Rogue (1st series) #1

Issue Date: 
January 1995
Story Title: 
An Affair To Remember

Howard Mackie (writer), Mike Wieringo (pencils), Terry Austin (inks), Richard Starkings (letters), Dana Moreshead (colors), Lisa Patrick (editor), Bob Harras (group editor), Tom DeFalco (editor-in-chief)

Brief Description: 

After having some personal time-off, Rogue knows it’s time for her yearly visit to her birthtown in Mississippi and to visit her first boyfriend, Cody, who lies comatose. Rogue first tells Gambit, her new love interest, that she is leaving and informs him that Cody was the first boy to ever kiss her, and that it was on that moment she found out about her mutant powers. Gambit and Rogue have words about her leaving alone, but she does what she wants anyway. Despite the warnings of Storm, Gambit later decides to follow Rogue. At the same time, Bella Donna and the other members of the Assassins Guild mourn the death of their patriarch, Marius. Bella Donna is approached by Candra, who suggests to bring new life in their now no-longer standing pact. Bella Donna promises to think about it. Bella Donna decides to take revenge on Rogue for stealing memories from her when she lay in a coma and kidnaps Cody. Rogue finds out, but is too late. Bella Donna promises to do the same with everyone else Rogue holds dear, just to make her pay. Rogue quickly moves over to action and tries to find a way to rescue Cody, unaware that the Assassins watch Gambit’s every move.

Full Summary: 

Rogue enjoys a joy-flight high above the Hudson River. She doesn’t even seem to notice that she is being followed by two army jets. The pilots report Rogue to their bosses and she, in return, fools some more with them. Rogue kisses the top of the plane and then takes off at full-speed. The pilots still don’t believe what they have just witnessed, but find Rogue the most beautiful woman they’ve ever seen.

Twenty minutes later, Rogue returns home to Westchester, as she has a date with Gambit. Rogue thinks about how she is going to tell him that she is leaving for Mississippi, her birth town, tonight. Meanwhile, at the Tyler-plantation at Mississippi, a man named Cody lies in a deep coma. And he has Rogue to thank for that.

At the same time at the New Orleans graveyard, Bella Donna Boudreaux and the members of the Assassins Guild mourn the death of Marius Boudreaux, their Guild leader. The mourning is disturbed by the arrival of Candra and the Tithe Collector. Candra gives Bella Donna her condolences and wants to bring new life into their former pact, that is now broken. Candra and the Tithe Collector leave, with Candra telling Bella Donna that she knows how to reach her. Bella Donna promises to think about it.

Back at Salem Center, Rogue lands in front of Harry’s Bar. Rogue still is unsure how to tell Gambit that she is leaving. She concludes that she and Gambit still know little about each other. They’ve got so much to tell, and yet also so much to hide.

Rogue is approached by Teddy and his friends, who are kicked out of Harry’s because they wanted to have some fun with a woman. And now that they’ve seen the beautiful Rogue, they have chosen her as the lucky one. Rogue jokingly doesn’t know what to say and decides to show the two men how a lady likes to be threatened. Gambit arrives on his bike and decides to join in. He uses his powers to scare the goons away. Rogue chases them and lifts them up. She flies towards the local Sherrif’s office and leaves them on the rooftop. Somewhat later, Rogue begins to tell her story to Gambit. She explains that she’s going away tomorrow, back to Mississippi to visit an old friend, who is very important to her. Gambit asks for more information.

Rogue explains that her friend was named… is named Cody. Cody was Rogue’s very first boyfriend. Rogue remembers how Cody kissed her one day and, on that unfortunate moment, learned what her mutant powers were. Cody ended up in a coma and has been in one ever since. Rogue explains that this is the reason why she ran away from home and hesitates to get intimate with Gambit. Gambit comforts her that the past isn’t important, and only the future counts. Rogue becomes angry and walks away, wishing to be left alone. Gambit lights up a cigarette, knowing that Rogue lies about that one.

Back at New Orleans, Bella Donna fights some ninjas of the Hand. Bella Donna knows that the ninjas believe that they will be set free once they’ve killed her, but Bella Donna doesn’t give them a chance and defeats them all single handedly.

Bella Donna gets congratulated by her fellow Assassins. Singer, Questa and Gris-Gris step forward and Questa hands her over some stolen police reports Bella Donna asked about. Gris-Gris explains that their teams are on stand-by and await Bella Donna’s command. She says to go for it. At Xavier’s, Rogue prepares to leave and packs some of her clothes at her bedroom. Gambit enters with some roses, hoping to be allowed to apologize himself for before. Rogue tells him not to worry as she has already forgotten about that. Gambit kisses her hand as a goodbye. Rogue pushes him back and Gambit lands on her bed. He jokes about it, and Rogue tells him to dream on and takes off.

Storm enters, joking that Gambit disappoints her for stealing someone else’s bedroom. Then again, she says, Gambit is a thief. Gambit jokes back that Ororo too is a thief, and he has known her ever since she was a kid and he had to teach her everything about thievery. Storm says she loves to think back at those days. Gambit says he does too, and asks Storm how she approaches Rogue, as he doesn’t know what to do more. Storm suggests that he best give her some space and to let her go home alone. Gambit says he can’t do that and kisses Storm goodbye and follows Rogue to Mississippi. Storm wishes him (and Rogue) the best of luck.

Meanwhile, Rogue arrives at the hospital. She goes to Cody’s bedroom, wondering what to do with him and her feelings towards Gambit. Rogue opens Cody’s room, but he is gone! Rogue doesn’t understand, as she had called ahead and the nurses told her Cody would be there. Suddenly, Rogue is surprised and attacked by an energy beam. An intangible Fifolet appears, explaining to Rogue that they’ve got Cody and he will be safe if Rogue promises to behave. Rogue attacks Fifolet but, due to his intangible powers, she flies right through the man. Fifolet kicks Rogue down and more Assassins show up and outnumber her.

Questa orders Singer to take off her blindfold. Singer does and reveals an astral projection of Bella Donna’s head. Bella Donna reveals that she has Rogue and wants to make her pay for the memories she has stolen from her. Rogue tries to explain that it was an accident, but Bella Donna doesn’t listen. Bella Donna says that Cody is only the beginning, and promises to kidnap Gambit too, and everyone else Rogue holds dear, only to hurt her. Bella Donna and the other Assassins end the message and disappear. Nurses show up and want to help Rogue up, but she pushes the nurses back and flies away. Meanwhile, Gris-Gris watches Gambit leaving the Xavier Institute and reports it back to a pleased Bella Donna.

Afterwards, Bella Donna has words with Tante Mattie, who takes care of Cody. Mattie warns Bella Donna that Cody will die without proper care of a doctor, but Bella Donna isn’t interested. Mattie walks out, promising that someone will stop Bella Donna. Bella Donna isn’t impressed, knowing that she will be ready for them.

Characters Involved: 

Gambit, Rogue, Storm (all X-Men)

Bella Donna Boudreaux, Gris-Gris, Fifolet, Questa, Singer (all Assassins)

various other unnamed members of the Assassins Guild


The Tithe Collector

Hand ninja’s (various and unnamed)

Tante Mattie Baptiste

Cody Robbins

Story Notes: 

This series is a follow-up from the events in Gambit (first series) #1-4.

Rogue accidentally absorbed parts of Bella Donna, more specifically from her shared past with Gambit, when they were lovers as seen in Gambit (first series) #3.

First appearance of Fifolet, Gris-Gris, Questa and Singer.

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