Return of Wolverine #5

Issue Date: 
April 2019
Story Title: 
Chapter Five: Heaven

Charles Soule (writer), Steve McNiven (penciler), Jay Leisten (inker), Laura Martin (colorist), Virtual Calligraphy's Joe Sabino (letterer), Steve McNiven & Sunny Gho (cover artists), Adi Granov; Adam Kubert (variant cover artists), Annalise Bissa (assistant editor), Jordan D White (editor), C B Cebulski (editor-in-chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (president), Alan Fine (executive producer)

Brief Description: 

Wolverine arrives at Persephone's strange space station, where he is finally introduced to her – or at least a holographic projection of her. Persephone asks Wolverine to keep an open mind while he is here, and shows him to some sort of science station, where the most brilliant minds are working on making a new world. Persephone explains how she weaponized resurrection, using her power to raise the dead – including Wolverine himself. Persephone informs Wolverine that back in her city he almost killed a team of X-Men, and asks him if he thinks they can ever forgive him for that. Persephone gives Wolverine some insight into her obsession with death, how it is a part of her, and how she plans to kill the entire world to raise a new one. Wolverine isn't interested in Persephone's offer, and shoves his claws into the space station's wall, which releases a strange gas that starts to make his skin blister – so Wolverine leaps at a window and smashes it open, flinging himself out into space, he manages to latch onto the edge of the space station, and as his skin begins to heal, he climbs onto the space station and makes his way back to the lab, where he finds a scientist overseeing part of Persephone's plan. Logan learns that Persephone plans to use the satellite network she has built to relay and boost her powers, enabling her to use her powers on everyone on Earth, killing them, and rescurrecting them to live in a new, perfect world. Wolverine convinces the scientist to destroy the satellite system, which he does, but there is a failsafe, meaning Persephone could still use the space station to kill one million people. They soon discover that Persephone has set fire to the station, so Wolverine makes his way to a find a device to destroy the station. En route, he battles several soldiers, while inside his mind, various aspects of his past try to break free. As he fights the soldiers, Wolverine begins to free them all from his mind, except for one savage persona, who he keeps caged in his mind. Wolverine finds a switch which disables the pulse that Persephone planned to release from the space station, and once that problem is resolved, Wolverine explodes the space station, sending it plummeting towards the Earth, with him aboard, he eventually crashes into the ocean near Hawaii, where he is rescued by some fishermen. Afterwards, Logan makes his way to the Xavier Institute in New York City.

Full Summary: 

A shuttle approaches a strange black space station, 'It's been a long ride. Hell of a trip. I'm running out of patience' Logan a.k.a. Wolverine, wearing a white space suit, remarks as the shuttle docks and he and the Soteira soldier accompanying him, Zargeus, walk down a corridor within the space station. 'So tell me, Zargeus. Where is she?' Logan asks. 'Where's Persephone?' Suddenly, a woman in a white dress appears, 'Here, Logan' she announces. 'Right in front of your eyes' she points out. 'Yeah? Doesn't smell like it' Wolverine responds as he waves his hand through Persephone, revealing her to be a holographic projection. 'Well, of course. I don't know if we're friends yet' Persephone points out. 'We're not' Logan tells her. 'And yet you're here' Persephone remarks'. Logan tells her that he couldn't stop her from down there, to which Persephone boasts that he can't stop her at all. She suggests that they not get into all that posturing, all the hero/villain business, as it is tiresome. She claims that everyone on this station is a hero – everyone.

'You came here for answers. About yourself, about me... I have them' Persephone announces, asking Wolverine to follow her, then she can learn everything he wants to know. In return, she only asks one thing – that he keep an open mind. Loan follows Persephone to a balcony, 'What's all this? Who are they? Dead too?' Logan asks as he looks down into the space station, but Persephone claims that they are alive as he is. 'These are my brilliant ones' she claims, as they watch a dozen or so scientists wearing white spacesuits go about their business. Various experiments are being conducted in a large laboratory. Persephone claims that they are possessed of exceptional minds and exceptional skills – scientists, engineers, artists, musicians, writers, architects, and even two Michelin-starred chefs. Persephone claims that humanity has become greed and screens and anxiety, but these people pushed past all that – they have shared their genius with the world – so she thought they had earned a chance to make a new one.

Persephone tells Logan that he metone of them, she thinks, aftr he came back – Dr Bernard Delacroix, her de-extinction expert, with his mammoths. 'Yeah. I watched him die' Logan remembers. 'Well, of course, Logan. He said no' Persephone states. They carry on down a corridor, as Persephone informs Wolverine that it was hard to build all this, and that at first, it was just her – and her brother, of course – with so much to arrange and so many obstacles. She reveals that she had to think of her powers in a new wat, after all, Persephone is not just the Queen of Hell, but also Spring – new life. 'I weaponized resurrection' Persephone smirks, explaining that anyone with powers, anyone she could use – if they were dead, they were hers – Prism for example, and one of the Omega Reds. 'Even your son, Daken. You might remember – you set him on fire. But don't worry, he didn't feel a thing' Persephone remarks, before looking at Wolverine and tells him that he is her favorite. 'No. you didn't do that to me. No' Wolverine gasps, horrified.

'Of course I did, Logan. You are the third story. You were dead. You were mine' Persephone explains, recalling raising Wolverine from the ground, his muscular naked body bursting back to life. Persephone remembers touching Logan's face and telling him that he was the Wolverine, that he can hunt, and kill – can kill anything. 'I couldn't have done this without you' Persephone smiles. 'What did you make me do down there?' Wolveine shouts at Persephone as they stand near a large window, which looks down to Earth below. 'Nothing you didn't do while you were alive' Persephone replies, telling Wolverine that he might not remember, but she does, and so does the world – that Wolverine is a hero, but he is also a monster. 'But as you said...that's all down there' Persephone remarks. 'Everyone you've hurt or killed. Everyone who hates you, everyone who fears you'.

Persephone looks at Wolverine as she informs him that not two days ago he lost control of himself and he nearly killed a team of X-Men, people who were once his oldest friends. She asks him if he thinks he can ever face them again, whether he thinks they will love him like they did, trust him? Wolverine looks out the window in silence, before turning back to Persephone and asking her what the point of all this is, why she brought him here, why any of this. Persephone explains that all she thinks about is death – all day, all the time – she is steeped in it and it will never leave her. She adds that she has learned to use it, but that she will never escape it. 'But you did. You were dead, with one of my killteams, dressed as a hero to impress Delacroix, and then...I don't know. Your healing factor, maybe. Only one thing matters...death couldn't hold you. You came back' Persephone remarks that that is beautiful, that Wolverine is beautiful. 'The hope you've given me...please...let me give you something' Persephone asks.

'Freedom. A true resurrection' Persephone tells Logan as she reaches out to touch his chest, remarking that he has given more to this world than anyone on the station, and that he deserves a new beginning, not to carry a dead man's burdens into his new life. She asks him to stay up here with her, to be free from all of it, and begin again. 'And if I do that, what happens to them?' Logan asks, motioning down to the Earth below. 'Got a pretty good idea who's gonna pay for that new beginning, Persephone' Wolverine replies. He turns to her and asks her if she remembers the first story she told him. Persephone tells him that she does – when he saved them from the man lost to anger. She remarks that she was just a kid when she saw Logan do that, and she never forgot it – he was a hero. 'Yeah. And then I died. You think that's supposed to change something? Change who I am? Make me like you?' Wolverine asks. He tells Persephone that she made a nice offer, and here is his answer: '#$%& death' Logan snarls as he shoves his claws, hand and part of his arm through Persephone's holographic form.

'I'm back. And I'm Wolverine and that's the way it's gonna be' Logan snarls at Persephone, who tells him that he could have started over, free of guilt and obligation, no burden of memories. 'And you said no. Crazy. Peopleare mysteries' Persephone remarks, before pointing out that they know what happens when people say no. she tells Logan that it has been wonderful, and she will miss talking to him, but if it is any consolation, he can still help her when he is dead. Panels on the wall behind Persephone suddenly open and release a gas into the room, which strikes Logan, 'Damit!' he snarls as his skin begins to blister. He pulls his hand out of the holographic projection of Persephone, as Persephone tells himnot to fight it, and that she will bring him back right away. 'Fresh is better' Persephone adds. 'Lady, next  time I die...I'm staying dead' Wolverine responds as he pops his claws again, and slams his claws into the window, shattering it, which creates a sudden rush that sucks Wolverine and the gas out of the space station, and into open space.

Logan floats away from the space station, but just in time, he passes a series rods that jut out from the space station and manages to grab onto a cable hanging from the rod. He uses his strength to pull himself back onto the station, and makes his way towards a hatch, which he tears from the station with his claws, and climbs back in.

Elsewhere aboard the space station, a bearded man tells a bald man called Jack that he isn't sure he agrees with his conclusions. 'Then you need to look again, Neil. My numbers are perfect. We know what Persephone's trying to achieve, and if -' Jack begins, when suddenly, 'Hey' a voice calls out. Wide-eyed, Neil and Jack turn to the direction of the voice, 'Oh $#%&' Jack utters, as Wolverine stands nearby, in the work area that Persephone showed him earlier. Logan's healing factor has started to heal his skin, as he tells the men that he crawled over the outside of the ship to get here without a suit, so before any of them think about pulling an alarm, they should know that he won't go down easy, and that none of them would live to see if it he does. Wolverine approaches Jack and Neil with his claws outstretched and asks 'You know what Persephone's trying to achieve, huh? Hell, maybe you even helped her set it up. We'll get to that. But all I eant to know right which one of you knows how tob stop it' Logan snarls, putting his claws to Jack's neck. The terrified Jack is quick to inform Logan that it is Phil he needs to talk to.

'Hey, Phil. I'm Logan. Talk to me' Wolverine declares as he appears behind the scientist called Phil, who is tapping away at a keyboard. Nervously, Phil reveals that Persephone built a satellite network, and that he wrote a lot of the interface code, which does two things. He explains that firstly it can generate a pulse, like an EMP, but targeted to human brain activity, so if it fires, it results in instant, painless death for anyone it touches, He motions to a screen which depicts the network relay, that would boost Persephone's powers, explaining that she can bring humanity back, in a way, but under her control. Phil adds that this is it, the whole network, that it is almost complete, just a few more launches, and thenthrey will have total coverage, linking to everyone on Earth. 'Everyone?' Logan frowns. 'That’s the idea. They'd be like...drones. Dead, sure, but functional' Phil tells Logan, adding that the brilliant ones, which is him, can use them to build a better world – no governments, no inefficiency, nothing in the way. 'You're monsters' Wolverine declares, turning to some of the others nearby. 'Every last one of you' he declares, before turning back to Phil and instructing him to kill the network, to destroy it for good. 'I can't. Persephone will... she'll end me' Phil replies.

Wolverine narrows his eyes at Phil and assures him that Persephone is not his problem right now. 'I'll, uh, I'll begin the de-orbit protocols' Phil replies as he begins to tap away at his keyboard. An instant later, Phil reports that it has been done, that the satellites will burn up in the atmosphere. As the flaming space junk begins to fall to Earth, Phil adds that he bets it looks pretty nice from down there, and if only they knew. He then turns to Logan and claims that this is sort of a relief, as he was never really on board with all this. 'You'll keep me safe from Persephone, right?' Phil asks. 'It won't be long before she -' he begins, but Logan tells him to shut up, and asks 'If the satellites are all gone...then what's that, Phil?' as he points at the screen, which indicates something is still floating in space. Phil explains that it is this space station, to which Logan asks if it can do what the other satellites can – the killing pulse and then the reanimation. Phil confirms that it can, but only on whatever area they are above when it fires. 'You're talking at most a few million people, and that's if it's an urban area' Phil explains.

'A few million...shut it down!' Wolverine snarls. Nervously, Phil looks at Logaan and explains that he can't, that Persephone has control over the station. He starts to remark that it is only a matter of time before Persephone notices what he has done – when suddenly, a red-alert light begins to flash throughout the space station, and a voice announces over an intercom that the termination pulse sequence has been initiated, that all nonessential equipment is to be powered down, and all personnel are to get to the crash couches. 'Oh, God. That's... Persephone. She's set the station to fire' Phil announces. 'Where?' Wolverine asks him. 'Where what?' Phil asks. 'WHERE DO I GO TO STOP IT?' Wolverine shouts at Phil, who informs him that all the station's operational stuff is three decks down, so the pulse has to be somewhere down there. He tells Wolverine to be careful, because if he hits the wrong piece of equipment, he could knock the whole station out of the sky. 'Yeah, well, no one on Earth's gonna shed too many tears over any of you' Wolverine points out as he heads away from the others. ' You'd die too' someone calls out. 'Yeah. And me' Wolverine replies.

As he leaves, Wolverine finds himself confronted by several Soteira soldiers that Persephone has animated. 'Oh, you've made me angry' Persephone declares. Logan pops his claws and scowls, 'That's what I do, Persephone. Like you said. I'm the best there is' Wolverine reminds her, as he leaps towards the soldiers and takes them out with ease. As Logan continues down to deck two, he carves his way through several more soldiers, while inside his mind, various versions of himself speak to him. 'Let me out. I can help you' his Patch persona asks from behind a cell door. 'Choose me, soldier you need someone watching your six' Logan as a soldier points out. Logan ignores them, and makes his way onto deck three, where more blood is splattered about as he slices and dices through more soldiers. 'I'm the one you need. I have that killer instinct' another Wolverine calls out to him. The Weapon-X era Wolverine says nothing as Logan shoves his claws through the head of a Soteira soldier, while another soldier zaps Wolverine with an energy-baton, which causes an aggressive Wolverine to snarl 'Bub', as he puts his hands around the bars of the cage that restrains him.

Deck four now, and Logan makes his way to a door with a radioactive sign on it. 'Good enough' Logan supposes as he takes out another soldier. Suddenly, he picks up a scent, and spins around, too late as another Soteira soldier slams their fist into Logan, knocking him back into a wall with awesome fury. 'LET ME OUT! YOU NEED ME!' the aggressive Wolverine roars. Logan is kicked in the face by the Soteira soldier, which causes the aggressive Wolverine in his head to shout 'OUT!' as Logan drags himself along, a pool of blood forming around him. Another punch to the face, as in his mind, Logan reaches out for a lever. He is kicked in the face again, before he finally pulls the lever down – unlocking all of the jail cells within his mind. Dozens of different era Wolverines emerge – 90's Wolverine, Patch, Shi'ar costume Logan, Weapon X, Age of Apocalypse Wolverine and many more. Except for the aggressive Wolverine. 'Bub?' he calls out from behind the bars. Wolverine just smiles at him and starts to walk away. 'You think you can just walk away from me? You're a fool if you think you're done with me. I'm still here! I'll always be here!' the aggressive Wolverine shouts.

Wolverine dodges the Soteira soldier's punch – then slices off the soldier's hand. The shocked soldier looks at his arm, as blood splurts out from his severed limb. 'Zargeus, I just remembered about a thousand fights I've been in. Ten thousand. Guess how many I lost?'  Wolverine asks, drenched in blood, claws ready to strike again, he lunges at Zargeus, and carves him into pieces, spraying more blood everywhere. Wolverine leans over Zargeus and removes his mask. Zargeus' blank eyes stare up at Logan – then suddenly he attempts  to bite Logan, who pulls away. 'Eeugh' Logan mutters, before a voice announces that the termination pulse is firing in 30 seconds. Logan turns back towards the door with the radioactive sign on it, to find Persephone standing before him. Persephone tells Logan not to do this, not to stop her, as this needs to happen 'They're in Hell, don't you see? You'll be trapping all of humanity in the hell they've built for themselves. You're not saving them. You're damning them' Persephone tells Logan, who pops his claws and walks forward, passing through Persephone's holographic form, as Persephone tells him that if he does survive this, she will never let him rest, that everyone he meets, he won't now if they are alive – or if they're her. 'So you'll haunt me. Like a ghost. What's one more?' Logan replies as he shoves his claws into the radioactive sign, which creates a fiery explosion.

The explosion ripples through the space station, which then begins to plummet towards the Earth in a fiery display. The remains of the space station enters Earth's atmosphere, it falls across the sky above Singapore, 'Crap!' Logan calls out from within the space station remains as he holds himself as safe as he can. The space station remains fall over Tokyo, and Wolverine's body begins to burn. 'Beautiful' a man in Hawaii remarks as the fiery space station appears above the island nation, while Logan screams, before he lands in the nearby water, the space station remains creating a massive wave near a fishing trawler. The fishermen look out on the water, which is now littered to remains of the space station. Suddenly, Logan emerge from the water, and the fishermen see his badly burnt body. 'Over there!' one of them calls out. 'Hey' Logan calls out to the fishermen. 'Please tell me you've got some beer' he asks.

Later, Logan has arrived in New York City, wearing a brown jacket and cowboy hat, he walks through Central Park. 'Hnh' he remarks to himself as he sees a sign that reads “Xavier Institute for Mutant Education and Outreach” and standing at the mansion door, he rings the doorbell – and an instant later, the door opens....

Characters Involved: 



Jack, Neil, Phil and others aboard the space station

(in flashback image)
Omega Red Clan member

(in flashback images)

(in Wolverine's mind)
Wolverine at various stages

Story Notes: 

Wolverine met Bernard Delacroix in Return of Wolverine #1. 

Wolverine set Daken on fire in Return of Wolverine #2.

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