Patsy Walker A.K.A. Hellcat #8

Issue Date: 
September 2016
Story Title: 

Kate Leth (writer), Brittney L Williams (artist), Rachelle Rosenberg (colorist), Virtual Caligraphy's Clayton Cowles (letterer), Brittney L Williams (cover artist), Charles Beacham (assistant editor), Wil Moss (editor), Tom Breevort (executive editor), Axel Alonso (editor-in-chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)

Brief Description: 

Patsy Walk a.k.a. Hellcat wakes in the night with a strange feeling about her best friend, She-Hulk. Her roommate Ian Soo wakes up and they chat, before Ms America Chavez bursts into their apartment and informs Patsy that She-Hulk is in a coma. Reluctantly, America agrees to take Patsy into the Triskelion where She-Hulk is being cared for. Patsy sees She-Hulk and is in shock at her condition. America leaves Patsy at She-Hulk's side. Ian calls Patsy to check in on her, but one of the medical team arrives, and informs Patsy that She-Hulk is unresponsive and they have no idea how long it will last. Later, Patsy meets with Ian and Tom Hale, Sharon King, Howard the Duck, Angie Huang and Hei-Hei to discuss their friend. The others process their grief in various ways, and Patsy decides that they are going to have to take on She-Hulk's clients. The others offer to help. They go to a bar, where they start to exchange stories about She-Hulk, including Patsy reminiscing about how she and She-Hulk became friends recently. Sharon King takes Patsy aside and reveals that without She-Hulk covering the rent to the building, they are going to have trouble, but they make some changes, and Patsy has some of her temp agency friends assist with moving her office into She-Hulk's. Patsy explains her reasons for keeping out of the current fight that other heroes are involved in, and Jubilee arrives with an espresso machine – Sharon has hired her as Patsy's assistant. Patsy and Sharon then share a private moment as they grieve for She-Hulk, unsure if they can do this without her, they know that they have to be here for each other, no matter what.

Full Summary: 

Brooklyn, the apartment of Patsy Walker a.k.a. Hellcat and Ian Soo:

It is either very late at night, or very early in the morning when Patsy suddenly sits up in her bed and gasps 'Jen'. She walks out into the living room. Holding her cellphone, she utters 'Cmon... c'mon'.

Patsy's roommate, Ian approaches her and asks if she is okay. 'Please tell me we're not infested by anything again. My heart can't take it!' Ian declares. Patsy assures Ian that they are bug-free, and explains that something has come up. Ian asks Patsy where she is going. 'It's, like, stupid-o'clock right now' he points out. Patsy replies that she knows, and informs Ian that she thinks Jen is in trouble, that something has happened, and she has to go. Ian offers to go with Patsy, 'I'll grab my jacket -' he begins, but Patsy tells him that it is okay, and suggests he go back to sleep. 'I got this' Patsy tells Ian. 'You sure?' Ian asks. 'Pretty sure' Patsy replies, when suddenly, Ms America Chavez bursts through one of their apartment windows.

'Hey' America shouts. She tells Patsy that she got her text, and asks her who told her. 'Told me what? I don't know what's happening. I just woke up with this feeling, like Jen's in trouble' Patsy explains. 'She is. Patsy, she's in a coma' America reveals. 'WHAT?' Patsy exclaims. America informs Patsy that they were fighting Thanos, and Jen took a bad hit. America tells Patsy that Jen is at the Triskelion, but it is closed off to everyone. 'Can you get me in?' Patsy asks. 'Yeah, I can. But -' America starts to reply. 'Please, America' Patsy asks again.

America turns to Ian, who shrugs his shoulders and tells her not to look at him. 'She won't let up until you take her' Ian adds.  'Fine, but you're on your own getting out' America warns her as she turns away from Patsy, who assures her that she can work with that. 'Good luck...' Ian calls, waving goodbye to Patsy.

Soon, at the Triskelion, Patsy and America stand before a set of heavy doors. 'She's through there' America announces, adding that security has been tripled, so she guesses that Patsy has about two minutes before they come for her. 'Fine by me' Patsy replies. America tells Patsy that she is serious, and adds that the doctors don't know how stable Jen is, so it might be dangerous. 'I don't care – she's my best friend' Patsy replies as she enters the room, to find Jennifer Walters a.k.a. the She-Hulk in a bed, various monitors surrounding her motionless body.

'Oh my god, Jen...' Patsy gasps. 'What did they do to you?' Patsy asks, covering her mouth. She sits beside She-Hulk, and asks America 'Who let this happen?' America responds by explaining to Patsy that no one did, that they were fighting, and things got away from them and they made a mistake. America then hangs her head and informs Patsy that War Machine is dead. 'Rhodey? No! How?' Patsy asks. America reveals to Patsy that there is an Inhuman who can see things. 'Everything's really screwed up. I have to go. It's not over yet' America adds. Patsy rushes over to her, 'Don't you dare leave me!' she tells America, before asking if Jen is going to wake up. 'I'm so sorry' America replies as she rushes away. 'HEY!' Patsy screams at her.

'I can't do this alone' Patsy utters, sitting back at Jen's side, and holding one of her hands. Patsy's head drops onto the bed, but she opens one eye to look at Jen. Suddenly, Patsy's cellphone rings: “My mummy says I'm a miracle” is the ringtone. 'Ian?' Patsy asks, answering the phone. Ian asks Patsy if she is okay, as he sits at their table, stirring a hot drink. Patsy informs Ian that Jen has been hurt. 'I'm coming. Where are you?' Ian asks.

'Miss? Who let you in here? I'm going to have to get security. This area is a restricted' one of the medical team declares as she enters Jen's room. Patsy introduces herself and explains that Jen is her friend. 'Patsy?' Ian can be heard asking over the phone, but gets no response. The medical staff member looks at one of the monitors and tells Patsy that she can't be here right now, as She-Hulk is in a very delicate state. 'Please' replies Patsy, asking what is going to happen to She-Hulk. The staff member looks over at Patsy and assures her they are doing everything they can. She adds that She-Hulk flatlined for a while, and it took all of them just to get her stable again. The staff member explains that She-Hulk is unresponsive and that they have no idea how long it will last. 'If you leave your information, we'll keep you updated' she offers. 'Hello?' Ian calls out. Patsy answers him by informing him that she will be home soon. Patsy puts a hand on Jen's head and tells her to dream of sweet things. 'I'll be back for you'.

The next morning: 'So, the facts are these' Patsy announces as she stands in the law office of Jennifer Walters PLLC, 68 Jay Street in Brooklyn. Standing before Patsy are Ian, who holds the hand of his boyfriend Tom Hale, one of Patsy's childhood friends. Sharon King, the landlord and a former mutant is with the group, as is Howard the Duck, a duck-tective, and Angie Huang and her monkey Hei-Hei, Jen's paranormal paralegal.

Patsy informs the others that James Rhodes is dead, and Jen is in a coma, but they are not sure when she will wake up – or if. 'Which is why I called you all here'. Patsy then looks down and admits that she doesn't know what to do. 'How could this happen?' Tom asks. 'She's so... strong' Ian adds. Sharon remarks that she saw Jen two days ago, while Howard starts pumping his fists in the air and exclaims 'Who was it? Thanos? I could take him. I'll knock his block off'. 'Hei-Hei wants vengeance' Angie announces, as the monkey screeches.

Sharon asks Patsy if they can see Jen, to which Patsy informs the others that Jen is at the Ultimates' HQ, and she only got in because the place was empty, but it is closed off to visitors. 'Damn it, Jen' Sharon mutters, while Angie puts a hand on Jen's shoulder and tells her that Jen will be all right. 'I have faith in her strength. She has survived worse'. Sharon turns to Angie and asks her how she can be so calm about this. Angie tells her that she isn't, but points out they do not all process grief in the same way. 'I am heartbroken' Angie announces, hanging her head.

Patsy crouches beside Howard, who is still pumping his fists into the air and shouts 'Well, I ain't. Point me at who did this and I'll give him a taste of the ol' one-two!', but Patsy tells him that won't fix this. 'Sure would feel good, though' Howard tells her. Patsy rubs his head and agrees with him. Patsy picks up a photo on Jen's desk and looks at it, and tells the others that Jen was in the middle of cases, that she had a whole active list of clients that someone is going to have to handle. Angie announces that they will help. 'Oh, Angie!' Patsy declares, embracing the other woman, while the monkey leaps into the air, unimpressed. 'Well -' Angie begins, before Tom, Ian and Sharon all join in, making it a group hug. 'Don't look at me. I'm not a hugger' Howard mutters as he turns away from the others, before he cries out 'WAUGH!' as someone pulls him into the group hug.

Soon, at the Nicer Dive Bar, near 68 Jay Street. Patsy, Tom and Ian, Sharon, Howard and Angie and Hei-Hei are sitting around a table. Howard is slumped over, face on the table, empty bottles scattered around his chair. Sharon raises a glass into the air: 'You know my favorite thing about Jen?' she asks the others, announcing that Jen always paid her rent three days late, that every month, on the fourth, she would slip the check under her door and apologize – every month since she moved in. 'Like clockwork' Sharon adds, hanging her head. Head resting on her arm, Patsy declares that she can't pick a favorite. 'She's perfect' she adds. Patsy slumps over on the table, and pushes her drink off the edge of the table. 'Patsy!' Ian calls out as he uses his telekinesis to grab the glass and the drink that starts to pour out of it. Ian tells Patsy that it is okay, that they are all here. 'I know... I know. I just...' Patsy begins, as she informs the others that Jen came back into her life at a point when she needed her more than Jen knew. 'She gave me a job, a purpose, and even turned a blind eye to me sleeping in the storage closet'. Patsy adds that Jen never asked her why she didn't want to fight the big fights anymore – she just let her be.


Jen and Patsy are engaged in a training session, during which Jen tells Patsy to watch her knees and not to overextend. 'Dude, it's hard! You're, like, nine feet tall!' Patsy calls back. 'So work with what you've got. Use my size against me' Jen suggests. 'Easier said than done!' Patsy exclaims. Jen smiles and explains to Patsy that it is all about balance. 'If your opponent has you physically outmached, check for weaknesses, and -' Jen begins, before she finds herself thrown over, and landing on her back. 'You do know I've been combat training since, like, forever, right?' Patsy asks. 'Oof. Point, Walker' Jen mutters. She rubs the back of her neck as Patsy helps her up, and Patsy asks Jen if she wants to get pizza after this. She remarks that the place by the office has something called The Unconquerable, and she wants to try it. 'How is it possible that you can eat more than me?' Jen asks. 'Sheer determination' Patsy replies, when, suddenly, they hear someone scream for help.

Seconds later, Patsy and Jen are in their costumes, and arrive in an alley-way, where a thug is holding a knife towards a frightened woman. 'Hey, stinkhead! Back away and drop the cutlery!' Hellcat warns him. 'Ah, crepes. Super-broads' the criminal mutters, twirling the knife in his hand. 'He just grabbed my phone! Help!' the woman pleads. 'Can we?' Hellcat grins ar She-Hulk. 'I dunno, you're probably too tired...' She-Hulk smiles back. 'Pretty, pretty please with cherries on top?' Hellcat calls out. 'Only 'cause you said the magic words' She-Hulk tells her. The confused thug looks at them and asks 'Are you guys gonna fight me, or -', just as She-Hulk picks Hellcat up and hurls her towards the thug, who looks up at she drops down towards him, and knocks him out.

The thug lies slumped over on the ground, while the woman thanks Hellcat and She-Hulk. 'He asked me what time it was, and when I pulled out my phone...' the woman begins. 'Ah, man! That's the worst! It preys on your common decency and then, blammo, you're mugged!' Hellcat replies. 'Weird. I've never gotten that one' She-Hulk remarks. 'Of course you haven't! You're a mountain!' Hellcat pooints out, to which She-Hulk asks 'What, you think I don't get my share of crap walking around New York?' The woman they rescued tries to interrupt, but they ignore her as Hellcat replies 'Well, no, okay, fair point. I'm sure you do'. 'You know how many people on an average day ask if I'm in cosplay?' She-Hulk asks. 'Oh, as if anyone could get gree body paint that even' She-Hulk replies, while the woman starts to back away and tells them that she is just going to go.

Shortly, Patsy and Jen sit opposite each other in the pizza parlor, a large pizza on the table in front of them. 'This pizza is my new husband! I'm going to marry it and have its pizza babies and name them...' Patsy begins, to which Jen suggests 'Harold and Stacy'. 'What? Stacy?' Patsy asks, laughing.  Jen tells Patsy that they already have a pizza for a dad. 'You've got to give them some stability'. The woman look at each other and smile, before Jen opens a can of soda and tells Patsy that she doesn't mean to pry, and she knows that Patsy is going through a lot, but that if she ever wants to talk about what is going on, she is here. 'Jen...I know' P{atsy smiles, putting a hand into Jen's hand.


'Pats?' someone calls out. 'Yeah?' Patsy asks, her eyes still staring off into the distance. 'Pats!' someone shouts. 'Oh' Patsy replies, as she looks around at her friends around the table. 'Where'd you go?' Ian asks. 'Sorry, I... nowhere. I'm okay' Patsy replies, before Sharon leans into Patsy and asks if she can borrow her for a second. They leave the table and Patsy asks Sharon what is going on. Sharon tells Patsy that she was going to wait to say it, but figures she might as well: 'If Jen's out, for however long, we're down another tenant. The building can't take the hit' she informs Patsy, who asks what that means. 'Jen paid late, but she paid. You're pro bono for now, and it's not like Howard's raking in the bank. Half my clients are out fighting this awful battle, and who knows if they'll make it back or end up... we're in rough shape' Sharon explains. 'You're kicking us out?' Patsy asks. 'No! We just need to make some changes' Sharon replies, telling Patsy that if she will work with her, she has an idea. 'Let's hear it' Patsy tells Sharon. 'A change of scenery' Sharon announces.

Later: 'Am I crazy, or did you not just move into this office?' asks Bailey as she and several other of Patsy's new acquaintances with super powers are helping to move furniture from Patsy's office. Patsy empties a box into Bailey's magical bag and explains that with Jen out of the picture, she and Sharon decided to use Jen's office for now, adding that they are really going to try and expand the temp agency, try and bring some cash in. 'Gotcha' Bailey replies, before telling Patsy that she is sorry, and that she hopes Jen is okay. 'Me too' Patsy smiles. Sharon pops her head into the office and asks 'Need some help?' Patsy smiles at her, and tells her that she does. Patsy and Sharon carry some boxes from Patsy's old office, and Sharon asks Patsy if she is okay, pointing out that this must be kind of strange. Patsy replies that it is, but that keeping busy helps. Sharon tells Patsy that it probably isn't any of her business, and asks why she isn't out there fighting. 'Feels like dang-near every super hero I know has thrown their hat in the ring' Sharon adds.

'Heh. You're not kidding' Patsy replies, before looking over her shoulder as a young woman in a yellow trenchcoat carries a box with an expresso machine in it down behind her. 'It's like I told Jen before... all this. I've done my part. I've Avenged and Defended. I just wanted to lie low for a while and get my life back on track' Patsy explains to Sharon, before suddenly she turns back around: 'Wait – Jubilee?' Patsy calls out. Jubilee smiles: 'Hey. You want me down the hall or in there with you?' she asks. 'Well, I said “dang-near” didn't I? Not “all”. I figured we could use an assistant' Sharon explains. 'Absolutely' Patsy smiles. Patsy tells Jubilee to take that box down the left, and that she will check in with her in a minute. 'Cool' Jubilee calls back.

Patsy and Sharon step into Jen's office. 'Wow' Patsy utters. Sharon tells her that she hopes it isn't too much change, and adds that things are going to be weird for a while. Patsy tells Sharon that it is good – focus on the work until Jen wakes up. 'I hope she does' Sharon remarks. Patsy picks up a photo of she and Jen and tells Sharon that she doesn't know if she can do this without Jen. Sharon puts a hand on Patsy's shoulder and tyells her that she can. 'If anyone can, Patsy Walker, it's you'. 'You think so?' Patsy replies. Sharon tells her that she does, and adds that she knows Jen does too. 'If there's anything you can count on, it's this: We'll be here for each other, no matter what'.

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Tom Hale & Ian Soo

Sharon King

Angie Huang


Howard the Duck

Ms America Chavez



Bailey and other members of the Temp Agency


Medical staff at the Triskelion

Patrons at the Nicer Dive Bar


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Story Notes: 

This issue ties into the Civil War II event. She-Hulk got injured and War Machine got killed by Thanos in the Free Comicbook day issue of Civil War II.

Patsy and Ian's apartment was infested with bugs in Patsy Walker A.K.A. Hellcat #3.

Hellcat and She-Hulk became close friends in She-Hulk (3rd series).

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