Planet-Size X-Men #1

Issue Date: 
August 2021
Story Title: 

Gerry Duggan (writer), Pepper Larraz (artist), Marte Gracia (colorist), Virtual Calligraphy's Clayton Cowles (letterer), Tom Muller (designer), Pepe Larraz & Marte Gracia (cover artists), Terry Dodson & Rachel Dodson; Pepe Larraz & Marte Gracia; Larry Houston & Chris Sotomayor; Olivier Coipel (Variant Cover artists), Russell Dauterman (Storm Design Variant Cover Artist), Russell Dauterman & Matthew Wilson (Connecting Cover Artists), Jonathan Hickman (Head of X), Jay Bowen (production), Annalise Bissa (associate editor), Jordan D White (editor), CB Cebulski (editor-in-chief)
X-Men created by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby

Brief Description: 

Four days ago, Magneto meets with Isca on Arakko to discuss the issue of Arakkii mutants causing trouble in Japan, but Isca isn't interested in the problems of the humans, despite Magneto telling her that she should be concerned. Three days go, Magneto learns from Emma Frost, Kate Pryde and Sebastian Shaw that the human demand for Krakoan medicines is increasing but they have capacity or facilities to currently meet the demands. Two days ago, Captain America and Cyclops meet, as Captain America is concerned about recent reports regarding the landmass of Krakoa ballooning and millions of more mutants registering in the South Pacific. Cyclops tells Cap that he knows what it looks like, and that he hopes to see him at the Hellfire Gala. Yesterday, Magneto addresses the Quiet Council about the future of mutantkind, and the Council agrees to let him carry out his plan. Today, about the Peak, Magneto meets with Jean Grey, Storm, Iceman, Exodus, Vulcan, Hope, Proteus, Elixir and Quentin Quire as they prepare to set his plan in motion. He then travels to Avalon to enlist the services of Monarch. Several hours later, he returns to Arakko, where Isca introduces him to several Arakkii mutants who can help him with his plan. Now, Magneto and the powerful mutants of Krakoa and Arakko begin to terraform Mars – or planet Arakko as it is now known. The planet is awakened by the tremendous powers of the Omega-level mutants, and, with the help of one of the Arakkii mutants, Jean Grey and Exodus are able to transport the entire island of Arakko and all of its inhabitants to Planet Arakko. Lake Hellas Diplomatic Ring is formed, as Planet Arakko is named the capital of this solar system, Sol. Monuments to Apocalypse and Genesis are formed, and Monarch “gives birth” to a second Peak space station, which will sit in orbit around Planet Arakko. Monarch then creates Port Prometheus, a docking station for visitors from around the galaxy. Storm and Magneto plant a Krakoan gateway which welcomes mutants from Krakoa, who arrive for the Hellfire Gala after party celebrations.

Full Summary: 

Space. Specifically, an asteroid belt near Mars. 'It's a bold plan, I admit. The question is, how exactly do we do it? What would it entail?' someone asks. 'Well... first, if it could be done, and that's a big if... you would need a lot of iron'.

Magneto, the Master of Magnetism can be seen on one of the asteroids, using his powers, he hurls countless asteroids towards the red planet – Mars.

'Iron will not present a problem'.

The asteroids crash into Mars in spectacular display.

'Ha! Fair enough! The issue is the atmosphere. You need a hot and heavy core to enable everything that dusty rock needs to support life'.

Two mutants can be seen on Mars, wearing life-support helmets as fire and smoke rises around them.

'You'd have to crack the chest... and perform open-heart surgery'.

The fires intensify. '

Then, assuming all went smoothly with Hope and Vulcan... you'd need to keep stirring the sauce'.

Magneto stands on the asteroid still, hovering over Hope, who uses her powers to intensify Vulcan's own abilities.

'The molten iron core would need to be compressed for a long time by... a tremendous power'.

Two more figures can be seen on Mars, amongst the red haze and between two large rock formations.

'Then you would need the X-factor to kick in. The oven would be at the right temperature, but success is not guaranteed. Luck and time would need to be on your side, but you'll have Proteus and Hope... and that's even better'.

The rock formations begin to change under the control of Proteus, whose powers are enhanced by Hope.

'It's a fascinating question: Can a circuit of our most powerful mutants resuscitate a dead world?' 'I think that can only be answered after the attempt, and we both know you will attempt it. I want to believe... that the answer is yes'. 'I always look forward to your visits, Forge. The next one will be up there'.

At that moment: 'I know everyone back at the Hellfire Gala can hear me' Iceman calls out as he steps onto the rocky red terrain. 'Hello from Mars!' Iceman shouts, raising his arms, he tells those listening that they were promised fireworks, so they should enjoy the show. A moment later, water gushes out onto the land.

four days ago:
'I'm not sure what the problem is' the Arakkii mutant called Isca the Unbeaten tells Magneto as he meets with her on the island Arakko. 'Problems, Isca. Problems – plural' Magneto responds. He informs her that, yesterday, a group of Arakkii mutants declared sovereignty over Chichibu in Saitama, Japan, because Rii the Destroyer attempted to enslave his new favorite master whiskey distiller. 'Oh. You speak of the humans... as if they should concern me' Isca replies, while running her fingers along her blade. 'Rest assured that it concerns me. And therefore, it concerns you' Magneto tells Isca, before suggesting 'What if, instead of war... we made something else?' Isca looks up at Magneto and tells him that if they are of this world, they will leave their mark on it. 'This is what it means to be a mutant of Arakko. Take from that what you will'.

three days ago:
Hellfire Bay, Krakoa, where Emma Frost and Kate Pryde stand on the edge of the White Palace that hangs out over the ocean. Sebastian Shaw is with them, in his wheelchair. 'Hellfire has a problem, Erik. It's the humans, of course' Emma Frost calls out as Magneto drops down onto the platform they stand on. 'What have they done now?' Magneto asks. 'There's a kink in the medicine supply line' Kate reports, folding her arms. 'As we predicted, humanity's thirst for our medicines is greater than we could initially provide. However, what we couldn't predict is that the medicines are being requested in higher concentrations'. Emma explains. Sebastian Shaw tells Magneto that a double constraint on their main export means they need more land, but unfortunately, they have lost their farms in the Savage Land at the worst moment. 'Something about human laws or some claptrap' Shaw mutters, adding that X-Corp is making the matter a priority, but their factories are only days away from grinding to a halt.

Magneto tells the Hellfire Trading Company members that they are not the only ones feeling the pinch, and asks them for a few days, in which he will be able to solve several problems at once. He asks to borrow the Mercury for a short time, to which Emma smirks and tells Magneto that he surprises her, and asks him if he is keeping something from the Council – Magneto offers no response, however.

two days ago:
Westchester, New York, at the old Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters, which is now overgrown with trees and shrubbery. 'Hello, Scott' Captain America calls out as he leans against his motorcycle on the lawn of the school grounds. 'I could've met you anywhere, Steve' Scott Summers a.k.a. Cyclops replies as he walks over to the Avenger. 'I wanted to take the drive and see the old place' Captain America explains. The men shake hands as Cyclops replies 'Well, this can't be good. Hit me'. Captain America points out that the landmass of Krakoa ballooned by 500 percent, with a second island and satellite heat signatures indicating there are millions more mutants living in the South Pacific. He tells Scott that there is more than just panic and alarm bells in the air – there are incidents everywhere, and the entire planet went to DEFCON one. Scott frowns and tells Cap that he knows what it must look like. 'I won't ask how it happened' Cap remarks, stating that he needs to know if it is permanent. 'Ask me again in a few days' Scott calls out to Cap as he starts to walk away. 'You're coming to the gala, right?' Scott adds. 'I wasn't before... but I am now' Cap responds as he gets on his motorcycle and speeds away.

The Grove, Krakoa, where a meeting of the Quiet Council is underway. Magneto stands in the center of the meeting area, and addresses Charles Xavier, Emma, Kate and Shaw, Storm, Nightcrawler, Mr Sinister, Mystique and Exodus. Cypher is also there, sitting on a representation of Krakoa. 'Earth is our home... but it is also our past' Magneto states. 'The future of mutantdom was always up there, but after our inheritance from the tournament in Otherworld – we must make tomorrow happen today'. Everyone listens, as Magneto tells his colleagues that if they are to have dominion here, they must speak for Sol as well. 'I trust I have made it plain?' he asks. The rest of the Council all raise their hands, as Magneto remarks 'Very well. I'll begin immediately' as he puts his helmet on and walks away.

this morning:
Above Earth, inside the Peak, the space station where SWORD operates from. Several Omega mutants are gathered in a room. Iceman, Hope Summers, Proteus, Jean Grey, Quentin Quire, Storm, Elixir, Exodus and Vulcan all look over to Magneto, who stands before them. 'Hate to say it, but if we fall on our face, the whole world will be watching at the gala' Iceman points out. 'If we fail, the human emotion of embarrassment will be the least of our concerns. So, we will not fail' Magneto replies. Exodus suggests bringing Legion into this, but Magneto tells him that he does not trust David, yet. 'Look, I'm absolutely horny for this flex, but I'm with Exodus. Are we shorthanded? Do we need Powerhouse?' Quentin Quire asks as he reclines in a chair, feet on a table while referring to Franklin Richards. Magneto frowns at the mention of Franklin's name, and creates a small image of him from a metal spanner. 'No. We have no need of more pretenders. The boy is no family of ours' Magneto responds, as he destroys the image he created. Magneto then reports that he has other calls to make, and that Otherworld contains more possibilities for their team.

'Well, hellooooo' Jamie Braddock – now known as Monarch – remarks as he sits on his throne in Avalon, several guards nearby. 'I must confess I'm not surprised Mercator passed, but you may consider me thoroughly intrigued' Monarch states. He adds that he isn't even sure what he wants to ask for, but feels like he should ask for something in return. 'I do like your -' Monarch begins, but Magneto interrupts him: 'This cape stays on my shoulders'. Magneto then turns to the Krakoan gateway and tells Monarch to stay or follow, but not to waste his time. 'Fine. I'll go' Jamie mutters, turning to one of the guards and instructing them to fetch his cape. 'Right here, your majesty' the guard responds as they place the plush cape on the King's shoulders.

hours ago:
Magneto has returned to Arakko, where the Great Ring of Arakko is in session. 'Isca' Magneto remarks as he approaches the Great Ring. Isca welcomes Magneto, and introduces him to other members of the Great Ring of Arakko – Lactuca the Knower, Sobunar of the Depths and Xilo, first defender of this Broken Land. Lactuca is a short being in a cloak that appears to look like the night sky, while Sobunar is a large being with a blue lower half and purple upper body. Strange fins protrude from its amphibious face, while Xilo appears to be some sort of beetle-like creature in a large armor. 'I'm not surprised the gifts I need are all here within your Great Ring' Magneto responds.

Arabia Terra, on Mars, where Monarch, Hope and Sobunar walk across the red land, all wearing life-support helmets. 'What. An. Absolute. Unit' Monarch utters. 'It's no wonder Dryador fell, mate' he adds as he looks up at Sobunar, before asking Hope what their part in this is. Hope explains to Monarch that their Arakkii friend here has a body that contains an entire oceanic ecosystem. 'He's here to donate blood. You and I are here to amplify' Hope tells Monarch. 'Is that right, Sobunar?' Monarch asks, looking up at the strange mutant. Sobunar doesn't address Monarch, instead they cut the palm of their hand with one of their clawed fingers. 'I make this mark upon this body... and upon  this land' Sobunar utters, and water suddenly gushes from cut – that fills an entire crater ahead of them.

The Explorer is the most advanced human scientific laboratory operating off-Earth. The finest minds at Feilong Industries planned for the rover to be able to survive numerous disasters, but there were no protocols for biblical floods – like the one which rushes across the red planet now, washing away the Explorer. On Earth, Storm creates weather... on Mars, the entire climate is hers to mold. The planet’s new heart thrums below her as her thunder reigns from on high. Clouds swirl about and lightning crackles as the goddess marries the land and sea, with winds that will nourish this mutant garden-world forevermore.

Olympus Mons is the largest active volcano in the solar system as of fifteen minutes ago. 'At your own pace, Xilo' Magneto remarks to the Arakkii mutant, who scuttles alongside him. Magneto turns to Elixir and tells him that, millions of years ago, this planet held life, and now, they would like him to help heal this planet as best he can, while their cousin Xilo consumes and passes the very soil for Arakko. Xilo suddenly convulses, moves upwards on his hind legs, then his body seems to refuce itself into bacteria and molecules, strands that spread out across the land of Mars. 'What takes the universe millennia to create, mutantdom accomplishes in mere hours' Magneto points out. Elixir then tells Magneto that his helmet is getting a bit fogged up, so he doesn't think they need them anymore. 'No, my young friend. We won't need them here ever again' Magneto replies as he removes his helmet. Some flowers begin to grow in the ground, and Magneto walks towards a Krakoan gateway as he states 'Now... for the dangerous part'.

Magneto re-appears on Krakoa, at the External Gate, where Exodus and Jean Grey are waiting with the Arakki mutant Lactuca. Magneto apologizes for his delay, and suggests that they must have met Lacuta. 'We have' Jean replies, before asking Magneto if he is sure that inverting the External Gate and then teleporting it is the way to accomplish this. 'The one island is now two forever more' Magneto remarks as he looks at Lactuca. Jean explains that the Arakkii mutant earn their spoils, or they will not be content. 'If we're just a tiny bit off, we'll blow right through the planet or worse...' Exodus frowns. Magneto tells his companions that Lactuca's gift is to know where everything is, including where and when to land – so they are in good hands.

Jean Grey connects her mind to Lactuca's and utters 'There's so much information. My god. Okay... just breathe. When you're ready, Lactuca'. Jean Grey then calls out 'See you on Maaaaars....' as the portal opens, and the land and mutants of Arakko are transported through in spectacular display, landing with a BOOM on Mars.

Nil Fossae Beach, where Hope Summers sits on the sand, and a shirtless Quentin Quire reclines on a beach chair, an umbrella hanging over him. His life-support helmet connects to a coconut drink which sits on a crate. Strange plants and trees can be seen behind them, as they look out over the reddish water before them. 'We beat the Arakkii's asses in the tournament, and then they come to Earth and start wrecking the place. So now we're renovating a planet for them?' Quentin asks. Hope tells him that even though he is an omega-level telepath, he has a really small mind sometimes. 'If the Arakkii hadn't fallen and fought, there wouldn't be a Krakoa – or Earth. Mars is a debt paid' Hope declares. Hope suggests to Quentin that he give the Arakkii a break, as they were at constant war. 'If this doesn't work -' she begins, to which Quentin declares that it better work, or it wouldn't be the first time millions of mutants got murked on an island.

Suddenly, there is a massive BOOM – and Quentin and Hope are thrown from where they sit. 'Whoa' they gasp, wide-eyed, as the island of Arakko is now settled in the water before them. This is the second time in as many weeks that Arakko has been uprooted. While Krakoa and its lush greenery remain rooted on the third planet in this solar system, Arakko's red flora finds itself on the fourth planet. The External Gate was aimed exactly on target – slingshooting the island millions of miles into space. The Arakkii fought bravely for every inch of land they ever held – and now perhaps their constant warring is at an end.

'That was quite an experience' Exodus remarks as he stands on shore of the newly relocated Arakko. 'Let's... not do that again' he whispers. 'Well done' Jean tells Lactuca, while Magneto remarks that he suspects they have saved mutant lives on both sides of the family tree. Jean tells Magneto that Luctuca expresses that they “know what is in our hearts”, and remarks that she thinks that is a good thing. Sobunar walks up through the water and steps onto Arakko, removing the helmet over their face, Sobunar announces 'The ocean of my blood roars! It teems with the offspring of the Sobunar line. The young will grow, evolve and make war as all Arakkii do. Drive in and prove your worth, unless you are soft cowards!'

At that moment, Arakko exhales. It is another day of conquest for this living island, but for the first time, it is a bloodless victory. At dawn, Hellas basin was one of the largest impact craters in the solar system – by dusk, Lake Jellas is transformed into a place meant to challenge the Arakkii, casting them into a new role – that of host. Storm hovers over the lake, as a large structure begins to rise up out of the water. Eight large buildings can be seen on the edge of the lake, each with a bridge that connects to a structure in the center of the lake. This is the Lake Hellas Diplomatic Ring, and is where the Sol system hopes to end wars before they begin. Storm lands on the bridge and walks towards one of the buildings. Diplomats will receive the full protections of their station while at Lake Hellas – but travel beyond its borders will be subject to Arakkii law. Hundreds of Arakkii mutants can be seen circling around a large volcano which glows as if it is ready to erupt.

Thousands of years have fallen away since the two lands were one. In that time, millions of mutants lived, loved, fought and died in lands near and far. The only question uttered when the dead piled high was “why”. Perhaps it was so this dawn would come. Arakko defeated its enemies, and now it faces its great threat: peacetime. They will not face their struggle alone as the two islands become a single archipelago in a sea of stars. No war will be made in this valley. It is a sacred place to remember the ones that did not reach the promised land. Xilo suddenly appears, rising up through the ground, its strange powers moving forward and cutting two statues out of a rocky cliff ahead – one statue of Apocalypse, the other of his wife, Genesis.

'If I'm being honest, that's the most I've worked in forever' Monarch remarks to Jean, Quentin, Hope and Elixir. He then asks if they think they bar is still open at the gala, because if not, he is going to imagine a busty serving wench he once met while in New Orleans. 'Hold that thought, 'cause we're not done yet!' Quentin interrupts Monarch, as Jean explains that Quentin has been thinking about a little home defense. 'Yeah, and it's giving me a headache' Quentin mutters, before explaining that he is downloading all the schematics into his head. 'Ow' he complains, before  remarking that there are a lot of ideas. 'Here's what we're thinking' Jean telepathically tells the others as she joins her powers with Quentin. 'We've done some weird things, but never anything this weird' Elixir remarks, to which Hope suggests they just go with the flow on this one. 'Sorry, what exactly are we doing?' Monarch asks, before Jean touches his head and shows him telepathically. 'Well, Jamie, I have an idea... an infectious idea. One that seeds itself deep in your mind... and because you cannot help but to create – to warm and change reality... it's an idea that I think you'll have to give birth to'. As the idea is planted in Jamie's mind, the surprised reality-bender utters 'Oh'.

Hope and Elixir extend their powers around Monarch as he suddenly appears to be pregnant and to full-term. 'Ughn. Oh $#%&' Monarch complains. 'Uh, Jean – is this what you thought would happen?' Quentin asks, grinning. 'Oh, god... he took me literally' Jean utters, wide-eyed. Monarch clutches his belly, then suddenly screams in agony as  an enormous space station grows out of him. 'Holly hell!' Quentin exclaims. 'It's growing too fast!' Jean calls out. Jean uses her telekinesis to catch the space station, she holds it up off the ground, but warns everyone that soon, it will be too big for her to move. 'Up. You. Go!' Jean calls out as she hurls the space station into orbit above Mars, 'Magneto, catch!' she remarks as she contacts the Master of Magnetism. Standing on an asteroid, Magneto tells Jean to breathe easy, as he has the space station. The station looks like the Peak, and Magneto announces that SWORD Station Two is in orbit and ready to defend Arakko.

Jean, Quentin, Hope and Elixir gather around Monarch, who has collapsed to the ground. 'Hope that was fun for you. I'm pinching off your pain receptors while Elixir patches you up' Jean informs Monarch, who grins at her as he replies 'Now you lot really know how to show a fella a good time. Somebody owes me supper'. Monarch gets to his feet after Elixir heals him, and suggests that they can now show up to the party fashionably late. Elixir smiles as he reveals that he has one other idea. 'Oh my gosh, of course – that is so cool!' Jean smiles as she telepathically connects their minds. 'Oh, very well. I assume it will need a control tower?' Monarch asks as he adjusts his cape. 'Yes! And we gotta have a Red Lagoon, right?' Quentin smiles. 'Yes, it will have all those things' Monarch responds. '... and more' he adds as he uses his reality-warping powers to create another impressive structure, built into the side of mountain, he proclaims it Port Prometheus. 'I suppose it's only fair... we can't invite the galaxy and not provide parking'. Jean asks if they can return to the party now, to which Elixir suggests that the part is about to come to them.

At Lake Hellas, Storm finds Magneto at the end of one of the walkways across the lake. 'Am I the first to congratulate you, Erik?' Storm asks. 'Indeed, though I suspect few outside our kind will celebrate the achievement' Magneto responds. He states that humanity will be petulant, bleating performative complaints about  the loss of a planet that would have remained out of their grasp for generations. 'Perhaps the humans will come to value this barrier world that sits between them and the unknown' Storm suggests, before her thoughts extend to Xavier, informing him that it is time.

'We are ready on Mykines, Ororo' Charles Xavier responds as he plants a Krakoan gateway in the ground, Emma Frost at his side. 'Then... come and see' Storm tells Xavier, when suddenly, rain begins to fall across Mars. Magneto looks to the sky, but Storm tells him that it is not her doing – that the planet is alive again – and these are her tears of joy.

A Krakoan gateway opens from Krakoa itself, and many mutants walk through onto the newly created home for the Arakkii. Xavier and Emma are first. Rogue, Captain Britain, Monet, Angel, Warlock, Karma, Magik, Bishop, Synch, Pixie and Meggan can all be seen, and look up at the spectacular fireworks display over Lake Hellas, as Magneto welcomes them – to Planet Arakko!

Characters Involved: 

Cypher, Cyclops, Elixir, Exodus, Emma Frost, Hope, Iceman, Magneto, Marvel Girl, Mr Sinister, Mystique, Nightcrawler, Kate Pryde, Kid Omega, Proteus, Sebastian Shaw, Storm, Vulcan, Professor X

Angel, Bishop, Captain Britain II, Gloriana, Karma, Magik, Penance, Pixie III, Rogue, Synch, Warlock

Isca, Lactuca, Sobunar, Xilo (all Great Ring of Arakko)

Various Arakki mutants

Captain America


In illustrative image
Franklin Richards

Story Notes: 

Part of the “Hellfire Gala” event. Issues in this event can be read individually, as several of them take place over the same period of time. The recommended reading order places this issue as part 6, following X-Men (5th series) #21 and followed by New Mutants (4th series) #19.

The labs and farms in the Savage Land were destroyed in X-Corp #1.

Monarch refers to Mercator refusing to participate in Magneto's plan. Mercator is Mister M, who is currently ruling a kingdom of Otherworld. He is also one of the few known Omega mutants, as are all of the mutants who took part in this endeavor.

Another omega mutant, Legion, refused to join because he distrusts Magneto, as told in Way of X #2, though Magneto tells it the other way round here.

Franklin Richards was long believed to be another omega mutant, but when he lost his power recently (Fantastic Four (6th series) #26), it was revealed that he was no mutant at all, but had subconsciously imitated being one with his power.

Monarch has a thing for capes and cloaks, having previously bargained for Sinister's cloak in Hellions #5.

Quentin refers to millions of mutants getting “murked” on an island – this being when Genosha was destroyed by Sentinels, killing the millions of mutants that lived there in New X-Men (1st series) #115-116.

This issue includes a one-page databurst on all spectrums from SWORD Station Two: Arakko is the first mutant world. Attempt no landing except at Port Prometheus. Arakko is the Capital of the Solar System. Hold fast for a message from the regent of Sol.

A two-page map of Arakko (Mars) is featured in this issue, depicting the original island of Arakko (now known as Arakko Prime), and three locations of note on the island. Significant points of interest are featured on the larger map of Arakko (Mars), including a small island known as the Autumn Place. Two moons, Phobos and Deimos are also referred to on the map.

This issue features a one-page text-only “letter from the X-Desk” written by Dolores Ramirez, a supporting character in the Marauders series, who reports on the events of the Hellfire Gala.

A NASA report from Thom DiRocco is included at the end of this issue, commenting on the status of the planet Arakko.

The identity of the ruler of Arakko will be revealed in SWORD (2nd series) #7.

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