Nightcrawler (2nd series) #1

Issue Date: 
February 2002
Story Title: 
Passion Play - part 1 : Rising Dark

Chris Kipiniak (writer), Matthew Smith (penciler), Mark Morales (inker), HiFi Design (colors), Jon Babcock (letterer), Pete Franco (editor), Joe Quesada (editor in chief), Bill Jemas (president)

Brief Description: 

While visiting his friend and mentor Father Whitney, a slave thai girl named Kim escaped from her owner. Against Whitney’s suggestion to let the police deal with the case, Kurt investigates, however he finds that this is not really his specialty. Mrs. Emsoon, Kim’s owner, neglects any of Kim’s accusations and says that it’s her word against that of the girl. After Kurt has left she informs the slavers of Kim’s whereabouts and they try to recapture her. Nightcrawler defeats them and finds a secret hideout in Queens. More slaves are held inside. Oleg, the boss of the slavers, kills rivaling groups to gain full control over the slave market.

Full Summary: 

Mrs. Emsoon and her servant Kim are walking through the streets of Brooklyn, returning from shopping. While Emsoon is talking on her mobile, Kim drops the bags. Mrs. Emsoon gets angry, but all of a sudden Kim runs away.
Nightcrawler is teleporting through the city and is enjoying his mutant power. In a dark alley he stops and uses his image inducer to disguise his true looks. He now looks like a usual priest. Kurt enters a restaurant where he meets with his friend Father Whitney, who recognizes the brimstone stench and wishes Kurt would be more secretive. Kim comes into the restaurant, begging for help in thai language. Mrs. Emsoon is hot on her trail, but when she sees that a priest (Kurt) comforts her servant, she gives her an angry look and leaves.
In San Francisco a ship is unloaded, it’s cargo : illegal immigrants. The ship’s captain and a man called Oleg are talking. The captain thinks it‘s too risky to unload them at daytime, but Oleg says that he has outlived his usefulness anyway and kills him. Oleg tells his men that the immigrant will go to a factory, except for a young black female, with whom he has other plans.
Kurt and Father Whitney have taken Kim to the church. While she is resting in the next room they wonder what to do. Whitney thinks that they should turn her over to the police, despite the girl’s fears that she might get deported. Kurt is insecure, she was a slave and there must be a way to find and fight not only her owners but the people that sold her. Kurt compares the X-men to the church. They wear uniforms, tackle injustice and follow their leader. Jesus died for humanity’s salvation, how could he do any less. However the priest replies that Jesus knew what the result of his death would be, Nightcrawler on the other hand might be fighting a lost cause and endanger his life in vain. He can only find one answer : offer the girl shelter and pray.
Nightcrawler turns on his image inducer again to not scare Kim as he enters her room. One of the waiters of the restaurant is with her to translate. They learn that Kim was promised a job as a seamstress, and her family paid with everything they owned for her journey. Kim was told that she could pay the rest with the money she earned in the US, but when she arrived two years ago, she was given to her master and had to work 24 hours seven days a week and never saw a penny. She was not allowed to leave the house, send or receive mail or to speak to anyone besides her owners. When Mrs. Emsoon took her to help with the errands she recognized the thai writing at the restaurant and decided to run away. And for the whole time she had to fear that she might get deported.
In Texas, San Antonio, Oleg and his men kill a rivaling gang of slavers. He wants the whole market for himself.
Looking human, Nightcrawler enters Mrs. Emsoon’s house and finds her talking on the phone. Apparently she is talking with the people from whom she bought Kim, as she angrily tells that the girl has run away. Getting aware of Kurt she hangs up. Kurt demands to know with whom she was talking, but Emsoon in turn accuses him of trespassing. She downplays Kim’s accusations, before court it would be her word against that of the Emsoons and they will say that they offered a home to poor Kim and paid her well. Whatever she did with her income - she must be lying. Kurt secretly grabs the note with the phone number on that Emsoon had called. Kurt realizes that the woman will not reveal her contacts and decides to teleport away, though not before showing her his true appearance. Emsoon is startled, but not scared, and uses the repeat button to call her contacts again. She tells them that Kim has to be at the church.
Nightcrawler slowly returns to the church, wondering what to do next. Place an order on his own ? Prank call ? Track the down somehow ? Suddenly he hears Kim scream, and sees her being pulled into a van. Kurt teleports before the car, making the driver stop and then easily defeats the two men inside. He brings Kim back into the church, where Father Whitney has just woken up from getting knocked out by the men. Nightcrawler blames himself for having placed his mentor in such danger. He inspects the van and finds a rental form with an address and a telephone number, the same as on Emsoon’s note.
Nightcrawler checks out the house in Queens, it’s settled in a normal neighborhood. Looking through the windows he sees an apparently deaf male getting punished. The poor guy is then led into another room, which is full of illegal immigrants, held more like animals than humans. None of them even notices the bad shape of their fellow prisoner, they all have retreated deep within themselves.

Characters Involved: 


Father Whitney

Kim, a thai girl

Mrs. Emsoon


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