Origin #6

Issue Date: 
April 2002
Story Title: 
Dust To Dust

Paul Jenkins, Bill Jemas and Joe Quesada (plot), Paul Jenkins (script), Andy Kubert (penciler), Richard Isanove (digital painting), JG and Comicraft’s Wes Abbott and Saida Temofonte (letters), Mike Raicht (assistant editor), Mike Marts (editor), Joe Quesada (editor in chief), Bill Jemas (president)

Brief Description: 

Logan takes it pretty hard that Rose wants to marry Smitty and leave the town with him. They have an arguement and he walks out. Later when he sees Smitty at a bar signing up for a cage match to win the needed money for their train fare, Logan signs up too. During the match both of them defeat all their opponents and the final round has Smitty versus Logan. At first it seems that Logan is winning, but shortly before the end, he lets himself get defeated, so that Smitty and Rose will get a chance at a happy life in the city. Right after the match, Logan gets attacked by Dog who has finally found him after all these years. He taunts him about the events at the Howlett estate and slowly Logan’s memory returns. Rose runs in, trying to stop Logan from killing Dog, but she topples and accidently gets skewered by Logan’s claws and dies. Logan completely withdraws and joins his pack of wolves in the woods. Smitty is a broken man, and Cookie Malone goes through Logan’s and Rose’s belongings looking for valuables. He finds Roses diary and casually throws in onto the fire. A small note addressed to James slips out and escapes death in the flames.

Full Summary: 

A tall man in furs with three scars over his face talks with and old man and asks about a man called Howlett. When the old man points him to the quarry the tall man snaps his neck.
Meanwhile a rather annoyed Logan chops wood. Rose comes to talk to him and their exchange
is heated. Logan is mad because Rose is to marry Smitty and move back to the city. Logan storms off and Rose sits and cries.
In the bar Smitty is trying to sell some belongings to get the train fare to the city. Failing miserably he decides to sign up for a cage fight, because the winner will get 200 dollars. On the way to sign up he has a brief exchange with the tall man dressed in furs, Smitty tells him that he is doing it for the girl he loves – Rose. Right after the tall man has left, Logan walks in and ignores Smitty. He joins some of the men drinking at a table. When he sees Smitty signing up for the cage fight he decides to do the same.
Back at the cabin Rose complains about Smitty signing up to fight. When she realises that Logan may be fighting too she warns Smitty not to fight Logan. He promises not to hurt Logan, but Rose tells him that it is him and not Logan she is worried about. Smitty doesn’t see the danger and brushes off her warning with some annoyance. He leaves for the fight and Rose sits on the bed, looking at her diary.
As Logan and Smitty cruise through the initial rounds of the fight Rose packs her things and writes a note for Logan addressed to James. When it is Cookie’s turn to fight Logan the tall man slips Cookie some knuckle dusters. Cookie goes to town on Logan but Logan eventually turns the tables and almost kills him with his claws. At the last minute he stops his claws popping out and lets him live.
The final fight is Smitty versus Logan. Logan beats on Smitty really badly until he almost has the win. Logan suddenly tells Smitty to hit and make it look good. Smitty does so and Logan throws the fight so Smitty and Rose get the money they need.
Logan and Smitty leave together as friends. Smitty tells Logan that he has recommended him to be the new foreman. Smitty goes off to Rose and Logan watches him leave. The tall man jumps Logan and tosses him about before throwing off his Furs to reveal that he is Dog. He looks very similar to Logan, only somewhat taller with slightly lighter hair and Logan’s claw’s scars across his face.. He accuses James Howlett of having stolen his name “Logan“.
Meanwhile Rose is shocked that Smitty left Logan alone and goes off in search of him. Dog uses a pitchfork to beat the hell out of Logan all the time taunting him about that terrible night years ago, when he first popped his claws (issue #2). Logan doesn’t recall any of it, not even the name James. He is confused to the point he is unable to put up much of a fight. Dog makes the mistake of revealing to Logan that it was him who killed his father. Snapped back to reality by the shock Logan takes the fight to Dog. He takes down Dog quickly and easily. He pops his claws and goes in for the kill. Rose runs through the crowd to stop him, but she topples and accidently gets skewered by Logan’s claws. Rose dies.
Some time later Smitty is running through the snow calling after Logan. He tells him to come back and that they need each other to get over what has happened. Logan hides in the trees and makes a choice. Life in the complex world of man or life in the simple world of his Wolf pack. He leaves with the wolves as Smitty calls out his name.
Meanwhile Cookie Malone is going through Logan’s and Rose’s belongings looking for valuables. He finds Roses diary and casually throws in onto the fire. As it sails through the air a small note addressed to James slips out and escapes death in the flames. The diary however is not so lucky and slowly burns away.

Characters Involved: 

James Howlett / “Logan“





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