Omega Flight #5

Issue Date: 
October 2007
Story Title: 
Alpha to Omega, part 5

Michael Avon Oeming (Writer), Scott Kolins (Artist), Brian Reber (Colorist), Virtual Calligraphy’s Cory Petit (Letterer), Will Panzo (Assistant Editor), Andy Schmidt and John Barber (Editors), Joe Quesada (Editor-in-Chief), Dan Buckley (Publisher)

Brief Description: 

While Talisman is restrained by the Wrecking Crew, Arachne manages to free the new Guardian from the possessed Sasquatch’s grasp, enabling Beta Ray Bill to attack Sasquatch. This upsets the new Guardian however, who urges Beta Ray Bill to stop, as he doesn’t want there to be any more killings. Meanwhile, Talisman frees herself while Arachne and USAgent deal to the Wrecking Crew, while Talisman uses her powers to help Sasquatch free himself from Tanaraq’s possession. Tanaraq’s influence however makes Sasquatch see Talisman as a demon who wants to kill him like the rest of Alpha Flight, and Sasquatch once again witnesses his friends death at the hands of the Collective, but eventually, with Talisman’s help and his own inner strength, Sasquatch manages to purge Tanaraq from his body, mind and soul. And the Great Beast is trapped in the medicine pouch which once belonged to Shaman. With Tanaraq gone, the Wrecking Crew find themselves without their enchanted power, enabling USAgent and Arachne to get the upper hand. The lesser demons swarm around though, until Beta Ray Bill takes the medicine pouch and flies towards the entrance to the Realm of the Great Beasts, with the demons all following him. The new Guardian follows, and once Beta Ray and the demons are inside the Realm of the Great Beasts, and is ordered by Beta Ray to seal the gateway shut, even though he knows it will trap him inside. Guardian does so, before Sasquatch goes to get his revenge on Thunderball for the way he treated him, though of course deciding that Thunderball isn’t worth it. After the Wrecking Crew are taken away by CSIS until SHIELD can collect them, Arachne and USAgent share an awkward moment, while Talisman and Sasquatch reunite, they then make their peace with the new Guardian, and Sasquatch gives him some words of advice. Later, after the clean up of Toronto, Arachne has a heart to heart with her daughter Rachel, Talisman returns to the Sarcee Nation, USAgent tracks down the Purple Man and his old shield, while Beta Ray Bill is forever trapped in the Realm of the Great Beasts, continuing to battle the lesser demons.

Full Summary: 

Canada, where the phenomenal young woman Elizabeth Twoyoungmen, better known as Talisman rises from where she was casually tossed to the ground. She looks up, startled, a tear begins to fall from one of her eyes as she sees her dear friend and long time Alpha Flight teammate Dr. Walter Langkowski in his other form, Sasquatch, possessed by the Great Beast Tanaraq, strangling Michael Pointer the new Guardian. ‘Don’t!’ she screams, but Sasquatch just growls, as blood drips from his evil-infested eyes.

Suddenly, ‘”Don’t” what, honey-buns? Just sit still and enjoy the show!’ the Wrecker, leader of the Wrecking Crew exclaims as he comes up behind Elizabeth and pulls her towards him, trapping her between his crowbar, when suddenly Julia “Arachne” Carpenter, the former second Spider-Woman swings down on a psionic web and throws another of her psi-webs at Wrecker, covering his face while exclaiming ‘Speed and brains over muscle, Wrecker!’.

The long time member of the Avengers then shifts her attention to Sasquatch and her Omega Flight teammate Guardian, swinging down, she kicks Sasquatch’s arm with her powerful feet, thus releasing Guardian from Sasquatch’s clutch. Julia remarks that her old SHIELD files said Sasquatch was possessed once or twice, and that she is willing to bet that is what’s happening here. The solo mother’s correct assumption is soon far from her thoughts as Sasquatch grabs her and begins swinging her around. Blood splattered around her face, Julia shouts that she could use some help here, when, on cue, the mysterious Beta Ray Bill swoops down from the skies.

Beta Ray Bill flies straight to Sasquatch and smacks him in the chest with his powerful hammer, freeing Julia, who is flung across the ruins of the museum, where the portal to the Realm of the Great Beast’s was opened. Bill continues to force Sasquatch backwards, smashing into cars, until, finally, the possessed Sasquatch lashes out, knocking Beta Ray Bill’s head back, Sasquatch then violently slashes Beta Ray Bill’s chest.

Beta Ray Bill cries out, while Guardian, who has gathered himself, looks on. Frightened, Michael knows that Sasquatch is out of control, but that he cannot let anything happen to him. ‘No more killing!’ Guardian shouts, while behind him, Talisman surrounds herself and Arachne with a force field, protecting them from the barrage of Thunderball’s ball and chain while the handsome Johnny Walker a.k.a. USAgent dodges the oncoming Bulldozer.

Suddenly, Beta Ray Bill shouts ‘ENOUGH!’ and unleashes a massive surge of lightning which knocks Sasquatch backwards, before Beta Ray grabs Sasquatch’s face and reminds him that he has shattered planets with this hammer. Before he can go any further though, Guardian screams ‘Stop!’ and flies towards them, though not reaching them in time to stop Beta Ray from bringing forth another surge of lightning, which knocks Sasquatch back again. Guardian drops down between Beta Ray Bill and Sasquatch’s unmoving body, and he tells Beta Ray that whoever he is, he is not to touch Sasquatch again, for if he does, ‘I can’t promise I’ll be able to stop myself from turning you into ash!’.

Michael then turns to Walter and tells him that he is getting him out of here, while Arachne dodges Thunderball’s ball and chain, causing him to smack it into his handsome teammate, Piledriver. ‘Watch it man!’ Piledriver shouts. ‘My bad!’ Thunderball replies. Talisman comes up behind Guardian and tells him to wait, ‘If Walter recovers while you’re alone with him -’ she begins, to which Michael replies that he is not going to hurt Sasquatch. Elizabeth informs Michael that she was going to say Sasquatch will kill him, explaining that Walter has been possessed by the demon Tanaraq, so they have to help him here and now.

Magicks flow as Talisman reaches out to Walter, telling him that she knows he can hear her, that she knows he is in there, before remarking that she doesn’t have the blessings she once had. ‘If I did, I could reach into your mind and help you!’ Elizabeth exclaims that she cannot lose Walter now, ‘The rest of our friends are dead. There’s been so much loss in my life, you’re all I have left! Fight back…please…fight for us!’ Elizabeth pleads, more tears falling.

Meanwhile, Bulldozer has managed to grab a hold of USAgent’s leg, and remarks ‘Hey, you always wanted to be Captain America right? Now you can be just like him - DEAD!’ Bulldozer slams Walker down into the concrete, with a sickening thud.

Arachne continues to battle Thunderball, and this time the Wrecker has joined in, flanked by a host of nasty demons, Thunderball swings his ball and chain around, ‘You can’t keep dodging forever, Spider-Girl!’ he shouts. Julia corrects him, informing him that her name is Arachne, while the Wrecker attempts to take a swipe at her, pointing out that there is nowhere left for her to go, when suddenly, Julia, who had been busy doing something with her psionic webs, disappears - completely covered in a massive, thick ball of psionic webs. Thunderball and the Wrecker just stare at the glowing ball of psionic webs in bewilderment.

Talisman places her hands on Sasquatch’s face, revealing to him that she is not as strong as she used to be. ‘I wish I was, but I’m not!’ Tears still streak Elizabeth’s face as she tells Walter that she needs him to be strong for her, to come back to her. ‘See through Tanaraq’s illusions!’ she urges her friend. But all Walter sees is a wicked demoness, whose scratchy voice cries ‘See the truth, Walter! I’m going to kill you - like my father and the rest of your teammates! I will boil your skin and wear it and dance and laugh! And I’m not alone, Walter. I’m here with the Collective! I’m here with - the man who killed Alpha Flight!’ Walter relives the moment his teammates - Mac, Heather, Shaman, Major Mapleleaf and the two Pucks - were all killed by the Collective, then screams ‘You’ll kill me!’ before turning away from Talisman.

‘No, Walter - we’d die for you!’ Elizabeth replies, ‘Fight back and we’ll stand by you!’ she exclaims, before Walter screams ‘ELIZABETH HELP ME!!!’ Talisman holds up Shaman’s medicine pouch and tells Sasquatch that this is all she has left of her father, reminding him that it is a world within itself, but bound by the laws of the spirit. ‘And the evil possessing you knows no limit!’. Talisman opens the pouch and Tanaraq screams, while Talisman continues to urge Walter to fight the evil. ‘FIGHT!’ she screams, when finally, a red glow fills the surrounding area, and Tanaraq is sucked into the medicine pouch.

Talisman glows while exclaiming that Walter did it, he overcame the evil, and knows that she must do the same. Talisman tells herself to find what she lost, her will to wield her father’s gift and to trap this evil, she must destroy Shaman’s gift. Talisman encases herself and Walter, in his handsome human form, inside a force field while the medicine pouch glows above them, and the power - the evil - is forced inside it, while Tanaraq screams ‘TALISMAAAAAGGGHH!’.

The Wrecking Crew are swiftly dealt to, they all stumble around, clutching their heads, the Wrecker asks what happened, and Piledriver exclaims that he feels so much weaker, before Thunderball shouts that the power is gone. ‘Your pouch is sealed forever, Father. I’m sorry, and thank you’ Talisman whispers.

Suddenly, the Wrecker’s crowbar is yanked from his hand, ‘Batter up, morons!’ USAgent exclaims as he smacks all four of the Wrecking Crew backwards. Walter motions to the sky where an onslaught of demons races towards them, and Walt exclaims that the Great Beasts will be coming for it. Countless lesser demons force forwards, while Talisman and Walter are too weak to move, ‘I know what to do!’ Beta Ray Bill exclaims, snatching the medicine pouch, he takes flight, ‘You want your master? You want this bag full of evil? Then come and take it from me!’ Beta Ray Bill shouts to the demons.

‘Wait! Talisman cries out, but it’s too late, as Beta Ray Bill has flown up into the cloud of evil hovering over Ontario. Beta Ray shouts ‘Take it from Beta Ray Bill, last of his people, brother-in-arms to the Mighty Thor!’ Beta Ray boasts that he has battled in the vastness of space…and bled in the depths of Hell! Guardian remarks that Beta Ray cannot take the demons on alone, and flies up after him, where Beta Ray hovers before the entrance to the Realm of the Great Beasts, ‘Come for me and you come for death!’ he cries as the demons follow him.

Beta Ray Bill sees Guardian coming to aid him, and tells him to stay back, ‘Let them follow me! Once I’m in this pit, blast it apart!’ he exclaims. Guardian points out that Beta Ray Bill will be trapped with the demons, to which Beta Ray flies into the Realm of the Great Beasts, replying that he has been through worse, and urging Guardian to blast the dimensional rift shut. Guardian complies, and unleashes his power against the doorway to the deathly realm, which then explodes in a massive cloud of orange, red and yellow dust.

‘&$*#!’ exclaims USAgent, who holds a battered Wrecker up by his collar while watching the explosion. Arachne has the rest of the Wrecking Crew all tied up, and is also fixated on the moment. Suddenly, Walter, who has transformed back into Sasquatch, approaches Thunderball, ‘You!’ he shouts, grabbing the ball and chain. ‘You hurt me. You hurt my friends. My team!’ Sasquatch exclaims. Agent Brown, the administrator for Omega Flight, goes up beside Arachne and asks ‘Is he…?’ to which Julia replies that Sasquatch seems like he is back to normal, and supposes it was Talisman’s healing powers.

Sasquatch wraps the chain around Thunderball’s neck and lifts him up, ‘You chained me and tortured me like an animal!’ he shouts. Thunderball chokes, before managing to spurt out ‘That’s because you are an animal, you freakin’ monster!’. Rage fills Sasquatch’s eyes, as he tightens the chain around Thunderball’s neck, Thunderball begins to black out as his eyes roll into the back of his head. Talisman begins to cry again, while Arachne and Agent Brown look on in shock. USAgent looks on in anticipation however. But the wait is over, as Sasquatch drops Thunderball and his deadly weapon to the ground. ‘No. I’m not a monster. And you’re not worth it’ he declares as he walks away, while Thunderball gasps for air.

Shortly, armed services have arrived and Agent Brown motions to the Wrecking Crew, who are all wrapped in Julia’s psionic webs, and remarks that they need to move quick before one of those yahoos wake up. Agent Brown adds that they will get the Wrecking Crew into CSIS custody before SHIELD can take them away. Julia then motions to all the destruction and exclaims ‘What a mess!’ before asking if everyone is okay. ‘I’m fine, thanks’ Julia’s long time teammate USAgent remarks, smiling as he goes and stands beside her. Julia just stares at Walker, before striding away.

‘Are you you?’ Elizabeth asks Sasquatch, as the two embrace. ‘Yeah. Thanks to you’. Sasquatch replies, before telling Elizabeth that her father would be proud. Talisman cries again, before whispering ‘Maybe…’ and turns to the new Guardian, who takes off his headpiece. Talisman walks over to Pointer, who remarks ‘That guy with the horse head - Beta Ray something - he sacrificed himself for us’. Talisman points out that Guardian was ready to do the same, to which Michael raises his head and Sasquatch approaches him, remarking that he knows the suit was forced on him, ‘Heck, I was forced to give it to you’. Walter tells Michael that he has earned that battle suit. ‘I understand what happened with you…being possessed by the Collective…Just do right by this suit. Do right for its country, Guardian’. A tear falls down Michael Pointer’s face as he puts his headpiece back on and replies that he will do his best.

Later, back at CSIS headquarters, Julia and her daughter, Rachel are watching Agent Brown conduct a training session on Guardian, and Julia remarks that she understands she has Rachel to thank for Michael coming to their rescue. Rachel replies that she didn’t know she wasn’t allowed to let him out, ‘It’s not like there was a sign that said Don’t release the super-dude’. Rachel adds. Julia tells her daughter that she did good, but that she should phone her next time she wants to go letting loose anymore heroes. ‘But we’re all part of the same team now, right?’ Rachel asks.

Julia replies that she supposes so, but that it is hard to say what the future will hold for Omega Flight. And at that moment, while Elizabeth returns to the Sarcee reservation, Arachne informs Julia that Elizabeth, after helping with the clean up, returned to her home, as she has another family that she needs to be with, at least for now.

‘What about Captain America?’ Rachel asks. ‘You mean USAgent. John’s a funny guy. But I guess he’s like family, now’. Julia adds that Walker is kind of a jerk, but that he is a passionate, true-hearted man, who doesn’t like America looking bad. Julia points out that with this influx of refugee villains flooding Canada, Walker is working harder than any of them to fix the problem. ‘Plus, I think he’s got some unfinished business…something about a shield’. Indeed, at that very moment, USAgent battles his way through a group of purple-skinned mind-controlled civilians to the Purple Man, cowering behind that certain shield.

Arachne adds that she hasn’t seen Sasquatch since they were all cleaning up after the fight, but that she supposes he blames himself for the destruction. ‘He shouldn’t though…it wasn’t his fault!’ Rachel exclaims. Julia agrees, and adds ‘Being a hero means taking responsibility…that’s something we all learned, that day’….

Meanwhile, in the repulsive Realm of the Great Beasts, Beta Ray Bill continues to battle the lesser demons, ‘As my brother-in-arms would put it, demons…I SAY THEE NAY!’….

Characters Involved: 

Sasquatch, Talisman II (former members of Alpha Flight)

Arachne III, Guardian VI, USAgent (all Omega Flight)

Beta Ray Bill

Rachel Carpenter

Agent Brown

Bulldozer, Piledriver, Thunderball, Wrecker (all Wrecking Crew)



Purple Man

Canadian Civilians


In Tanaraq’s illusion:

Guardian I, Major Mapleleaf II, Puck I, Puck II, Shaman, Vindicator II (all Alpha Flight)

The Collective

Story Notes: 

Captain America (Steve Rogers) was murdered in Captain America (6th series) #25. In fact, USAgent (then known as the original Super Patriot) was Captain America when Rogers was relieved of duty some years ago, in the now classic Captain America (1st series) #333 - 350.

When Walter Langkowski first became Sasquatch, he simply assumed that he had found a way to transform his body into the mythical beast thanks to gamma radiation. In truth though, he had opened a portal to the realm of the Great Beasts and would take the form of the Beast known as Tanaraq, who eventually became the dominant mind, getting increasingly more violent, until Snowbird, the Great Beasts’ mortal enemy, realized what had happened, she was forced to rip Walter’s heart out to stop Tanaraq, who was then believed destroyed. Walter’s body was dead, but his soul lived on in the Box robot, until an attempt to find him a new body - which turned out to be that of his friend the Hulk’s - resulted in Walt’s spirit wandering the cross-roads of time, until he returned in the body of Smart Alec, before taking up the Box armor once more, before finally residing in Snowbird’s soulless Sasquatch form. [flashback story in Alpha Flight (1st series) #11, Alpha Flight (1st series) #23-29, #44-46]

Sasquatch knows a thing or two about Shaman’s medicine pouch, for when his mind wandered the Cross Roads of Time following his decision not to take over the body of the Incredible Hulk [Alpha Flight (1st series) #29] his spirit eventually came across the mindless body of Smart Alec, who was reduced to the size of a figurine after losing his mind in Alpha Flight (1st series) #12 when he looked in Shaman’s pouch. Walter then took over Smart Alec’s body, and crawled his way out of Shaman’s medicine pouch.

Tanaraq is not the only evil to be trapped inside Shaman’s medicine pouch, the diabolical Pestilence has remained inside the pouch since the classic Alpha Flight (1st series) #46.

Sasquatch gave Michael Pointer the Guardian costume in Civil War: The Initiative.

Rachel Carpenter freed Michael Pointer from his cell so that he could go help her mother and the rest of the heroes in Omega Flight #4.

Rachel’s comment ‘What about Captain America’, when referring to USAgent, is completely absurd, as she knows very well who USAgent is, having lived with him and the rest of the Avengers West Coast at the Palos Verdes Compound, then with Force Works at the Works HQ in Ventura. And if there is anyone in the world USAgent was nice to, it was Rachel.

Arachne’s comment about USAgent being like family “now” is also incorrect, as they served together for a long time in the Avengers West Coast / Force Works team, and back then had a good relationship.

USAgent’s shield was stolen in the Civil War: Choosing Sides one shot.

The Purple Man is of course father to long time Beta Flight member the Purple Girl a.k.a. Persuasion.

Michael Pointer a.k.a. the Collective apparently killed Alpha Flight in New Avengers #16. BUT it is unclear whether it is the present or past versions of those characters that were slain, for as far as we know, the real Heather, Mac, Shaman and Judd are still in space with Snowbird and Earthmover, and it was the past versions of those aforementioned characters that joined Alpha Flight at the end of Alpha Flight (3rd series): The All-New, All-Different Alpha Flight #12. Though it is possible the real Alphans returned to Earth off-panel, and upon doing so, their past analogues disappeared, meaning it was the real Alphans who were unfortunately killed.

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