Rogue (1st series) #2

Issue Date: 
February 1995
Story Title: 

Howard Mackie (writer), Mike Wieringo (pencils), Terry Austin (inks), Richard Starkings (letters), Dana Moreshead (colors), Lisa Patrick (editor), Bob Harras (group editor), Tom DeFalco (editor-in-chief)

Brief Description: 

Rogue receives an astral warning from Tante Mattie. Mattie promises that she will do anything she can to keep Cody safe, if Rogue promises to rescue Gambit. Rogue agrees and helps an outnumbered Gambit fighting some ninja’s who work for the Assassins Guild. Later, Rogue and Gambit relax in a forest. Rogue makes Gambit promise not to follow her anymore, but he can’t keep his promise after he learns that Bella Donna is behind the attacks. Rogue later makes it to New Orleans and finds herself getting attacked by a large number of Assassins. Meanwhile, Bella Donna agrees with Candra to re-create their pact, after she is finished with Rogue.

Full Summary: 

An exhausted Rogue stops at a nearby river. She drinks from it, but is disturbed by the astral form of Tante Mattie. Mattie hasn’t got much time, because her magics aren’t what they used to be, but promises to Rogue that she would do anything she can to keep Cody safe, if Rogue promises to help Gambit out. Rogue agrees and Mattie points her to Gambit’s direction.

Meanwhile, from her apartment balcony, Candra watches the people below, as the Tithe Collector enters, saying that she is here. When Bella Donna steps forward, Candra asks if she has an answer about her proposition. Bella Donna says she has, but first wants to continue hurting Rogue and promises to hand over Gambit to Candra once she is done with him. Candra agrees, and can’t wait to do business again like they used to.

Gambit has to stop at a gas station to fill up his bike. Two girls stop by and ask him for directions to New Orleans. Gambit talks about his birth town, explaining that it’s a city like none other and that he wants to buy a house there one day and live happily with his girlfriend. Gambit looks up and tells the girls to move. Suddenly, the gas station explodes, but Gambit survives. However, he gets attacked by many ninja’s, who he recognizes to be working for the Assassins. High above, Rogue has noticed the explosion and flies towards the fight scene.

Gambit prepares to defend himself, wondering why the ninja’s are attacking him. Gambit attacks and gets the help from Rogue, and together they defeat the ninja’s. Victorious, Rogue and Gambit try to figure out why the ninja’s have attacked him. Suddenly, Gris-Gris stands in front of the two mutants. Gambit introduces Gris-Gris to Rogue as Bella Donna’s personal voodoo man. Gris-Gris points his finger to them both, and then disappears into the mists of the explosion. Rogue asks what that was all about, but Gambit knows that Gris-Gris was only trying to scare them. “We’ll see about that,” Rogue proudly replies.

Meanwhile, Bella Donna and the other Assasins enter Cody’s room. Tante Mattie is already back with him. Bella Donna threatens her that she knows that Mattie warned Rogue, but that she isn’t impressed and will be waiting for her. And she will make sure that Mattie won’t betray her again. Later that night, Rogue and Gambit relax in a nearby forest on a campfire. Gambit jokes about what they don’t have to do to take a vacation away from the X-Men, and that he doesn’t see Scott and Jean do a thing like this. A scared Rogue asks Gambit to hold her. Gambit does. Rogue explains that she was so afraid that something might have happened to him and that she would be too late.

Rogue explains that Bella Donna has kidnapped Cody, only to hurt her. Gambit doesn’t believe it. Rogue says that she has to rescue Cody and must do it alone and makes Gambit promise that he won’t follow her. Gambit can’t do that. Rogue says that he doesn’t understand, and that she is tired of all the running. She wants to build a better future, together with him. Gambit comforts her, telling her to go to sleep. “Later,” Rogue says, “just hold me a little more.” Hours pass. Gambit wakes up and sees Rogue flying away. Gambit gets up, saying that he can’t do what he promised. As, if Bella Donna has something to do with this, he wants to be there.

Rogue makes it to the French Quarters of New Orleans and is ready to begin her search for Cody. Rogue regrets for what happened to Bella Donna and didn’t mean to harm her. Rogue blames her mutant powers for everything, like they did the same thing to Cody and Carol Danvers. Rogue knows that she does her best to control her powers, but sometimes hurts people with them. Suddenly, Rogue gets caught in an explosion and warriors of the Assassins Guild attack her. Rogue stands up, and tells the Assassins to bring it on!

Characters Involved: 

Gambit, Rogue (both X-Men)

Bella Donna Boudreaux, Gris-Gris, Fifolet, Questa, Singer (all Assassins)
Ninja’s working for the Assassins Guild (unnamed)
other various members of the Assassins Guild (unnamed)

Tante Mattie Baptiste

The Tithe Collector

Cody Robbins

Leez and her friend

In Rogue’s thoughts:
young Cody Robbins
Carol Danvers/Ms. Marvel

Story Notes: 

When she was a member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants III, Rogue (in command of Mystique) absorbed the life force and powers out of Carol Danvers, who was the super hero Ms. Marvel at the time. Carol was saved, but the absorption remained permanent. [Avengers (1st series) Annual #10]

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