Power Pack (1st series) # 35

Issue Date: 
February 1988

Louise Simonson (writer), Jon Bogdanove (penciler), Hilary Barta (inker), Joe Rosen (letterer), Glynis Oliver (colorist), Carl Potts (editor), Tom DeFalco (editor-in-chief)

Brief Description: 

Katie Power answers the phone as her siblings are all grounded. It is their father who is checking in on them from the science conference he is at. He wants to talk to their mother, but she hasn’t arrived home yet. Suddenly, the power goes out all across New York. After some troubles, the kids find a torch and a radio, while their father instructs them to stay indoors. The radio announcer reports that there is trouble in the city thanks to the Horsemen of Apocalypse. Katie is worried about their mother, but her siblings try to tell her that she will be okay, as she is probably on the subway, and the trains have come to a stop without power. But Katie, as Starstreak, leaves the apartment armed with the torch, to find their mother. She arrives at one subway station, believing she knows which train their mother will be on. However, she finds the trains under attack by the Horseman called Pestilence, who is making passengers sick. Worried for her Mommy and others, Katie makes faces at Pestilence and tries to distract her from the trains. Pestilence gives chase, and manages to touch Katie, making her feel sick. Katie escapes the subway, and falls into a dumpster, realizing she doesn’t know where she is, but she is grateful that Pestilence has left the subway system when she sees the Horseman fly into the night. Alex, Julie and Jack grow worried about their sister, and soon witness a huge ship appear over their apartment. They head off after it into the night, and Alex, as Destroyer, fires an energy blast to give Katie a signal so she knows how to find them. Katie sees the ship and the energy blast and wearily flies towards them, where she is reunited with her siblings. They grab her, but they too start to feel sick. Kate explains that she was touched by Pesty-something and she has made her sick. The kids remember how Katie healed herself on Snark World, and they concentrate hard to heal themselves. It works, and just in time, as the ship knocks part of the building that they are standing on. The kids leap into action, preventing debris from harming the civilians below. They follow the ship towards the Empire State Building, where it knocks the antenna off. However, Cyclops and Marvel Girl are on hand to prevent the antenna from plummeting to the street below - until Pestilence on her mechanical steed arrives to distract them. Molecula comes to their assistance, in her cloud form she floats around Pestilence, then switches to her super dense state, knocking Pestilence from her horse. Starstreak is concerned for the villainess and flies after her, while the Horsemen called Death appears and cuts the antenna that Marvel Girl is holding up in two. Destroyer blasts one part of it into smaller chunks, and just as Starstreak catches Pestilence , one chunk of debris slams into the villainess, causing Starstreak to drop her, and Pestilence plummets to the ground below, squashed by the debris and killed on impact. Power Pack, Cyclops and Marvel Girl regroup, with Marvel Girl assuring Katie that it wasn’t her fault that Pestilence died. Cyclops tells the kids to protect the city while he and Marvel Girl go into the ship. Power Pack follow as the ship heads towards the Statue of Liberty, where tourists are trapped in the crown. Counterweight and Starstreak start to rescue the tourists while Destroyer and Molecula start destroying part of the ship’s tailpipe to prevent it from hitting the statue. Both plans work, and eventually, the ship falls into the harbor. The kids see X-Factor emerge from the ship unharmed, and hear a reporter reveal who X-Factor really are. The kids rush home and wonder once more whether they should tell their parents about their powers. They get home just in time as their mother returns, safe and sound, they confess to leaving the apartment, but Margaret Power is just happy that they are all safe.

Full Summary: 

‘I’ll get it! I’ll get it! You guys are grounded and Dad says no telephone!’ Katie “Starstreak” Power exclaims to her siblings as she flies from the sofa to the telephone when it starts to ring. Her siblings all scowl at her. ‘We may’ve lost our privileges, but you’ve lost your mind! Whadda you think you’re doing using your power with the lights on and the blinds up, Katie, so everybody can see?’ Jack a.k.a. Counterweight asks. Sitting on the back of a sofa reading a book, Alex a.k.a. Destroyer, remarks that he wished the no TV rule had applied to Katie, so they wouldn’t be stuck watching “Goo-Gams”. Julie a.k.a. Molecula frowns at Katie and tells her brothers that “Goo-Gams” was their Dad’s secret weapon to insure their future good behavior.

Katie just sticks her tongue out at her siblings then answers the phone: ‘Power house, may I help you?’ she smiles, before greeting her father, Jim, and asking him if he is having fun at his science conference. ‘Guess what, Daddy, everybody else is being crabby but I’m being good’ Katie boasts. Standing at a payphone at the science conference, Jim tells Katie that he bets she is, and that he misses her, before asking if her Mommy is there. ‘I tried to get her at her studio but they said she’d already left for home’ Jim explains. Katie tells her father that Mommy is not here yet and that she is probably on the subway. She then asks her father when he is coming home and what he is going to bring her.

Suddenly, the entire apartment - and the city - is plunged into darkness. ‘Oh… no! Daddy… all the lights went out and the TV and everything! Why does something always happen in the middle of “Goo-Gams”?’ Katie asks. Jack grins, ‘Oh, boy! A blackout! Alex announces that he always wanted to be in one of those. Katie tells her siblings that Daddy says to get the flashlight and turn on the battery operated radio. ‘Aw-right, aw-right we’re going!’ Jack mutters as he and the older kids head to their parents room, with Julie telling them that the flashlight and radio should be in their Dad’s bedside table drawer. ‘Hey, it’s dark in here!’ one of the kids calls out, as they rattle and bump their way through the room. ‘They’re not there!’ someone exclaims. There is a crunch and another bump as one of the kids tells Julie that she had the flashlight last. ‘You were making jewelery, remember, and one of the beads rolled under your bed and your got the flashlight…’ there are more bumps and thuds as Julie tells Jack that she put it back.

‘Oh yeah? So where is it now?’ Alex asks. ‘Good grief, Alex, how should I know?’ Julie replies. ‘Well, it isn’t here’ Alex points out as they are more smashes, klonks and boinks when they search for the flashlight. ‘We’ll never find it in the dark. Maybe we oughta light some candles or something’ someone suggests. Jack decides that he should power up from what is in the trash, and light himself. He does so, turning the trash into energy so he can light the room up. ‘Uh… we can see now, Daddy’ Katie tells her father over the phone. Julie switches her costume on, while Jack lifts up the bed, which causes Alex to ask him what he is doing. ‘I thought maybe the flashlight fell behind it when we were -’ Jack begins as he de-gravitizes the bed, holding it over his head. ‘Yeah! Lemme disintegrate some more stuff and absorb more energy…then I’ll check’ Alex replies.

Switching to cloud form, Julie tells everyone that she bets she knows where the flashlight is, and floats out of the room. Destroyer sees the radio on their Dad’s desk, while from another room, Julie calls out that she has found the flashlight, explaining that it was buried in that box of stuff form when the dumb boys were making that dumb Power Pack signal light. ‘I knew you wouldn’t put it back where it belongs’ Julie adds. ‘Lesse, what’s on 1010 wins…?’ Jack mutters as he adjusts the radio settings, while an annoyed Alex asks ‘What? You mean your touched our stuff?’ Everyone makes their way back into the living room, as Alex asks Julie what gives her the right to go barging into other people’s rooms without their permission and touch their stuff? Walking on the ceiling after de-gravatizing himself, and an announcer over the radio reports that electricity has gone off in New York and the surrounding boroughs, and that subways are stalled.

‘Daddy said get the radio and he told you not to play with the flashlight. It wastes the batteries and -’ Julie reminds Alex, while Jack tells them to knock it off, as he is trying to listen to the radio. ‘Okay, bye, Daddy! I love you’ Katie tells her father over the phone, before she smugly turns to her siblings and declares ‘Daddy says to tell you to remember not to go out because you’re grounded’. ‘WE KNOW!’ Alex, Julie and Jack shout in unison.

Soon, the kids stand by one of the windows, and Julie puts a comforting hand on Katie’s shoulder as the youngest Power sibling points out that their Mommy is on a subway, that she is stuck down there and it’s crowded and dark. ‘Julie tells Katie not to worry, as their Mom will be okay - it is just a normal, ordinary blackout. ‘Oh no it’s not! Listen to this!’ Jack exclaims as the announcer over the radio reveals that violent explosions and sudden outbreaks of illness and wasting weakness are reported, following the sighting of flying apparitions calling themselves the Horsemen of Apocalypse. The announcer says that these appear to be the same super-villains who, mere days ago, ravaged portions of Central Park, and that at lease one religious leader has heralded their appearance as signalling the end of the world. The announcer states that panic and looting are widespread and that people are encouraged to remain indoors.

The Power kids hear some explosions over the city, as Katie once again points out that their Mommy is out there. Julie tells Katie that the subway means Mommy is inside, and the announcer said she will be okay. Jack declares that they can’t be sure of that, and suggests that they un-ground themselves and go out. ‘After all, we were given our powers to save the world and the least we can do is save our own Mom!’ Jack declares. But Alex tells him to give him a break, as even if they actually found their Mom, which they probably couldn’t, they wouldn’t be able to fly her home unless they wanted to let her know that they have powers. ‘Which maybe we oughta do, ‘cause us sneaking around to keep our powers secret is what got us in trouble and grounded’ Alex declares.

‘No! We can’t tell! It would spoil it - HEY!’ Jack declares as Katie flies over to him and grabs the flashlight from him. Katie reminds everyone that she is not grounded because Daddy said she was too little to be responsible, so she will go. ‘Costume on!’ Katie calls out, and with her rainbow effect trailing behind her, she flies out the window, torch pointed out in front of her, she declares that she knows which subway their Mommy takes, and as they are not running anyway, she will be careful. ‘Katie! No!’ Julie calls out, but Katie is too far gone now. ‘I’ll jut go in the tunnels and see and then I’ll come right back’ Katie assures everyone.

Further from home now, ‘It sure is dark down here. And scary’ Katie thinks to herself as she flies onwards, the lighting shining in front of her, although she wishes she brought the others. ‘But I can’t. They can’t go out, Daddy said so’ she reminds herself. Katie flies over some subway tracks and sees something glowing ahead. She hopes the lights are ready to come back on, and she hears somebody yelling. But, as Katie reaches a complicated series of subway track crossings, bridges and various levels, with several subway trains come to a standstill, she witnesses the crazed Horseman of Apocalypse known as Pestilence on her mechanical steed, shouting ‘I am Pestilence! Know me! Fear me!’ Pestilence flies past one of the subway cars, ‘I bring sickness! I bring death!’ she screeches, and inside the subway car, civilians start calling out: ‘My stomach!’, ‘Head hurts!’, ‘…gonna be sick…’.

Katie goes wide-eyed and realizes that this must be one of the bad guys that the radio was talking about. She doesn’t see her Mommy on this train, but she bets other kids Mommies are there, and worries that Pestilence will make them sick. ‘I gotta do something!’ she realizes. Suddenly, she hold the torch under her chin, pokes her tongue out and pulls her nose back while widening her eyes to make a strange face. ‘You’re a ugly, stupid, mean, pig-nose, super-villain!’ Katie shouts, before she flies over to Pestilence and darts around her quickly, causing the deranged woman to become very confused. ‘Can’t catch me! Nyha! Nyha! Nyha! Nyha-nyha!’ Kaite shouts. ‘And yer a little super hero brat, are ya girlie?’ Pestilence asks, as she gives chase. ‘Fast, ya are, kiddie…but not fast enough ta out-fly my beast!’ Pestilence boasts. ‘Or save you from my touch!’ she adds as her steed starts snapping at Katie, who glances back, and realizes that the villain is right behind her - and straight ahead is a wall.

With all her strength, Katie turns around, and darts over Pestilence, who exclaims ‘Gotcha!’ as she touches Katie, but, distracted, Pestilence doesn’t see the wall ahead - which she and her mechanical steed crash into. Katie flies very shakily onwards’, still holding the torch out ahead of her, she touches her head, and realizes that she doesn’t feel so good. She flies out of the subway tunnel into the open air ‘I…I feel terrible…and I’ll never find my Mommy down there’ Katie thinks to herself as she lands in a garbage dumpster. She holds her stomach and appears slightly dazed, ‘It’s so big and so dark…and so many tracks…going all over the place… and I don’t know which one is hers…and I don’t know where I am…’ Katie realizes. She pokes her head out of the dumpster and sees Pestilence fly out of the subway. Katie wonders if her foe is still chasing her, but is grateful that she has at least left the subways. ‘At… at least now… Mommy’s safe’.

Back at the Power apartment, the kids are still listening to the radio, as the someone states that a guy called War said he was a mutant, he clapped his hands and exploded a building. ‘These mutants’re a menace. That Mutant Registration Act congressed passed ain’t enough. They oughta be outlawed!’ The announcer then tells listeners that they are listening to Talk Radio W-Tak. Alex is still glowing so that the kids can see, and he points out that Katie is not back yet, and that it sounds like it is pretty dangerous out there. Jack points to something burning out in the city, while Julie reminds the boys that Dad said not to go out. ‘But Katie’s out there. Surely Dad would want us to go out after Katie’ she suggests. ‘If we had any sense, we woulda stopped her’ Julie laments. ‘We tried’ Jack frowns. ‘We shoulda told Mom and Dad about our powers’ Alex remarks.

‘We can’t! We got grounded when they thought we just went up on the roof!’ Jack reminds Alex, while the announcer states that cars around Manhattan have rolled to a halt, airplanes are grounded and electricity has failed, but the radio starts making strange noises, as if there is electrical interference. ‘What’s wrong with the stupid radio?’ Jack wonders, while Alex and Julie poke their heads out the window, they see a massive, sprawling ship floating over head. ‘Look, up in the sky!’ Alex tells Jack, who looks out the window and exclaims ‘Holy cow!’ The kids power up and switch to their costumes, as Julie shifts to cloud form and asks ‘What…what is that?’ Jack tells her to give him a break, and points out that it is aliens. Julie reminds the boys that Katie is out there, and no matter what their Dad said, they have to find her and save her. ‘Yeah! That tears it!’ Alex agrees.

Jack de-gravitizes himself and Alex, holding Alex so they can float behind Julie in her cloud form. Julie points out that they will never find Katie going this slow, but Alex, as Destroyer, fires a blast of energy out into the darkened sky: ‘No she can find us!’ he exclaims. As the mighty ship hovers above them, Jack tells his brother that a power ball makes a better signal than a flashlight any day. ‘No matter where Katie is down there, she can’t help but see it’.

Katie is still in the dumpster, and looks up at the massive ship looming over the city. Katie recalls being hurt on Snark World, and how she learned to use her power to heal herself - but she can’t remember how, and now she feels even worse than then. She wonders if monsters will come out of that ship above and eat her. ‘And I don’t even know how to get home’ she realizes, before suddenly she sees the power ball. Wearily, and still shaky in flight, she takes to the air, ‘Alex’s power ball! Maybe the monsters attacked ‘em…maybe they need me…’ Katie wonders as she flies towards the power ball, she realizes she knows how to get home now. ‘Hey! There she is! Katie-Bear! We’re over here!’ Molecula calls out as she sees Starstreak flying towards them. ‘Julie! There’s a big ship…and Pesty-something…she’s a villain…and she touched me and I got sick…but I got her outta the subways and our Mommy’s safe…’ Katie explains as she collapses through Julie’s cloud form and falls into Jack’s arms.

‘I forgot! I can’t hold her when I’m like this’ Molecula realizes, while Counterweight assures her that she has got Katie, but that her momentum is making them drift backwards. ‘What’s the matter with her, anyway?’ he asks. Alex touches Katie’s face and announces that she is burning up with fever. He tells Jack that he has to push them down, as Katie is in no shape to do so. They float down towards a nearby rooftop, as Alex explains to Jack that he has to gravitize on for a second when they get over the roof, and the momentum will carry them down. And, once Power Pack have landed safely on the rooftop, Julie announces that she doesn’t feel so good. ‘Me…me neither’ Jack reports, while Alex assumes that whatever the Pesty-villain touched Katie with must be contagious. Julie reminds the boys that Byrel taught Katie how to heal herself on the Snark World, and adds that she did it herself, sort of automatically when she broke her arm and shredded her knees.

The kids huddle together, the three older ones over Katie, as Julie tells them that they can make themselves better. ‘Then we better do it fast, before we all fall over like Katie’ Jack suggests. A short time later, ‘Hey, it works! I am better!’ one of the kids calls out. ‘Me too!’ another exclaims. ‘Katie-Bear, honey, are…are you better? Howe do you feel?’ Julie asks. ‘I’m…okay…almost!’ Katie replies. Alex tells Katie that this will come in handy if she ever gets the mumps or measles, while Jack points out that it will make it tough to stay home sick from school, though. ‘Haha, Jack! Very fun-’ Julie begins, when suddenly, the massive ship knocks the building they are standing on as it moves by. ‘Oh no!’ Molecula calls out, while Destroyer tells everyone to move, as the ship, or whatever iti s, is spinning over, and he alerts them to the fact that the corner of the building has been knocked off.

Starstreak pulls the boys behind her as Counterweight de-gravitizes himself and Destroyer. Starstreak exclaims that there is more stuff falling and there is people down there. I gotta save them!’ she declares, grabbing a beam, Counterweight asks how they will stop their downward momentum now. Starstreak lets go of the boys, and she flies into the men down below, ‘Hey! Watch out! Move!’ Starstreak exclaims. ‘A li’l angel! It is the end of the world!’ one of the men declares as rubble strikes the ground where they were standing. Destroyer points out that de-gravitizing this stuff won’t help, as every time they grab something, its momentum gets added to theirs. ‘I wonder how many people we’ll squash when we splat!’ Counterweight exclaims.

Suddenly, Starstreak flies up to her brothers and tells them not to worry, as she got all the people out of the way. ‘And I wouldn’t let you splat! I know all about momentum and stuff ‘cause Alex always says -’ she begins, before Molecula calls out to everyone, ‘Come up here! Look!’ she declares, pointing out that the huge ship is headed for the Empire State Building. ‘There goes the antenna! C’mon, Katie, get us over there! Quick!’ Alex calls out as the top of the Empire State Building is knocked off by the ship. ‘Yeah! Man! If that thing falls on anybody…! I can de-grav it - for sure - but the momentum on that sucker…!’ Counterweight exclaims. Starstreak assures Jack that she will push him as hard as she can, while Destroyer announces that he is really powered up, so if worse comes to worse, he will try and power ball it to smithereens. Suddenly, he notices that the antenna is not falling anymore - it is just floating there, while underneath them flies Pestilence on her mechanical steed.

As Power Pack arrive at the floating antenna, high in the air, they see why it hasn’t fallen - Marvel Girl has caught it with her telekinesis, as she hovers with Cyclops nearby. ‘Look how she’s straining! The antenna must weight thousands of tons!’ Molecula calls out, while Destroyer explains that it’s not the weight, but the momentum. Molecula declares that, personally, she is sick of momentum, all it has done tonight is cause trouble. Counterweight bets that there are super heroes all over New York helping to stop this, and tells his siblings that they have to use their super hero names - they have to act professional. Starstreak suddenly notices the Pesty-villain, the one who made her sick. ‘She wants to make them sick, too!’ Starstreak exclaims. Pestilence approaches Marvel Girl and tries to district her: ‘Drop it, girlie! Ya won’t feel like holding that thing much longer, anyway - not when Pestilence gets through with you - HEY!’ she shouts as Molecula floats around Pestilence.

Molecula prevents Pestilence from seeing, and she tells Marvel Girl and Cyclops to get back. ‘I’ll save you! Beware the super-dense form of Molecula, Mistress of Density!’ Molecula calls out as she shifts from cloud form to her small, dense form, striking Pestilence and knocking her from her mechanical steed. Starstreak sees that Pestilence is falling, ‘She’s a villain and she tried to make me suck and my Mommy and lots of people. But I gotta catch her! She’s got momentum and stuff and she’ll splat and I can’t let her die!’ Katie thinks to herself as she speeds after the falling villain.

Suddenly, there is a loud SCREEEEETTT noise and Jean Grey and Scott Summers turn in shock to see their former teammate, now the Angel of Death, flying towards them. ‘Jean! Get back! He’s trying to kill us!’ Cyclops calls out as he fires an optic blast towards Death, who swoops through the antenna which Marvel Girl is still holding up, slicing it in two. Jean realizes that Death isn’t after them, but after the antenna. Counterweight realizes that the antenna is too heavy for Marvel Girl to hold up, and she is off balance now. It starts to fall, so Counterweight suggests to Destroyer that he do like he said and blow it to smithereens. Alex strikes one of the two antenna parts, and it breaks into bits of rubble. Alex has used up all of his power, and he realizes that Katie is down there.

‘Katie! Katie look out!’ someone shouts, and as Katie catches Pestilence in her arms, she looks up - ‘Oh no! Oh gosh!’ Katie utters as a slab of debris from the antenna falls towards her - but just misses her - instead it slams into Pestilence and plummets to the ground. Katie goes wide-eyed as there is a sickening noise heard below.

At the same moment, ‘Alex! It’s that Death guy! Those wings are sharp as swords! He’s coming right at us!’ Counterweight calls out as he and Destroyer look on in horror, when suddenly, he Death vanishes, mere feet from the young heroes. Marvel Girl surrounds her telekinetic field around the boys and lowers them, herself and Cyclops to the ground, where Katie and Julie are crouched over the body of Pestilence, which is crushed under the debris. ‘I didn’t mean to drop her…she was so heavy and when I touched her I didn’t feel food but I tried to make myself better…and that antenna fell…and I couldn’t drag her back fast enough and it hit her…and she’s just an old lady! Why’d she wanna make everybody sick, Julie? Why couldn’t I save her?’ Katie cries.

Marvel Girl pulls Starstreak away from the others and assures her that she tried to save Pestilence. ‘And if she hadn’t been fighting you… making you sick… you might have had strength enough to save her. And maybe in some deep part of her soul, she hated what she’d become and didn’t want to be saved’ Marvel Girl explains.

Alex, Julie and Jack are with Cyclops, who is helping the mechanical steed to its feet, while Jean reveals to Katie that Pestilence had been taken in by an evil mutant named Apocalypse who had changed her, the same way that he changed Angel. ‘That flying guy was Angel? I thought he was a hero! I thought he was dead!’ Jack exclaims as everyone gathers around Marvel Girl, who replies ‘We thought so, too’. She reveals that the villain who made him into that monster owns the giant ship, and he wants to destroy New York and all of humanity. ‘Holy cow! We gotta do something!’ Jack exclaims.

Cyclops and Marvel Girl get onto Pestilence’s steed and take flight, ‘We’re counting on you to protect the city while Marvel Girl and I confront him in his ship!’ Cyclops instructs Power Pack. ‘Wow! They treated us like professionals! Man, oh, man!’ Jack exclaims, while Julie suggests that they oughta act like professionals. ‘Remember that ship? Well, let’s get up there and - oh no! Omigosh! It’s spinning like crazy now! And it’s headed for the statue of liberty!’ Molecula calls out as they take flight in their usual fashion and head after Cyclops and Marvel Girl.

Power Pack arrive at the Statue of Liberty, with the ship overhead. ‘It’s crashing down on top of us! And it looks like that tail pipe’s gonna swing right down on Liberty’s head! The statue’ll be smashed!’ Molecula calls out, while Starstreak notices that there are people, tourists, still stuck inside the crown. ‘C’mon, Pack! Somehow we gotta alter that thing’s trajectory!’ Destroyer declares as they speed up to the ship, while Counterweight suggests that he will hold the edge and try and de-grav the ship, while Katie pulls him up. Alex and Julie stand nearby as Katie pulls Jack up, ‘Uh -oh! That’s my stomach for pete’s sake!’ Jack complains, before realizing that his plan isn’t working. ‘Nope! Hasn’t budged! The ship’s too big and it’s spinning down too fast’ Alex reports. ‘Momentum again, right? If there’s anything I hate…!’ Julie declares, while Alex reports that he has another idea. He instructs Jack and Katie to fly down to the crown and get as many people out as they can. ‘What I wanna do might be dangerous, but if we don’t tr, they and the statue are goners!’ Alex tells his siblings.

Inside the crown, ‘That ship!’, ‘The city!’, ‘What’s going on?’, ‘…end of the world?’ the tourists call out, as Starstreak and Counterweight start to pull them out of the crown. ‘Never mind the questions, kids! Just take the baby and get him out of here before it’s too late!’ one woman exclaims, handing the baby to Katie. Starstreak announces that they can take more than just the kids, they can take everybody! All you gotta do is hold hands like a chain…then Counterweight, he’s my brother… he can de-gravitize you all and I’ll pull you down to the ground and you’ll be safe!’ Starstreak explains. ‘We hope! I wonder what Alex had in mind?’ Counterweight remarks.

On top of the ship still, Destroyer tells Molecula that he has disintegrated as much of the tail-pipe as he can, while Molecula points out that it is taking forever to get them clear, and they don’t have time to wait. ‘Go ahead, Destroyer! Save them…and Liberty, too!’ Molecula declares. ‘Okay…here goes!’ Destroyer calls out as he fires his energy blast at the lower part of the tail-pipe, shattering it before it can do any more damage to the Statue of Liberty. ‘No bad, but not good enough! We’re gonna have to try again… and fast’ one of the kids calls out.

At that moment, ‘That’s everybody!’ Starstreak calls out as she and Counterweight lower the last of the civilians onto the base of the Statue of Liberty. ‘What’s going on up there - the end of the world?’ someone asks. ‘Yeah! Something like that!’ Counterweight replies, while, up above, Destroyer is ready to fire another blast of energy, striking more of the lower part of the tail-pipe. ‘D’ya think we did it?’ Alex asks Julie, who replies that they will find out in a minute - and with that, the ship falls lower, but does not strike the statue. ‘Yeah! We did it! Oh, Alex, you did it!’ Julie exclaims. ‘I guess…! I guess I did!’ Alex replies, before they realize that the ship is getting steeper, and Alex can’t fly and Julie can’t cloud with him. ‘Uh…yeah! Maybe we better…?’ Julie replies. ‘Yeah!’ Alex agrees, as the ship goes vertical and splashes into the water, Julie shifts to cloud form, leaving Alex free-falling. ‘Jack! Katie! Help!’ Julie cries.

Katie grabs Jack and flies up to rescue Alex. ‘Relax, bro. We gotcha! Sheesh! After all… we are professionals!’ Jack mutters, before telling Destroyer that he really has to get used to calling them by their super hero names. The young heroes watch as the ship lands in the water, and one of them remarks ‘Alex…I know Cyclops and Marvel Girl went inside and all, but you blew off its tail…do you think…maybe you did that?’ they ask. Alex replies that he doesn’t know, but it couldn’t have hurt, after all, he isn’t called the Destroyer for nothing. With that, the ship falls horizontal with a mighty splash.

Soon, Power Pack fly over to where part of the ship is on land, and they see that Cyclops and Marvel Girl as well as their teammates Beast and Iceman, and the Angel of Death, have come out of the ship. Cyclops and Marvel Girl wave up at Power Pack, while one of the kids notices some reporters, and another asks what they are saying. ‘Holy cow! They can’t be! They fold reporters they’re mutants! And they say they’re really X-Factor!’ Counterweight calls out. The kids fly off, with Starstreak wondering if their Mommy is still stuck in the subway. ‘Of course not you dope! Can’t you see the lights? They’re on and that means the subways are running!’ Counterweight declares. Molecula suggests that they best hurry, as their Mom will “plotz” if she gets home and they aren’t there, especially as they are grounded. Counterweight remarks that it is weird, as he thought X-Factor were bad guy human mutant hunters. ‘No kidding, bro, but I guess everybody’s got entitled to secret identities.

Power Pack arrive back at their apartment and fly through the window, as Jack asks ‘Even us, right? Our secret identities are kids, but we’re really super hero professionals’ he points out. Julie tells Jack that she is glad they went out tonight, but she still feels guilty, and suggests that if Marvel Girl and Cyclops can tell about their powers, maybe they ought to, too. ‘They told, sure…but we don’t know what’ll happen to ‘em! There’s that Mutant Registration Act, remember?’ Jack points out. He tells his siblings that they ought to wait and see. ‘After all, nobody can ground them like they can us…for maybe forever!’ Suddenly, they hear a click in the front door, ‘Oh no! Costumes off!’ the four kids shout at once, and their costumes vanish, replaced by their regular clothes. ‘Mommy!’ Katie calls out as their Mother, Margaret, looking sweaty and exhausted appears in the doorway.

The kids rush over to their mother and embrace her, as Alex tells her they were so worried about her. ‘So was I. Some people on the train right behind mind got very sick and -’ Margaret begins, while Katie declares ‘Oh, Mommy! I’m glad it wasn’t your train’, before Margaret asks the kids if they were here all alone during the blackout and whether they were scared. The kids hang their heads and stand around their mother who sits on the sofa and Katie reveals that she got scared about her, and the others told her not to, but she went out to look for her, and then she got lost and didn’t feel good, so Julie and Jack and Alex came looking for her - and it is her fault they didn’t stay grounded. ‘I’m sorry…and if Daddy wants to ground me, too…’ her voice trails off, as Alex remarks ‘…or us, either, it’s okay, we’ll understand. I mean we did go out and -’ but Margaret smiles and embraces her youngest child, and tells her that she was worried about her, too, and that she is never to do that again. ‘I’m just glad you older kids had sense enough to go after her’ Margaret remarks. Katie asks her if she isn’t mad, to which Margaret replies that she ought to be, but she is so happy she just can’t seem to get caught up in the momentum!

Characters Involved: 

Counterweight (Jack), Destroyer VI (Alex), Molecula (Julie), Starstreak (Katie) (all Power Pack)

Beast, Cyclops, Iceman, Marvel Girl (all X-Factor)

Jim & Margaret Power


Death III, Pestilence III (both Horsemen of Apocalypse)




Story Notes: 

This issue ties into the “Fall of the Mutants” storyline and specifically, this issue ties into X-Factor (1st series) #25.

Alex, Julie and Jack - but not Katie - were all grounded in Power Pack (1st series) #33.

The Mutant Registration Act passed in Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #224.

Starstreak learned how to heal herself when she was injured on Snark World in Power Pack (1st series) #24-25.

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