Origin #5

Issue Date: 
March 2002
Story Title: 

Paul Jenkins, Bill Jemas and Joe Quesada (plot), Paul Jenkins (script), Andy Kubert (penciler), Richard Isanove (digital painting), JG and Comicraft’s Wes Abbott and Saida Temofonte (letters), Mike Raicht (associate editor), Mike Marts (editor), Joe Quesada (editor in chief), Bill Jemas (president)

Brief Description: 

Smitty visits Rose and Logan on a regular basis and brings them books to read. He offers Logan a new job and trains him the art of setting explosives to open up new seems. Soon Logan becomes a respected man in the community though at night he runs through the woods with his pack of wolves and hones his hunting skills. The miners start to see what kind of man Cookie Malone is, and he blames Logan for his fall from grace. One night he cuts the fuses short on some dynamite, and soon Logan and few others gets buried in a cave in. Yet Logan miracolously survives. Inspired by a book about japanese Samurais, Logan seeks out Cookie, beats him up and tells him to never cross him again. Proud of himself, Logan returns to Rose, but finds her in Smitty’s arms, fully in love with each other. Logan runs away into the woods and in his anger battles the alpha wolf for leadership of the pack. Of course he wins. Back at the Howlett estate the old Mr. Howlett is very ill and sees the error of his ways. He asks Dog, too fully grown up and his face scarred, to track down his grandson James, aka Logan.

Full Summary: 

A pack of Wolves run through the forest hunting a deer. Running with them for the hunt is Logan. Truly at home with these expert hunters Logan is learning his trade. Logan gets to the deer first and tackles it to the ground. His claws make short work of the kill and he leaves the deer for the Wolves to feed from. Meanwhile Rose read poetry from a book Smitty has just given her. Something is about to happen but they are interrupted by Logan’s return. Smitty says he has come to see Logan and has a job for him.
The next morning Logan meets Smitty by the entrance to a cave in the quarry. Smitty instructs Logan in the art of setting explosives to open up new seems. He sets the fuse and runs. Logan is a little slow off the mark and nearly gets blown up. The two end up laughing together.
Elsewhere Cookie Malone is cheating at cards again. The miners playing with him spot Smitty and Logan and start ribbing Cookie. They praise up Logan’s work ethic and compare him to a Wolverine. Cookie get annoyed but the miners say Logan is worth ten of Cookie and almost give him a hiding. In the end they decide he is not worth the trouble so they wander off.
Rose is writing in her diary again and tells us how Logan as become a man. Despite his short stature his physical stamina has made him a popular man. So fond of him are the miners that they jokingly call him “Little Smitty”. Though at night Logan still goes out to hunt with his pack of Wolves.
Cookie is not a happy man however. He wrongly blames Logan for his fall from grace and plots his revenge. He steals away to the explosive shed and cuts the fuses short on some dynamite.
The next day disaster strikes. Smitty and Rose are discussing the accounts but they are interrupted by a miner bringing bad news. He tells them that there has been a cave in at the Quarry. Smitty is soon there directing his mean but the outlook is bleak. They all ready have lost six men and they do not hold out much hope for the others. Eventually they come across a barrow buried amongst the rock. Underneath the barrow they find Logan clutching a young boy in his arms.
The next day Logan is a hero and Smitty comes to see him. He brings with him another book this time for Logan. It’s a book from Japan about the way of the samurai. He tells Logan that the Japanese have a lot to teach about inner strength and his sees that inner strength in Logan.
That night inspired by Smitty’s book Logan seeks out Cookie, and finds him stealing from some houses while the families are burying their relatives that died in the cave in. Logan gives Cookie a damn good hiding and makes him swear to come clean about what happened at the quarry. Wound up and excited by what just happened Logan runs to tell Rose. Sadly he finds her in the arms of Smitty and runs away.
Deep in the forest he takes his frustrations out on a tree with his claws. Then the wolf pack arrives. Mad as hell Logan takes on the Alpha male and wins. As the defeated wolf limps off Logan takes his place as the leader of the pack.
Many miles away the old Mr. Howlett has become a very sickly old man. Confined to his bed he laments his decision to drive James away. Talking to an unknown person he asks him to track down his grandson. Then we see who he was talking too. A huge muscular man with 3 large scars running across his face. He promise to hunt James down like a Dog !

Characters Involved: 

James Howlett / “Logan“




Old Mr. Howlett


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