Power Pack #10

Issue Date: 
May 1985
Story Title: 
Sea Hunt!

Louise Simonson (writer), Brent Anderson (guest penciler), Bob Wiacek (inker), Joe Rosen (letterer), Glynis Wein (colorist), Pat Blevins (assistant editor), Carl Potts (editor), Jim Shooter (editor-in-chief)

Brief Description: 

Power Pack are worried about their identities being exposed after their adventure at the aquarium, but head off inside Friday to meet up with Marrina and find Snake Eyes. Once in the water, they soon find some dolphins who have been put to sleep by Snake Eyes’ hypnotic power. Not wanting the dolphins to drown, Power Pack swim out to save them by bringing them to the surface so the dolphins can breathe. Soon though, they are attacked by several sharks - but the sharks are swept away by a water funnel courtesy of Marrina. The dolphins are all rescued, but soon Snake Eyes shows up. The young heroes and Marrina manage to hold him off though, but know that they need to stop him once and for all, so they track him through the ocean, eventually coming to a sunken cruise ship. Once inside the sunken ship, they manage to trap Snake Eyes, and Gee uses his power to de-gravitize the entire vessel so that Friday can tug it to the Arctic, where they leave the ship in a desolate area, the plan being that Snake Eyes will go into hibernation and the Collector will eventually return to find his pet. Gee gives Marrina some words of encouragement, before the young heroes return home in the early hours of the morning, and locate a newspaper, their secret identifies safe as the newspaper reports them to be “hallucinations” experienced by Snake Eyes’ hypnosis power.

Full Summary: 

‘I can’t believe it! Our second New York adventure and already we’ve blown out secret identities!’ Jack Power a.k.a. Mass Master exclaims in his cloud form as he and his siblings - teammates - Power Pack - descend on top of a high rise building. Julie Power a.k.a. Lightspeed reminds her brother that it is not like they had any choice. As they could not just let the alien, Snake Eyes, wreck the aquarium. Alex Power a.k.a. Gee announces that Julie is right, and points out that most people there looked into the aliens’ eyes and were knocked out, even their Gramps. Katie Power a.k.a. Energizer shouts that the people they did rescue were so scared that they didn’t recognize them. ‘Yeah, Katie! And maybe there’s a man in the moon!’ Jack mocks.

The young heroes land beside the spaceship Friday, and Julie declares that perhaps there is a man in the moon, reminding her brother that he didn’t believe in aliens either, until Whitey came from outer space in Friday and gave them their powers. She adds that now Friday is theirs. Friday throws Katie up into the air, and the young girl exclaims ‘That’s fun!’, while Alex suggests ‘Or maybe we’re his!’, to which Julie exclaims that Friday is a her. Friday announces that they belong to each other. ‘I guess!’ Alex replies, before telling Friday that does not mean that he / she can do everything that they do, like sneaking into the aquarium’s submarine exhibit. Alex adds that he is surprised no one noticed. ‘After all, a Kymellian Smartship and a submarine look pretty different’ Alex remarks.

Katie declares that she is glad Friday came along. ‘She saved Jack and me from Snake Eyes when he knocked us out’ she reminds her siblings, while Friday informs the children that he is partly a submarine. ‘I’m an all-purpose craft!’ he / she exclaims and assures the children that no one noticed him / her. ‘Maybe! But they sure noticed us!’ Jack remarks, and suggests that when their Mom and Dad read of their description in the Daily Bugle, they can forget all of this, because there is no way their parents would let them get up after midnight to round up an alien snake - even if it is in a good cause.

As Julie and Katie climb inside the spaceship, Alex asks Friday where Marrina is. Friday explains that he / she and Marrina tracked Snake Eyes as best they could from where Alex and Julie dumped the alien in the ocean, and that they have narrowed the search to a specific area, and Marrina remained behind to continue the hunt. Friday adds that Marrina will send a signal if she locates Snake Eyes. With everyone onboard, Friday takes to the sky, and Alex tells everyone to use their superhero names from now on, adding that they have to get in the habit of doing that. As Katie looks out over the sprawling night-time city, Jack remarks that they have already blown it. He exclaims that Marrina was born with her powers, and that kid super-heroes don’t both her, so he doesn’t think it matter if she learns their real names. Jack reminds his siblings that Cloak and Dagger called themselves monsters and Marrina thinks she is a monster.

‘Alex, the entire world will know by morning -’ Jack begins, though Alex interrupts: ‘I’m Gee!’ he reminds him. ‘Okay - Gee! Mom and Dad’ll know we’re monsters, too!’ Mass Master exclaims. ‘Honestly, Jack - I mean Mass-Master! Mom won’t think we’re monsters! Remember, I was worried about this too - but she said she’d love me even if I could fly and I believe her!’ Lightspeed states, to which Jack tells his sister that he has not noticed her telling their mother that she can fly. ‘Maybe not, but -’ Julie begins, before Alex tells them to shut up and look outside - as Friday has dropped down into the harbor. The kids all smile as they see a school of fish swim past the window of the spaceship.

Soon, Friday announces that his sonar is on screen and is registering a large mass up ahead. ‘What is it, Friday? Snake Eyes?’ Alex asks. Friday replies ‘Doubt it’ but suggests that they shield their eyes until they are certain. ‘Yeah! The last thing we need is to get knocked unconscious!’ one of the kids remarks, before Friday announces ‘Oh look! Dolphins!’ the kids all look out the window and see the dolphins - however Jack points out that they are not moving, even with Friday’s lights shining right on them. Julie asks what the matter with them is, to which Alex points out that they are asleep - unconscious.

‘Something tells me we’ve stumbled onto Snake Eyes’ trail!’ Alex announces. ‘But dolphins are mammals - air breathers! If they’re too sound asleep to move -’ Julie begins, while Alex remarks that whales can stay submerged for forty-five minutes but Gramps did not say anything about dolphins. ‘Their lungs are smaller’ Alex points out, to which Katie asks if they might drown. ‘They can’t!’ Julie declares, telling her siblings that they have to get out and save them. Alex remarks that the costumes Friday made for them are warm and water-proof, and would make great wet suits. ‘Would helmets to enable you to breathe underwater be of any help?’ Friday asks, producing four deep-sea helmets.

Soon, ‘Gee, Friday, these helmets are great!’ Alex marvels as he helps Katie put her helmet on. Julie adds that the flippers and gloves are great, too, and remarks that their hands are webbed now, just like Marrina’s. Friday thanks Lightspeed. ‘I’m quite pleased with them myself! Now if you will stand in the center of the room…’ Friday directs the young heroes. They do as requested, the Energizer is quite nervous, as a tube rises up and encases them. Friday explains that it will act as an airlock of sorts. ‘Oh, no! It’s leaking!’ Katie exclaims as water begins to rise in the tube. ‘That’s how airlocks work, you dope! And it can’t if you keep disintegrating the water’ Jack tells his younger sister, who had started to use her power on the water. Katie explains that she cannot swim as well as the rest of them, so Julie puts her arms around her sister and tells her that swimming in the ocean is easy, adding that if she shoots of a power ball, she can just power up again from the ocean. ‘Look at how you’re glowing already!’ Lightspeed tells her sister. Katie exclaims that she likes it, and as the four young heroes enter the ocean, asks if they can help the dolphins now.

‘Hey! They’re soft!’ Jack exclaims as he touches one of the dolphins, while Julie adds that they are warm, as she strokes one of the dolphins noses. ‘Pus them up to the top and -’ Lightspeed begins as she swims one of the dolphins to the surface - and when the dolphin reaches the surface, water gushes through its blowhole. ‘He did it! He breathed!’ Julie announces. The others all begin to push as many dolphins as they can to the surface, and Alex exclaims that when he de-gravitated them the dolphins just bobbed to the top. ‘I forgot that would happen!’ he remark, adding that stuff that weighs less than water floats to the to. ‘Like pieces of wood or -’ he begins, but Julie exclaims ‘Who cares!’ and tells her brother that it means he can help twice as fast. Energizer exclaims that this is fun and that they should do some more.

Suddenly, Friday alerts the young heroes to some fast approaching sharks. ‘Yikes!’ Jack exclaims, before telling Katie to fire a power ball. ‘Fast!’ he exclaims as he switches to his cloud form, so the shark passes through him. Energizer unleashes a burst of energy, which sends the sharks scattering in other directions. But Julie and Alex are both being pursued by sharks still. ‘Julie! What’re you doing in the water? Get up there!’ Alex calls out. ‘I’m Lightspeed! And I’m saving you!’ Julie calls out as she grabs her brother and speeds towards the surface. Hovering over the water, the siblings see that the sharks have begun to fight. ‘Now maybe they’ll ignore us and try to eat each other!’ Julie suggests.

But Alex reminds Julie that Gramps told them about sharks, and explains that if one of them bites another, there will be blood in the water, and sharks can smell it from miles around, so they will come to attack anything that moves. ‘It’s called a feeding frenzy! And I didn’t need saving! I can de-gravitize and flat here in the air, remember?’ Alex declares, announcing that Katie cannot. ‘Oh my gosh!’ Julie exclaims as she speeds back down into the water, ‘Katie baby!’ she cries out as she swims towards her sister, who is fending off several sharks with more bursts of light energy. ‘Come on!’ Julie exclaim as she pulls her sister from the water, where Alex and Jack are waiting for them. ‘Stupid shark can’t touch the great Mass Master!’ Jack boasts while one of them attempts to lunge out of the water at his cloud form.

‘Maybe not! But what about the poor dolphins! We’ve got to go back there and save them or -’ Julie exclaims, when suddenly, there is a massive water spout which propels the sharks away. ‘What was that?’ Katie exclaims. ‘Whatever it was, it washed away all the sharks!’ Jack points out, when suddenly, former Alpha Flight member Marrina bursts from the water. ‘Marrina! Did you do that?’ Gee asks.

Soon, Marrina, Alex, Jack and Katie sit on Friday, who rests on the water, while Julie bobs up and down with some of the dolphins. Julie exclaims that Marrina’s water spout cleared out the sharks and that it is safe now. ‘So come on in’ she tells everyone, adding that the dolphins are waking up. Marrina remarks that her friend Prince Namor and his ocean dwelling people will be pleased that the dolphins were saved. ‘Prince Namor! He’s the Sub-Mariner! I read about him in one of Dad’s magazines!’ Alex exclaims. ‘Wow! You mean he lives down there? He’s real, Marrina?’ Jack asks. Marrina replies that he is, and so are his people. Marrina explains that she almost became their queen, until she discovered her true origin - that hers is a race of alien conquerors more vicious and deadly than any sharks.

Marrina tells the young heroes that she is not fit to share Namor’s throne, or his peoples’ lives. She reveals to them that she first saw Snake Eyes when the Collector - ‘Yeah, you told us! He’s the alien who owns Snake Eyes!’ Julie exclaims, when suddenly, the dolphin she is hanging on to dives under the water, and then up into the air. ‘Wow! Look at her go!’ Jack exclaims. Marrina remarks that since the Collector owned Snake Eyes, he must have captured him somehow. ‘But how?’ she wonders. Friday announces that he has heard they wait for the Xanthian winter, as it gets as cold as Earth’s Arctic there, and the Boulder Crushers hibernate.

Friday suggests that the Collector probably captured Snake Eyes when he was dormant, and used a Kymellian translation flute to tame him, as all Boulder Crushers will obey commands piped in their own language. Marrina replies that the Collector did have a flute, but it was broken. Suddenly, ‘Oh no!’ Lightspeed exclaims, and quickly flies out of the water, shouting ‘Friday! Quick! Get out of the water! He’s right under you!’ But it’s too late, as Snake Eyes bursts up from the water, knocking Friday backwards, causing everyone to fall off. Lightspeed quickly flies down to grab Alex, Katie and Marrina, while Mass Master announces that this is the chance they have been waiting for to try Katie’s flute. ‘Flute?’ Marrina asks as they land on Friday once more.

Alex removes his helmet, and exclaims ‘You heard how Kymellian flutes are used to tame Boulder Crushers! And Snake Eyes seemed to respond to sound earlier! In fact, Katie woke up him up by blasting a note on Gramps’ oboe!’ Alex remarks, adding that music is supposed to have charms to soothe the savage beast. He suggests that perhaps they can find the command that puts Snake Eyes back to sleep. Jack tells his brother to quit blabbing and to hurry up. ‘I’m blocking his eyes as much as I can, but he’s thrashing around so!’ Jack exclaims with his cloud hands clamped down on the snake’s head. Alex plays the flute, but it doesn’t work, as Snake Eyes moves quickly towards Friday. ‘You’re supposed to be putting him to sleep! Try something else!’ Jack calls out.

Marrina suggests to Gee that he try a different set of notes, and points out that from Snake Eyes’ actions, she fears Gee has given him the command to attack. Mass Master exclaims that he tried slamming Snake Eyes’ head with his super dense jack-hammer earlier, but the alien’s skull was too hard. ‘Let’s see if your nose is any softer!’ Jack exclaims as he ends his cloud form, and drops down onto the snake’s head. But Snake Eyes lunges at Friday, who prepares to move, but does so quickly, and Katie falls off. Julie speeds down and collects her sister, as Katie fires a bolt of energy at Snake Eyes, who dives back around under the water.

The three younger Power siblings are pleased with themselves, exclaiming that they scared him off, while Marrina tells them that their ploys were most effective, but Alex puts his underwater helmet back on again and mutters that they were too effective, as they were meant to catch Snake Eyes, not scare him away. Marrina agrees that Gee is right, and declares that they will have to go after Snake Eyes. Friday announces that this time he / she was able to track Snake Eyes, who went straight to the sea bottom and disappeared. ‘We’re on out way!’ Friday announces.

Soon, ‘Wow!’ Alex exclaims. ‘What is it?’ Katie asks. ‘A passenger ship, stupid. From before World War II…right, Gee?’ Jack declares, while Katie motions to a hole, and wonders what sunk the massive ship, before Katie sees that Marrina is going inside. The former Alphan waves back to the young heroes, while Friday tells them that they must also go inside if they are to follow Snake Eyes into his lair, before suggesting that they could notify the navy and let them handle this. One of the kids replies that they can’t, as it was them who accidentally set Snake Eyes loose, that means they have to capture him. Another points out that if Snake Eyes hurt some navy people they would feel terrible. ‘And I shall feel most terrible if he hurts you!’ Friday replies as the four young heroes are dropped into the water, and swim towards the sunken vessel.

Jack tells Friday that they will be careful, before remarking that he wonders if they will find any skeletons. ‘Jack Power! That’s disgusting! It probably struck an iceberg or something’ Julie declares, adding that the people would have had plenty of time to evacuate. ‘I’m Mass Master, slime brain! And I’ll bet there are skeletons, right, Gee?’ Jack declares. ‘Gee…?’ Jack calls out when he gets no response from his brother. ‘I - yikes!’ Gee exclaims as he sees some tentacles in front of him. Alex blushes as the octopus swims away. ‘I think I scared him more than he scared me!’ Gee remarks, before telling his siblings that they need to find Marrina.

And soon, the Power siblings have met up with Marrina inside the sunken vessel, where they hear a strange KLONGG! Noise around them. ‘Marrina! What’s that?’ Julie asks. Marrina replies that it is Snake Eyes moving around the ship, to which Alex remarks that he sure is clumsy, and it is a wonder there is any ship left given how big the monster is. Marrina replies that Snake Eyes is not really a monster, just a lost alien animal, adding that Earth’s ocean is doing strange things to him because he used to be green. Julie points out that the ocean’s water has acid in it, and suggests that Snake Eyes might be like litmus paper. ‘What’s that?’ Jack asks. Julie explains that scientists use it to test for acidity, and it turns red when it touches an acid liquid. ‘Oh! Well, litmus monster or not, we can’t kill him - so how’re we gonna stop him?’ Jack exclaims.

With all sorts of ocean fish swimming around the sunken vessel, Alex suggests that they could trap Snake Eyes in the ship somehow, and reminds his teammates how the dolphins bobbed to the surface when he de-gravitized them, he could do the same to the ship. Alex suggests that Friday could tow the hip to the arctic and Snake Eyes would hibernate there until the Collector came back for him. ‘But Gee! The whole ship?’ Marrina asks. ‘Why not? But first we’ve got to trap him!’ Alex exclaims. Marrina has an idea and suggests that as Snake Eyes is attracted by squeaky sounds, like the flute, they need to get into a small room right above him.

Soon, Marrina and the young heroes enter another room, and they can hear Snake Eyes moving about still. Marrina checks a door handle, and sees that it is rusted, so it ought to do the trick. Jack tells Katie that whatever happens she is not allowed to look until he tells her too. ‘Three, two, one…Now!’ Marrina exclaims as the kids put their hands on their helmets in agony as Marrina moves the rusted door handle up and down, creating a terrible screeching noise. Almost instantly, Snake Eyes bursts up through the floor, and Jack switches to cloud form, cover Snake Eyes’ face so that his eyes are hidden. ‘Energizer! Now!’ Marrina calls out, to which Katie releases a burst of energy, and just like before, Snake Eyes pulls away from the light.

The serpent tries to retract back down through the floor, but, the more he tries to back away, the tighter he wedges himself between the floor spikes, trapped by his cobra-like head. Marrina orders everyone out, but Julie points out that the spikes will not stop Snake Eyes from coming forward after them. Marrina assures Power Pack that Snake Eyes won’t see them leave, and explains that as an alien, her skin secretes a chemical, which, upon contact with the eyes, causes temporary blindness. ‘But Marrina! He could kill you!’ one of the kids exclaims. ‘And leave the world a better place!’ Marrina replies as she goes up to Snake Eyes and smacks him in the eyes - but not before Snake Eyes managed to get in a quick hypnotic stare, putting Marrina to sleep, although Snake Eyes is now blind as well, and as Alex notes, begins to thrash around even more.

Gee goes back into the room to rescue Marrina, and pulls her to safety, he tells his siblings to get going, but they find the corridor blocked, as Snake Eyes has been thrashing about, and his tail is blocking the corridor now. Turning around, the young heroes see that stuff is clogging up the hall behind them as well. Jack exclaims that they have to get out of here, and fast. Julie reminds everyone that Marrina said “temporary blindness” and wonders what will happen when her chemical wears off Snake Eyes. ‘Well, if we can’t go forward…and we can’t go back…!’ Alex begins, before asking Energizer if she can blow a hole out the bulk-head. ‘The what?’ Katie asks. ‘The side, Katie! The side!’ Alex exclaims urgently, pointing at the side of the ship. ‘Ha! You called me “Katie”!’ Energizer exclaims. ‘Katie…!’ Alex declares, annoyed. ‘Okay, okay!’ Katie replies, before releasing a burst of energy that shatters the hull.

Minutes later, Gee asks Lightspeed to take Marrina back to Friday, while he gets set. Lightpseed tells her brother to get comfortable, for whatever pose he takes he is going to have to hold it for a long time. Alex crouches down on the ship’s deck, and announces that this is the biggest thing he has ever de-gravitized. An instant later, it begins to lift upwards. ‘Come on…come on…’ Alex exclaims. Back at Friday, Julie exclaims ‘He did it! There it goes!’ Friday suggests to the others that they get to the surface so they are not caught in the backwash.

Soon, Friday hovers over the water and exclaims ‘And now we must prepare to do our part as Gee has done his!’ and the ship bobs up onto the surface, and water pours out of the hole in the hull, with several fish and an octopus falling back into the water. ‘Golly! Would you look at that!’ Julie exclaims. Alex adds that they were lucky lots of the sealed cabins still had air trapped inside them. ‘Why?’ Julie asks. Alex explains that it made the ship more buoyant, and explains he may not have been able to move it otherwise, because of the inertia. ‘Oh!’ Julie exclaims, before announcing that she has hooked Friday’s towline to the ship’s anchor.

Alex announces that all they have to do is break the surface tension. ‘Pull!’ he shouts as he continues to use his power on the vessel. ‘Easy for you to say, Gee Power!’ Lightspeed calls out, but suddenly, the ship rises off the water, and Friday is able to tow it. Friday asks Lightspeed to take Gee a warm jacket. ‘I fear we have a long, cold journey ahead of us!’ Friday remarks.

A few hours later, Alex and Marrina are sitting on the deck, Alex still using his powers to de-gravitize the ship, and he thanks Marrina for keeping him company, remarking that it is cold out here. Marrina points out the cold does not bother her, as it would the others. Alex tells Marrina that she could have been killed attacking Snake Eyes the way she did. ‘It would not have mattered’ Marrina replies, to which Alex tells her that the people Snake Eyes would have injured might not agree with her. Using a communicator inside Friday, Lightspeed tells Fee that there is a snow field to the left, and Friday told her it is far from any settlement and away from the arctic routes. Julie adds that no one will spot the ship if they put it down there. Alex replies that he is letting go, and an instant later, the ship lands on the snow field with a massive thud.

Alex informs Marrina that Power Pack have been worried that people would find out about their powers, but recently, some of the people they have met have got him thinking. He tells her that he thinks people should worry about what they do, not what they are afraid they might be. ‘And we think you do just fine!’ he smiles. Marrina remains silent, however.

Soon, in the early hours of the morning, back in New York, Friday has dropped the Power children off on their apartment roof. Alex asks Friday where he / she will go now, to which Friday points out that much of Earth’s surface is water, and he / she has experienced little of it. ‘Perhaps I shall visit Marrina and explore with her for a while. And if you want me, call and I will come!’ Friday replies, before departing. Alex remarks that he is glad Friday is going to visit Marrina, while Katie yawns that Marrina needs a friend. Pensively Alex wonders if everyone with super powers thinks they are a monster. Jack also yawn and replies that it seems that way, before suggesting that perhaps the others know something Power Pack doesn’t. ‘Really?’ Alex asks. Julie yawns and tells her brother not to be dumb. ‘Having powers is fun! And it’s got redeeming social value!’ she exclaims.

‘You left our window open, right?’ Alex asks as Julie picks up Katie and Mass Master collects Alex, preparing to fly down through their window, Jack reminds everyone that back when they were with Cloak and Dagger, he almost killed someone with his power. ‘So that’s what’s been bothering you!’ Julie exclaims. Once inside one of the bedrooms, Julie tells Jack that tonight they saved a lot of people, and did it without hurting anybody - even Snake Eyes. ‘Yeah, maybe. But I still don’t want Mom and Dad to find out’ Jack remarks, before exiting the bedroom to see if the paper has arrived. Soon, Jack returns. Katie is asleep already, and Jack holds the paper up to Julie and Alex, announcing that they are in the paper all right, as “hallucinations” brought on by Snake Eyes’ “hypnotic attack”. ‘They don’t think we’re real!’ Jack exclaims. Julie thinks that is funny, and remarks that it is better than being monsters. ‘Yeah! A whole lot better than monsters!’ Alex agrees, smiling.

Characters Involved: 

Energizer (Katie), Gee (Alex), Lightspeed (Julie), Mass Master (Jack) (all Power Pack)
Marrina (former member of Alpha Flight)


Snake Eyes

Story Notes: 

This issue and the previous act as a sort of sequel to Marvel Team-Up Annual #7, also written by Louise Simonson, in which Alpha Flight and Spider-Man were captured by the Collector and encountered Snake Eyes.

Marrina’s appearance takes place after Alpha Flight (1st series) #16, in which she quit the team after struggling with her heritage.

Issue Information: 
Written By: