Pulse House of M Special Edition

Issue Date: 
September 2005
Story Title: 
The Pulse: Special Edition (HOUSE OF M)

Mike Mayhew (artist), Brian Michael Bendis, Ed Brubaker, Chris Claremont, Peter David, Nunzio DeFillipis & Christina Weir, David Hine, Reginald Hudlin, John Layman, Fabian Nicieza, Greg Pak, Tom Peyer, Daniel Way (writers), Patrick McGrath (designer), Tom Marvelli (creative director), Aubrey Sitterson (asst. editor), Andy Schmidt (editor), Joe Quesada (editor in chief), Dan Buckley (publisher)

Brief Description: 

A newspaper gives several important bits of information about heroes’ and villains`situation in the House of M reality.

Full Summary: 


The cover features a shot of King Magnus with the accompanying headline “THE HOUSE OF MAGNUS’ BIG DAY!: Children of the atom and world leaders gather to pay tribute” as well as an inset picture of Carol Danvers with the header “Trouble for Captain Marvel?: More Inside”.
Front Page:


This article covers the upcoming royal gala hosted by the House of Magnus to commemorate the anniversary of Magnus’ rebellion against the human oppressors of mutantkind. Announced as attending the event are world leaders and dignitaries including Namor of Atlantis, Sir Victor Von Doom, Princess Ororo of Kenya, King T’Challa, Kree delegate Genis-vell, the royal family of the House of Magnus and other prominent mutant leaders. The article notes rumors of increased reports of pending sapien attacks and various underground movements undermining the current political regime.

The article provides a brief biography of Lord Magnus, noting his time in Auschwitz as a youth and his early manifestation of his powers, leading to his being branded a terrorist by the former sapien power structure. It then details his successful coup in 1979 during which he revealed the worldwide conspiracy against mutants and the existence of mutant-hunting Sentinels. In the wake of the battle over New York that verified this conspiracy, the UN granted Magnus sovereignty over Genosha and he created a home nation for mutantkind. From there, he helped to restructure the world governments and undo decades of anti-mutant efforts. It is noted that the mutant population is expected to surpass the sapien population by 2013.

Accompanying Photos depict Magnus with Princess Ororo (with Strong Guy in the background) and an inset photo of Prince Namor.

Page 2 (Headline News):


Rating current headlines from “Hot as Hell!” to “Cold As Ice!” Topping the hottest of the hot is Tony Stark who has averted an attempted corporate takeover. Following Iron Man is Alison Blaire who has signed a 3-year renewal contract for her talk show to the tune of $50 million. In the center of the barometer is Ralph Macchio, comics guru, responsible for leading the House of Ideas to be the world’s largest print publisher. Heading into the “cool” zone we find Jason Wyngarde who failed to conquer Stark Industries and Warren Worthington III whose latest sex scandal threatens his financial empire. At the very bottom is the Hellfire Club who has closed its doors for the first time since opening in 1760.


This gossip column features the following tantalizing tidbits: The She-Hulk has a reputation for over-billing her sapien clients and is apparently intimate with fellow attorney Matt Murdock. Alison Blaire is rumored to suffer from a rare blood disorder that is causing her mutant powers to wane. Tony Stark is apparently about to be a father as rumor has it that an unnamed former super model is pregnant with his child. Carol Danvers is surrounded by rumors that despite any public acknowledgement of their relationship, her friendship with Simon Williams is more serious than it seems.

Accompanying Photos are Headshots of Tony Stark, She-Hulk and Alison Blaire. In addition, two paparazzi photos are shown. One is of Spider-Man in the park with his son Richie and another shows Carol Danvers with her arms around Simon Williams.


A brief article discussing the current debate over the use of mutant stem cells in research for the treatment of human diseases. Apparently, the Council on Nu-Bioethics is developing an alternative that will leave mutant fetuses unharmed. This new plan is lauded by Dr. Otto Octavius, an opponent of the exploitation of mutant embryos, who has developed a new procedure known as Altered.

Accompanying Photo: A candid photo of Dr. Otto Octavius.

Page 3 (Headline News):


Madame Hydra has claimed responsibility for the kidnapping of Mariko Harada, daughter of Kenuichio Harada. The claim also names Harada as the head of Clan Yashida, a leading Japanese crime cartel. Eleven-year old Mariko’s abduction was witnessed and authorities believe she is in imminent danger. Hydra has demanded that Harada forfeit their profits from the Indonesian MGH drug trade. The Harada family has denied these criminal allegations and begged Mariko’s captors for her safe return and promised endless retaliation if she is harmed in any way.

Accompanying Photo: A photo of Mariko Harada.


A brief announcement stating that human rights activist Kevin Plunder AKA Kazar has been granted political asylum in the US after escaping Pangaea where he was serving a sentence for speaking out against the established government.

Accompanying Photo: A photo of Lord Plunder with his saber-toothed tiger, Zabu.


A major round-up of sapien gang members has led to 51 arrests in NYC on numerous criminal charges. Among those arrested were the leader of the Dragon gang, Shang-Chi and Raphael Vega, leader of the Wolfpack gang. The charges include smuggling sapiens into the US as well as extortion, murder and racketeering. A trial is set to begin in the coming weeks.

Accompanying Photos: Mugshots of Shang-Chi and Rafael Vega.

Page 4:


The Australian government, run by the mutant called Exodus, is facing the threat of the Hulk who intervened in a military attempt to disperse gathering sapiens in the Tanami Desert. Australia has had a history of illegal sapien immigrants and a crackdown on this has been initiated by Unus the Untouchable on behalf of the nation’s government. Reports varied on the Hulk’s demonstrated powers but some facts have emerged. Unus was gravely injured in the counterassault by the Hulk and ground troops and armored units were summarily decimated. The Hulk is alleged to be working with the sapien terrorists called AIM and was seen at the battle with AIM agents Monica Rappaccini, Aaron Isaacs and the Scorpion. Isaacs’ son was apprehended at the scene. The Hulk was noted to have Aboriginal markings, which lead Australian authorities to believe that Banner may have allied himself with the nation’s indigenous sapien population. Current whereabouts of the Hulk and AIM is unknown.

Accompanying Photo: A blurred shot of the Hulk.
Page 5 (Global News):


The British Royal family is hosting a gala celebration to honor the birthday of Lord Magnus. The guest list is a star-studded collection of Britain’s elite. Though Lord Magnus is not expected to attend, the British royals are expected to appear at the House of Magnus party in Genosha. A great deal of speculation has arisen about King Brian’s sister, Elizabeth. Princess Elizabeth is known as a rebellious sort with apparent ties to the Human Rights Campaign, which advocates for sapien rights. She was rumored to have been killed by the human terrorist Vargas but has since resurfaced alongside her Lady in Waiting, Rachel Grey. Royal Spokesman, Peter Wisdom declined to comment.

Further complications for the Braddock gala could arise from alleged terrorist activities in the realm. Two unknown superhumans identified as the Juggernaut and Nocturne are currently being sought by government agencies.

Accompanying Photo: A photo of King Brian Braddock and his wife Meggan.


Delegates of the interstellar Kree Empire were met by government officials and popular super-heroine Captain Marvel. The Kree hope to finalizes a treaty that would create an alliance with the Kree and protection for Earth from interstellar threats that have increased in recent years as our solar system has become an interstellar crossroads. Captain Marvel, whose own powers were derived from a Kree device hidden on Earth centuries earlier, played dignitary to the group among whom is Genis-Vell, son of her departed friend, Mar-Vell. While visiting Earth, Private Genis-Vell has been granted clearance to conduct a good-will tour while the Kree delegation meets to iron out details of the treaty.

Accompanying Photo: A photo of Captain Marvel greeting Genis-Vell, Ronan the Accuser and the Kree delegation.

NOTE: This article was written by Fabian Nicieza and serves as a “teaser” for the HOUSE OF M tie-in story in NEW THUNDERBOLTS.

Page 6 (Politics):

“WORLD LEADERS GATHER FOR HISTORIC GENOSHA SUMMIT: Magneto, Mole King Rift Widens as Trade Treaty Stalls”

Treaty talks between the House of Magnus and the Moloid kingdom came to a halt today. Lord Magnus met with the Mole King and Latverian ruler, Victor Von Doom in the hopes of ending hostilities from the subterranean Molvian Empire. Apparent disputes over Molvian sovereignty and mineral rights were cited as the source of the breakdown in this historical first meeting. Despite this initial failure, Lord Magneto still sees this as a first step towards lasting peace with the Moloids. The Mole King did not share this optimism and predicted a length trek towards peaceful coexistence. Doom was less diplomatic, declaring the Mole King a “fool” who lacks perspective on his place in world politics. Rumors swirl that Doom’s displays of frustration led to the early halt to peace talks.

Accompanying Photo: A photo of Magnus, Doom and the Mole King outside a UN style building in Genosha.


Non-mutant forces attacked a Mexican embassy during an official gala. During the assault a Sentinel, which was intended as a gift to the Mexican government, was stolen. Little information was released about the terrorist group or the whereabouts of the stolen Sentinel, but SHIELD Director, Sebastian Shaw seemed confident in the Red Guard’s ability to recover it. Reports of the death of a SHIELD agent during the attack were dismissed as exaggerations.

Accompanying Photo: A photo of Sebastian Shaw at a SHIELD press conference with Mystique in the background.

Page 7 (History Today):


The fiftieth anniversary of Captain America’s first steps on the moon proved to be a less than stellar event with few attending the affair. Rogers’ famous words “One small step for man, one giant step for peace between man and mutantkind” were telling of the World War II hero’s then controversial stance on human/mutant relations. In 1951, he resigned as Capt. America after refusing to inform on his ally Prince Namor who was suspected of being a mutant. Despite this, he was allowed to participate in the space program, which saw early collaborations between human and mutant scientists that allowed the USA to reach the moon before their Soviet counterparts. Rogers is often viewed as an early leader in promoting equal rights for mutants. Rogers became a controversial figure when he questioned Lord Magnus’ political plans and compared them to the Nazi tyranny of the 1940s. Rogers retired shortly thereafter amidst rumors that his political views had forced him from active involvement in NASA. Rogers spoke briefly at the celebration, which lacked official mutant presence but was attended by Prince Wringor of Atlantis. He graciously thanked the men and mutants who fought and died alongside him during the War and the Space Program.

Accompanying Photo: A photo of Steve Rogers in a Capt. America inspired astronaut suit planting a US flag on the moon.


Mutants & Sapiens standing together behind a single SHIELD:

Use your gifts to help others – Use your sapien skills to help mutants – Career in technology and critical thinking – Fantastic insurance – Unbeatable retirement plan – The prestige of being a SHIELD Red Guard – SIGN UP TODAY!
Page 8 (Science Section):


Interpol has released a new theory regarding the notorious mutant killer called “Mutant X” who has plagued Scotland in recent months. The latest suspect is sapien geneticist Moira MacTaggert, who has a history of anti-mutant bias. MacTaggert was one of the first scientists to identify the ascendancy of mutants. She called for a search for a cure to the mutant condition and became a fugitive when such research was outlawed. She has been wanted by Interpol ever since but has eluded capture. While Interpol original thought the withered corpses of Mutant X’s victims were the result of a mutant ability, they now believe that this may be MacTaggert’s deadly cure to mutation.

Accompanying Photo: An Interpol surveillance photo of Dr. Moira MacTaggert.

Nathaniel Essex is a legend amongst biogeneticist for his cutting-edge research in mutant development but a pariah for his elusive nature and the sheer genius of his work. After a decade in seclusion, he contacted the author of this article (Dr. Henry Pym) to encourage him in his work surrounding cellular miniaturization. Essex was criticized for his belief that mutation had exceeded the pace of natural evolution and has been a quiet advocate for sapien achievements that go above and beyond their genetic limitations. In their brief dialogue, Essex revealed little of his current work suggesting that his research must mature at a natural pace and that greatness required age and experience. “The world will see in about eighteen years,” he added cryptically. Based on his experience, Pym suggests that isolation and genius have turned Essex into something sinister and his current project could pose a threat in the future, something beyond both man and mutants.

Accompanying Photo: A stock photo of Nathanial Essex.

Page 9 (Sports Section):


Joe “Crusher” Hogan was already a popular wrestling attraction when a skinny kid in a fishnet stocking mask challenged him in a play-for-pay wrestling match. Using his mutant powers, Peter Parker AKA The Spider-Man, defeated Crusher and went on to become a wrestling sensation and Hollywood superstar. Hogan benefited as well, forming a long-standing partnership with Parker and filling the role of his wrestling nemesis, “The Green Goblin”. Crusher reflects on his early days training Parker and the ways in which Parker’s success has helped to sustain his own career in wrestling and beyond.

Accompanying Photo: Photo of Joe “Crusher” Hogan after a match.


Play-by-play overview of the opening night event of the new season of Sapien Deathmatch, a gladiatorial display of armored sapiens squaring off against robotic threats before facing off against each other in final combat. The event launched with Round One, which allows competitors to face basic mechanical threats such as landmines and missiles. Those who survived Round One then entered Round Two, which typically consists of armored gladiators against advanced mechanical threats such as mechanized tanks and other high-tech armored systems. The surprise of the evening was an innovative new robotic dragon designed by Triple F Industries. The dragon was over fifty feet long and gave the gladiators a real fight. It managed to take down hot newcomer Johnny Storm before being defeated in a joint attack coordinated by current champion, Tony Stark. Stark progressed to the Final Round where he easily defeated contenders Chin, F-Trane and Skipper to hold on to the title.

Accompanying Photo: Photo of Tony Stark in his armor fighting a mechanized dragon in a stadium.

Page 10 (Arts & Leisure Section):


Despite the prosperity that Africa has enjoyed under the rule of the House of Magnus, Princess Ororo of Kenya hinted at possible political dissent in her recent appearance on the Alison Show. Ororo insinuated that Lord Magnus was racially biased and that she herself was politically allied with King T’Challa, the human ruler of Wakanda. T’Challa, also called the Black Panther has long been suspected of harboring human terrorists. An investigation has been launched and a special weapons inspector, Sabretooth has been dispatched to Wakanda to insure there are no weapons of mutant destruction present in Africa. Pundits question whether Apocalypse’s forces in North Africa might be used in the event that open conflict erupts on the African continent.

Accompanying Photo: Photo of Princess Ororo shaking hands with Alison Blaire on the set of her talk show.


The hot ticket in town was the premiere of movie mogul Daniel Kaufman’s latest Marilyn Monroe remake starring his wife, Lara the Illusionist. Despite lukewarm reviews and criticism of his wife’s acting skills, Kaufman is expecting another profitable blockbuster. Attending the red carpet event were luminaries such as Alison Blaire, Tony Stark, Carol Danvers, Janet Van Dyne, Simon Williams and many more. The coyly timed arrival of Ms. Danvers and Mr. Williams fueled rumors of their affair, while a supposed spat between Princess Ororo of Kenya and Warren Worthington III, raised eyebrows. Next on the horizon: The final leg of Jazz-E-Jazz’s world tour comes to Mutopia X. The guest list indicates that volatile business rivals Daniel Kaufmann and Frankie Zapgruder could come face-to-face at the highly anticipated event.

Accompanying Photo: Photo of Tony Stark and Mary Jane Watson at the red carpet event.

Page 11 (Personal Growth Section):

“THREE PHASES TOWARDS SUCCESS: Popular Psychologist Has Traded A Government Job For Teaching Gig”

Best-selling author and political analyst Dr. Sean Garrison has traded his governmental aspirations for a teaching job at the New Mutant Leadership Institute in order to be closer to his daughter Laurie. His best seller, “THREE PHASES TOWARDS SUCCESS” helped launch his own TV show and led to his becoming a spokesman for Magnus himself. Garrison declined a position as Press Secretary to the House of M to accept the teaching post. Garrison’s daughter Laurie was born from a brief affair with a sapien fan, Gail Collins. She tried to hide her pregnancy from Garrison and fled with their daughter but was eventually apprehended. The standoff between Collins and police was a major media event that thankfully ended peacefully due to Garrison’s intervention. Collins was sent to a mental institution and Garrison has raised his daughter alone, constantly shielding her from the media. Garrison seems pleased to spend time helping his daughter achieve her “Three Phases” and once that task is complete, he plans to return to public life and his own aspirations.

Accompanying Photo: The cover of Garrison’s book with his photo on it.


Advice for those who want to ensure their offspring’s genetic status. Among the advice: daily prayers to Apocalypse, a sustained room temperature of 68 degrees, avoiding organic foods that lack Mutant Growth Hormone supplements and unfiltered water and blessings from Lord Magneto. In addition, more practical causes of mutation such as genetically altered or mutant parents are noted. Adoption from pro-sapien countries like Latveria is noted as a viable option as well.

Accompanying Photo: Headshot of Carol Danvers whose relationship with meta-human Simon Williams would certainly result in a mutant birth.

Characters Involved: 

Shown in “Photos”:

Betty Brant, Kat Farrell (both Daily Bugle staff)

Captain America

Captain Britain, Meggan (both British royal family)

Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers)

Dazzler/Alison Blaire

Doctor Doom

Dr. Sean Garrison

Genis-vell, Ronan the Accuser (both Kree delegates)

Mariko Harada

Joe “Crusher” Hogan


Kazar & Zabu

Moira MacTaggert


Mole King

Mystique, Sebastian Shaw (All SHIELD agents)


Dr. Otto Octavius

Richie Parker (son of Spider-Man)

Shang-Chi, Raphael Vega (sapien gang leaders)


Sinister/Dr. Nathaniel Essex


Tony Stark

Storm/Princess Ororo

Strong Guy

Janet Van Dyne

Mary Jane Watson

Wonder Man/Simon Williams

Mentioned but not pictured:

Angel/Warren Worthington III

Bates, Benson, Chang, Chin, Clark, Ellison, F-Trane, Grierson, Habima, Mendoza, O’Finley, Skipper, Johnny Storm, Takahashi (All Sapien Death Match contenders)

Gail Collins

Jimmy “Mr. Punch” Damiano, Jazz-E-Jazz, Daniel “Shaky” Kaufman, Lara “The Illusionist” Kaufman, “Filthy Frank” Zapgruder (All Mutopia X citizens)

Daredevil/Matt Murdock

Exodus, John Hoffman, Unus the Untouchable (All Australian government officials)

Laurie Garrison/Wallflower


Ralph Macchio

Madame Hydra

Aaron Isaacs, Monica Rappaccini and the Scorpion (All AIM)

Robert Kelly, Secretary of State

Marvel Girl/Rachel Grey, Psylocke/Elizabeth Braddock, Peter Wisdom (all British Royal family affiliates)

Mastermind/Jason Wyngarde


Silver Samurai/Kenuichio Harada

Jasper Sitwell

Prince Wringor of Atlantis

Story Notes: 

The Pulse: Special Edition is a promotional newspaper published by Marvel Comics to promote the HOUSE OF M crossover. The newspaper itself is designed to look like an actual newspaper from the HOUSE OF M world with articles and columns written by canonical journalists such as Kat Farrell and Betty Brant. In actuality, the articles are short advertisements that tease at the contents of the individual titles that are part of the HOUSE OF M crossover. The articles were written by the creative teams of each title to provide hints at how their title will be approaching the company-wide crossover. Also included are small tidbits about the changes wrought by HOUSE OF M on popular characters. Artist Mike Mayhew provides Photorealistic art throughout the paper.

This issue is part of the HOUSE OF M crossover event. HOUSE OF M is an altered reality in which Magneto won his war against humanity in the early days of his career and now rules a world where mutants are the dominant species. Within this reality, several deceased characters have been seemingly resurrected.

Ralph Macchio is a former writer and editor at Marvel Comics.

MGH is Mutant Growth Hormone, a street drug that induces temporary superhuman abilities.

Shang-Chi is the Master of Kung Fu. Raphael Vega was a character in the short-lived Marvel Comic called WOLFPACK.

Triple F Industries is a clear reference to long-time Iron Man foe, Fing Fang Foom.

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