this escape route is not open to him. Kurt meets three small boggies who assist him in escaping but they make him promise to rescue the Jinjay and destroy the Sorcerers arcane power device. The small boggies tell Kurt that Shagreen plans to sacrifice the Jinjay in order to gain more power in this world. They free Kurt but leave when Kurt frees Lockheed from his crystal ball-like cage. They burst into the room barely ahead of the stone terrors and interrupt the ritual that Shagreen is conducting. The Jinjay is chained to a stone altar in front of a large stone statue.. Kurt frees the Jinjay but Shagreen places Kurt in a constrictor field with another blast of arcane energy.
In a local dance hall, Captain McGurk learns of the kidnapping of the Jinjay and formulates a plan. He orders his crew back to the ship to carry out his plan. At the same time, Captain McGurk and his pirate crew are attempting to assault the Fortress of L’un D’un T’wn. Shagreen is so enraged by the pirate’s attack that he momentarily forgets Kurt is observing him. Lockheed further distracts the sorcerer by tugging on his tail. Two separate distractions are more than he can handle and Kurt finds himself released from the constrictor field. Kurt sees a steel ball hanging from a chain on the wall. He grabs it and in seconds began a deadly swing of the metal ball toward the crystal atop the sorcerers’ staff. The crystal breaks and a loud explosion occurs further damaging the architecture of the room. Captain McGurks sees the impressive explosion and decides to call of the attack before the Fortress completely collapses on the Jinjay he has come to steel. Nightcrawler and the Jinjay come too at the same time and observe Shagreen lying lifelessly in a pile of rubble on the other side of the room. Kurt ascertains that the Jinjay is unharmed and the pair attempts to find an escape route from the collapsing room. Kurt is suddenly knocked unconscious from a blow to the head from behind. Shagreen is once again in possession from the Jinjay. The Jinjay struggles for freedom but the sorcerer is physically too strong for her. Shagreen informs the Jinjay that he plans to finish the sacrificial ritual aboard his sky ship while he is dragging her to it.
Lockheed finds Kurt despite the blaze roaring around them. and leads Kurt to the boat dock where the sky ship used to be. Kurt sees the sky ship in the distance and bamfs; leaving Lockheed to catch up to the sky ship on his own. Kurt and Shagreen fight a duel to the death for the Jinjay. Eventually they both end up on top of the squid-like creature with Shagreen having the advantage as Kurt loses his footing and falls on his back. Shagreen is about to deliver the killing blow when Lockheed arrives and uses dragon fire from behind Shagreen. Shagreen jumps to avoid the heat and flames he can feel hitting him from behind as Kurt bamfs to a position behind Lockheed. Unfortunately, Shagreen also looses hi balances and falls to his flaming fortress far below the sky ship. The Jinjay gives Kurt a thank you kiss once he assures her that he is not a boggie.
Their ship is then hailed by the Royal Barge, which contains all the royal family aboard. Kurt is welcomed and Knighted by the King for his part in the rescue and for convincing McGurk to accept a reward instead of a ransom.
Meanwhile Kitty is hard at work trying to get Kurt back to his own dimension. While the Jinjay and Kurt (with Lockheed in tow) are walking by themselves in the garden, Kitty presses the magic button and retrieves Kurt’s costume only. Kitty and Illyana work frantically to send the costume back to its rightful owner and succeed. The Jinjay is sheepishly asking Kurt for a repeat performance when a dimensional warp opens behind him and Lockheed. They are whisked away leaving the Jinjay alone in the garden. However, three small boggies appear very intent on taking over where Kurt left off.
Kurt and Lockheed find themselves spit out of the dimensional warp onto a green patch of grass. As Kurt stands up to assess their surroundings a child boggie bamfs in front of him and calls him ‘Daddy’.

Full Summary: 

Shagreen the Sorcerer’s Ship:

The Squid ship is cruising through the skies on its way to dock at Shagreen’s Fortress of L’un D’un-T’wn. For the X-Man known as Nightcrawler, Kurt Wagner, and Lockheed the dragon, it has been more than a week since they fell through the well at the center of time in the Danger Room. For more than a week the two have survived in a strange world where people live on islands that float in the sky and use the sky ships as transportation.

After the Ship docks, Shagreen the Sorcerer is greeted by loyal servants. The Sorcerer orders Kurt and the small dragon to be removed from the ship to his sanctum and secured there. Shagreen asks the servant if the other matter is taken care of as well. The servant assures his master that all is as he ordered and that she is waiting in the great chamber. The Sorcerer tells the servant to wait for him here.

Shagreen follows in the direction Kurt and Lockheed were taken to decide where he wants Kurt secured. Once Nightcrawler is secured, the sorcerer tells Kurt that he has no time to examine him today. However, the device the ‘Boggie’ is secured to will keep him there until at least tomorrow. In reply, Kurt attempts to teleport but can only go “poot” instead of Bamf. The Sorcerer tells the Boggie that he has been placed under a spell to prevent him from disappearing in a puff of smoke. Kurt, shocked at his own inability to teleport, asks the sorcerer what he has done to deserve this. Shagreen tells the frightened X-Man that he paid ten thousand gold pieces to acquire him and therefore expects some return on the investment. Shagreen claims that he is studying the mechanics of teleportation and will learn how it is done even if he has to take Kurt apart piece by piece. Shagreen reminds Kurt that if that fails, then a Boggie will taste very good with some wine and gravy.

Earth, Danger Room Control Room:

Kitty and her friend Illyana are frantically working on a way to rescue Kurt and Lockheed. They believe that their two friends have only been gone a few minutes.
They are quiet unaware that time passes differently between the two dimensions.
Kitty tells her friend that the computer acts as if it can’t possible duplicate the settings it used before to materialize the Well at the Center of Time. She thinks that maybe a variable factor that the computer used before has since moved off to somewhere else. Illyana states that the longer it takes to find their missing friends, the more likely they will be lost forever. Kitty tells Illyana that she knows and is doing her best. She also wishes that Professor Xavier or some of the X-Men were here to help them solve this problem.

Meanwhile in the Sky world:

Pirate Captain Long John McGurk and his crew can be found celebrating their good fortune at the local dance hall. They are all engaged in feasting their eyes on a dancing girl and playing a game of cards while drinking themselves happy. One of his crew hurries to the table and informs his Captain that the JinJay Sabree has been kidnapped. He claims that the description of the kidnappers fit Shagreen’s servants. The Captain informs his crews that they will go to Shagreen’s fortress, steal the princess, and collect the ransom themselves. He orders his crew back to the ship for a trip to L’un D’un T’wn.

At Shagreen’s Fortress:

Kurt finds himself alone and secured to a device that he cannot get loose from. He knows that Kitty will feel responsible and be upset that this has happened. He also wonders how the two friends will explain his disappearance to the X-Men.

Kurt is so lost in thought that he fails to see the movement in the mirror across the room. This sudden movement is not based on any object in the room. One voice says that ‘it’ is like us and might help. Another voice states that it is bigger, stranger, came from somewhere else and is not us. A third voice says that it does not smell right. All the voices together decide it is not like them but they will help it so it can help them.

Kurt opens his eyes, only to see three tiny versions of himself emerging from the mirror. He believes that he has finally lost his mind. One of the small boggies wonders aloud if this big thing is a boggie like them. Kurt asks them if they are saying that they are real boggies. The real boggies identify themselves referring to Kurt as a fake boggie. Kurt asks them if they will help him get loose. They confer with each other and decide to help Kurt, but only if he will promise to help them in return. Kurt gives his promise to help but reminds them they will have to tell him what is going on.

The small boggies tell Kurt about Shagreen’s plan to learn how to teleport. They also tell Kurt about the spell that keeps them from teleporting. Kurt tells them that it stops him from teleporting as well. The real boggies tell Kurt that they like to go places and see new things. One day, they teleported into the stone house, Shagreen’s Fortress. Shagreen found out about them and how to stop them from leaving so he could learn how to teleport. They had to hide to get away but Shagreen did not know their other trick. The real boggies tell Kurt that they have been hiding in the backside of the mirror for a very long time. However, the time has come when they want to return home and they are unable to leave. The real boggies want Kurt to find the spell and make it stop so they can leave. The small boggies claim that the spells are trapped in some sort of a power device and it needs to be destroyed. Kurt gets the idea, destroy the power device and Shagreen will no longer have access to his sorcery. The boggies tell Kurt that he will lose “fast magic powers” and have to speak spells. While he is speaking, he can be distracted and beaten.

Kurt confirms that if he destroys the power device, then the boggies will be able to leave, as Shagreen will have to start from scratch. Kurt asks the boggies why they haven’t done this if it is so easy. The boggies tell Kurt that they do not know what the power device looks like and magic prevents them from approaching it as well as Shagreen. Kurt asks why they think this magic will not affect him. They tell him that because he is from somewhere else he does not have the magic from here on him. Therefore he should be able to accomplish this task and rescue the princess too.

The real boggies then tell Kurt that Shagreen has captured the Jinjay Sabree and has brought her to the tower of L’un D’un T’wn. All the princesses’ retainers were killed in the battle on the dock by the Bel Amee Anora. They tell Kurt that he must hurry as Shagreen plans to sacrifice her in order to gain more evil power. Kurt is rather shocked at this news and the boggies remind him that evil power is not gained by being nice, so, he must hurry to the rescue.

Lockheed has been nearby in the room locked in a crystal sphere. The small dragon is not happy and makes his presence and feelings known. Kurt assures the small boggies that Lockheed is a friend and can also help. They disappear as Kurt frees Lockheed from the crystal cage. As the boggies disappear one tells the others that they forgot to tell the fake boggie about the Guardians. Another real boggie reminds the others that Kurt may have backed out if he was aware of the true danger.

Kurt makes his way cautiously out of his room and into the hallway. The hallway is decorated with beautifully carved snakes on either side. At the end of the hallway is a doorway, Kurt sees light and hears chanting coming from this direction. He tells Lockheed that they must go in this direction even if they feel they are being watched.

As they are sneaking down the corridor they here curious crackling sounds coming from the walls. Suddenly, Kurt and Lockheed find themselves face to face with several tons of stone monsters. Kurt frantically scrambles gymnastically to get away from the snapping jaws of both monsters. Lockheed decides to try his dragonfire, but it has little effect on the stone monster. Kurt silently comes to the conclusion that the real boggies knew about this and did not warn them on purpose. Kurt tells Lockheed to go for the doorway and lead the monsters straight into Shagreen’s ritual.

In the Sacrificial Chamber:

Shagreen the Sorcerer has started the ritual in front of a giant four-armed statue seated on a gigantic stone throne. The Princess has been chained to a sacrificial altar in front of the statue. Shagreen has two servants present for the ritual. The powerful sorcerer stops chanting to comment on how noisy the corridor leading to the room has suddenly become. As if in answer, the two stone snake-monsters burst through then doorway shredding the architecture. Shagreen barely notices that Kurt and Lockheed are leading the way as the monsters turn their attention to their maker. Kurt grabs the princess as the sacrificial altar is shredded.

Shagreen stands face to face with the creatures and knowing that he must cast a spell to stop them or he will be a victim. The Sorcerer casts a spell to turn the behemoths to dust before they can do any more damage to the stone structure that housed the sacrificial room. Nightcrawler, princess in his arms, witnesses the whole event.

The Sorcerer notes his present and currently blames him for the present shape of the sacrificial room. Shagreen promises that Nightcrawler will regret his actions as the sorcerer fires a bolt of arcane energy from his staff. The bolt of energy impacts Nightcrawler heavily causing him to cry out in pain. Instantaneously, Shagreen is standing in front of him telling him that he will forfeit his life to pay for all the damage he has caused. The Sorcerer claims to have used a constrictor field and claims it will crush the life from his body. Suddenly, for unexplainable reasons, a wall explodes inward toward the master and his captured fake boggie.

Outside the Sacrificial Altar Room:

The Sky ship Tai Javinee and her crew of pirates have arrived to liberate the princess from Shagreen so they can collect the ransom. The Captain tells his crew to get the Jinjay and snatch the boggie back as well. Shargreen sees McGurk and overhears the Captains orders.

Inside the Sacrificial Room:

The powerful sorcerer threatens the Captains life should the crew follow through with their orders. Lockheed, however, has a plan of his own and bites Shagreen’s tale. The Sorcerer’s tail is apparently very sensitive, as he leaves off threatening the pirates, forgets to maintain the constrictor field and concentrates on putting the small dragon out of commission.

Nightcrawler feels the constrictor field vanish and goes into action. He grabs a metal ball at the end of a metal chain hanging conveniently from a nearby wall. Nightcrawler has figured out the source of the Sorcerers power and intends to smash it beyond recognition.
He swings the metal chain and aims for the crystal at the top of the sorcerers’ staff. His swing connects and the following explosion deafens him temporarily.

When Kurt comes too he notices that Lockheed is lying in a pile of rubble across the room unconscious. Shagreen appears buried in the same pile of rubble. He sees the conscious Jinjay and asks her is she is ok. She says she is but wants to know exactly what he did to cause such a momentous event.
Outside the Sacrificial Altar Room:

The Tai Javinee and her crew continue their deadly assault on the fortress. The Captain notices that the fortress is crumbling before his eyes and orders his pirate crew to ceasefire. After all, he wants to capture the Jinjay alive, not bury her in rubble.

Inside the Sacrificial Room:

The fortress is noticeable coming apart at the seams. Kurt explains to the Jinjay that since the staff has been destroyed, everything built with its magic is now crumbling.
Kurt tells the Jinjay that they must exit the premises if they are to remain among the living. She asks him if they are heading in the direction that leads out. Kurt tells her that he was unconscious when he wad brought into the fortress so he hopes so. A familiar voice tells Kurt he will return to that state of mind as he feels the club connect with his skull.

Shagreen leaves Nightcrawler to die in the collapsing fortress as the sorcerer grabs the Jinjay and makes a run for the safety of his sky ship. The Jinjay does her best to break free from his grasp. Shagreen assures her that he will let her go once he is aboard his ship so he can complete his ritual of sacrifice.

In the Sky:

Shagreen the Sorcerer is aboard his ship and lamenting his flaming fortress far below. Through the smoke and flames another familiar ship sees the Sorcerer’s transport. The Captain orders his crew hard about so they can get the Jinjay.

Inside the Blazing Inferno Below:

Nightcrawler struggles back to consciousness only to observe flames and smoke all around him. He feels a certain small dragon pulling on his tail and agrees with Lockheed that they must get out of here fast. With Lockheed leading the way, Nightcrawler manages to dodge falling debris and slowly make his way to the dock where Shagreen’s squid ship was once birthed.

Nightcrawler sees the ship in the distance and decides to bamf. The instant he teleports he notices the absence of Lockheed. As Nightcrawler re-appears, he sees that the Jinjay is about to be sacrificed and he tells the sorcerer to drop the knife. The sorcerer makes the classic threat to kill the hostage, should Nightcrawler get any closer. Nightcrawler lunges for Shagreen, and knocks him to the floor. Shagree brings his tail into play forcing Nightcrawler to jump to avoid getting whacked. Shagreen grabs a cutlass from off the nearby rack and proceeds to menace Nightcrawler with it. Nightcrawler grabs a bucket of water and hurls it into Shagreen’s face, temporarily blinding the sorcerer. This gives Nightcrawler the chance to grab three cutlasses, one for each hand and one for his tail.

Using his phenomenal balance and fencing skills, Kurt has Shagreen up against the rail of the ship. Shagreen grabs a high wire and dares Kurt to follow as he scales up the side of the squid like creature to the very highest point on the sky ship. Kurt accepts the challenge and follows the sorcerer. Kurt knows that the creature is covered with a mucous like substance that will cost him his footing. He is also aware that as an X-Man he cannot kill but only subdue Shagreen. As he sees Shagreen peering down at him he knows that Shagreen does not return the feeling and does intend to kill. Shagreen makes an attempt at Kurt’s life by cutting the rope Kurt is climbing on. However, Kurt quickly teleports to the top of the ship to challenge the sorcerer to a death defying duel in the sky.

Shagreen accepts the challenge and once again calls Kurt a boggie. Kurt tells him that he is not a boggie but a dimensional traveler. Shagreen tells him that either way he is a dead being. Kurt slips on the squid-like creatures skin, giving the advantage to the Shagreen who does not hesitate to prepare the killing blow. Unfortunately for the sorcerer, he does not see Lockheed sneak up behind him having caught up to the ship at last.

Lockheed gives Shagreen a dose of dragon fire, powerful from even a small dragon. Shagreen is caught completely by surprise. In an attempt to avoid the flames and heat, Kurt teleports to safety, leaving Shagreen off balance. Before Kurt can make a move, Shagreen slips over the side of the ship and falls through the sky to his flaming kingdom down below.

Kurt makes his way to the deck of the ship below and turns his attention to the Jinjay. She thanks him for the gallant rescue and asks if he is really a boggie. Nightcrawler tells her his name, Kurt Wagner, and once again offers to be of service. She tells Kurt her name is Sabree and she gives him a kiss of appreciation much to his astonishment. A ship pulls alongside and hails Kurt and the Jinjay. The crew of Royal Barge welcomes the Jinjay and Kurt aboard.

Earth, Danger Room Control Room:

Kitty happily informs Illyana that she has almost got the problem solved. Illyana replies that she will keep her fingers crossed.

Aboard the Royal Barge:

Kurt receives a hero’s welcome from none other than the Jinjay’s father. He is congratulated on the rescue and of the Jinjay as well as getting Captain McGurk to accept a reward rather than a ransom, as had originally been the pirate Captain’s plan. His Majesty is so pleased that Kurt is proclaimed to be a knight of the city in addition to being a protector of the Realm. Kurt thanks the King for the honor. An honor he has been granted even though the members of the royal court believe him to be a boggie. The King goes so far as to welcome Kurt into the Royal household as his son and invites him to consider their home his home. The Jinjay has other ideas and claims the company of Sir knight Wagner for a walk in the garden. Kurt is only to happy to accompany her.

Earth, Danger Room Control Room:

Simultaneously, Kitty has pressed the button she believes will return to Kurt to his rightful world. However, Kitty and Illyana are astonished when only his costume materializes in front of them without Kurt in it. Illyana begs Kitty to hurry and send it back as she believes Kurt is somewhere in the dimensions with no clothes.

Meanwhile in the Garden:

The Jinjay is absolutely astonished and asks Kurt how he made his clothes disappear and then reappear. Kurt, however, is left embarrassed and speechless. Especially when the Jinjay shyly asks if she can have a repeat performance.

Earth, Danger Room Control Room:

Kitty once again is certain that she has all the bugs worked out and presses the appropriate preprogrammed button.

Meanwhile in the Garden:

Suddenly a dimension warp materializes in the garden. Kurt warns the Jinjay to keep her distance as he and Lockheed are slowly sucked into the vortex. Kurt does his best to apologize but says that he and Lockheed must be on their way. The Jinjay begs him to stay as the dimension warp takes Kurt and the small dragon off to a destination unknown.

The Jinjay sits down on a nearby bench and begins to cry silently. For her gallant knight has been taken unpredictably away. She believes she is once again alone in the garden. She does not see or hear three small boggies materialize behind her. They are only too happy the fake boggie has left. They had no intention of sharing the princess with him anyway and now she is all theirs.

Inside the Dimensional Warp:

Kurt is commenting to Lockheed that if he can’t go home, he doesn’t want to be anywhere else except with Sabree, the Jinjay. Suddenly the pair find themselves dumped unceremoniously onto a plot of green grass in a world that might be their own. As Kurt is standing up and recovering from the rough landing, a child like himself bamfs into existence and welcomes him home as Daddy.

Characters Involved: 

Nightcrawler, Shadowcat (both X-Men)

Magik (New Mutant)

Lockheed (Kitty’s pet dragon)

The Jinjay Sabree

The King (Jimjay’s father)

The crew of the Royal Barge

Boggies (small Nightcrawler look-alikes)

Shagreen, the sorcerer

Shagreen’ servant

Pirate Captain Long John McGurk

McGurk’s crew

Story Notes: 

The boggies are similar to the Nightcrawler look-alikes from Kitty’s story in Uncanny X-Men 153.

Issue Information: 
Written By: