Origin #4

Issue Date: 
February 2002
Story Title: 
Heaven And Hell

Paul Jenkins, Bill Jemas and Joe Quesada (plot), Paul Jenkins (script), Andy Kubert (penciler), Richard Isanove (digital painting), JG and Comicraft’s Saida Temofonte (letters), Mike Raicht (associate editor), Mike Marts (editor), Joe Quesada (editor in chief), Bill Jemas (president)

Brief Description: 

Living in a mining camp in Alberta, James or Logan as he now prefers to be called, is making new friends and enemies. The cook Malone picks on him, and Logan is reluctant to fight or stand his ground. Months pass and both he and Rose grow up. Logan develops good hunting skills, but whenever Rose wants to talk about the events at the Howletts estate, he shuts her out. When egtting beaten by Malone again, ogan runs away into the forest where he is met by a pack of wolves.

Full Summary: 

Logan stands looking at his hands trying to get his claws to pop. He is interrupted by his boss who tells him to get a move on with the barrow of bricks he is wheeling. As he travels up the hill we see the camp cook called Malone getting a beating for dealing up small portions of food. As he takes the next load of bricks Smitty, the foreman, busts his chops for slacking. Logan wheels his load of stone down the hill but as goes past the beaten Malone he looses control. Malone grabs it for him but them lets it go. Logan has to chase the barrow down the hill as Malone smiles.
Logan burst into his and Rose’s cabin and throws himself down on his bed. Rose tries to get him to talk but he brushes her off. Rose writes in her diary explain how she and Logan survive. Rose works in the camp office and Logan get up early to move rocks. Rose is unhappy as the mining camp is unpleasant and rowdy.
Logan walks back from work and is accosted by Malone. The fat cook gives him a bit of a beating until Smitty arrives and tells him to back off. Smitty helps Logan to his feet and tells him he needs to stand up to Malone or Malone may well kill him.
A year or so has based and Rose has become a young woman. She baths in a calm part of a river while Logan hunts a deer. Logan spears the dear and Rose leaves the water. Malone can be seen spying on her. Rose hears Malone moving around but she is distracted by Logan’s arrival with the deer. Logan also spots something moving but Malone has already left. Rose and Logan go on to talk about how good Logan has got at hunting and how Logan believes this is how is meant to be. Rose tries discuss the events back at the big house but Logan says he had no life before they came to the quarry and will not discuss it.
Rose again writes in here diary as we see a more muscular Logan working breaking up rocks, drinking and smoking a cigar.
It seems Logan has got a reputation as a hunter and gives away parts of his kill. This has not helped his relationship with Malone. Logan again gets a severe beating off the cook but still doesn’t put up much of a fight. Again Smitty saves Logan’s butt again and gives Malone a heavy beating. Logan freaks out starring at the backs of his hands and runs off into the forest. As it grows dark in the forest Logans gets surrounded by a pack of Wolves. As the wolves close in a familiar look crosses Logan’s face. Three claws burst from the back of his right hand. Logan and the lead Wolf stare into each others eyes. There is obviously some connection between the two because when Logan collapses the wolf doesn’t attack but simply stand over Logan and howls.

Characters Involved: 

James Howlett / “Logan“




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