Patsy Walker A.K.A. Hellcat #11

Issue Date: 
December 2016
Story Title: 

Kate Leth (writer), Brittney L Williams (artist), Rachelle Rosenberg (colorist), Virtual Caligraphy's Clayton Cowles (letterer), Brittney L Williams (cover artist), Sandy Jarrell & Matthew Wlson; Todd Mauck & Frank D'Armata (variant cover artists), Cosplay by DJ Spider & Photo by Judith Stephens (cosplay variant cover artists), Kathleen Wisneski (assistant editor), Jake Thomas (editor), Tom Breevort (executive editor), Axel Alonso (editor-in-chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)

Brief Description: 

A couple of weeks ago, four young women called Zoe, Ari, Jin and Lina broke into the apartment of a musician. They cause some damage and graffiti across one of the walls. When the musician returns home, the girls run, but they are tracked down by the Black Cat, who offers them jobs as “The Black Cats” to cause some trouble for her. Today, Hellcat and Jubilee are giving some training to Bailey, explaining to her that she needs to be able to defend herself if her special bag was taken from her. When Ian is asked about whether he will get involved in super heroics, he is reluctant to talk about it. Bailey rattles off some proposed codenames, settling on “Attache”, and when Hellcat brings up Ian's name “Telekinian” he takes off. Hellcat feels bad, and goes for a run across some rooftops, before doing a workout. She decides that what happened to She-Hulk is a reason to keep fighting, but doesn't want to give up on Ian, so leaves a message on his phone, unware that she is being watched by the Black Cat and two of her lackeys. With the revelation that Hellcat is Patsy Walker, Black Cat decides that they can't simply make her disappear. She tells the girls to send others to follow Hellcat, while they go check out her office. Zoe and Jin get the message to follow Patsy Walker, and when they arrive at her apartment block, they find Mr Ravina shouting at his son, Federigo. Mr Ravina recognizes Zoe, and remembers kicking him out. Upstairs, Ian is singing along to showtunes, before Patsy goes and talks to him. Ian apologizes for running off and explains that life was good, he has the job, and Tom and Patsy, and he doesn't want to lose any of it. Down below, Zoe is sent a photo of Ian and Patsy hugging on the couch by another of the Black Cats, and she lashes out at Federigo. Patsy and Ian hear the commotion, and Patsy looks out the window, to see Zoe calling out to her, demanding that she come down and face her. Ian sees Zoe and she shouts at him, too. Ian informs Patsy that Zoe is the roommate who moved out before Patsy moved in. Hellcat leaps down and confronts Zoe and Jin, and soon realizes they are working for the Black Cat. Zoe wants to know if Hellcat and Ian are dating, which causes Patsy to laugh, but Ian telekinetically lowers himself to the street, surprising Zoe who wants to know when he got super powers. Ian tells her that he isn't scared of her any more. Black Cat, Ari and Lina rummage through Hellcat's office, and soon discover that Bailey is still there, working late. Black Cat is curious about Bailey's bag, and when she learns that it can hold anything, she throws it over Lina, trapping her inside it, before announcing that they are going to have some fun.

Full Summary: 

A couple of weeks ago:
Soho, where four young women are breaking into an apartment from outside on the fire escape. 'Doesn't his show let you in, like ten minutes?' Lina, the leader, asks. Ari, the brains, taps away at a portable device, while Zoe, the muscle, tries to open a window from the outside. 'Yeah, but you know how he is. They'll get a beer, schmooze with the fans. We've got at least an hour' Zoe points out.

'You need some help there, boss?' Jin, the common sense asks as she sees Zoe struggling to open the window. 'I got this!' Zoe retorts. 'You sure? I could try -' Jin begins, but Zoe snaps at her, declaring that she has got this again. 'Okay, okay, sure, but at least use something better than that rusty old hairpin' Jin, who is also the arsenal, suggests as she pulls out a switchblade knife. 'Fine, if it'll shut you up' Zoe mutters as she takes the knife and shoves it into the lock, managing to open the window. 'Voila' Zoe remarks. 'Yeah, you're right, that was all you' Jin mumbles. 'Daaang, Zoe, you weren't kidding. This guy has the worst place!' Ari points out as the four women step into the oddly decorated apartment. And this is how the Black Cats came to be.

Jin tells the others that she wonders what it is like to get to the point where you have so much money that you start buying expensive versions of regular stuff. 'I'd pay for everything in quarters. Just for kicks' Lina jokes, while Zoe asks Jin if she is ready. Jin opens her duffel bag, 'Drumroll, please?' she asks as she reveals several cans of spray paint. The girls all start to pain through the apartment. 'Oh, very nice' Jin declares as she pains across the clothes hanging in the wardrobe. 'You think? I mean, he's the real artist, don't you know?' Zoe replies as she stands in front of a wall where she has painted “Thanks for the Music”. Suddenly, there is a clicking noise, and Ari looks concerned. 'He's back!' she exclaims. Someone turns the light off, and the girls scamper. 'Hello?' a voice calls out. 'ZOE!' a man with long hair shouts as he reaches the fire escape, which the girls have lept from down onto the street. 'Catch ya later, big shot!' Zoe calls back. 'Tag us in your press release!' Lina exclaims as she swings down from a lamp post.

'Come back here! We can talk about this!' the man suggests. 'Call a decorator instead, buddy. Save a dime!' someone shouts back at him. 'Oh-ho man, did you see his face?' another of the girls asks. 'Y'know, when I was a little girl, I always hoped someone would write a song about me' one of the girls tells the others. The girls reach safety behind a wall. 'What, not a fan of “One-Night Zoe?' Jin asks. '“She's almost pretty” or “As soon as she leaves / I find somebody new”? It's so hard to pick a favorite line' Ari mocks, while Zoe remarks that, personally, she likes the one she slashed in his tour jacket.

Suddenly: 'Bra-va, ladies Good show' someone calls out, followed by some clapping. The girls look up, and find the Black Cat a.k.a. Felicia Hardy perched on the fence. 'I really hate that song' the Black Cat informs them. 'And who exactly are you?' Zoe asks, while Lina tells her that if she is here to take them to the cops, then to forget it. 'You got no idea what we can do' she boasts. 'H-hey' Jin smiles, nervously.

'Actually, I do, which is why I'm here. My name is Black Cat. I'm also in the business of acquisitions' the Black Cat announces as she leaps down onto the ground behind the girls. They spin around, as Ari tells her that they are not theives, not exclusively. Zoe admits that they do steal, and break stuff, while Lina tells her that it is mostly for fun, or, as in the case of tonight, for justice. The Black reports that that was precisely what she was hoping to hear. She informs the girls that they have a job offer, if they are interested. 'Nuh-uh, we're nobody's lackeys' Lina declares. 'Of course you aren't the Black Cat tells them, pulling a jacket from her duffel bag, it has “Black Cats” printed on the back of it. 'I just want to give you a whole bunch of money to help me cause trouble' she informs them.

Brooklyn, in a large empty room, where Patsy Walker a.k.a. Hellcat is doing some training with Jubilee and one of the super-hero temp agency members, Bailey. Ian Soo watches from the sidelines with Jubilee's son, Shoo Lee. 'Why are we doing this, again? You know I can pull anything out of that bag. Not sure I need karate lessons' Bailey announces. Patsy tells Bailey that there are a thousand ways someone could snag it from you in battle, so you need backup options. 'You're getting one-on-one lessons from an Avenger and an X-Man, kid. Count your luckies' Jubilee tells her. 'Former X-Man, or is it Ex-Man? Ex-X-Man?' Bailey asks, before Patsy leaps towards her, leg ready to strike. 'Wah!' Bailey cries, ducking from Patsy. 'Watch your six!' Jubilee tells Bailey. 'Told ya!' she laughs. 'Look at mommy, Shogo! She's kicking butts!' Ian tells the infant, who throws his arms into the air, 'Ya!' he cries out. Jubilee beckons Bailey forward and tells her that she has this, that she just has to focus. Bailey attempts to punch Jubilee, but Jubilee has shifted to a mist form. 'Very nice! Watch your elbows, though – don't overextend' Jubilee tells her.

Bailey hunches over in an attempt to catch her breath and admits that maybe she could use some cardio. Patsy tells her that it will get easier, while Jubilee picks up her son. Patsy then tells Bailey that she is a bit surprised she asked, as she thought she wanted to stick to normal jobs. 'I did! I do. Only...some days I feel like I'm wasting my talents' Bailey explains as she reaches into her bag. Patsy tells Bailey not to get her wrong, and assures her that she is happy for the help. Holding the drink bottle she has pulled from her bag, Bailey asks Ian if he is ever going to put his gifts to work. 'Me? Ah. No, I don't think so' Ian replies. Patsy smiles and jokes that Ian is modest. 'I'm pretty sure after we took down Arcade, he got a taste for it' she adds. Ian turns away, and announces that after what happened with Jen and Hellstrom and the others – he is more sure than ever that it is not for him.

Shogo opens Bailey's bag and reaches into it, while a shocked Bailey looks on, and Jubilee tries to pull him out of it. Patsy tells Ian that there is a lot of good a person can do, and reminds him that he has helped so many times. 'I know. I mean, I think I do. Maybe someday' Ian replies. Bailey grabs back her bag and announcces that she can't wait to get started, and reveals that she has been working on some names and costume ideas. 'You have?' Patsy asks, surprised, while Shogo holds up a large sparkly diamond that she pulled from Bailey's bag, while the wide-eyed Jubilee holds her son. Bailey declares that they are all works in progress, and asks everyone to hear her out: “Bag Lady” isn't exactly the vibe she is going for. 'A little too on the nose' one of the others tells her. 'What about “Carry-on”?' Bailey suggests. ' wayward son?' Jubilee asks. “The Satchel” Bailey offers. 'Did you just look up different words for “bag”?' someone asks, before Bailey suggests “Attache”. Patsy tells her that she likes that one. 'Yeah, I take it back. That rules' Jubilee remarks, while Ian asks how everyone is so good at this.

Patsy grins and tells Ian that when he decides to be a super hero, they will workshop something better than “Telekinian”. Ian turns away and asks Patsy to drop it. 'What? I'm sorry!' Patsy callls out as Ian walks away. Hands in his pockets, Ian tells her that it is fine, but that he has to meet Tom at the store. He informs Patsy that he will be home later. Jubilee takes Shogo and leaves after Ian, while Bailey turns to Patsy and asks 'What was that about?' Patsy hangs her head and replies that she doesn't know. She adds that Ian has been all over the place lately – they all have. Bailey points out that some people don't like the limelight, and adds that is a shame, because Ian is real powerful. 'Yeah, he is' Patsy agrees. Bailey asks Patsy if she wants to hit the barcade. 'I have a literal sack-full of quartyers calling out names' she exclaims, holding up her bag. Patsy tells Bailey to go, and that she will catch her tomorrow. 'You sure?' Bailey asks. 'Yeah. I think I'm gonna go for a run' Patsy announces, and soon, leaps across the rooftops of tall buildings dressed as Hellcat.

Soon, Hellcat is in a gym, slumped over on a seat, she tells herself that Ian has never been mad at her before, and decides that it hurts more than she was expecting it to. Patsy pulls herself up on a bar and thinks that what happened to Jen is a reason to keep fighting – not to give up. She wonders how Ian can throw that back in her face, as she is telling him that she believes in him. 'Dang it, Patsy. Now is not the time to give up on a friend' Patsy thinks, before she goes out onto the rooftop and uses her cellphone to call Ian. She gets no answer, so leaves a message, asking him to call her back. 'I'm sorry' she adds.

On another rooftop, the Black Cat stands with two members of her Black Cats, Lina and Ari. 'So. Hellcat is Patsy Walker' she remarks. 'Dang really? Like, that Patsy Walker? I love those comics' Lina declares. 'And that temp agency for supers' Ari adds. 'Quite' the Black Cat agrees. The Black Cat announces that there is a change of plan – they can't disappear someone that notable, especially if she has a rolodex of magical do-gooders at her beck and call. 'What are we here for, then? Let's get pizza' Lina suggests. 'Why not take out the rolodex?' Ari asks. 'Not a bad plan' the Black Cat tells her. 'It's great' Lina exclaims. 'No bodyguards, no problem. If she ends up getting in the way, we can take out one little cat-girl' Lina adds. 'Uh, no offense' Ari quickly tells the Black Cat, who replies that none is taken. She suggests that they take a peak into Ms Walker's offices. 'Lina, can you -' the Black Cat begins, but Lina already has her device and asks 'Send some more crew to keep her busy?' and announces that she is already on it. 'Excellent' the Black Cat grins.

Canarsie Skate Park in Brooklyn, where Zoe, Jin and some others are hanging out. 'Hey. Babes. We got a gig' Zoe reports, checking her phone. Jin asks if it is another snatch and grab, but Zoe announces that they are wanted on detail. 'What, we're stalkers now?' Jin asks. 'I dunno, man, she just wants us to follow some girl and keep her busy' Zoe reports, reading the message. 'What girl?' Jin asks. 'This Hellcat super hero she's all jealous of, or whatever. Says her real name is “Patsy Walker”' Zoe declares. 'WHAT?' Jin shouts, wide-eyed.

Inside Patsy's office, Black Cat, Lina and Ari are snooping around. Lina points out that there isn't much in here, and adds that it looks like she just moved in. Ari adds that Patsy's laptop is gone, and suggests that she took it home. The Black Cat instructs them to keep looking, before she starts to flick through a filing cabinet, tossing some papers out of it. 'Isn't this kinda below your pay grade, boss?' Lina asks, and the Black Cat confirms that normally she has people do this for her, but that it is a slow night, and sometimes it is nice to get back to your roots. Suddenly, 'Whoops!' Lina exclaims as she drops a photo frame, which crashes to the ground and shatters. 'Be careful, would you? We have no idea who might be working late' the Black Cat declares, unaware that in another office, Bailey is indeed working late!

Meanwhile, Jin, Zoe and two other girls are out the back of an apartment block. Jin tells the other girls that the Black Cat said they saw her headed this way, and that was twenty minutes ago. She instructs them to head up and see if they can see anything. 'That's weird. I used to live around here' Zoe remarks as they round the front of the building, where a short, old man steps out of the building: 'You do that quick and get back inside! That girl is playing musicals again!' he shouts at his son, who is taking out some garbage. 'I keep telling you, father, she's the reason we still have the building. She can sing as loud as she wants' Federigo Ravina tells his father. 'As long as she doesn't do Disc Two again. It's so sad' Federigo adds. 'You!' Mr Ravina suddenly shouts as he sees Zoe. 'Oh, no' Zoe mutters. 'I thought I kicked you out!' the old man exclaims, waving his walking stick at Zoe.

Upstairs in his apartment, Ian is laid out on the couch, cookies on the floor, he sings “Forgiveness... can you imaaaaaagine...”

Patsy enters the lounge and calls out to Ian, but he keeps singing “It's <sniff> quiet...uptown...”. 'Hoo boy. Disc Two, huh?' Patsy asks. Ian sits up on the couch and tells Patsy that he is sorry, that he didn't mean to run off. He adds that he knows he is being weird. Patsy tells Ian that she gets it, and that she didn't mean to push him. 'I just...' Patsy begins, before Ian leans into her and hugs her and declares that things were finally good – he had the job, he met Tom and Patsy and it was nice. 'Life wasn't great before, and then it was okay, but it all went to hell. I get scared, Pats. I don't want to lose this. Any of it' Ian admits. Patsy tells Ian that it is all right, and that she is not going anywhere. 'Nobody's making you fight' she adds. 'Are you sure?' Ian asks. 'Of course. I'm the muscle, remember?' Patsy smiles, and Ian puts his arm around Patsy, both unaware that someone outside has snapped a photo of them.

Back down on the sidewalk, 'You know this dude, Zoe?' Jin asks. 'Know me? She skipped out on rent and took off!' Mr Ravina exclaims, waving his arms about. Federigo rushes over and grabs his father, as Zoe reminds the old man that he evicted her. Federigo tries to calm everyone down and remarks that form what he can remember, when Zoe and her boyfriend broke up, he stayed in the apartment, and everything worked out fine. 'Say what now?' Jin asks. 'Listen, we -' Zoe begins, before checking her phone, which has just received the photo of Ian and Patsy. 'Oh, hell no' Zoe declares. 'Wait, who's the guy?' Jin asks. Zoe suddenly growls and lunges at Federigo, pushing him to the ground. 'Zoe!' Jin calls out.

Upstairs, Ian and Patsy hear a loud crash. 'What was that?' Patsy asks, before turning and looking out the window, where Federigo is now sprawled out amongst the trash, and Zoe stands nearby. She looks up at the window and calls out 'Patsy Walker! Come down here and face me or I bash his face in!' Ian looks out the window, and Zoe adds 'Yeah, you too, Ian!' to which Patsy looks at Ian and asks him if he knows her. 'Ohhh dear' Ian sighs, before a trash can lid is thrown through their window. Patsy and Ian dodge the shattered glass, and Ian smiles at Patsy, asking her if she remembers how someone had just moved out when she took the spot. 'Her?' Patsy asks. Ian explains that things didn't exactly end well. 'I never mentioned her, 'cause -' he starts to say, while Zoe shouts 'Hurry up, Walker! I'll count to three!' Patsy stands up and her costume materializes, while Zoe begins to count: 'One... two...' she begins, as Patsy suddenly appears behind her: 'Three!' Hellcat exclaims as she kicks Zoe over.

Zoe lands near the trash and picks up a jagged piece of metal. 'Give it up, kitty-cat. We got you outnumbered and we know where you live' Zoe warns her. 'Is this something you two should talk out? Because I have no idea -' Hellcat begins, leaping backwards when Zoe lunges at her with the metal. 'Yipes!' Hellcat exclaims. 'Stand still!' Zoe tells her, before asking 'He's that scared of me he's got a live-in bodyguard now?' to which Jin reminds Zoe that they were supposed to watch Hellcat, not beat her up. 'Supposed to?' Hellcat asks. 'Whose orders are you on? Hedy?' she enquires. Who?' Jin asks, before Zoe declares 'Whatever. You don't think BC would want her out of the way instead? We're practically doing her a favor'. Hellcat picks up on the name BC and asks if they are working for Black Cat. Jin pushes Zoe down the sidewalk, ushering her away, 'We are really blowing it right now. Let's go' she exclaims.

'Whatever, Jin! This girl's cheesin' off the boss and mackin' on my ex-boyfriend! Did you turn soft or what?' Zoe replies. Hellcat suddenly bursts into laughter: 'Haha, macking? We're roomates. He's dating -' Hellcat begins, before she is interrupted by a voice from above: 'Zoe. Cut it out' Ian declares sternly, as he telekinetically lowers himself down to the street. 'You got a problem, take it up with me. I'm not scared of you anymore' he informs her. 'Ian? When did you get super-powers?' the wide-eyed Zoe gasps.

Back at the office, Black Cat, Lina and Ari have discovered Bailey. 'So, you work for Hellcat, do you?' Black Cat asks. 'I... uh, yeah. I guess. Why? What are you trying to do? Because the last time someone took me captive, it did not work out well for them' Bailey replies. Lina pulls Bailey up, as the Black Cat takes her bag. 'Are these your lackeys? Too scared to face me on my own?' Bailey asks, nervously. 'Hardly' the Black Cat replies, before revealing that she is curious as to what her little satchel does. 'It...uh...holds things. I dunno. Everything. Anything. I've always had it' Bailey replies. 'Really. Annything at all, you say? Weight and shape don't matter?' the Black Cat asks. Bailey tells her that you just think about what you put in and you can find it. 'But it's not -' she starts to say as the Black Cat suddenly throws the bag over Lina, and the young woman is pulled into the bag. Ari calls out to her friend, while the Black Cat turns to Bailey and Ari and announces 'Oh, we are going to have some fun!'

Characters Involved: 

Shogo Lee
Ian Soo

Bailey / Attache
Federigo Ravina
Mr. Ravina

Black Cat
Ari, Jin, Lina, Zoe and others (all The Black Cats)


Story Notes: 

Hellcat and the Black Cat had a previous friendship (alongside Firestar and Monica Rambeau) as depicted in the Marvel Divas mini series, and some subsequent stories.

Hellcat and friends battled Arcade in Patsy Walker a.k.a. Hellcat #6.

When the Black Cat says 'So. Hellcat is Patsy Walker' she is revealing that to the Black Cats, as Felicia should already know Patsy and Hellcat are one and the same given their previous friendship. However, her later comment about having to change plans because they can't disappear someone that notable, would suggest otherwise.

Sharon King appears on the cover to this issue, but not in the issue itself.

Ian is listening to “It’s quiet uptown” from lin-Manuel Miranda’s hit musical Hamilton.

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